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#1: Has LD4all helped you? you can help LD4all! :) Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 15 Feb, 2009
Has LD4all helped you? You can help LD4all!

LD4all is a labour of love. I have founded this site in 1996 to spread the art and knowledge of lucid dreaming throughout the world.

:amsterdam: :amsterdam: :amsterdam: I am thankful for everyone who has helped and is helping LD4all. Whether it is by donating your time, your energy, your help or your knowledge. :amsterdam: :amsterdam: :amsterdam:

However, LD4all needs money to keep it running. So if you feel grateful for what LD4all has done for you, and you can afford it then please consider showing your gratitude by donating to LD4all. Every donation goes towards LD4all and it motivates me to keep maintaining and updating the site.

:amsterdam: :amsterdam: :amsterdam: Your donations are deeply appreciated! :amsterdam: :amsterdam: :amsterdam:

When you donate, your name will be displayed on a separate donor page, here (If you don't want your name to be displayed let me know)

Lucid Dreamers Unite Donations are handled through Paypal

-> Send a donation

Please mention your forum username so I know who it is from smile

bow Thank you! bow

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#2:  Author: Greyfyre PostPosted: Thu 21 Jan, 2010
Check your PayPal account for a donation smile

Happy new year, and thank you for all you do pasQuale!

#3:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Thu 21 Jan, 2010
Thank you so much, Greyfyre! :D :amsterdam: :amsterdam: :amsterdam:
much appreciated!

I better hurry with putting that donor page up!

#4:  Author: primatech PostPosted: Sat 06 Feb, 2010
Hey, I didn't notice the donation situation till now. Bank account is a little low at the moment, but I will try and contribute soon!

#5:  Author: Adderad PostPosted: Mon 15 Feb, 2010
When i got the cash, and a few more clear LD's, i'll donate tounge2.

#6:  Author: primatech PostPosted: Fri 26 Feb, 2010
hahaha...Adderad wants his moneys worth

#7:  Author: Lolz4All PostPosted: Tue 02 Mar, 2010
Ah... I like to donate some money. But I still didn't got my bank account in mah hands. :\

#8:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Wed 10 Mar, 2010
Thank you BaYoNeTTe ! :D

#9:  Author: Basilus West PostPosted: Thu 20 May, 2010
No icon to put in the sig for the 2010 sponsors? rolleyes

#10:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Thu 20 May, 2010
Basilus West wrote:
No icon to put in the sig for the 2010 sponsors? rolleyes

I hadn't planned on making icons, since I don't do yearly fundraiser anymore, but if you like an icon I can make you one grin Will have to wait until I'm less busy though overspannen

#11:  Author: Basilus West PostPosted: Thu 20 May, 2010
If you didn't plan to make a lil' icon and moreover you're busy, then don't do it, it was not important at all. wink Thank you anyhow for proposing it. smile

#12:  Author: Lucid_Sockhat PostPosted: Fri 25 Jun, 2010
You asked for our forum username in the payment, but I didn't see that option... so here's an FYI that you're getting something from over here. kiekeboe

#13:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sat 26 Jun, 2010
Thank you so much! I wondered who you were smile I'll add your name to the sponsorpage when I'm on a computer again smile
much appreciated!

#14:  Author: GB-RU PostPosted: Sun 04 Jul, 2010
When I have my first lucid dream I will donate $10USD. I know it is not a lot, but every little helps. This is a promise.

#15:  Author: Kava PostPosted: Wed 07 Jul, 2010
I will be more then happy to give. I owe alot to this forum both for my LDing, and the moral support you guys have given me. I get payed in two weeks. Please PM me incase I forget, because I am forgetfull like that. Plus given the fact that you put up with my insain brain without banning me. LOL

#16:  Author: Paranoid-Android PostPosted: Sat 23 Oct, 2010
Hey pasQuale you are from Holland?!

