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#1: Character Chats Author: Talon Arana PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2010
[ A thread where all characters are encouraged to chat with other characters and people. Usually associated with the CALD technique.]

Talon: Oh geez... >< We've actually been gone for so long, our thread is gone! Way to go.

Takone: *Pouts* ._. Well... We're back now, right...? *Smiles sheepishly* I hope Aiden and everyone else finds this...

Ah, haven't been around nearly enough lately!

#2:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2010
Second Doctor: Well, it's good to see someone bothered to remember us. Rhewin hasn't even been paying attention to the thread.

#3:  Author: The Scientist PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2010
*Scientist walks in with Hamal.

Hamal: Hello, everyone! Oh, you probably can't see me; that's too bad. Okay, yes, so I'm presently on the planet Morpheus, and I call the supercontinental nation of Paterra my home. I'm unsure if you're familiar with these places, but still. Yes, so how is everyone?

#4:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Morph: *to the scientist* Is that... Gregor Mendel that I see in your avatar there?

Sai: Hi Hamal! Always nice to see new faces around here.

Vesper: Always nice to see this place, period. Glad it's back, now maybe I'll actually have something to do for entertainment other than torching Morph's head.

Morph: *to Vesper* Wait, when did that ever happen?!

Aiden: :3 We found it! (with help) Hi everyone!

#5:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Third Doctor: Morpheus... what galaxy is that in? I might have been there.

Second: No we haven't, we haven't even been close.

Third: You don't even know where it is, let alone if I've been. I've been a lot of places you haven't, after all.

Second: Last I checked you were still stuck on Earth because you havem't been clever enough to evade the Time Lords.

Third: Need I remind you who got us exiled to Earth in the first place?

Second: Bringing up my regeneration trial is a little low, even for you don't you think. And I don't appreciate you providing that link, Rhewin!

#6:  Author: The Scientist PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Hamal: Good God! How dare they do such a thing! I mean, I can't possibly even imagine what it would be like to have your appearance forcibly changed for...well, any crime at all. Really, I've dealt with tyrannical laws and the like in Paterra; I live in fear that I may be discovered, but at least not in fear of such harsh punishment. My, and well, at least my government is bad at what they do. Lord...

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

#7:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Well, the Time Lords glossed over that quite a bit. It didn't just change his appearance, it also changed his personality. The only thing he really kept was his memories. It's called regeneration, and every Time Lord gets 12 of them; it's their way of cheating death. What you saw was less of a trial and more of an execution.

Third: We can speak for ourselves, Rhewin. But yes, the Time Lords have become an arrogant lot, looking down upon the universe from their towers. An eternity of the powers of time have lead them to confuse themselves with gods. It's the reason I took the TARDIS in the first place.

Second: Things don't sound much nicer where you're from, either. Tell me more about your planet. Who are the rulers?

#8:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
*Ninja walks in with Tsi'leik*

Tsi'leik, wake up.

Tsi'leik: .....


Tsi'leik: I'm sleeping!

Now you're not.

Tsi'leik: ...

#9:  Author: The Scientist PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Hamal: Well, Doctor, it's a long story. About 50 years ago, the Paterran supercontinent was divided into 5 separate countries. When it was unified under one flag, it took on a totalitarian appearance. Our particular ruler at the time, Arthur Kowalczyk passed anti-magic laws that became more and more tyrannical as they came. Most people suppose he was assassinated, but I figure that he faked his own death and sent his government underground. After his disappearance, the government supposedly collapsed into a republic. However, the laws against mages continued to come, leading me to suspect that Arthur is still in control. As a mage in secret, I must be on constant guard to prevent myself from becoming suspicious.

Scientist: We have made plans to locate the underground government and destroy it. Our goal is to meet in person and cast an omnisciency spell to find their hideout. We've given ourselves a one-year timeframe in which to do that, so we aren't under any pressure to get it done immediately. After that, we'll probably travel.

Tsi'leik: ...

Hamal: *creates thunderclap

#10:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: huh, what? Oh. Hamal, just a tap on the shoulder would be nice, no need for summoning thunder. Bit of flair for the dramatic eh? grin

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#11:  Author: Talon Arana PostPosted: Wed 07 Jul, 2010
Takone:... Wow *A bit sheepish* Hello, everyone!

Talon: Oh hey! New people C: It's nice to meet you all! Surprising population boom! We need to head back to the main thread and see what's going on!

#12:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 07 Jul, 2010
Second Doctor: Yes, there do seem to be quite a bit more than before. At least I don't feel like I'm talking to myself anymore.

#13:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 10 Jul, 2010
Morph: *to Rhewin* ...Did you just step through a mirror or something?

Skaith: That's what it says in his location bar.

Morph: Oh.

Aiden: *to Tako* How's it been lately?

#14:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 15 Jul, 2010
Morph: *poke* Why do I get the feeling that I'm just talking to myself?

#15:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 15 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: *practicing to be a pshycologist* and how do you feel about that?

#16:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 15 Jul, 2010
Morph: *to Tsi'leik* Like I'm not really there. I know it's silly doctor, but sometimes I get to thinking that I'm just a figment of another person's imagination. Do you have any idea why that might be? Am I going crazy doc?

Mecha: *eye twitches* I'm feeling exhausted right now. I just stayed up till 2:00 am testing, modding, and calculating the maximum speed a Cybran 'Zapper' t2 Tactical Missile Defense system can handle before being overwhelmed. Mach 3 missiles are the best it can handle with it's regular stats, but if its range is increased by a factor of 10 to compensate for the shortened weapon ranges employed for gameplay purposes, (as evidenced by dev comments and the physics engine's gravity being 10x what it should be on Earth) then it can nail missiles moving at up to mach 19. Why did I take the trouble to do all this you might ask? Because of an online debate going on at another forum regarding whether or not a Cybran ACU could take on the combined militaries of modern day Earth. One of the posters was dubious as to the effectiveness of the TMD vs modern cruise missiles, as in-game it only ever shoots down sub-sonic missiles going at two-thirds the speed of sound. Totally pointless I know, right? kiekeboe

#17:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 20 Jul, 2010
@Morph: Look deep inside yourself and you will find the answers. That'll be $600.

#18:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Morph: 600 dollars?! I thought you Na'vi didn't have any use for our currency. Here's 600 puffy white tree seeds instead.

#19:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: Yes! Puffy trees!

#20:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Second Doctor: Where did you even get those seeds in the first place?

#21:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Morph: Somewhere where the air tasted kinda weird, and had lots of bioluminescent plants and animals. The gravity was a little lighter than what I'm used to too. The seeds were just floating in the breeze. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were doing their best to run away from me. ebil Skaith was nearby, admiring this -enormous- burning tree that had fallen to the ground.

Skaith: Who says I was admiring it? I was just contemplating how senseless it's destruction was. Then I got hit in the torso by a miniature tree disguised as an arrow. eh

#22:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: Let me think. youre saying you found them in a world where many of the plants and animals are bioluminescent, gravity is lighter, and there was a huge burning tree on the ground? with a possible internal staircase like spiral structure with convienient places to sleep in? Nope, never heard of it.

#23:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Third Doctor: I tend to avoid travel to that Pandora as its people don't seem to care for outsiders.

Second Doctor: I'd say it's because you got tired from all the running. A giant cat here, an arrow there....

Third Doctor: Well I wouldn't have to run if it wasn't for the little incident with you, the chief and his Ikran.

#24:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Morph: Surely they'd have forgotten all about it in the centuries since then right? ...Or did you come back only a short time after Second was there?

Skaith: *pokes giant arrow embedded in torso* I think I'll keep this as a souvenir. I hope the neurotoxin on the tip didn't get wiped off all the way when it went through my chest.

#25:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Second Doctor: He hasn't even tried! He's been too busy being stuck on Earth.

Third Doctor: I say, Skaith, doesn't that hurt?

#26:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: Yes, you should probably see a doctor about that (points to second and third doctors). Youre lucky to be alive. After all, the arrows neurotoxins are supposed to stop your heart in 1 minute.

Me: Thank G-d I needent worry about cat people shootng spear sized arrows at me. Tsi'leik still has family in Home Tree and is friends with the chief. So I get the privalege of being treated like family.

#27:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010
Skaith: *looks down at arrow* Nope, it doesn't hurt at all. ^_^ Think of Morph and I as organic T-1000's with extremely high poison and chemical resistance. At the very worst end of the spectrum, physical attacks tend to just splatter us around the place until we can pull ourselves back together. (lesser trauma is healed near-instantaneously) Energy based weapons or high-heat explosions on the other hand are a whole different story, as they actually kill off our biomass rather than just rearranging it like physical attacks do. We try to avoid them whenever possible.

Morph: Is that why we try to avoid annoying Ves?

Vesper: *nods* Oh yes... ebil *to Tsi'leik and Ninja* So, you're both friends with the chief?

Saichania: That certainly makes things easier. *to the Third Doctor* Yeah, why are you and your successors so fascinated by Earth and England in particular so much? I know the real-world reasons for it, but is there an in-universe answer as well?

#28:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010
Third Doctor: Well, Earth seems to be the center of quite a few things happening in the universe these days. And, what's more, it's exceptionally vulnerable.

Second Doctor: And even more relevant to him, his TARDIS is broken and he's been exiled to Earth.

Me: And I'm not letting that little debate start up again, so let' just drop the whole Who-got-exiled-when routine.

Third: Oh, very well. I also feel that humans have a lot more potential than they use. Sadly it gets wasted in bureaucracy and violence. I'll also admit a slight bit of kinship to humans. Even if they are a tad primitive at times, I sometimes feel closer to them than my own race.

Second: Now there we can agree.

#29:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 23 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: *to vesper* Yes it does make things easier for Ninja and I. My father saved the chiefs life, and I am good friends with him. they dont usually let outsiders into their borders, but because of my connections, they make an exeption for Ninja, although they dont let him anywhere near the tree of souls.

