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#1: the BIG Quest reQuest Topic Part III Author: Magnus PostPosted: Thu 20 Mar, 2008
[Q edit] - changed the title because I like the way it sounds now grin (was Quest suggestion topic) [/Q edit]

we shouldn't lose this topic
compiling a new list

the BIG Quest reQuest Topic Part II

Feel free to suggest a new quest or to add to one of the ones already suggested. A new Quest created by PasQuale every month, often using this list for inspiration.

Part I

A list of all the LD4all Quests

Suggested Quests: (Repeated ideas eliminated/joined, first suggestion credited, sorry for any errors)
- Kaitou Motif, quantum physics, HebrewB, Rodrigo, Ysim, Magnus: "Read same book, see same movie, create song/book/movie. Become a part of the story. Jump into book. Become hero. (eg. Matrix, dragon rider)"
- Stormthunder, Carnun, Magnus, Lucid_Mike, Bruno, kfletche, Mysdrim, Gonzo, Lucid_Viking, DayLight, wissam, huggkruka, Magnus, Wolf: "Ask a DC a question: what they think of you, chicken or egg, ask fortune teller about future, meaning of life, ask friends about you, ask about dreams/dreamland, convince DC's you're dreaming, ask what they dream about, world's best joke, testing them, friend/famous people DC's, your elders, your ancestors, an original idea, to take you to favourite place, Ask a DC what you could do to improve yourself."
- Caleb9849: "Enter a grandfather clock."
- Taipan, Snape, Isolocis, Mysdrim: "Go to the center of your mind and find an object. Explore your shadows, inner mind, fight fear, have a nightmare."
- BlackAngel, Lark, WIssam: "Explore a past life, new life, life where you weren't born."
- Josh Redstone, Magnus, Painocus: "Time travel and visit self, change past, see creation/endofworld."
- quiXote, Josh Redstone, Cherriey, quantum physics: "Build/invent something. eg. tree fort, a planet"
- many people "Enter a video game. (First-person shooter, World of Warcraft, the Longest Journey, Myst: Uru, find game class, Doom 3, strategy games, Diablo"
- lucid_runner, shatterspike1, Jack, Domi Li, Lark: "Meet yourself. Fight, love, talk, etc. Create clones of yourself. Create aspects of yourself."
- Wolf, Python Angel: "Find computer and program yourself. Hypnosis. Find tools/machine to control self."
- Magnus: "Look at the sky."
- many people: "Share a dream, see a person, Lucid Crossroads etc. Prove SD's real." (Done in moon 11.)
- iDaniel, Painocus: "Change size. Become small: journey into your physical body. Become big: bigger than Earth."
- BlackAngel, TAG_One: "Become opposite gender, become another person."
- BlackAngel: "Go on underwater adventure."
- Bruno, Lucid_Mike, lordme, DayLight: "Go to outer space. (moon, another planet, the sun, comet, black hole, worm hole etc.)"
- Bruno, Magnus, BlackAngel: "Lose a sense. (deaf, blind, etc.) Improve a sense. (super-smell, etc.) Get a new sense. Mix senses: Synaesthete (click)"
- Bruno, Painocus: "Kill people, blow things up terrorism."
- Bruno, Painocus, DayLight, Lucid_Mike, Magnus: "Summon/meet a god/entity. Be a god. i.e. Mother Nature, Death, Fate, Father Time, Peace, Wind, Water, Love, The Father, The Hero, The Dragon, Greek Gods, Jesus, Budha, Allah, Zeus, Oden, Tor, Hermes,Ares, Ra, Anubis or Afrodite etc."
- Bruno, pasQuale, Fwump38: "Create a new dream, dream theatre, visit old dream, someone else's dream, set up a dream and lose lucidity, dream in a dream."
- Magnus: "Harry Potter's Mirror of Erised."
- Shift: "Spin self into a coccoon, see what happens."
- Isolocis, Lucid_Mike, ConstantDreamer: "Wish for things. Create wish granting room, find genie bottle, wishing island."
- Bruno, Lucid_Mike: "Go to your Havan. Visit Heaven/Hell"
- Mysdrim: "Create a dream object."
- BlackAngel, Lucid_Mike: "Change self. (wings, tail, long arms, eyes on back of head, radar vision, etc)
- ujytre: "Plant a seed. See what grows."
- drumsticks77: "Take a lucid pill."
- TAG_One: "Explore someone's home."
- spotted_zebra: "Become president."
- White Mage Cid, Ysim, Carnun: "Find a symbol for yourself, draw it, paint it, etc."
- White Mage Cid, sirius)(black: "Find your animal self."
- freedom88: "Find Lucid City."
- Carnun: "Find what's at the end of the rainbow."
- Bruno, joecool94, Sonic_Moronic: "Do magic. (fire, electricity, kythe, telepathy, find your element etc)"
- joecool94, Cherriey: "Visit historical moment/place: Titanic, Library of Alexandria, Atlantis, Easter Island etc."
- LadyBa: "Talk to a tree."
- ian1: "Pull random switch/levers/button, etc."
- Rodrigo, Python Angel: "Dismember/Disintegrate self and continue to function, reconfigure self (eg. hand for foot etc)"
- Neko: "Pause time."
- Wolf: "Bury and/or open a time capsule."
- Vi: "Be a Tree"
- jakem4: "Jump into the TV"
- wissam: "Talk to your pet"
- Bruno: "Talk to a Mirror"
- Bruno: "Visit an Oracle"
- Bruno: "Slide/surf on regular ground."
- Fizyk: "See Higher Dimensions e.g. 4D, 5D, Hypercube, etc."
- PhoenixMaenad: "Access the Akashic records."
- Magnus: "Scan a book IRL, then look at book in dream or ask DC about the book."
- joecool94 "Make a stargate."
- Blunder "Kill yourself in the dream."
- WILDworld: "Imagine dream is a curtain/veil then lift/rip it open."
- Magnus: "Find Storyteller of your dream or your life."
- wissam: "Watch movie "All About Me"
- Magnus: "Ask a magician to show you a trick."
- Cherriey: "Create a dreambank and see what you can withdraw."
-Wissam: "Ask a DC to grant you a power/gift you deserve"
-Cherriey: "Travel to a planet"
continue here:

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#2: the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic Part III Author: BlueAndWhite PostPosted: Sat 16 Aug, 2008
<mod>part II</mod>

Meet your spirit guide .. and jump into them. ?

Give yourself 360 degree vision, so you can see all around you at once.

Watch your previous RL day, as a spectator. [a bit like in A Christmas Carol]

And maybe getting ready to walk on the red carpet, buy a dress, walk down it, adress the interveiwers and meet lots of [dream or RL] celebrities .. and even win an award and make a speech

#3:  Author: lazyastronomer PostPosted: Tue 19 Aug, 2008
Ask a dream character what they think the next ld4all quest should be.

#4:  Author: LordLeckie PostPosted: Wed 20 Aug, 2008
I like the last one, sounds excellent.

However recently whilst browsing wikipedia i had a jaw-drop moment where i had my mouth in jaw-lock after seeing a size comparison graph of the Carcharodon Megalodon galodon_scale1.png

...its a gigantic shark, i mean mind bogglingly big, fortunately they are extinct otherwise there is no way in hell you would ever get me to so much as dip my toe in the ocean.

So i propose , fight a Megalodon, in its own territoy, aka deep dark water...can you imagine the terror of one of those things circling you as a silhouette? i think id just end up cheating and using some sort of laser beam the heat of the sun.

#5:  Author: x Puffycloud x PostPosted: Sun 24 Aug, 2008
I would suggest pick up something audio related and listen to what it sounds like. Some options could be a sea-shell, an iPod, a computer, or a musical instrument.

#6:  Author: FrameSticker PostPosted: Fri 29 Aug, 2008
Chew a gum and see how big you can inflate it.
Wear special glasses that see under people's clothes.
Chnage the results for the USA president elections so Paris Hilton gets elected (she tried for it as a joke)

#7:  Author: BlueAndWhite PostPosted: Sat 30 Aug, 2008
Make yourself super super SUPER small and go around your dream world..or house.

Would be cool sliding down a tablecloth, or down a giant banana =D

Or, in contrast make your surroundings enormous, and explore =]

#8:  Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Sat 30 Aug, 2008
Transform into an ant and play avoid the people. :D
Save Earth from alien invasion.
Play the real WG or VG.
Go on ld4all and post a topic saying, "This is a dream!"
Have a lucid dream in the lucid dream.

#9:  Author: Lucidity_Master PostPosted: Mon 22 Sep, 2008
hmm...creat a dream save point that allows you to resume various other good dreams/LD's you were having.

#10:  Author: lazyastronomer PostPosted: Tue 23 Sep, 2008
Take someone flying with you. Let him(her) have the time of her(his) life.

#11:  Author: Lucidity_Master PostPosted: Tue 23 Sep, 2008
Go on ld4all and post a topic saying, "This is a dream!"

I like it. This is especially tricky because of the nature of text in a dream and its tendency to change. Might be difficult even getting to forum because URL could change on you.

#12:  Author: lazyastronomer PostPosted: Wed 24 Sep, 2008
Meet at least 10 people from ld4all in your LD. It will aslo get you lotsa points on the "Who have you dreamed about from ld4all" topic.

#13:  Author: Carnun PostPosted: Thu 25 Sep, 2008
I got this idea indirectly from a LD I had last night... but make friends with yourself.

The idea is find a duplicate of yourself and try and be friends! See what happens, what you can learn about yourself?

#14:  Author: Wolf PostPosted: Thu 25 Sep, 2008
Mew151 wrote:
Go on ld4all and post a topic saying, "This is a dream!"

Done it. grin

Look after your pets in a dream. They may look or act funny, or even transform.

#15:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Sat 11 Oct, 2008
I suggest ,

go to an amusement park, look at all the rides, see what they are called, how they work, ride them (be sure to skip the lines! smile ) and explore all the fascinating attractions the mind can come up with, what's the park called ? what's on the map ?

#16:  Author: Aino PostPosted: Sat 18 Oct, 2008
What about...

- Travel through time to other periods of history, with a time machine or something like that... (Well, maybe this has been suggested before shy2 )
- Change the ending of a story. grin
- Explore the oceans !
- Explore a library, see what's in the books...