Tof.. tounge2

But I'll think about donating when I have some more LD's, I'm still sure I'll get one soon !

#17:  Author: tosxyChor PostPosted: Sat 23 Oct, 2010
For the gratitude I feel towards this site and all its users wink5

#18:  Author: dunlar PostPosted: Sat 30 Oct, 2010
If I get this Flash job I interviewed for, I'll donate... cool2
If not, it'll be one of these days... 12+ years, I probably owe 'ya!

In the meantime, I did have an idea for you... I put a little LD4All patch on my avatar the other day and thought you might be able to sell real world ones as a fund raiser. They're pretty cheap to manufacture, and would work like business cards if people put 'em on backpacks and such. Just an idea -- there might be a place like CafePress where you could offload it onto a third party so you wouldn't personally have to handle orders and such...

#19:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Thu 04 Nov, 2010
Thank you for that tip dunlar smile
We have LD4all buttons and stickers in the LD4all store in the meantime grin

#20:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Fri 05 Nov, 2010
tosxyChor wrote:
For the gratitude I feel towards this site and all its users wink5

Thank you, much appreciated colgate

#21:  Author: BeRightBack PostPosted: Sun 06 Mar, 2011
There should be a small contribution on your account tomorrow. Veel plezier ermee. seer

#22:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 06 Mar, 2011
Thank you in advance! :D

#23:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 07 Mar, 2011
Got it smile Much appreciated! ^^

#24:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Fri 11 Mar, 2011
Thank you, Marvin / BaYo (I still can't get used to your new name!) for your generous donation (I guess all that tax collecting in Allac & Calla was for a good cause grin )

#25:  Author: S0lll0s PostPosted: Tue 03 May, 2011
As soon as I get my first LDs I will donate as much as I can afford easily.
Also I don't know if something like this is needed, but I maybe could do a little designing / coding.

I don't know if you know it but you helped tons of people (including me) getting started with LDing and you did a really well job by creating and maintaining this platform and I would really like to know I've helped this site.

Greetings from Germany and biggest congrats on all this,

Ah, and BTW, you are the first person who gets me so close to donating wink5

#26:  Author: WASD PostPosted: Sun 13 Nov, 2011
How are the donations going? I recently earned to ability to spend money online so I'm sending a euro or dollar to various sites that I like. I suggest everyone do the same smile If everyone do so it will make a difference.

Perhaps you could announce a Moneybomb smile It's basically a set date where everyone is encouraged to donate as much as they want. I will donate once more if you do so.

#27:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 27 Nov, 2011
Thank you WASD! smile

The moneybomb sounds like a cool plan, now to set a date nervous

#28:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Mon 28 Nov, 2011
Been wanting to donate for awhile and was finally able to since I have a job now. :D
I'll buy a cup from the store once I move out too.

#29:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 04 Dec, 2011
Thank you Wyvern! :D Much appreciated smile good luck with your job!

#30:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 04 Dec, 2011
You know.. I forgot that ld4all had a store. Hey, is it any way possible for us to get new stuff? Like new tshirts with new slogans and stuff? I would love to create slogans, it could be so fun. Most of the shirts look like the logo and the site with 'am I dreaming' or so. And the Uaeaeaeae shirt is in yellow! D= I don't know how the store works, but if we are able to make new stock or so, let us know :O

#31: My 1st Lucid Dream Author: Lorwa PostPosted: Wed 18 Jan, 2012
smile I am so happy right now because after reading ld4all, I am starting to realize what I have been experiencing. About a week ago I had a lucid dream. I was swinging in a saddle type swing on my stomach. I was pushing back and forth and suddenly these beautiful leaves appeared on the ground and i was touching them as I swanged back and forth. Then suddenly while swinging i was high enough to look up and i leaped out of the swing and went straight into the air and suddenly this beautiful, i am talking a beauty that i had never seen before blue sky appeared and somehow i became the sky, it was so still and peaceful, from that point I looked in front of me and i began to swing again but i was swinging in the sky and suddenly this silver like grayish cord appeared and I grabbed a hold of it while i was still swinging, then these huge huge white clouds appeared, and I started swinging towards them, but i slowed down from swinging because as i was getting closer to these beautiful white clouds i became afraid and woke up. It was the most awsome experience i have ever had. Thanks ld4all smile smile

#32: easy to take for granted that all info seems to be free.. Author: yoyo PostPosted: Mon 06 Feb, 2012
when in fact there's a lot of work behind it!