#30:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 24 Jul, 2010
Morph: I'd stay away from that thing anyway if I were you. I'm still not convinced that Eywa didn't do something subtle and sneaky to Jake's mind when he first interfaced with her.

Skaith: Oh come off it. Just because both sides made criminally inept decisions throughout the course of the movie doesn't mean that the Pandoran's were being duplicitous. *to Tsi'leik* Morph has this 'thing' against the movie Avatar. He's been steadily trying to convince Aiden not to choose a Na'vi for his new form in the mindscape, and seems to have succeeded too. Aiden still thinks the movie was absolutely awesome though. Me, I liked it fairly well, but the tactical and strategic blunders committed on both sides of the aisle sorta spoiled the experience for me a little. Sai's opinion is pretty much the same as mine, except she focuses more on the moral shortcomings of the RDA and Na'vi rather than their tactics, technology and strategy. Vesper liked it and thinks the rest of us are all overthinking things. Crysar... Who knows what his opinion is.

Morph: *to Skaith* Hey, it's not like I'm openly hostile or anything towards the movie. It was fun to watch, I just like to poke fun at it. And I haven't been trying to convince Aiden not to choose Na'vi because I don't like them, its because it'd be way too weird for me to have him go from being less than waist-high to towering above my head, that's all. kiekeboe

Mecha: I thought that it had a lot of unrealized potential that was either never explored properly by the scriptwriters or was poorly executed. Of course, I think that of a lot of movies so that doesn't necessarily mean much all on it's own. The CGI was superb at any rate, and the environment presented was breathtaking. However, even as a conservationist, the movie's underlying message struck me as heavy-handed and preachy, as well as self-righteous. About as soon as I realized it's plot was essentially identical to Disney's 'Pocahontas' (with a sci-fi twist) and that it was likely to stay that way for the rest of the movie was the point where I was able to put those annoyances behind me and start enjoying the rest of the film, complete with its anvilicious storyline.

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#31:  Author: IAmZ PostPosted: Sat 24 Jul, 2010
Hey guys, My character wants to say something

Zachist:Well, im introducing myself, *MYNAME* why are you typing with your eyes closed,.

me: IDK

Zachist:Anyway, i wanted to intoduce myself formally as a citizen of the world of Aeven .(me clarifying, Aeven is a town from the game Endless Online Where Zachist came from)

Zachist:I Also wanted to say hello to all the other characters out there, and to see what all you have to think of me tounge2.

#32:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sat 24 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: Hullo Zachist, nice to meet you.

Tsi'leik: Aiden, I highly recommend becoming an avatar. Its quite fun. Plus, most likely the Na'vi on pandora will be less likely to try to shoot arrows at you.

Me: IDK, I was so engrossed in watching the movie to realize its completely cliche plot. But, I dont care how chliche it was, It will for the meantime, remain my #1 most favorite movie of all time.

#33:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Sat 24 Jul, 2010
Third Doctor: What annoys me is the home video release of it. What do you call them now? Blu-Rays? The '2 disk special edition' was only a Blu-Ray without any special features, and the second disk was a DUD without any special features. It's merely a scam played off the marketability of this movie.

Rhewin: I think you mean DVD, not DUD. I thought it was fine, but by no means the greatest James Cameron has ever made. The villains bothered me the most, they were both so flat. It's fine if one is that way, but all we had was generic corporate guy + generic military guy.

Second Doctor: In the end I couldn't care less because it's a relatively inacurate description of a (future) historical event. And if people want to pay that much for two copies of the movie, so be it if that's what makes them happy.

#34:  Author: Eloge PostPosted: Sat 24 Jul, 2010
Regnar: Name's Regnar. hey, why do i even tell this when you put my name before my introduction... This is nonsense...

Me: Its not nonsense. Be nice.

Regnar: I am ALWAYS nice. It was you who ruined my ... grand opening... How can I pull my sabre dance now...

Me: Can you?

Regnar: Yeah, but you wont see.

Me: so whats the point anyways?

Regnar: To impress. To impress you who are reading this.

Hey guys, I think he wants to impress you :D

Regnar: Don't laugh. Lets start again. Without my name... of course.

Strange man: Muhahahaha, behold mortals! Me, Regnar is here!
Regnar: Yeah, that is what it was supposed to look like.

#35:  Author: IAmZ PostPosted: Sat 24 Jul, 2010
Zachist:Quite impressed with the evil laugh, needs more creepy organ music though tounge2

me: Agreed

Zachist: To the doctors, either of you ever been to Aeven? its quite a nice town you should go sometime

#36:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 25 Jul, 2010
Morph: Aye, an evil laugh is nothing without accompanying organ music and a lightning storm. But as Eloge already has piano\organ keys as his avatar, supplying the music shouldn't be too hard.

#37:  Author: IAmZ PostPosted: Sun 25 Jul, 2010
Zachist:I thought the same thing also. tounge2

Me: Yep.

#38:  Author: Eloge PostPosted: Sun 25 Jul, 2010
Regnar: Assist me, please.
Regnar: Now, that's what I call arrival. That man, Bach, he really understands my needs.
And what do you, mortals, listen?

#39:  Author: IAmZ PostPosted: Wed 28 Jul, 2010
Zachist : =0 we need more people, hmm any ideas anyone

Me: teleportation -.- tounge2

#40:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 03 Aug, 2010
Tsi'leik: Knock knock
Me: ...
Tsi'leik: Knock Knock
Me: ...
Tsi'leik: ?
me: I heard you the first time! Go away!
Tsi'leik: arent you gonna ask "who's there?"
Me: now why would I do that? I can see you just fine! Now go away you english kahniggott!
Tsi'leik: what?
Me: your mother was a hampster and your father smelt of elderberry!
Tsi'leik: are you quoting monty python and the holy grail?
Me: I dont accept solicitations!
Tsi'leik: I'm not a solicitor!
Me: Thats what they all say!
Tsi'leik: It was just a knock knock joke-
Me: Again with the knocking! I'm right here you fool! Get offah mah lawn!

#41:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 04 Aug, 2010
Skaith: What lawn? All I see is flaming grass. kiekeboe

Morph: Nay, I see a shrubbery over there too. ^_^

Aiden: Chuu... -_- Where's Tako? I want to tell him what I've finally decided to become.

#42:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 05 Aug, 2010
Me: Is it a good shruberry? If it is not, I shall have to say Ni to you again.
Tsi'leik: I apologize for Ninjam he's been like this for the past few weeks.
Me: What is the airspeed of an unlaiden swallow? What do you mean, African or euorapean? I dont know that! Ahhhhhhhh....
Hello! My name is inigo montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
Stop saying that!
Tsi'leik: Great, know he's quoting The Princess Bride. Help me!
Me: This is iocane powder. It is tasteless, odorless, dissolves instantly in water, and is among the more poisionous substances know to man. *puts the poision into one of two glasses of wine* The test of wits has begun. It ends when you decide which glass and we both drink.
Well its quite simple really. Now a clever man would put the poision into his own glass, knowing that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool, so clearly i can not choose the glass in front of you. But you would have known I was expecting that, so I can clearly not choose the glass in front of me.

You have a truly dizzing intellect.

Wait till I get going! Now everyone knows that iocane comes from Australia, and knowing that australians are tricky,you would have been expecting that too, so I can clearly not choose the glass in front of you.

Youre just stalling now.

Not remotely! You have bested my giant, which means you are very strong, so you could have put the poison into your own goblet, couting on your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the glass in front of you. But, you have also bested my spanyard, so you must have studied, and in studieng, you would have known that man is mortal, so you would have put the poision as far away as possible, so I can clearly not choose the glass in front of me.

Youve made your choice then?

Yes and I choose... What in the world can that be?

*turns around*

*switches the goblets*

I didnt see anything.

I could have sworn I saw something. *smirks*

Whats so funny?
Nothing, Ill tell you in a minute. Time to drink, me from mine and you from yours.

*both drink*

you guessed wrong.

You only think i guessed wrong, thats whats so funny! I switched the goblets while you werent looking! Youve made one of the classic blunders of logic, the most well known of which is never get involed in a land war in asia, but only slightly less well known is never go up to a scicillian in a battle of wits when death is on the line! Muaahhahahahaha-*keels over dead*

#43:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 09 Aug, 2010
Mecha: You are using Bonetti's defense against me ah?

I though it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

Naturally you expect me to attack with Capa Ferro!

Yes, but I find that Thibault cancels out Capa Ferro, don't you?

Unless your enemy has studied his Agrippa, which I have.

Morph: Aahck, no! See what you've done, you've started him off too! That whole movie is one giant meme just waiting to ensnare the unwary!

#44:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 10 Aug, 2010
Tsi'leik: consider the wary snared. *sigh*

#45:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 11 Aug, 2010
Morph: *to Tsi'leik* So, while our creators are busy quoting movies, do you want to talk about anything in particular?

#46:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 12 Aug, 2010
Tsi'leik: Well, Ninja and I are pretty new here, so I dont know any of the other MC, so would it be okay If you told me about yourself?

#47:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 13 Aug, 2010
Morph: In my standard form I'm a ~6 foot tall humanoid alien with tridactyl (three-fingered) hands, matte grey skin, a sort of bony headcrest, a thick tentacle-like appendage extending from the base of my neck and lying against my back, two thinner but much longer tentacles that extend from my shoulder blades down to my feet, (Mecha can't find the exact definition for them, but they're arranged like a bird's anisodactyl feet, sans one of the front toes) and I typically 'wear' a skintight black uniform with the designation '4.72a' stenciled in white on both shoulders. (in a flowing alien script of course) I have no visible nose, cowlike eyes, and only rarely use Skaith's little trick of not forming a mouth until I'm actually talking to someone or eating. (downright uncanny effect, so they tell me)

Skaith: Morph and I are... twins for lack of a better word. Both of us are talented shapeshifters and infiltrators able to take on any form, hue or texture we choose, so long as we don't violate Conservation of Mass. (even then there are tricks to give the appearance of being much larger or smaller than you really are...) I look identical to Morph save for my uniform, which is white and has the designation '4.72b' on the shoulders in black alien script.