#17:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Sat 18 Oct, 2008
The best suggestion: Save the enviroment tounge2

#18:  Author: Winter Depths PostPosted: Sun 19 Oct, 2008
Freeze time. smile

#19:  Author: lazyastronomer PostPosted: Tue 21 Oct, 2008
Step in front of a mirror and pull your reflection out of it.

#20:  Author: BlueAndWhite PostPosted: Tue 21 Oct, 2008
Eyelids wrote:
I suggest ,

go to an amusement park, look at all the rides, see what they are called, how they work, ride them (be sure to skip the lines! smile ) and explore all the fascinating attractions the mind can come up with, what's the park called ? what's on the map ?

Ive had an ND about this.. the rides are pretty craaazy!
I highly suggest this in a LD, itll be awesome =D

Surf through the air on a board..? grin

#21:  Author: Sanky PostPosted: Tue 21 Oct, 2008
Make yourself tiny and meet your hamster/guinea rat/anything.

Fly torwards the sun and land on it.

Make an underground base.

Make some instant noodles and see how they taste.

Read a book before going to sleep, and when you LD, meet the characters/be in the story.

Imagine some scizors, and cut the world.

Make an DC that speaks a language you never heard of (it can be made up) and try to record what he says.

Imagine the last day, and watch it from a third persons view (can be a real person)

Spawn a TV, turn it on and go inside it.

Ask a DC if you're doing OK with lucid dreaming.

Make your eyes very big, and imagine you can see every little detail.

Make a custom creature using just your imagination (kind of like in Spore)

Try to make a false-awakening yourself.

And last but not least, do a WILD inside a LD! Or just sleep in a LD. See if you can relax. See if you can dream in your dream. See if in the dream inside your dream, you can become lucid.

... Wow. I just writted some ideas that flowed though my head.

#22:  Author: The Moon Man PostPosted: Fri 07 Nov, 2008
Fight something...

Or... uhh
Build your own castle and defend it...

or some sort of adventure...

#23:  Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Tue 11 Nov, 2008
Save the Earth

Fly a spaceship

Go in space

Go to another planet with intelligent life

Make yourself 4 dimensional

Make yourself 2-d

Fly to the north pole and visit Santa

Turn yourself into an ant.

#24:  Author: Download PostPosted: Tue 18 Nov, 2008
Enter your favorite book/movie I think may be entertaining... don't know if it was posted yet ^^

#25:  Author: 12341234 PostPosted: Mon 24 Nov, 2008
find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
chase a lepricon, catch it, then get the reward (was it a wish or gold?)
teach someone in your dream how to lucid dream(this could maybe help you too)

#26:  Author: 12341234 PostPosted: Mon 24 Nov, 2008
face your biggest fear, but bigger. (scared of hights? be on a 300 story buildings roof. scared of spiders? battle an 8 foot tall spider.)

#27:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Mon 24 Nov, 2008
12341234 wrote:
face your biggest fear, but bigger. (scared of hights? be on a 300 story buildings roof. scared of spiders? battle an 8 foot tall spider.)

Hmm hehe I doubt that quests we already had not long ago may not be popping up again, but its the admin that chooses quest, what do I know? Maybe that quest comes again in the future 8P Only Q can answer that question.

The list of quests is found here.

While Im in here I want a quest "make it snow", snow is beautiful

#28: Can I make A Suggestion For A Quest? Author: Tyro PostPosted: Sun 07 Dec, 2008
I had an idea for a lucid quest after watching this video > (I think each point of light resembles a galaxy or gas mass) <. How about for a quest we visit an actual place out side of our solar system. Wether we fly there or teleport, or whatever. As long as we visit someplace, somewhere outside of our solar system.

Please discuss I'd appreciate to hear what you have to say

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#29:  Author: The Moon Man PostPosted: Sun 07 Dec, 2008
How about,throw a fantasy party?

#30:  Author: isandur PostPosted: Sun 07 Dec, 2008
or maybe find your sanctuary place where you get healed (the health score rises like in a game or you see a status like a battery recharging)

#31:  Author: The Moon Man PostPosted: Mon 08 Dec, 2008
<edit>@ Tyro</edit>
Wasn't that already mentioned? meh
Good quest anyways,i might do it just for fun :D
And yes,we already have the BIG quest suggestion topic.
It's in the Lucid Adventures section smile

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#32:  Author: 12341234 PostPosted: Tue 09 Dec, 2008
go back in time and watch the big bang happen

#33:  Author: The Moon Man PostPosted: Tue 09 Dec, 2008
Make an RPG-like adventure.
It can be very fun if your imagination fits your likings :D

#34:  Author: isandur PostPosted: Sun 14 Dec, 2008
How about a quest like 'go to the Antelope Canyon in America and stand under the famous beam of light, see what happens' ? anx 0.o something magic is bound to happen if you do that in a dream party1 me thinks wizard

#35:  Author: zora_kid PostPosted: Sun 04 Jan, 2009
create your own surroundings and make it the best place to have an LD. such as it will have open plains to fly on or it will have a ocean near it to explore. or it could have a forest in it to explore, mayby a city to destroy, or anything else you think you might want in a LD.