#33:  Author: Redifin PostPosted: Thu 16 Feb, 2012
I've been on this site for 7 years...a donation should be coming your way some day :D Expect it in the coming months.

#34:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 11 Mar, 2012
Thank you Redifin, Siiw and Fate for your donations! thumbs

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#35:  Author: Fate PostPosted: Mon 12 Mar, 2012
You can expect more as my budget will allow smile

#36: SMALL donation Author: Balthasar PostPosted: Sun 18 Mar, 2012
I'v donated a SMALL amount, but it will come more. Just found out about this page several hours ago, it is a very interessting site! Thank you so much for making this, finally i don't feel alone about this thoughts grin

#37:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 01 Apr, 2012
Thank you Balthasar! smile Every small bit counts smile

#38:  Author: twit PostPosted: Fri 06 Jul, 2012
Is it okay to just buy something from your store? Will you still make a profit?

#39:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 08 Jul, 2012
Yes - if you buy from the store the markup goes towards LD4all smile
(it's between 7 and 1 dollar depending on what item you choose)

#40:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 08 Jul, 2012
Thank you so much Rodrigo] for your generous donation! Much appreciated :D

#41:  Author: Rodrigo PostPosted: Mon 09 Jul, 2012
pasQuale wrote:
Thank you so much Rodrigo] for your generous donation! Much appreciated :D

:D You're welcome! Thank you and everyone for making LD4All be what it is smile

#42:  Author: Sliph PostPosted: Sun 29 Jul, 2012
I just recently bought some shirts and I love them, been putting off an order for a long time. I'll order more soon for sure, and I'm going to make a donation!

edit : so the way I understand it , if I'm from the US I need to donate using Paypal, cannot direct transfer can I ... ?

edit#2: donated

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#43:  Author: GreenDragon PostPosted: Thu 02 Aug, 2012
I don't know what the inter-country bank transfer fees would be from America. From most places they are ridiculously expensive. You'd likely be paying more in fees than you were donating in most cases. Paypal fees are considerably lower, so it is probably the best way.

#44:  Author: Sliph PostPosted: Sun 19 Aug, 2012

#45:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 19 Aug, 2012
hurray Thank you so much Sliph for your generous donation :D I'm glad Paypal worked out for you. Much appreciated! ^^

#46:  Author: Queen SD PostPosted: Mon 26 Nov, 2012
Thought it was about time I did some donating, after all these years! Done it though Paypal smile

#47:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Tue 27 Nov, 2012
Much appreciated oh Queen of Pineapples bow2

#48:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Tue 12 Mar, 2013
Thank you Marvin for your generous donation, and thank you for donating each year thumbs

kiekeboe should I start making the donation badges again so you can have a collection of them in your signature?

#49:  Author: Marvin PostPosted: Tue 12 Mar, 2013
I'm not doing it for badges but to help this wonderful community. So if you think it would motivate other people to donate as well, then it might be worth it. But I don't want anything just for show wink5

#50:  Author: Samyten PostPosted: Mon 18 Mar, 2013
I donated !
I never donate at anything (nearly) but i couldn't resist tounge1
i've put extra cents so that paypal doesn't take too much :D

Your welcome smile

#51:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 18 Mar, 2013
Thank you, Samyten !

I'll add you to the list of sponsors soon smile

#52:  Author: Fate PostPosted: Tue 26 Mar, 2013
It's been a little over a year since I last donated. Sorry for the long delay.