Morph: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here's a facial sketch of either Skaith or I. (take your pick, though it's most likely Skaith since whoever it is is using the disappearing mouth trick)

#48:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 13 Aug, 2010
me: Cool!
Tsi'leik: Yes, thank you.

#49:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 15 Aug, 2010
Morph: Aye, you're welcome. Before we were MCs, most of us here were characters in the Sci-Fi story Mecha's writing. (though Aiden was added to the storyline after he was created, rather than before like the rest of us)

Sai: ...I was going to say something, but then I forgot it. Now I'm wondering why Mecha is typing this out even after I just told him nevermi-

#50:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 15 Aug, 2010
Tsi'leik: so is aiden going to tell us what shes decided to become? hopefully a Na'vi? dont even make a comment on it Morph.

#51:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 17 Aug, 2010
Tsi'leik: so is aiden going to tell us what he's decided to become? hopefully a Na'vi? dont even make a comment on it Morph.

Morph: Fixed. lachgroen And rest assured, I will refrain from commenting. Like I said a couple pages back, I really don't have anything against you blue monkeycats.

Aiden: I think that kinda qualifies as commenting... *to Tsi'leik* Eep! kiekeboe

Morph: Well yeah, technically, but I thought he was just referring to teasing remarks and such. So, are you going to tell them what you've chosen?

Aiden: I really want to, but I also wanted to be able to tell Tako first. sadblauw Tal and the others have been missing a long time now...

Saichania: I'm helping Mecha with a new LDing project of his, to collect, catalogue, and study various interesting dream objects. So far we've collected a total of five artifacts, two of which we have a good idea of what they do. Mainly I'm just trying to help him with dream recall at the moment, but we both hope to get a LD soon so we can begin work in earnest.

#52:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 17 Aug, 2010
Me: Aiden, I'm so sorry, I mistyped. Please forgive me.
Tsi'leik: I seem to notice that you didnt "mistype" on your speech.
Me: Tsi'leik, seriously, I didnt mean to!
Tsi'leik: Yeah, i know, I'm just messing with ya. Although as Ninja was reading through the previous CALD topics, It seems Talon was a pretty frequent user. Ive also noticed that the CALD topic is on its 11th page, where previous topics broke into another CALD part on their 10th page. I'm not sure how requesting a new topic works, but it seems to me that Talon has for an indefinate period of time adbandoned LD4all. sadblauw
Me: well, let me see her most recent posts. Maybe shes still here, but just not frequenting her CALD pages.

#53:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Wed 18 Aug, 2010
Yep, Talons last visit was July 7, 2010. cry . Sorry Aiden. Maybe she still has her accouNt set to emAil her on pm, try pming her to tell her what youVe decIded siiw to become.
GWAHAHAHA! youve fallen for my ingenious way of implying that you should pick the NA'VI siiw race as your form!
Tsi'leik: Now thAt was Very dIscreet siiw, wasnt it, ninja? Now At Very Inconvenient siiw points in time we'll just capitalize letters to spell out the word NA'VI. siiw

#54:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 22 Aug, 2010
Ninja wrote:
Yep, Talons last visit was July 7, 2010. cry . Sorry Aiden. Maybe she still has her accouNt set to emAil her on pm, try pming her to tell her what youVe decIded siiw to become.

Aiden: Yeah, we already have a little while back. We're just waiting now. ;-;

Morph: Why don't you just tell them? It's getting a little tiresome waiting for you to do it, and if you keep stalling for much longer I might just be tempted to tell them myself!

Aiden: Chuu... -_- Sorry Ninja and Tsi'leik, Navi wasn't what I went with. I'm still short and cute. ^_^ I've decided to become a Pikachu!

#55:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Wed 25 Aug, 2010

Me: wow, he really wanted you to be an Avatar-
Tsi'leik: (distantly shouting) Na'vi!
Me:-excuse me, na'vi (its one of his pet peeves that people say avatars instead of Na'vi). Anyway, he just ran away to some secluded corner of my mind. Didnt know he felt so strongly about it, I almost was overwhelmed when I read it (it was like being electrocuted, wierd, didnt know that could happen) he was so sad. Hmm, he's being quite the drama queen, er, drama Na'vi over it. I think its high time I made a second character to keep him company. Dont worry, he'll be fine. It is a shame that you didnt pick a Na'vi as your form, but a pikachu is a cool idea.

#56:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 25 Aug, 2010
Second Doctor: Ah, Pokemon. The one species that no matter how hard I look I can't find actual proof of their existence. I'm sure they're somewhere around, especially since I'm now stuck in Rhewin's dreamscape. I suppose they are just that tricky to find. How one finds all of them I have no idea.

Me: Yeah, finding 150 was hard enough on the Gameboy...

Third Doctor: I think your numbers are a bit out of date, old chap.

#57:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 26 Aug, 2010
Aiden: *bites lip* sadblauw Sorry Tsi'leik, I didn't know you felt so strongly about it. I've been in Pikachu form for a couple weeks now.

Sai: Wow, that was a little unexpected. If it makes you feel any better Tsi'leik, I always get annoyed too when people refer to the Na'vi as Avatars.

Morph: *to Third Doctor* Nope, there are only 150. *hard stare* -Right?-

Skaith: *to Second Doctor* Oh, that's easy. Just look two sectors rimward from the Horsehead Nebula, (say hi to the Ood while you're in the neighborhood) about 400-500 years after the fall of the fourth great and bountiful human empire. There you'll find a lost colony of humanity that in its pride foolishly went and gen-modded an entire race of powerful creatures to do their bidding, before eventually losing control of them and having their whole civilization topple around their ears. Now their descendants think they've always belonged to that planet and that the strange creatures have always been alongside them.


#58:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 27 Aug, 2010
Tsi'leik: I'm fine, thank you. Dont know what came over me, I must have been very tired.

Me: well, good news: I got a new character! her name is Jessica and spontaneously appeared 5 minutes after deciding to postpone creating a character because i hadnt found an 'essence' yet.

Jessica: Hello! Nice to meet you all!

Tsi'leik: Whatre you talking about, i met you this morning along with Ninja!

Me: ha ha, very funny. obviously Tsi'leik has aquired my pathetic sense of humor.

#59:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 29 Aug, 2010
Me: ha ha, very funny. obviously Tsi'leik has aquired my pathetic sense of humor.

Morph: *assumes ninja outfit and begins speaking in melodromatically low tones* Then the three of us are bound to get along swimmingly!

Sai: Hi Jessica! Congrats on successfully 'creating' yourself without Ninja there to get you started! Not many MCs can claim to have come into being spontaneously.

Aiden: *to Tsi'leik* Pika-pi! Glad you're feeling better Tsi'leik.

#60:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 29 Aug, 2010
Jessica: Whew! someone replied! I was beginning to wonder if all the CALDers just dissapeared off the face of the earth. Well, spontaniously creating myself must mean I'm special. You hear that Tsi'leik? I'm special.
Tsi'leik: I thought you were the positive happy bouncy nice person. It seems I was wrong.
Me: Ah, its nice not having to have just Tsi'leik to talk to.
Tsi'leik: Whats that supposed to mean? So you bring another MC into the picture and suddenly the 13 foot tall Na'vi is second rate. Humph. I'm a lot bigger than you are Ninja.
Me: Yes, but in reality, your a series of electrical impules flowing between the synapses of my brain cells. I dont believe size is an issue here.
Tsi'leik: Yeah, dont remind me. And FYI, Avatar stunk. The plot was completely poccahontas.
Me: Well I love it. I dont care if the plot was taken off of poccahontas or not, it will remain as my #1 favorite movie of all time.
Jessica: Well, I didnt like it because its just so violent and sad. I just went to the farthest coner of Ninja's vast and completely empty head smile so that i couldnt see it.
Me: you just dont like violent or even moderately violent movies, thats all. Why must there always be a critic?

#61:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 01 Sep, 2010
Morph: Size matters not. Judge me by my size do you? And well you should not, for my ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is. meditate

Sai: *smiles warmly* Don't feel left out Tsi'leik. I'm sure Ninja is just trying to get to know Jessica better now that he's just met her. In time, things will settle down again for both of you. ^^

#62:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 02 Sep, 2010
Tsi'leik: Hmmm, i suppose so. I think Jessica is lonely, because no one on this topic seems very active. is it due to school?
Jessica: *Sigh*. Oh, woe is me, for alas, the world is no longer an oyster, and i am no longer its perl. Oh, why hast thou abandoned me in my prime my kin of CALDers? What hath I done unto thee to force thou too get an education?
Tsi'leik: Well, for starters you talked too them in a corny medeval accent.
Jessica: Oh my noble prince, lift me upon your magnificent steed so that we may gallantly ride unto the sunset.
Me: ???!!! Noble prince? are you mad, hes a 13 foot tall blue catman for crying out loud!
Tsi'leik: Good sir knight, your unchivalrous words have insulted a knight of the round table. In the name of all that is holy, i challenge thee to a joust, the winner of which will win this maidens fair hand.
Me: *rolls eyes* I'm done talking to you now

#63:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 02 Sep, 2010
Morph: Churlish knave! Dost thou refuse to face the gallant Sir Tsi'leik in noble combat? Methink thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee. I think thou wast created for men to breathe themselves upon you! ('All's Well That Ends Well' Act II, Scene 3 -William Shakespeare)

Vesper: You know, hearing the words 'Perl' and 'Prime' so close together made me suddenly think of computer programming. shy2 By the way, hi there Jess!