#36:  Author: Iluminada PostPosted: Sun 04 Jan, 2009
what about visiting a restaurant and asking the waiter to serve your "usual favorite" and see what he/she brings out and then of course taste it.


visit a barber shop/hair salon and tell them you'd like a new look that says "fun", "full of life" and see what hair style they give you.


Jump in a cab and tell them to take you home. And if they ask you to be more specific, confuse them and tell them they've been your cabby for years how could they not know.. and see where that gets you.

#37: Uhhh... A suggestion for... Uhh... Quest for February? Author: Ch0s3n PostPosted: Mon 19 Jan, 2009
Well, when you're on LD, try to imagine, that you're in super ultra large castle with no ending. Then, think of the most powerful thing, that it is just behind golden door. A door should appear. And then you open it, see and yadda yadda yadda.

So, umm, well? What do you guys think?

Oh, and I'm not sure if that's the place to post this tounge2

#38:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Mon 19 Jan, 2009
If you want to suggest a quest, go here to do it, thank you. Youre not the first one 8P to do this, soone your suggestion is moved to right place wink

Its a really good quest though and I hope it comes, maybe not next month, but soon smile

#39:  Author: zora_kid PostPosted: Tue 20 Jan, 2009
for the castle it would be interesting to see what wouuld be behind the door...

#40:  Author: P90X PostPosted: Tue 20 Jan, 2009
im not really sure if pasquele ould go for it but if you can change from being human to dolphin cant you go from being a guy to a girl or vice versa it would be really weird but imagine experianciing life from the other genders perspective
okay i admit it. it would be plain weird but who knows

#41:  Author: Ch0s3n PostPosted: Tue 20 Jan, 2009
Oh, and maybe you can go back in time, when the dinosaurs still existed. And you could try stopping the extinction (spelling?), by destroying or just make sure meteor doesn't hit the ground. Then go to the future, and what will you see?

#42:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 01 Feb, 2009
you guys have some pretty amazing Quest ideas :D Everytime it's a joy to browse through this topic and be inspired. Just wanted to say that colgate

now, on to making the next Quest grin

#43:  Author: isandur PostPosted: Sun 01 Feb, 2009
How about making a quest about seeing people's auras. These could give information about the dream characters we encounter, for example if they have a red aura they are angry, if a yellow one they are maybe spirit guides (at least that's what i read on the internet searching about the meaning of the colours)..etc. cheesy

#44:  Author: AaBbCcDdEe PostPosted: Mon 09 Feb, 2009
This has most likely been suggested, but...

Going back in time and watching Atlantis sink or causing it to sink would be very intriguing.

#45:  Author: omegadreamer12 PostPosted: Mon 16 Feb, 2009
I think some kewl quests would be:

-pick up mt. everest and drop it somewhere, like into the ocean :D

-pillaige a village!!!

-go back in time to the titanic when its about to hit the iceburg, move the burg out of the way, and listen to the passengers giving you praise!!

-use magic/spells to amaze people and do things siiw

#46:  Author: 219346656783921 PostPosted: Tue 17 Feb, 2009

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#47:  Author: zora_kid PostPosted: Sat 21 Feb, 2009
have a tourniment between your favorite tv charaters. see who wins. see who gets thier butts kicked.

#48:  Author: unknownuser_333 PostPosted: Sat 21 Feb, 2009
there are usually some good quest suggestions in lucidity challenges. challenge # 16 is still open for entries... *hint* *hint*

#49:  Author: LegendaryDreamer PostPosted: Sat 28 Feb, 2009
I don't know if this was mentioned before, but I just came up with this:
Create your own imaginary fantasyland in real life and fly there in a lucid dream.

#50:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sat 28 Feb, 2009
I have a reQuest, I would be very happy if someone could update the list in the first post, so I can properly credit everyone with the same idea - and it also makes it easier to see all suggestions in one page. The list has to be updated from here: If you are willing to do this, please post here smile The list can also be posted here, so it can be edited in the first post. Many thanks for the one who will do this task smile And lots of cookies as well grin

#51: Enter cyberspace Author: 1wthWings PostPosted: Sun 29 Mar, 2009
there should be a quest on entering cyberspace, like what people saw, and what people did.
would be intresting

#52: tip for a good quest Author: c low PostPosted: Fri 15 May, 2009
well first of all aliens are real. there has been over thousands of reports of ufo sightings a year and government denies so much. well i suggest you look up the alien races the most i would like you so look up the pleiadians and the greys found out where there planet is because it says it on google but i dont remember.

QUEST: get a sp to help you or fly through the universe to get there or teleport there just some way to get to there planets and ask them a couple questions like what is there language called or what there aircrafts are called you make up some at see if mutiple people get the same answer to a question that would be cool

#53:  Author: subsayk PostPosted: Fri 15 May, 2009
Go up to a mirror and talk to the reflection.

#54:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Fri 15 May, 2009
Explore the dreamnature (how the environment looks in dreams), the point is to see how dreamscapes differ from RL.

Spawn objects do I really have to explain more? tounge2

#55: My suggestion Author: LegendaryDreamer PostPosted: Thu 25 Jun, 2009
Here is my suggestion for August's Quest, and also one of my personal lucid dream goals:
-Meet up with someone else, maybe a DC/SG in a lucid dream, and fly with them!!!
-Sing your favorite song, and ask DC's if they liked your performance!

