How did YOU learn to LD? - Part II
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#1: How did YOU learn to LD? - Part II Author: Serith PostPosted: Wed 27 Feb, 2008
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I think I might have first learned lucid dreaming as a way to deal with nightmares, but I'm not certain, as I was very young when I first began lucid dreaming. Back then, I only had lucid dreams about once every few months, but over the past couple years, I've managed to increase that frequency to once every few days by using auto-suggestion and reality checks.

#2:  Author: Freya PostPosted: Fri 29 Feb, 2008
By just learning about it, and then some months later or something I got one so I started reading about them again...
I procrastinate so much ;_; I need to do the wake up early for an hour then go back sleep thing x_o I did that kinda once..but by accident :3

#3:  Author: thundhar PostPosted: Mon 17 Mar, 2008
i learned to LD just by reading about it on this site. and tonight i think (no i know ) i had my first LD. and the best thing about it is it was awesome, this site rocks and all you people here rock also. if i keep going this way ill post my DJ soon. thank you all for your advice and your tips on how to LD. your all just awesome smile

#4:  Author: chickenleggz PostPosted: Tue 18 Mar, 2008
2nd try smile tried WILD first time didnt work to well for me... scary as ***

#5:  Author: Termal PostPosted: Tue 18 Mar, 2008
I red about LD's in Esquire. I found a lot of webpages about LD's ... So I was trying it and first day I try it I did it smile

#6:  Author: Tundra PostPosted: Tue 18 Mar, 2008
I have always LD'd...I never knew what it was until I found this site... I'm very lucky actually, its a shame that not everybody can naturally do person at my school paid £299 for a machine that gave him LD's and it doesn't work that well either...sadblauw

#7:  Author: Kristopher PostPosted: Fri 02 May, 2008
I mixed WILD with MILD

It worked until I chickened out confused

#8:  Author: Chris01 PostPosted: Fri 09 May, 2008
I found out about it on, then started reading, writing a DJ and doing RCs. Had my first one after 3-4 days. It lasted a couple of
seconds and then I had a FA. angry

#9:  Author: Stricken PostPosted: Mon 02 Jun, 2008
I'd already had several lucid dreams on accident as a kid, and at that time just saw them as a way to occasionally have superpowers. Never really knew about the concept of lucid dreaming, and at the time I didn't actually think it was possible to dream more than once or twice a month. Yet somehow, I managed to accidentally realize I was dreaming once every year or two. After awhile, one of my dreams really got my interest, and that's how I ended up finding this site.

#10:  Author: bob917209 PostPosted: Fri 06 Jun, 2008
Well, first I was on Wikipedia ( bow ), looking something up for school. And as such, the temptation of links was irresistible. So, I eventually found the page on lucid dreaming and Googled it (bow). Then I found this site. An d have been trying to LD since then.

#11:  Author: flyinggirl PostPosted: Sat 21 Jun, 2008
I am fairly new here, and have had about 6 LDs so far (in the last 6 months or so)
The main thing that led to LDs for me was journaling EVERY dream I had, even if it was just a snippet I could remember. I think this was a BIG bridge to bringing awareness to dreams and "building a bridge" from waking life to dream life. I also fall asleep saying "May I awaken in my dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming..." to myself. I also think reading this forum helps to get LD-ing into the psyche.
When I don't do these things I mentioned, the LDs go away.

EDIT: PS Stephen LaBerge's book is VERY helpful too....

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#12:  Author: L.Dreamer13 PostPosted: Sun 22 Jun, 2008
I first was reading up on Astral Projection and was reading bout that and then ended up reading an article on Lucid Dreaming.

#13:  Author: luciddator PostPosted: Sun 22 Jun, 2008
I had an LD about two years ago and didn't know what it was so I googled 'controlling your dreams' and then I got here and found the necessary information that I needed to induce my first LD. BTW I use MILD.

#14:  Author: Brownman PostPosted: Sun 22 Jun, 2008
During August. I was reading the dreaming entry on wikipedia randomly. I saw a link to lucid dreaming. I clicked it, youtubed it, then ended up here. Ive tried lucid dreaming since kindergarten but I didn't really understand the concept. Just thought I could fall asleep playing a scenario and then dream about it. But I've had a few lucid dreams before visiting this site.

#15:  Author: Lucid_Sockhat PostPosted: Mon 30 Jun, 2008
I was eight years old.

I had a dream about being at a crowded picnic.

And just as clearly and suddenly as any thought, I realized I was dreaming. It wasn't shocking, it wasn't breathtaking.

It was just a clear and confident feeling of awareness. I casually went around telling my dream characters I knew I was dreaming. They reacted the way most people do when a child has something to say that it's proud of.

After that, I randomly LD'd but I didn't know what it was called.

Finally, Stephen LaBerge was in the national news introducing the world to his pioneering of lucid dreaming and his Lucidity Institute.

I took it and ran with it. My mother hated it (as she hates mostly everything) but I didn't care.

It was a real turning point in my fascination with dreams and I've never really quite gotten back to that saturation of interest, that openness to what the LD field promises... much the way we never recapture the sparkle of a first love, or rediscover the wonder of a fairytale when reading it the second time.

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