Aiden: So, what beasts do you two plan to use for jousting?

#64:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 03 Sep, 2010
Jessica: I think morph beat us all at medival talk tounge2
Me: Well, i'm sure Tsi'leik would pick an ikran and i would be stuck on a horse.
Tsi'lek: Well that would be one interesting joust smile
Me: If you consider me getting my head torn off by a 13ft tall blue humanoid catman riding a flying banshee, then I'm sure it would be extremely interesting.

#65:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 03 Sep, 2010
Morph: *deep bow* Thank thee fair lady for thy ardent flattery. I am but a humble rogue. *to Ninja* Who says you need to choose a horse? Pick a Scorpion Gunship for your mount, or just go with the horse and take a fully loaded P90 with you.

#66:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 03 Sep, 2010
Jessica: Thou art welcome sir knight. Thy be a rouge or a knight, it matters not. Only chivalry and honor separate a knight from the common folk, not armor, not swords, nor their steeds, nay a pure heart is what makes a knight.
Me: Wow, that was poetic.
Tsi'leik: Hmmm, perhaps if Ninja is going to pick a scorpion gunship, I should go with a Taruk.

#67:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 04 Sep, 2010
Morph: *bows* Thank thee fair lady. I pray thee, may we cease speaking in these archaic tones perchance? ^_^

Skaith: *to Tsi'leik* It wouldn't really matter much. Jake Sully was only able to cause so much damage with his Toruk because of that idiot Quaritch's decision to fight within the close confines of the sensor-jamming Hallelujah Mountains. Out in the open with a bit of distance between them, I'd give the fight to the Scorpion every time. I'd even bet on it winning with a 10:1 numerical disadvantage against Toruks.

Mecha : You're assuming Tsi'leik won't have a ranged weapon of sufficient power alongside him with which to down the Scorpion before it can take out his mount.

Skaith: It'd have to be something that outranges a Scorpion's long-range guided missiles then, which I'd classify as not bloody likely. Or perhaps they are fighting within the confines of the Hallelujah Mountains. That's the only way I can see it being a remotely fair matchup.

#68:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sat 04 Sep, 2010
Jessica: @morph- i would be delighted.
Me @skaith and mecha: well, if you recall, they attacked when they did so as not to be overrun by the Na'vi's rapidly increasing army. If he had waited, there would have been never ending waves of the Na'vi. Only so many missiles a scorpion or gunship can carry.
Tsi'leik: I think that they shouldve used the shuttle and flown it in space where the ikran cannot go, and then just position it directly over the tree of souls, where they would arm the bombs and just kill the engines, dropping the entire shuttle out of the sky on eywa. I dont care how many ikran you have, once the engines are killed, nothing short of a nuke is gonna divert that shuttle. Instead, they flew through a hard to maneuver ambush ripe area, where their targeting systems wont work and their maneuverability is severely limited.
Jessica: I just dont get why they both cant get along. Too much killing and death for my taste.
Me: I think any movie over PG you dislike.
Jessica: Too much of the public is focused on the negative. why have destruction when you could be maing the world a better place?
Tsi'leik: on that note I agree with Jessica. The environment is being destroyed, along with different species of life, and all you humans care about is the size of your new Hi-Def flatscreen TV. It makes me sick.
Me: Its not as if humans arent trying to help the environment, its just that most people justify their lazyness by saying global warming doesnt exist, and its all propaganda spread by the government to make us feel bad about ourselves. So we carry on with eating 3 chip bags a day with hawaian punch, McDonalds for 3 meals a day, and , If were lucky, justify it by eating a chocolate covered strawberry.

#69:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 05 Sep, 2010
Morph: A single Scorpion carries 8 guided missiles, 190-250 rockets (depending on which source you ask) and an unspecified number of .50 caliber machinegun rounds, any of which are going to seriously mess up an organic's day if they connect.
I think that they shouldve used the shuttle and flown it in space where the ikran cannot go, and then just position it directly over the tree of souls, where they would arm the bombs and just kill the engines, dropping the entire shuttle out of the sky on eywa. I dont care how many ikran you have, once the engines are killed, nothing short of a nuke is gonna divert that shuttle.
Morph: Another option would have been to have flown the Dragon Gunship and its escort at higher altitudes and avoided the flying mountain deathtrap altogether. Seriously, when you're packing enough firepower in one ship to level an area the size of Manhattan in six seconds, it's hard to believe that any organic predator could get anywhere remotely close to it out in the open air, even if it was simultaneously charged by every Ikran and Toruk living in a 300-kilometer radius. And that's before its not-inconsiderable escort comes into play.

Saichania: *to Jessica* I agree with you for the most part, but while I would never condone violence as a first resort to anything, neither would I eliminate it as an option altogether.

Mecha: Well, I for one am one of the unbelievers in man-made global warming, kiekeboe but conversely I also think that humanity needs to be -far- more responsible in regards to the environment. sadblauw I'm optimistic however, and put my trust for the future in nature's immense capacity for recovery and in humanity's innate ingenuity and resourcefulness to aid it.

#70:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 05 Sep, 2010
Tsi'leik: @morph- I agree. and the rocket difference is due to the fact that there are 2 types of scorpion gunships.

Jessica: *to saichania* hmm, i suppose, but I'm not entirely convinced. I'm positive a non-violent solution could've been worked out. I'll have to think about it.

Me: *to Mecha* I believe there is some truth to global warming, more than it just being a natural cycle. But stillm it certaintly cant hurt to be kind to mother nature.

#71:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 05 Sep, 2010
Morph: *to Tsi'leik* Hmm? Weren't those the Samsons? Both look pretty similar.

Sai: *to Jessica* Oh, I wasn't talking about the movie back there, I was just referring to my general stance on violence. Movie-wise, there were a ton of viable opportunities for peaceful resolution all throughout the course of the movie that neither side chose to explore, or gave up on way too quickly. Most of the problems came from the fact that Quaritch and the CEO were utter, incompetent idiots in every way conceivable, and that the local Na'vi tribe were too inflexible and close-minded, causing a lot of unnecessary friction. (not that the RDA was any different, but still) One way to have avoided the whole fiasco would have just been to have -CHOSEN A DIFFERENT SPOT!- It's not like the Hometree was the only unobtanium deposit there, it was simply the richest one that was close to the landing zone. They could have mined it from any number of less-rich locations and still have come away with obscene profits from the venture. Even if they decided it was absolutely necessary to mine from that particular spot, they didn't need to knock down the tree or even harm it for that matter. They could have mined well below the surface and left everything above intact rather than their planned strip-mining operation. Unobtanium necessary for the Tree of Souls and Hometree's growth as some fans have speculated? (with alternate variants theorizing that it's a needed component for Eywa's neural network) Extract it from deep beneath the planet's surface (where the plantlife can't reach) and strike deals with the Na'vi\Eywa to seed the ground with some of it so new trees can be grown in exchange for their cooperation. It'd be slower and less profitable at first, but in the long run the benefits would be well worth it. There are probably many more potential solutions, but these were the first to come to mind.

#72:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Mon 06 Sep, 2010
Jessica: Why didnt i think of that?
Me: Still, i dont think that they would take kindly to having people drilling under hometree.
Tsi'leik: well, they wouldve if otherwise it meant giving up their way of life.

Me: I'm confused, is Mecha a MC?
and do any of you know where the heck everyone is?

#73:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 07 Sep, 2010
Me: I'm confused, is Mecha a MC?

Mecha: No, I'm the human host.

Sai: eh You make us sound like Goa'uld symbiotes. -_-

Morph: ebil Jaffa, Cree!

Sai: Oh, and just to avoid more confusion in the future, Sai is just short for Saichania. Same with Vesper and Ves.

Mecha: I'm not really sure where everyone's disappeared to. It used to be pretty lively around here, with 3 or 4 people regularly posting and several others occasionally popping in.

#74:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 09 Sep, 2010
Me: Ho he hum dawdle dilly dadle harumph.
Jessica: Umm... ok.
Tsi'leik: I wonder if its gotten annoying yet for Ninja to have us in his brain. I know I would be throughly irked, irritated, annoyed, agitated pestered, and perturbed.
Me: No not at all. Actually its quite refreshing. Anyway, I have added the Witch scene from monty python and the holy grail to my ever expanding bank of memorized movie scenes. I must have every important scene from that movie memorized. Plus ive got the first 15 min of Avatar memorized, and word for word the old school safety brief.
Jessica: You havent memorized the tale of sirlancelot or sir galahad or when arthur recieves his quest.
Me:Hmm..., ill have to work on that.
Tsi'leik: So are we going to continue talking about your recent pointless memorizations, or actually talk about something important?
Me: Almost. Lets just say I have Pi memorized to: 3.1415926536. Now onto something interesting
Jessica: *whispers* thank G-d.
Me: Quiet You! I found what a lot of the personality traits of my MCs are based off of: The people in the book Daniel X: Watch the skies.
Tsi'leik:*rolls eyes* yes, we know, and they probably couldnt care less. Now, any of you other MCs out there have something to say that doesnt have to do with Pi or Monty Python? It gets to be too much listening to Ninja.
Jessica: Be nice Tsi'leik.

#75:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 10 Sep, 2010
Skaith: Something interesting to talk about... Ah yes...

Morph: ...I'm suddenly getting a very clear mental image of empty spaces and cobwebs. Are you alright over there Skaith?

Mecha: Actually I was envisioning Dory from 'Finding Nemo', but that works too.