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#56:  Author: Fallen Youth PostPosted: Tue 14 Jul, 2009
how about being a movie character you allways wanted to be for ex. i allways wanted to be scarface lol

#57:  Author: Wild Night PostPosted: Sun 26 Jul, 2009
wow, all of these quests increase my motivation to have lucid dreams. I'm not good enough yet, but I can't wait to do these. Especially meet a god, talk to a mirror.

#58:  Author: Aks PostPosted: Mon 27 Jul, 2009
Ask a DC to tell you a joke you haven't heard yet ^^.

#59:  Author: Satr Mre PostPosted: Sat 01 Aug, 2009
I think asking a DC to tell you a joke would be really funny

ALso seeing someone that has died,

Or transform into the randomest thing you can think of.

#60:  Author: Moonlight Dreamer PostPosted: Tue 11 Aug, 2009
Hey everyone! this is my first post, but i have been here a while.
I just remembered this cartoon show where the main characters jump through 'worlds' (They were trapped inside a comic book) by tearing a hole in the air.

I thought that might be fun, making a portal and seeing where you end up.

(Sorry if anyone has posted this before!)

#61:  Author: Lucid_Guy.exe PostPosted: Sun 20 Sep, 2009
Wow, these are good ideas. Here are some of my own.

- go into your subconsius, reprogram your mind to have lucid dreams every night!

- start a massive-sized shared lucid dream

- plan out how you'll write a book or song, plan a giant robot, etc

- be a gameshow contestant in your own show

- get someone from their own dream and make them lucid :D

#62:  Author: Leeh PostPosted: Wed 30 Sep, 2009
Didn't you ever watched a really cool cartoon and really wished this stuff would heppen to you?

My quest suggestion is to get into your favorite cartoon,(by walking into your TV or any way you would like) and:
a. look at your cartoon-self (mirror or just look down at yourself)
b. find your cartoon friends
c. explore your cartoon world and go to your unique cartoon adventure based or not based on the cartoon IRL

#63:  Author: P90X PostPosted: Sun 04 Oct, 2009
I did this once in a LD and it was kinda cool, i couldn't decide what to do, so i looked up the LD4all quest in my dream and did that!
It was actualy pretty cool.

#64:  Author: The Prof PostPosted: Sat 28 Nov, 2009
Hmm... let's see.

1. Save the life of a loved one
2. Become your idol
3. Create a new species
4. Invent a place and explore it

That's all I've got just now, but I'm sure I'll come up with some others at a later date.

#65:  Author: BlackXs PostPosted: Wed 09 Dec, 2009
OK I have and idea it should be called Cookie of Destruction
While in LD you have to imange a cookie of destruction and ate it
You have to tell how it looked
How did you find it
And what happened when you ate it smile

#66:  Author: tosxyChor PostPosted: Thu 10 Dec, 2009
BlackXs wrote:
OK I have and idea it should be called Cookie of Destruction
While in LD you have to imange a cookie of destruction and ate it
You have to tell how it looked
How did you find it
And what happened when you ate it smile

That reminds me so much of Writerscube's Lucid challenges oh my lach2

We could do something with the seasons. IE, in a same dream, getting to go to a trip in blossoming Spring woods, go to a sunny Summer beach, play with the falling leaves of Autumn and build a snowman with Winter snow (or play with snowballs grin ).

#67:  Author: Rodrigo PostPosted: Sat 12 Dec, 2009
How about meeting God, or finding out how He/She/It looks like? I had this really cool dream this night, and it gave me the idea.

Rodrigo wrote:

December 12 - Fragment - Dark God at the Horizon
I'm standing near a wide window. Outside the sky is blue, with a few clouds. There is nothing below it, no land or sea, but I don't notice that. Everything is silent. A friend is near me, possibly B. or Ga. He is telling me about God, though I don't think he was speaking. He tells me about how God looks, and that if I looked outside I would see God. I look. At the horizon is a huge dark shape, which wasn't there moments before. There is no sunlight or anything that would make viewing it difficult, but I can't make the shape quite well. It doesn't look human, with a strangely shaped head, with what seems to be a muzzle instead of a face. The shape reminds me of Egyptian Gods. Perhaps Anubis ( or Taweret (

#68:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Wed 30 Dec, 2009
Here's some ideas:

- Build/summon a time machine, and go as far into the future as possible. See what happens tounge2
- Summon a huge wall, walk through it and see where it takes you.
- Eat some food you've never tasted before
- Go into a black hole
- Travel to the Earth's core
- Go up to a DC, show them a reality check and see how they react
- Listen to some music, and change the lyrics
- Fly high, then visit mysterious worlds amongst the clouds

#69:  Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Wed 30 Dec, 2009
I know.

Have a LD inside a LD. grin

#70:  Author: tosxyChor PostPosted: Thu 31 Dec, 2009
Mew151 wrote:
I know.

Have a LD inside a LD. grin

I already have LD's inside ND's, is that the same thing? lach2

How about witnessing the history of the Universe? Starting from the beginning of course ^^ Or just a little piece of mankind history if we need to tone the difficulty down

#71:  Author: P90X PostPosted: Thu 14 Jan, 2010
I've done that too! I've dreamt i was lucid dreaming, but it was an ND. It was really weird and i was sick when i woke up neutral

I think a good quest would be to 'Become one with nature'
This could be interperted in many ways, from feeling at harmony with nature and living things, to actualy becoming one with it, like possesing a tree.