#53:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Tue 26 Mar, 2013
Much appreciated, Fate! smile

Ill add you to the donor list soon smile

#54:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 22 Sep, 2013
Thank you Sliph for your donation smile and Fate, adding you right now grin

#55:  Author: Aalexx PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015
A small something to say thank you for all the insight iv'e gained through being a part of this community.

Happy dreaming :D

#56:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015
Thank you very much Aalexx, much appreciated!

#57:  Author: Ebilshrimp PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015
Well, that reminded me that I somehow haven't donated since that first time. (unles I did and forgot) so this is long overdue. This is for everything LD4all has given me. Thank you Qu, and all the mods, for everything you've done and the care you've put into this fantastic community. I'll continue to give back whatever I can!

#58:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015
WoW Ebil thank you so much. Very much appreceated!

#59:  Author: Ebilshrimp PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015
Update: I gave less than I meant to, damn conversions, anyway I've corrected that now!

#60:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015

#61:  Author: Ebilshrimp PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015
What? :D

#62:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015
You know what
first donation was already so if you increase it I can only add eek2

Thank you!

#63:  Author: Ebilshrimp PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2015
pfft, no need for thanks at all, this doesn't even start to payback everythign the forum has done for me and so many others ^^

#64:  Author: Dreamjutsu PostPosted: Mon 08 Jun, 2015
Hope that helps some. Gotta keep those servers running.
Thanks for everything. Found this again after ~4 years (college) and I'm as psyched as ever.

#65:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 08 Jun, 2015
Thank you Dreamjutsu, much appreciated! server costs are high as ever and can't cover it from the ads alone. I don't want to plaster the site with ads (which most of you block anyway ), and want to keep LD4all free, so your donation really helps!

#66:  Author: glypheye PostPosted: Fri 19 Jun, 2015
Happy to help! This place has helped me immensely in the short time I've been here. I'll try to remember to contribute whenever I can smile

#67:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Fri 19 Jun, 2015
Thank you so much Glypheye! Much appreciated! smile

#68:  Author: Yanshf PostPosted: Wed 01 Jul, 2015
Well the chat is pretty dead as usual , but the community is nice .
I finally found a place where I could belong , so yeah, it helped.

#69:  Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Wed 12 Aug, 2015

I made a little donation but forgot to add a little message to it. Just because I made a donation doesn't mean that I am an addict though. Because I am not an addict. yes

#70:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Thu 13 Aug, 2015
A little you call that eek2
Thank you very much mew! I deduced it was you from the email address grin

#71:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 24 Aug, 2015
Thank you Dreamjutsu for another donation! thumbs (And congrats on your LDs :D )

#72:  Author: Dreamjutsu PostPosted: Thu 27 Aug, 2015

#73:  Author: Ebilshrimp PostPosted: Fri 18 Sep, 2015
Think I might make this a regular thing, but it probably won't go above that amount, need to keep it small for stability. XD

#74:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Fri 18 Sep, 2015
hugs ebil

#75:  Author: Ebilshrimp PostPosted: Fri 18 Sep, 2015
hugs grin

Now to maintain my manliness

ebil ebil ebil ebil ebil ebil

#76:  Author: Oneironautilus PostPosted: Mon 21 Mar, 2016
I'll donate when I reach two LD per week! I promise!

#77:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sat 23 Apr, 2016
Thank you sliph for you donation and kind message smile much appreciated

#78: hey! Author: ziefko PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2016
cool !

#79:  Author: Koal44 PostPosted: Tue 20 Jun, 2017
I did a small donation as well smile
I guess that now I can WILD pretty much as I want, as long as I have a bit of time in the morning, so for everything that this website has brought to me over the last years, thank you! :D

#80:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Wed 21 Jun, 2017
Thank you koal44! Glad you posted here, i was wondering who it was from! smile

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