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#1:  Author: Dust Mote PostPosted: Thu 23 May, 2002
ASP - awake sleep paralysis

LL - Lucid Living: the state of mind produced when you practice for Lucid Dreams in the waking world. The feeling that should be produced when you practice any of several exercises in the waking world, including the RC (reality check).

not sure about the ULD - unaware lucid dream; it feels like a contradiction in terms. There is a phenomenon called Daydreaming Asleep, where the dreamer has control of the dream, but is not actually aware that he is asleep (similar to day dreaming awake)

FLD - false lucid dream. What a concept, I love it! But since you are lucid, calling it false feels well, false. How about Lucid Dream Once Removed?

WBTB? I could use more of a detailed definition of this one.

DILD? Isn't this a Lucid Dream?

#2: Orlando Orlando Orlando Author: Kaldeko PostPosted: Sun 26 May, 2002
A dream containing Orlando Bloom (Legolas from Lord of the Rings) would be:

Cool Orlando Dream.


Hehe have a good day.

#3:  Author: rusher13 PostPosted: Mon 27 May, 2002
i have another one;
IMLD=IN-MY-LUCID-DREAM.... siiw smile

#4: Don't know if this is necessary Author: Kaldeko PostPosted: Wed 29 May, 2002
When you wake in the middle of the night for no reason, I call it a Sudden Random Awakening.

Sudden Random Awakening - SRA.

Don't know if it's relevent. :D

Love you all! wink5

#5:  Author: Johan PostPosted: Thu 06 Jun, 2002
EWLD = Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, title of a very popular book about lucid dreaming written by LD-pioneer Stephen LaBerge.

#6:  Author: Djem PostPosted: Thu 06 Jun, 2002
some more:

1. NILD = Nap Induced Lucid Dream
2. CILD = Chakra Induced Lucid Dream
3. PILD = Punishment Induced Lucid Dream
4. RILD = Reward Induced Lucid Dream
5. TILD = Thirst Induced Lucid Dream
6. UILD = Urinate Induced Lucid Dream
7. SILD = Sexual Induced Lucid Dream
8. LILD = Letter Induced Lucid Dream
9. OILD = Orgone Induced Lucid Dream

1. NILD - going to sleep after waking up. Using MILD or WILD to induce a LD
2. CILD - Focusing at your Third Eye Chakra that is located slightly above and between your eyebrows before going to sleep. (for 3min or so)
3. PILD - Punish yourself everytime U don't have a LD
4. RILD - Reward yourself every time U have a LD
5. TILD - Dry yourself out and when u are searching for water u know u are dreaming
6. UILD - Dirnk alot, and remeber to do a RC when you go to the bathroom (bit risky)
7. SILD - Do a RC every time u think of sex (U will think of sex in a dream, B3 helps if U don't)
8. LILD - Do an RC every time U see a specific letter
9. OILD - using orgone energy to induce lucidity (like magnets or crystals)

for more info, LD-faq at http://home.no/lucid/

EDIT: Had to update my url again, the old one still works! smile

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#7:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sat 08 Jun, 2002
i noticed the acronym for Reality Check Initiated LD is RCID.

For me it makes more sense when the acronym is RCILD - so it fits in with all the other -ILD's ;)

anyway, the two both have an acronym bubble assigned grin

#8:  Author: DreamAddict PostPosted: Sat 08 Jun, 2002
oops. eh
whatsthat I think it was suppose to be RCILD but my brain must have wanted a 4 letter word.

#9:  Author: Djem PostPosted: Mon 01 Jul, 2002
Some new acronym with the time:

DLTR = Dream Longer Than Reality

#10:  Author: A-Jay PostPosted: Thu 18 Jul, 2002
DRD - Dream Recording Device - possible device to come, records our dreams to a continual and stable video.

#11:  Author: nutella PostPosted: Wed 28 Aug, 2002
Soon it will be hard for evrey Lucid enthusist to communicate with people who are not in to LD,
becuse they will be talking in LD. (Lucid language wink )

#12:  Author: kmcdonald PostPosted: Thu 29 Aug, 2002
I propose that some of the different dream techniques (ILDs) gain an extra type with the prefix "DIF" for "dream initiated false" where "dream" is assumed to mean EITHER NLD or LD. The two I find most pertinent are:

DIFWILD Dream initiated false wake initiated lucid dream
DIFMILD Dream initiated false mnemonic initiated lucid dream

These two examples are from situations discussed recently ("Have you ever had a WILD in a NLD or a LD?"). Because these are technically not true WILDs, they should gain a prefix to point out that it is the same technique but done in dream.

Originally when this occured to me I called DIFWILD a DIWILD, but now I add the F because I feel it is important.

There are already enough acronyms but I think that this would be helpful if this topic (DIFWILD) is to be discussed in any greater detail.

EDIT: Whoops! I am sorry... I missed FLD which sums up all of the DIF*ILDs I was thinking of... Nevermind!

#13:  Author: Dust Mote PostPosted: Sat 14 Sep, 2002
Have I gone blind or did we miss a really big one.

DS = Dream Sign

I've just been talking about them and came here for a possible definition and Nada.

#14:  Author: DreamAddict PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2002
Dust Mote wrote:
Have I gone blind or did we miss a really big one.

DS = Dream Sign

I've just been talking about them and came here for a possible definition and Nada.

Yup, we all looked right over that one.

I've also added LL(Lucid Living), along with a few more definitions.

#15:  Author: Laesdaw PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2002
A couple ones that I think have been overlooked...
NLD - Non-Lucid Dream
RL or WL - real life or waking life - people often use these acronyms instead of saying IRL or IWL

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