#72:  Author: Leeh PostPosted: Thu 14 Jan, 2010
We can choose a Koan and find the answer within our LDs. ^^

#73:  Author: tictactictac PostPosted: Fri 12 Feb, 2010
count minimum 20 fingers on one hand!

#74:  Author: LouieO PostPosted: Thu 25 Feb, 2010
Win the Olympics! I think that's a really good one smile
It would be even funnier if you couldn't do sports at all!

#75:  Author: x Puffycloud x PostPosted: Fri 26 Feb, 2010
Dial a random number on your phone, see who picks up.

Imagine the outside of a new building and go inside. See what's in there.

(This is something I've always wanted to do yes ) Become the CEO of your own company. It can be anything, a fashion designing firm, a law firm, Apple, anything! Boss your DC workers around.

#76:  Author: Lolz4All PostPosted: Sun 28 Feb, 2010
Go to your worst nightmare and save your past self. I know, kind of similiar to the
Quest last month..

#77:  Author: Leeh PostPosted: Sun 28 Feb, 2010
Go and confront the monster under your bed / in your closet.

#78:  Author: tosxyChor PostPosted: Mon 01 Mar, 2010
Relive a past dream, and change it with lucidity! ^^

#79:  Author: idanl09 PostPosted: Mon 01 Mar, 2010
investigate a crime scene

#80:  Author: sentis PostPosted: Tue 02 Mar, 2010
.Play freeze tag with a freeze ray
.Battle your dark side
.Have a giant robot fight
.Try and turn your dreams into a series

#81:  Author: sentis PostPosted: Tue 09 Mar, 2010
I got another one, participate in a Mario Kart-esque race.Describe what the track, the other racers,the weapons, and the cars look like.Also who wins.

#82:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Tue 09 Mar, 2010
Cook your favorite meal (or order it at a restaurant) and see what it tastes like in a dream.

#83:  Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Tue 09 Mar, 2010
Rip the fabric of Spacetime.
... Of course the fabric would repair itself in my dream world. I believe in string theory.


Jump into a painting, and live in the world drawn in the painting. smile
Oh I could imagine stepping into a painting of a large flower field on a cliff with a wonderful ocean view, at sunset. I'd spawn myself a throne and sit there for the entire dream, taking in the senses, smelling the sea, feeling the gentle sea breeze...

This really inspires the LD inspiration vibes inside me. Now if only I could find a way to inspire the programming ones.

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

#84:  Author: Leeh PostPosted: Sat 03 Apr, 2010
Build a dreamscape! :D

Enter a black void. eek2

Enter a white void? eh

#85:  Author: Luke Strife PostPosted: Sat 03 Apr, 2010
How about.... Meet with Stephen LaBerge in a Lucid Dream? wink5

Potential tasks could be:

-Talk to him about LDs.
-See if he has any advice for you.
-Demonstrate your ability to control the envrionment to him and see what he has to say about it.

Etc. smile

#86:  Author: teilnehmer PostPosted: Mon 12 Apr, 2010
Use Neo's super abilities from the matrix-trilogy!

For example:
- visit a special location (like a subway station) and make remarkable kung-fu-jumps over the entire place
- fight against the computer agent Smith
- make beats and fight actions in fast motion
- jump over the distance between two skyscraper
- avoid bullets in slow motion
- see the whole world in cryptical green signs
- use phones the change into another world or to wake up

#87:  Author: patches PostPosted: Mon 12 Apr, 2010
BECOME a planet.

#88: OMG IT`S A REPLY Author: Lolz4All PostPosted: Fri 16 Apr, 2010
What about a Lucid TV Show?
Go into a dream and make a show from everything in your dream,
talk to DC`s, examine the trueness of your Dream, or just travel though Worlds in front of the Camera,
and being camera shy isn`t a problem. wink5 It`s your own dream.

#89:  Author: Myst PostPosted: Wed 21 Apr, 2010
Dream Potion
Umm... Maybe make/buy/find a vial or a beaker-something that can hold liquids. Then go throughout your house(or wherever you happen to be) and put things in it, kind of like a potion. Then mix it all together and drink it. See what sort of interesting things happen :D

#90: Dream travler Author: freecie1 PostPosted: Thu 22 Apr, 2010
My idea is to go into someones dream and make them lucid, if shared dreaming is possible. also, you can be a nightmare buster, so if they are having a nightmare, well, bust it! NIGHTMARE BUSTERS! (got the urge... sorry LOL) you can also summon your friend from they're dream, and tell them it's a dream and have fun with them. well good luck if this becomes a quest grin

#91:  Author: Myst PostPosted: Sat 24 Apr, 2010
Ask a DC a question about something that you wouldn't know the answer to in RL, later when you wake up, look up the answer and see if your DC was right.

#92:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Tue 27 Apr, 2010
Step into your shadow! I got this idea from a song.

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

The idea, I guess, is kinda like to meet your dark side, confront it, embrace it, whatever, to grow and evolve.