Sai: *facepalm*

Mecha: Speaking of Monty Python, I had a dream the other day where the Rabbit of Caerbannog suddenly showed up out of the blue and decapitated a villain that had just turned good, then leaped away through an open window before I could even move a muscle. It was quite unnerving. eek2

#76:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Mon 13 Sep, 2010
Me: how to respond if someone walked up to yoy and said, "Hey, you know that killer rabbit from monty python? Yeah well i had a dream where it tore your head off." Food for thought.
Tsi'leik: Thought is a verb, not a noun. You cant feed a verb.
Me: Nom nom, FOOOD!
Jessica: Here, have a cookie.
Me: *eats cookie* Mmm, yummy.
Jessica: Why did you write *eats cookie*? It is implied that you were going to eat it.
Me:well, off to hack my birthday.

#77:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Tue 14 Sep, 2010
Paranthesis = character's thoughts

Me: Wow, Eden really has gone under much change since I've been "asleep..."

Hyperion: Yeah, you should check out my new car I bought. Because I helped the PSR, I managed to earn some Edonites to buy a stylish vehicle. It has several attachments.

Dragon: ...*seems jealous*

Me: *reads manual* Say, that's pretty neat, I should get one of these. You're doing better than me, Hyperion! And congratulations on becoming one of the PSR Commanders. It's just Dragon who needs to be promoted now.

Dragon: ...(don't rub it in my face. I really don't commit myself to things sometimes though...)

Hyperion: Thanks to the boat attachment of my vehicle, we can travel on water. Want to head over to Erehwon? We have to see how the guys over there are coping...and we can see if they have got into the main city.
I mean, no-one has been there for hundreds of years!
Oh, and we can check out some of the shops at the sides of the new motorway while we're at it!

Me: There's a new motorway? Sounds good! Just don't go past the speed limit.
Yeah, we better get moving. I want to see the "new" Eden!

Dragon: Sure, and Hyperion can SHOW OFF his vehicle to the girls while I'm sat down getting no attention.

Me: (is that all he cares about...seriously?) Chill, Dragon...There's no need to be grumpy and jealous about it...
I'm not popular either, okay? Does that make you feel better?

Dragon: I guess...I'm sorry, I got a bit carried away.
I should just be happy for Hyperion...But you sorta get in these moods too.

Me: What?! I don't!

Hyperion: C'mon, guys! Stop arguing, and just get on already!
Although, I am sorry if I have been a bit...boastful. I'll try to avoid it.

Me: Yeah, let's just get going...I want to see Eden!

#78:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Wed 15 Sep, 2010
me:Phooey, I cant go into my shpeil that I was going to say, because I typed it, but it didnt post. huh.
Tsi'leik: Oh, i feel so sorry for you, how horrible must it be for you to retype it?
Jessica: Nice to meet you Hyperion and Dragon! And nice car...
Tsi'leik: Classic female. ,"*in a femonine voice* Oh, what a nice car! How fast does it go? Is it a Lambo?"
Jessica:I do not talk like that! And thats not true, thats not what I meant.
Me:haha smile . And how does Tsi'leik know about Lambos? I thought he rode Ikran!
Jessica: Who cares? Lets just get back on track.
Tsi'leik: *whispers* Finally!
Jessica:Anyway, Nice too meet you, Hyperion and Dragon, and Teraflare!
Tsi'leik: Yes, nice too meet you too!
Me: nice too meet you! And, my sincerest apologies if I have already met you. Hello again Teraflare.
Tsi'leik:My sincerest apologies? Who in this century talkes like that?
Jessica: Him. And as of now i am officially having Ninja end this post to prevent further offtopicness.

#79:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 16 Sep, 2010
Tsi'leik:My sincerest apologies? Who in this century talkes like that?

Sai: *raises hand* ^_^

Morph: Hey, new guys! *shark smile*

Skaith: *borrows Saichania's metal-rimmed fan and whacks Morph's head with it* Now now, is that any way to treat new arrivals I say? Cheerio old chaps!

Mecha: I've been trying to get Crysar to come out of 'lurker mode' lately. His favorite activity is to watch and observe rather than interact with the others, and he tends to be pretty silent most of the time.
me:Phooey, I cant go into my shpeil that I was going to say, because I typed it, but it didnt post. huh.
grrr gil I hate it when that happens, particularly if I've written down a huge block of text. Right at this moment I'm using ctrl-c to save my work before I post since lately it's been doing the same thing to me.

#80:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 17 Sep, 2010
Me: Ill take that into consideration. Anyway, it may be time to make another MC.
Tsi'leik: Whaa? No way! Two's enough in here, although you wouldnt think so considering how much empty space there is in Ninja's head.
Jessica: I have to agree with Tsi'leik on this one.
Me: About the emptyness of my head?
Jessica: No! you know what I mean.
Me: Good, cause at this point I'm too tired to do anything.
Jessica: Then go to bed like yoy should!
Me: Nah.

#81:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 21 Sep, 2010
Mecha: *eye twitches* I think Karen Traviss utterly failed to do the research on the history of Star Wars before writing her books. Words fail me for how much she tried to screw up the established order of things, portraying Jedi as either universally hypocritical morally bankrupt uncaring elitists or shameful apologetic rogues that have seen the light and turned their backs on the order. Meanwhile Mandalorians, which were pretty much universally portrayed beforehand as amoral bloodthirsty mercenaries, are suddenly held up as paragons of virtue and warrior spirit that can literally do no wrong and can outstrip everyone else at everything. *sigh* I just finished reading 'Order 66', and as you may be able to tell from my ranting, came away from it very disappointed. You'd think that the execution and repercussions of Order 66 would be the main thrust of the book given its title, but it's not until page 375 that any mention of the order is given, and by that point it's pretty much seen by the characters as 'Oh well, too bad, but those Jedi really had it coming. Let's try to get our Jedi deserter friend to safety before she's mistaken for one of them and executed.' By that point there are only 96 pages left in the book, only 50 of which go into the ramifications of Order 66. sigh

Morph: *whispers* I smell a geek...

Sai: It's only a silly story, no need to get yourself so worked up about it.

Mecha: sadblauw As usual, I suspect you're absolutely right.

Skaith: So, anything you want to talk about?

Sai: That The Luggage from the Discworld series is scary as heck and I'm exceedingly glad we decided not to try and capture it for our repository when it showed up in Mecha's dreams?

Skaith: *eyebrow raised* Where was I when this happened? eh

Sai: Off somewhere in the far reaches of Mecha's subconscious I guess.

Skaith: Darn, I always miss the fun stuff.

#82:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 21 Sep, 2010
Tsi'leik: @Morph- Haha! smile) Although, trust me when I tell you Ninja's no better.
Me: I'm hoping well get some fresh faces in here. I just finished posting in the CALD thread. Its been getting kinda lonely having pretty much just 2 peoples MCs chatting, with the occasional 3rd or 4th person.
Tsi'leik: I'm just happy I finnaly got to break the rules and post in the CALD thread.
Jessica: I knew it! you just were showing off! Your so called "advice" was just a ruse to have an excuse to have Ninja post what you said in there. Hmpff.
tsi'leik:What, annoyed because I posted and you didnt?
Jessica:No, I'm annoyed because now the world thinks MCs act like you do.
Tsi'leik:So you are jealous!
Jessica:No, of coarse not!
Me:I think you are.
Jessica: okay. Maybe a little. ninja, now would be a good time to say that Immensely random thing youre waiting to say.
Me: A pleasure as always. I think everyone should buy a disposible flash camera and hack it (it doesnt apply only to computers you know) so that you rig it to be a serious stun gun that runs on a AA battery. (of coarse you can upp the voltage and the shock will increase dramatically.) Thus the power of the av erage flash transformer: It can take 1.5 volts an turn it into 1,500 volts. I highly suggest making one, if not just to shock your siblings.

#83:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 25 Sep, 2010
Mecha: Aach, sorry for not replying in a while, RL has been interfering. (including a grinding 6-hour long tech support session with a heavily-accented service representative)

Morph: Don't believe him, he's just been being lazy. (although admittedly the IT session was pretty grueling)

Aiden: Pika- *flops on belly* chuh! Giant spiders are showing up inside the house a lot these days. They always do that near the beginning of autumn. Sai won't let Mecha squish them because she thinks they're cute. I think they're scary. scared

Sai: ^_^ They're just wolf spiders. Sure, they're not as cute as jumping spiders, *squee!* droom but they're not total nightmares either.

Aiden: Says you.

Skaith: crazy

Mecha: I'm willing to tolerate them so long as they stay where they belong- outside. Any that get caught anywhere near me are going to find themselves swiftly relocated back into the wild via a glass jar. wolfbite

#84:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sat 25 Sep, 2010
Me:huh *shudders* kill them allllll!!!!! Gwahaahahah! Eat this you freakin bugs! Gah! Hows bugspray taste, mebe like your funeral? *Whack, whack* you freakish spiders! im gonna...
Tsi'leik: and while he spazs in the background, I would suggest actually killing the spiders. wolf spiders can kill you, or at least swell your bite up a gajillion times. sorry sai, but Mecha's health is more important than an insect.
Jessica: @skaith: Hahaha! tounge2 funny. sorry about Ninja, he just has aracneaphobia. (did I spell that right?
Me:.....*picks up chair and lobs it at a tarantula* get back! Get back you bugeyed freak! *squish, squash*Muahaha! Tast bugspray! *pant, pant* whaddimiss?
Tsi'leik:*rolls eyes*

#85:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 25 Sep, 2010
Sai: *smiles sweetly* I'm sorry Tsi'leik, but I'm afraid you've been misinformed. The widespread prevalence of arachnophobia has given rise to a great deal of undeserved suspicion and hatred towards spiders, along with the depressing tendency to view all of them as dangerous time-bombs waiting to go off unless killed at the earliest opportunity. (much like the general attitude towards snakes come to think of it) I'm just trying to help break the cycle and further the spread of kindness, goodwill and understanding towards all life. meditate

Mecha: eh

Aiden: 0.o

Skaith: huh

Morph: whistle

Vesper: crazy

Crysar: *impenetrable stare*

#86:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sat 25 Sep, 2010
Me and Jessica:Hahahahaha!
Me:Ohh, thats so funny!
Jessica: hahaha! *sigh* Jeez, that may be the funniest comment any of us have ever read on LD4all.
Tsi'leik: Theres nothing humorous about protecting animals, and-
Me and Jessica (sorry, Jessica and I): Hahahahahaahaahaha...
Tsi'leik: What?
Jessica and I: *continue to crack up*
Tsi'leik: Whats so funny!
Jessica and I: hahahahahaha...
Tsi'leik: hmpf. *stalks off*

#87:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Sat 25 Sep, 2010
Me: Nice to meet you all!
I remember I used to hate spiders...bad times.

