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#1: Lucid Dream Kit ?'s Author: Wudang Alien Alchemist PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008
I was wondering if anyone here has tried the Lucid Dreaming Kit which uses a lot of subliminal messages. I would appreciate feedback.
I am looking for subliminal tools along this line to help me better recognize the dream state in the beginning of training. I would not want to develop a crutch.
Anyone here try this product?

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#2:  Author: chase1420 PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008
yeah, i just downloaded it.
haven't actually seen the results but I will tonight
It' pretty much flashes a bunch of lucid dream related questions
really fast in the middle and there are 4 color changing squares at each corner

#3:  Author: chase1420 PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008
okay, so I did end up having a ld last night and
I have to say it worked nicely (for me anyways)

#4:  Author: tkrulewich PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008
how often do you have LDs normally? Also it could have been the placebo effect.

#5:  Author: chase1420 PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008
not that often, every week or so

yeah, that's always possible. I took some b6 also,
so it was really vivid!
the weird part I was having ND then I went into a FA, that's when I
got up and thought "Tonight, I Will Be Aware I'm Dreaming"
and I was confused.
that's when I got it and bam, time to start rubbing your hands

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