The shadow can be used as a portal, just like we use mirrors ^^ See where you end up! :D

Anyway, other ideas also involving your shadow: Talk to it, interact with it (waving or other gestures), grab it, shake hands, hug it, the list goes on

#93:  Author: TheChris PostPosted: Wed 05 May, 2010
You should look up the books by Sergej Lukianenko.
There the "Others" , who are some sort of people with unnatural powers, step into their shadows to get inside of a parallele-world they call "the Twilight" wink there are also several layers of this twilight, and the more powerful of the "Others" can change between them... aaam ok its hard to tell. But I can only recommend these books. A mixture of fantasy, original ideas and a bit soft-horror kiekeboe

Yeah. Sorry for being offtopic

#94:  Author: Carnun PostPosted: Thu 02 Sep, 2010
I have been having this idea the last few days - its a way of trying to test your cognitive memory whilst in a lucid dream.

Basically, when we remember our dreams its when we are awake - we do so by making a conscious effort (sometimes not so conscious) to do so. What if, we try to bring back memories from waking life into the dream? Describe how you see your waking life reality in your dream reality - then you really do have two realities and you can be lucid in both of them!

I am sure there is some logic there... but I dont think I have expressed the idea very well!? overspannen

#95:  Author: StarryGwee PostPosted: Sun 05 Sep, 2010
Some of my ideas..
-Look for the invisible door & open it
-Go to the Lucid Dreaming Convention! -Watch presentations, meet people, browse around.
-Lucid Cooking! -Throw everything you can into a pot, turn up the heat and see what you cook up. siiw
-Go into a black hole -probably listed already?
-Shrink and travel in a random DC's insides.
-Fuse the Sun&Moon together by force or whatever way possible, observe the effects towards Earth. (or you can fuse planets) grin1

That is all for nows!

#96:  Author: Kava PostPosted: Tue 23 Nov, 2010
I have a challange if it hasnt been done allready.... Lets try space travel. we could go to a distant planet, or the moon. Or a black hole what do you think?

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#97:  Author: LegendaryDreamer PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
Meet your past or future selves while flying!

#98:  Author: LucidLife74 PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
I'm all for going to Pandora from Avatar!!!

#99:  Author: Dragonmind PostPosted: Sun 03 Apr, 2011
4 ideas.

Stunt driving.

See the inside of a technical object, like an xbox 360 or a pc.

Make a new instrument.

Oh, a nd wouldn't it be cool to just draw a door with chalk out of nowhere and go through it! Or use the chalk to draw anything and make it come alive! WOAH!

#100:  Author: togro PostPosted: Sun 08 May, 2011
Change the dominant population of the world.

Go back to the past, a point when humans were still on the same intelligence level as other animals. Influence a certain species to make them smarter than man. Travel forward to the early 21st century to see how the new species changed the world. Better or worse, you decide.

#101:  Author: DeathScytheBR PostPosted: Tue 24 May, 2011
Suggestion: Be in a medieval battle between normady and england.

1:Have a LD.
2:Be in the battle
3:Report your experience?

Fight mounting a dragon!

I want to try this but I am yet to have a LD.

#102:  Author: littleRain PostPosted: Tue 24 May, 2011
nice topic.

the ancient egyptians had access to magical knowledge, they really built those massive damn hot triangle thingies with the assistance of superhuman powers how else could they errect them i mean come on.....and they wasnt burial chambers either... doh

a mission to recover ancient knowledge starring
albert einstein
steven hawking
whilelm reich
nikola tesla
LD4ALL forumers

#103:  Author: lucidadelic PostPosted: Thu 09 Jun, 2011
Something cool would be :

To try to transform into something that doesn't live usually, like a rock, or earth, or trees, etc. (I know trees are actually alive but my english vocabulary is limited so I said things that doesn't live"

#104:  Author: Blenderman PostPosted: Mon 20 Jun, 2011
I know it's a bit early in the season for this but has anyone every tried a christmas carol? I'm thinking this would be a pretty good decemer quest; visit your past, your present and your future, and don't focus on yourself but on how others react to you. Then try to learn a lesson and better yourself ^^

#105:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Thu 23 Jun, 2011
Hey I have an idea:

Experience the storm.

You'd become lucid and find some extreme weather occurrence like a tornado, hurricane, or blizzard, and experience it. Stand in the storm and tell us what it's like to be in the eye.

#106:  Author: chrisbboy PostPosted: Tue 02 Aug, 2011
Change yourself into a celebrity tounge2

#107:  Author: Galactic Kiwi PostPosted: Tue 02 Aug, 2011
Scipio Xaos wrote:
Hey I have an idea:

Experience the storm.

You'd become lucid and find some extreme weather occurrence like a tornado, hurricane, or blizzard, and experience it. Stand in the storm and tell us what it's like to be in the eye.

I really like this idea. Goes to my lucid to do list.
I love rain in waking life and never experienced in dreams, at least I don't recall so.

#108:  Author: elianabeth PostPosted: Sun 07 Aug, 2011
I've time traveled to the future on my first LD. It was kind of boring, because I only went to 2016. They had devices completely controlled by sound and this thing called the "Sixth Sense". I looked it up and its real! The Sixth sense is this amazing phone that was made by MIT!