Hyperion: brother used to set them on me, not good. I was once scared to go to sleep for weeks when I found one the size of my hand in my bed. Brrr, makes me shiver when I think about it.
Oh, and Jessica, nice to meet you! Sorry I haven't been able to speak; me, Teraflare and Dragon were too obsessed with sleep! Stupid migraine headaches...
Good guess, my car is a Lamborghini! It's a Lambo 2250-X Model (made in it's 20 years old. Good car though.)

Dragon: Yeah, hi as well. The weather isn't great in rains alot, just like Teraflare's homeland.

Me: Haha, so's a distant memory though.
I still don't remember everything since the time warp...I shouldn't let Eden's PSR know that I know about the Project...they would send their entire army on me...two armies tracking me at once, not cool.

Lydia: I'm here, too.
I was one of Teraflare's old friends, until we were seperated thanks to the Project.
We're together again, and we plan to go back to where our hideout originally was.
I still miss the old medieval times...

Me: Before we go into the heart of Erehwon, let's discuss something.

Hyperion: Can we discuss my car?

Dragon: No, shut up! ...
Sorry...I got carried away again.
(I'll have my own car soon...No need to worry, Dragon...)

Me: Haha, Hyperion.
I wonder how futuristic Erehwon is...there has to be something there if Erehwon's Military are disallowing access!

Lydia: Hey, Teraflare...
Trust me we'll go to Lunile after this? It's meant to be...mysterious, like the moon.
EXACTLY like the moon.

Dragon: Yeah, sure Lydia!
We'll go together!

Hyperion: ...Dragon...!

Dragon: What?

Me: Haha.

Lydia: What are you talking about?

Dragon: Um...nothing.

Lydia: Boys...I will never understand you.

Me: Enough talk, let's get some rest.
Night all!

#88:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 26 Sep, 2010
Me: Good night, although its the middle of the day where I am.
Tsi'leik: I claim the fancy prize for guessing his car!
Jessica: Just ingnore him. Nice too meet you guys, no offence was taken, Ninja forgot about the post.
Tsi'leik: What post? tounge2
Jessica: exactly. My, your over-developed sense if humor never fails to amaze me.
Me: Always the comedian Tsi'leik is.
Tsi'leik: Now you sound like yoda. *adopts a fair impression of yoda's voice* Always wise Tsi'leik is.
Jessica: Its an Idiom!
Tsi'leik: No my friend, you are ze idiot!
Jessica: :facepalm:
JMe: And quotes the pink panther apparently.
Jessica: Dont worry Dragon, I'm sure youll get an awesome car too. *Stares meaningfully at Teraflare*

#89:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Sun 26 Sep, 2010
Dragon: I hope I get a car soon...It's amazing what Hyperion can do with his car. We escaped Erehwon's military!

Teraflare: Huh, you're right...I need a car too.

Lydia: I'm not to worried about a car. I want a hoverboard!

Hyperion: I have enough money for that! In fact, I might buy you all a hoverboard!

Teraflare: Really? Thanks, Hyperion.
We should Eden some more on them. I mean, it's one huge city. I've barely explored any of it! It's giving me trouble just thinking of it!

Lydia: Yeah. It's one of those cities that you have to explore several times over to be able to walk through when you're daydreaming.
Once you can do that, you can explore any city without getting lost.

Dragon: That's true, actually.
When I was exploring my hometown, I got lost quite a few times. But now, I can visualise it clear as day.

Hyperion: What was your hometown?

Dragon: Um...Valhalla. It's a city that's quite high up.

Hyperion: We should go there, you might meet one of your friends there?

Dragon: Um...Well, the city's kinda hard to get in now.
Ever since Eden's PSR Director went inside, he lost his mind inside and destroyed half of the city. He then left, and has never been seen since.
Right now, Valhalla is guarded by VADS (Valhalla Advanced Defence Squadron). They're not letting anyone inside...I don't even think they'll let me in.

Teraflare: Wait, so the PSR Leader inside the HQ isn't the real leader?

Dragon: No.
He was an acquaintance of the director. I shouldn't ask the current leader though, he's annoyed enough knowing we went into Erehwon's Heart.

Lydia: Do you think the director could ever come back?

Dragon: I...don't know. I was only 5 or 6 when the attack happened.
He could be older now...or not with us.
If you want to know why I left Valhalla, it was because of Eden. I wanted to help Eden's Security Regiment. I liked the uniforms?

Teraflare: Haha!
How did you leave Valhalla if VADS was guarding it?

Dragon: 8 years ago, I sneaked aboard Valhalla's cargo airship which lead to Eden...You can probably guess what happens next.

Hyperion: Y-Yeah.
Let's all go explore Eden now.
Tsi'lek, a prize hm? Maybe a free ride in my Lambo.
Or how about...ahh, I'll think of something.

Teraflare: Yup, let's explore Eden!

#90:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 26 Sep, 2010
Tsi'leik: hmmm... What to get, what to get....
Me: I'm annoyed now. Some so-called genius called Mega Genius made a website here: and I'm annoyed because I can even find flaws and fallacys in his arguments, and I'm 13! His overall nature (building a site worshiping himself, ect) demonstrates his lack of intellectuall power. It doesn't matter what his IQ is, be it 80 or over 200, he clearly doesn't use his brain. I hate people like that. Anyway, just have the PSR drop flashbang grenades that also send out radio waves and ultraviolet waves and Infared waves so you guys can sneak in using electromagnets and scaling the walls. then just set up in good sniping positions and wait. After a while, the PSR can stop dropping bombs and switch to incidniarys, and after a while will go away. Then just snipe off the VADS when they come out of their hidey-holes.
Jessica: now why do that? What would they gain, apart from killing innocents?

#91:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Mon 27 Sep, 2010
Dragon: The only thing with sneaking past the VADS is that they will think the PSR are threatening them, and that the Mystery Director is assisting Eden to destroy Valhalla.
Valhalla is a city in the sky, so it'll be a little tricky. The air space is always guarded.

Me (Teraflare): I never knew that!
I always thought Valhalla was on the ground!

Lydia: What extents the people part of the Utopia Project go to just to give my opinion, there's more havoc than 2020 Eternos!

Hyperion: What was Eternos like back then?

Me: Not as high-tech as this. You'd get soldiers with regular light machine guns, and there was barely any car transport.
I had an airship though. That was lost in the time warp, and only the capsule remains.
That was found by someone outside Eden. It crash landed near Lunile, but PSR took me in, and hey, they hired me up.

Dragon: Sounds dull...

Me: We'll be saying the same thing in 500 years time though...not that I'll be alive.

Hyperion: Yeah...the average human only lives to 125.

Me: Back in the day people used to live to about 80...but if I lived a full lifetime then the life expectancy would be about 95.

Lydia: Amazing how we met up, considering how big Eternos is! 15,000 miles of space in diameter - wow!

Hyperion: Actually, it's now about 28,000 miles. The crusts shifted, and released alot of energy...this was the Utopia Project Worksmans' doing.

Me: Man, those guys are as unoriginal as the guy Ninja was talking about.
They think they're full of knowledge, yet they're so naive into thinking people won't know that he lacks intelligence.

Dragon: Haha, Teraflare.
So serious at times, yet you stop to have a joke.

Me: ...I guess?

Lydia: Yeah, our tour of Eden's nearly over.
We shouldn't leave the city for a while though, the whole military is probably looking for us.

Me: Yeah, the Dragoon Knight leads that army. He's the Erehwon chairman.
Why do they hate Eden so much?

Hyperion: The people who allegedly broke the rules in Eden were sent to exile, AKA Erehwon. Erehwon used to be a city full of business, now it's just a dump for the poor people. The city is there to hide up the military's acts, and to make the slum livers believe they are rejects.

Lydia: That's interesting.
What happened to Erehwon? I mean, exiles shouldn't be sent to a huge city to have a chance to make a business that's economically successful?

Hyperion: The "exiles" didn't succeed, they were given certain clothing which humilates them infront of Erehwon's people.
The exiles were so tired of being humilated that they sneaked inside the military (this was only small at the time) and stole highly dangerous weapons.
Eden destroyed through Erehwon's rebellion in minutes, and now people believe everyone in Erehwon are evil.
Every business in Erehwon tumbled down, and everyone was reduced to slums.
It's only been recent that this happened - 6 months ago was it?
Ever since you arrived, the military has been sending in spies to cause havoc across Eden...which explains the shopping centre attacks and Lunile's destruction.

Me: Let me get this straight...
Eden and Lunile are allies, and Erehwon and Valhalla are allies?

Dragon: Valhalla is independant, they're neutral.
But they still receive goods from Eden and Helios though.
Erehwon is seperate, they're hated.

Lydia: Helios?
That was a town back in 2020!

Hyperion: It's a major power, just like Eden.
They're with us, too.
I know this is hard to take in...

Me: It's okay.