#109:  Author: Yingchun PostPosted: Tue 23 Aug, 2011
Rip the fabric of Spacetime.
... Of course the fabric would repair itself in my dream world. I believe in string theory.
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#110:  Author: lucidshinobi PostPosted: Wed 24 Aug, 2011
transform into a giant and speak to the people iam your creator hahahaha woo

#111: Paint a Planet. Author: Amythest444 PostPosted: Sat 03 Sep, 2011
For this one, you're going to have to get a painting stand (or whatever it's called) and paint a planet. After you have painted a planet, make it come to life(dont make it planet sized yet!)afterwards carry it, and teleport to space, and stand on a meteor or something. After, make a cloud that's stable enough to carry a planet. Put the planet (dont make it planet sized yet) on the cloud, and then make it grow till it's the size of Mars.

For this one, you don't have to make a cloud, you can just place it in mid air if you want to.

EDIT: This was a double post. Sorry

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#112: Paint a Planet. Author: Amythest444 PostPosted: Sat 03 Sep, 2011
For this one, you're going to have to get a painting stand (or whatever it's called) and paint a planet. After you have painted a planet, make it come to life(dont make it planet sized yet!)afterwards carry it, and teleport to space, and stand on a meteor or something. After, make a cloud that's stable enough to carry a planet. Put the planet (dont make it planet sized yet) on the cloud, and then make it grow till it's the size of Mars.

For this one, you don't have to make a cloud, you can just place it in mid air if you want to.

#113:  Author: lucidshinobi PostPosted: Sun 18 Sep, 2011
yell :unleash full power and see what happens. siiw

#114:  Author: gnargnar PostPosted: Wed 02 Nov, 2011
List of ideas on IRC hehe:

Eat someone from LD4all and see how they taste
Shrink yourself and eat your thanksgiving meal, or just a huge feast :D<-- favorite
Find something you've lost irl
Learn another language and see if any of it is an actual word
Go to IRC land
Create a new animal(Platypus monky o.O)
Be a planet
Paint in the sky
Become light and draw a picture (like a camera with slow shutter and a light)
Live as someone else
Transform into food and eat yourself :D
That's it for now but ill edit if I can think of more hehe

#115:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Wed 02 Nov, 2011
yay, my idea is your favorite!!!!

#116:  Author: JaySkyecrest PostPosted: Tue 15 Nov, 2011
I have a really good idea for a quest!! I don't know if this one has been done yet or not but I think that it would be a really good one! We should have a quest where you have to hang out with your favorite movie character or celebrity! I think that it would be a great quest.

#117:  Author: Elliott PostPosted: Sun 29 Jul, 2012
Relive the previous day as someone else.

#118:  Author: CrazyPsychoLoverly PostPosted: Sat 13 Oct, 2012
I have a few suggestions:

Become your pet
Go and see where all the mythical creatures went to
Read a book/watch a movie, you wanted to see/read IRL and actually see/read, and compare
Try to summon a person you know then turn them into their spirit animal

That's all I have for now...

#119:  Author: Lucidaider PostPosted: Sat 19 Jan, 2013
i dont think i seen one like this in the past quests. we could create our own setting or maybe just a house or something. with the house we could make a small studio or a huge 10 bedroom house or castle and put details in the rooms. the setting one could be just a simple plain field with flowers or create a forrest by a water fall. we could even go above and beyond and create a floating island above it all, with a house on the island. i think if something like this was a quest it could get peoples creative skills up too. this is just a thought but i think it would be cool. if we could go back to these places we make in later dreams but that would be more then a quest right. anyway create create create. hope you like the idea.

#120: Idea Author: Picknick10 PostPosted: Sat 27 Apr, 2013
Ask your subconscious to dance with you

#121:  Author: LDbc12 PostPosted: Sat 28 Dec, 2013
Transform into an inanimate object and see what happens, and who sits on you ^^

#122:  Author: Cumulus PostPosted: Sun 26 Jan, 2014
(one that I already suggested in the Dutch forums but I hope it is allowed here)

1. Get lucid in a dream
2. Walk/fly/swim/whatever to a DC of your choice
3. Ask him/her/it to find out a quest for you to finish in a LD
4. Try to complete it in your dream
5. Post the quest on this forum and see if other people can finish it

You can put this all in a contest with points:

- 1 point if you manage to ask the DC to find out a quest
- 1 point for each quest you get
- 3 points if you can finish this quest in the same dream before awakening
- 2 points if you finish it before the month has passed
- 3 points for each person on this forum who manages to finih a quest that your own DC has given to you
- 1 point for each quest you finish from other forummers their DC

At the end of the month the points are counted and the ones who have an average or above average score deserve their wings wink5

#123:  Author: Insomnia44 PostPosted: Thu 02 Nov, 2017
The idea to give point for solving tasks sound very interesting to me. I'll read a few more posts about it and then I will tell it my community.

#124:  Author: addicted_dreamer PostPosted: Mon 11 Dec, 2017
Carnun wrote:
I got this idea indirectly from a LD I had last night... but make friends with yourself.

The idea is find a duplicate of yourself and try and be friends! See what happens, what you can learn about yourself?

funny, I tried this also two days ago, was quite the experience talking to your self ( a other yourself with his own conciseness ) it felt really spiritual

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