#92:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 28 Sep, 2010
Tsi'leik: Achh, politics. Give me a taruk any day.
Me: Then killing VADS would be a bad idea. Someday Hyperion, dragon, and Teraflare, you guys are gonna have to fill me in on your history.
Jessica: Yes, Id be interested in that.
Tsi'leik: Im getting tired of being crammed in here. Ive spent too long away from Pandora. My last visit was, like a month ago? Can I leave?
Me: Yes and Yes.
Tsilleik: See you guys, sorry to leave in the middle of a conversation.
Me: I was just about to be finished. Bye Tsi'leik, by everyone!

#93:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 28 Sep, 2010
Me: o.o *Pokes Ninja* I loved your quoting the Princess Bride. It's the most awesome thing ever but you forgot to add the bit where the Sicilian was right from the beginning and Wesley was relying on his strength to save him. Btw, what happened to the Doctors? They were funny. And where's Morph? He's soooo cute. Can I pinch his cheeks?

Kupo: What an odd place. Are they alive?

Me: I don't know. Maybe you should ask them something and see if they reply.

Kupo: What's the use in asking dead people questions? Can I poke them with a sharp death poking sticks?

Me: It's not nice to poke people with sharp sticks.

Kupo: But all they do. Is talk. About math! But that Ninja guy is scared of spiders. Which is good, because I hate them, too. Ohohoh And Jesica! How be you this fine day? wink5 ... Holy shit this place has a lot of emoticons. flying <- That reminds me of Spyro. <3

Me: Err... Right. Old fashion talk. Don't mind her.

Kupo: HEY

Me: Anyway, what's an MC? And hi all. Hope you like the craziness. o.o

#94:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 30 Sep, 2010
Me: (dang it, it deleted what I was gonna say again!) MC stands for Mind Character, used in the CALD technique. So were not schizo
Jessica: or so he thinks. Muahahahaha! Cough. Ahem. Continue.
Me: Uh, okay??!! Anyway, nice to meet you Kupo and Eilatan!
Jessica: Nice to meet you too! And Tsi'leik would say hi also, but hes on Pandora right now and isnt back yet tounge2 So I'm sure Tsi'leik says Hi.
Me: IDK where Morph is, he's a pretty frequent poster, but The Doctors havent been seen on this thread for a while, and the person who created CALD, Talon Arana, seems to have dissapeared off the face of the earth(I hope not permanently). So youre stuck with us! Poor you tounge2 . I'm sure by now Tsi'leik would have made a funnyish comment to drag me off topic, but oh well.
Jessica: So hello again. And no poking me with sticks, as I am ticklish. tounge2
Me: okay, that emoticon is getting really old tounge2
Jessica: tounge2
Me: tounge2

#95:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Thu 30 Sep, 2010
Me: Tsi'leik sounds interesting. How come he's back on Pandora atm?
Kupo: Does he have one of those dragon thingys? I can't remember what it's called. But those things are -awesome-!
Me: Sometimes. I feel like I'm babysitting a 4 year old.
Kupo: *Whispers* Can I ride it sometime?
Me: What if Jessica's right and we're skitzo? :O
Kupo: Well, at least now there's people like you. So you can be crazy together.
Me: Touche. o.o

#96:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 30 Sep, 2010
Me: Tsi'leik is on Pandora, because he stays, kndof just watching stuff from the sidelins all the time withiout getting to go back home to pandora, or do anything else for that matter. Tsi'leik, being a Na'vi gets homesick alot and gets cabin fever even more.
Jessica: Were not crazy. Wed be crazy if Ninja thought that we were real. Then hed better go to a shrink.
Me: Thank you. Isnt it wonderful to know your not insane?
Jessica: Yep.

#97:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Thu 30 Sep, 2010
Kupo: If he wants he can come live in my tree! It's... Not as nice as Home but it's awesome?

Me: Why doesn't he go back home? =O

#98:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 01 Oct, 2010
Tsi'leik: I'm back! Hello, nice to meet you
Jessica:*wispers* I told you so.
Tsi'leik: Now I'm confused. Your last post is confusing.
Me: No its not.
Jessica: I'm sooo glad youre back! hugs

#99:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 01 Oct, 2010
Morph: Hey, Tsi's back! That's good, so are we. ^_^

Sai: sadblauw The ending of Sintel was really sad. I'm all depressed now. -_-
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)
Interesting little short film. Sad, somewhat rough around the edges effects-wise and with several scenes that really should have been worked on longer, but with several really pretty shots and a couple fairly well-choreographed fight scenes. And of course Jan Morgenstern reprised his role as composer, so it had some good music too.

Mecha: Blender's come a long way these past few years. With the debut of Sintel today, I'm really looking forward to when they actually release the final version of Blender 2.5 to the public so I can get back into the spirit of 3d modeling and re-learn things since they've redone the entire interface from scratch. (It's been a long while since I last 3d modeled anything, and I've been delaying re-learning Blender for months on end now since I thought it would be pointless to do so with the pending update about to change everything around)

Aiden: *coughs* You're ignoring the new guys.

Sai: Mm? New guys? *looks* Oh hey! ^^ Salutations and welcome!

#100:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Fri 01 Oct, 2010
Kupo: *Whispers* See, told you all they talk about is math.

Me: It's not math. It's err... An err.... OMG LOOK MORPH! *PINCHES CHEEKS* AAWWWW

Kupo: And I'm the odd one.... Hi Tsi'leik..

Me: She is the odd one. *Nods*

#101:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Fri 01 Oct, 2010
Me: We've escaped Erehwon, thank goodness.
Should we enter Helios through this drain pipe?

Dragon: Are you sure we want to get Helios involved?
I mean, it's our fault if war breaks out in the city.

Hyperion: Yeah, I mean...the civilians in Eden were really scared when that huge dragon chased us down the I right?

Me: You're right...but where else do you suppose we go?

Lydia: I sorta agree with Dragon and Hyperion...
I mean, if they kill us then lives lots of lives will be spared.

Me: You don't know what cruel tricks Erehwon are up to though.
They were building war machines there for years, right under the slum liver's noses!
If they kill us, they think they can take anyone on. Who knows what things run through the military's mind...

Dragon: You're right...maybe we should see the Mayor of EHelios about this.
He might know something.

Hyperion: That's a bit dangerous, Dragon...
...Erehwon could know we've been there, and they'll start hunting us through the city! Helios will get targeted if they fight back!

Me: Trust us.
I don't want to resort to fighting either...but I have to if things get out of hand.

Lydia: Well, doesn't this seem familar!

Me, Dragon and Hyperion: ???

Lydia: Haha, I knew it.
Let's get going.

Hyperion: Fine...I trust you on this.
But remember, no rides in my car if anything turns out wrong!'ll have to pay a fee at least.

Lydia: Let's get going...for the 2nd time.

Me: *thoughts* I wonder how Morph and the others are doing...

#102:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Fri 01 Oct, 2010
Kupo: *Pokes Mr Tera.* You can all hide in my tree if you like. Though, I have no idea what's going on D=

#103:  Author: AFanaticNewb PostPosted: Sat 02 Oct, 2010
*randomly walks in*
Me: hello people! I randomly joining in on this thread just cuz i can siiw. Even though i have no idea what the whole subject matter is atm XP
Molly: Well you should've read previous posts then.

Me: yeah i know i know but i might as well join in anyways.

Molly: Yeah i guess they'll fill us all in. Oh and how rude of me i should've said Hi.
Hello everyone! *waves*

Me: yeah you should've. silly

Molly: yeah well...oh just hush xP

Me: wait now that i think about it I said "us" but Agnus has been rather silent.

Molly: Hmm....yeah.

Agnus: Hello there forum members.

Molly: i swear he has such a bland robotic voice. >.>

Me: Well hes a robot. DUH.

Agnus: That is how i am. He is correct.

Me: haha yup. gots a problem with that Molly? *raises eyebrow and smiles slightly*

Molly: Noooo. i was just saying. GOSH. *rolls eyes*

Well ill just stop us here before we go on forever about nothing. Once again hello everyone!

#104:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sat 02 Oct, 2010
Tsi'leik: Hello everyone! Good to see you! And Nice to meet you Molly and Agnus!
Jessica: Ditto
Me: By the way, feel free to go off on a tangent and ramble on and on and on and on and on and on and o-
Tsi'leik: We get it.
Me: Anyway, feel free to blabber nonsense
Example: NahmNahm Pie tastes good but cheese is forever! Get offah mah lawn! The equivalent of the hypotenuse of an isoceles hippopatamous is
3.1415926535898! email bob at: 2(652(!;'!613)"'!(/)!)"&;!$41()4+462(262+456!(21."M?$ 3/! FOOD!

Jessica: huh?
Tsi'leik: My thoughts exactly!
Me: Pie and cheese still taste good. Of course, a corned beef sandwich from Roxy's deli in times square tastes even better, but that cant be helped. That should be my LD goal! smile
Tsi'leik: Your LDing goal is to eat food?
Me: Have you actually eaten a corned beef sandwich from Roxi's deli in times square?
Tsi'leik: No.
Me: I have, so be quiet. Genius is so misunderstood.
Jessica: *silently cracking up in background*

#105:  Author: AFanaticNewb PostPosted: Sat 02 Oct, 2010
Molly: Nice to meet you too Tsi'leik! *waves*
Agnus: Greetings to you all.
Me: Hello Tsi'leik and Jessica! Nice to meet you both. And Ninja nice to see you here also!
Molly: OH! I almost forgot about Jessica! Hii!
Molly: *looks at me* what?
Me: nothing *chuckles a bit more*
Molly: *rolls eyes* whatever...
Me: ANYways...
Agnus: nonsense is irrelevant...
Molly: Well nonsense makes the world go 'round. draait Loosen up Agnus!
Me: Hahaha! yeah you definitely should. I know you're a service robot, but yeesh you have emotions programed into you.
Agnus: Understood sir.
Me and Molly: Use them! lach1
Me: at least SHOW you have a personality.
Agnus: very well...sooner or later...
Me: Well Agnus suit yourself.
Agnus: Of course! *in an eccentric manner*
Me: there ya go. Youre voice isnt so bland after all huh?
Molly: *giggles* i was wrong i guess.
Me: Hahaha of course you were.
Molly: Whats that supposed to mean? *glares at me*
Me: haha nothing forget it.
Molly: Noo tell me! >.>
Me: um...anyways... *steps away a bit*
Agnus: I have a personality after all!
Me: see i knew it! *smiles*

#106:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sat 02 Oct, 2010
Kupo: *Grumbles* You should stay away from Tsi'leik. lekkerpuh

Me: Errr... *Scratches head* uhh Welcome to our craziness, Fantastic, Molly and Angus. *Whispers to Kupo* I thought you liked Morph.

Kupo: Pssh. And plus! She's been here longer then you.

Me: And you should be nice to your elders.

Kupo: whistle

Me: *Sighs* Don't let her bother you. She's rather mean.


Me: Ahhh yeah. It's okay if you go off on a tangent, I'm not really sure what they talk about here either. But I hope you like it? bye

#107:  Author: AFanaticNewb PostPosted: Sat 02 Oct, 2010
Molly: I'm glad to be apart of the randomness! applaus
Me: haha same here! hello there Eilatan and Kupo. tounge1
Agnus: greetings to you too ladies.
Molly: Oh im sorry! D: didnt formally greet you guys. Hiii! *waves*
Me: haha its all good Molly tounge2
Molly: kay! if you say so.
Me: yes
Molly: well i like the craziness here so far. ^^
Agnus: craziness is irrelivent...
Me: oh Agnus. not again xD
Agnus: yes...again.
Me: *sighs*
Molly: oh boy i dont think Agnus could handle the craziness here.
Agnus: Would you like to bet on that?
Molly: oooohh a wager!
Agnus: yes...a wager indeed.
Me: umm...what kind of wager could you two possibly come up with?
Molly: hrrmmm uhh ...i dont know tounge2
Agnus: Me neither...
Me: hahahaha! of course xD
Molly: well ill think of something! sly
Agnus: well i'd like to see that.
Me: oh hush you two.
Molly: *crosses arms and looks the other way* humph...
Agnus: ...
Me: hahahaha! oh boy you two i didnt mean literally. just stop your silly bickering
Molly: hmmmm....fine.
Agnus: Very well sir.
Me: *clasps hands* alrighty then! :D Anyways tis good to be on this thread. I have a feeling Ima enjoy it ^^
Molly: says youu...
Me: *sighs* Molly...
Molly: alright alright fine. I'll have a positive attitude too.
Agnus: very well sir. will do.
Me: well thats that then smile
Molly: oh and i like Kupo. Shes seems pretty kool. siiw Her meaness dont bother mee.
Me: ehh. whatever you say Molly. xD and no worries tis cool.
Agnus: agreed.

#108:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Sun 03 Oct, 2010
Second Doctor: Rhewin really needs to let us on here more. I'm starting to lose my mind having only him to talk to.

Third Doctor: The feeling is mutual...

#109:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 03 Oct, 2010
Kupo: *Whispers* See, told you all they talk about is math.

Mecha: Blender is not maths, is art! Freedom! Creativity!

Sai: All powered by complex math the likes of which you hope never to encounter?

Mecha: ...But mostly art.

Morph: *to the others* Yes! Random good! But best used in moderation to avoid teetering into incomprehensibility.

Skaith: *rolls 2d6 vs willpower... 8! Successfully resists urge to make joke about Morph's intellect as advertised and the incongruity of large words in his post threatening to give him away*

Morph: Hey, I saw that!

#110:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 03 Oct, 2010
Kupo: Omg the math! Kill it!

Me: Calm down, please... And welcome back, Doctor's. It is nice to see you both.

Kupo: The math! *Head explodes, becomes a mindless drone and starts poking Morph* Mooorrrrphhh!

#111:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 03 Oct, 2010
Tsi'leik: how do you not notice a 13 foot tall blue catman from pandora? Never mind.
Jessica: Yay! Agnus has a personality!
Me: that was rather impolite.
Jessica: What? oh, no, I meant that in a good way!Tsi'leik: Yes! hello doctors, good to see you all on this thread, although what color the thread is I have yet to detemine.
Me: Pi=3.1415926535898... I have that much memorized.
Tsi'leik: Some people play sports in their free time, ninja memorizes Pi.
Me: Geious is misunderstood
Jessica: you spelled Genius wrong
Me: thank you for pointing that out!
Jessica: you are most certaintly welcome.
@Kupo (Me): If you hate math so much, the following statements will give you a headache:

This statement is false

Rats live on no evil star
A dog! A panic in a pagoda!

Today is opposite day!

what is the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?

Scroll down

keep on going

halfway there

keep on going

scroll up

how does a rooster lay an egg on the beach?

if atlas stands on the back of a turtle and holds the sky up, then what does the turtle stand on? and what does that stand on? and what does that stand on?

#112:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 03 Oct, 2010
Kupo: I'm not that blond. Rooster's don't lay eggs and atlas holds the world as punishment, so no standing on turtles. D=

Me: She gets it when she wants.... She just gets distracted easil...

Kupo: Oh my god! A 13 foot-tall, blue cat man! Can I squish you??? Please???

Me: ..... *Face palm*

#113:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Mon 04 Oct, 2010
Tsi'leik: No, no please, no squishing!
Me: Hmmm... Thad be interesting to see. And actually Atlas supposedly does stand on the back of a turtle, and that turtle is standing on the back of a turtle, and so on.
Jessica: Paradoxes are so interesting!

#114:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 04 Oct, 2010
Kupo: But... But but... D=

Me: Ah. Another turtle? Someone said something like molecular particles, which made more sense.

Kupo: I wannna hugggg the cat mannnn

Me: .....

#115:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Mon 04 Oct, 2010
Me: How many jessicas does it take to hug a Na'vi?
Tsi'leik: Dunno, how many?
Jessica: ONE! hugs
Tsi'leik: *aacchh*
Jessica: What? You dont like me hugging you?
Tsi'leik: *gasp* no, its just that *choke* you're strangling me!
Jessica: Oh sorry
Me: smile
Tsi'leik: Whew. You should take judo lessons! Anyway, Kupo, scince jessica got to hug me *grimaces in memory* you can too, just don't kill or fatally maim me in the process, okay?

#116:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 04 Oct, 2010
Me: You heard. No killing or maiming.

Kupo: sadblauw *Tries not to squish Tsi'leik while hugging him*

Me: Good. *Pats Kupo* So, how are you three this morning? Btw, the size code in your sig is having issues

#117:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 05 Oct, 2010
Me: Thank you, I'm doing fine, although its night where I am. And I fixed the size thingamajiger.
Tsi'leik: I believe that word has been used so much that it is actually part of the english language. Anyway, at least i didnt fracture any bones when Kupo hugged me.

Jessica (@Doctors): So hows it going, I believe weve cut you out of the conversation. *glares at Ninja*
Tsi'leik: Yes Doctors, whats up?

#118:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 05 Oct, 2010
Me: What size thingamajiger?

Kupo: Probably some math thingy. *Shrugs and goes back to hugging Tsi'leik*

Me: And it appears the Doctors don't like talking much.

#119:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Wed 06 Oct, 2010
Me: exactly. There is no size thingimajiger! Thats what i fixed in my sig, it doesn't exist any more.
Jessica: I don't think that the doctors don't like talking, Its just that every time they post we ignore them.

#120:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 06 Oct, 2010
Me: Oh right. I forgot about that... And we didn't ignore the Doctors.

Kupo: I miss the Doctors.

Me: Maybe you should show them more love?

Kupo: I coooulddd......... But I dun wanna let go of the Na'vi!

Me: You should never have let her hug you...

#121:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 07 Oct, 2010
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Skaith: Bah! Liquid Shapeshifters like the two of us need not fear trivial matters like that! ebil ...Wait, is she looking our way? RUUNN!!! woo

#122:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Thu 07 Oct, 2010
Kupo: *Looks at Morph then Tsi'leik then Morph....*

Me: *Scratches head* Running might be a good idea... Btw, how are you two? Wait.. Liquid Shapeshifters?

#123:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 07 Oct, 2010
Tsi'leik: Screams and calls his Ikran and flys away.
Me: I think he beat you to it
Jessica: Could've at least said goodbye.

#124:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Thu 07 Oct, 2010
Kupo: He has an Ikran.......

Me: Aww. You're gonna make her cry.


#125:  Author: Svenshinhan PostPosted: Thu 07 Oct, 2010
Leo: How in the heck did we wind up here?

Ray: You tell me, Mr. Genius. You're the one flying the plane.

Leo: I guess navigators in 1937 don't have to bother with actually navigating anymore, huh?

*something flies past*

Ray: The heck? What was that? It's... a person on an... Ikran..| They look like they want to race.

Leo: Well, it's Conwing L-16 versus Ikran! It's time for the eagle to spread its wings!

#126:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Fri 08 Oct, 2010

Me: Don't...


Me: Oh god... I've very sorry about her.

Kupo: *Growls*

Me: ......... How are you two? =O

#127:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 08 Oct, 2010
Tsi'leik: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Me: *flys in with a gunship* KUPO! BACK AWAY FROM THE IKRAN!

#128:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sat 09 Oct, 2010
Kupo: How come people are so meannnn

Me: Maybe if you played nice, they wouldn't be mean.

Kupo: But they never want to play with mee. cry

Me: *Sighs* How have you all been?

Kupo: I dun think you should talk to them anymore! They're mean!

Me: *Pats Kupo* There there. They'll be nice if you are.

#129:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 10 Oct, 2010
Me: Yer a yeller bellied curdled spoon!
Jessica: That is meam
Tsi'leik: And makes no sense. Kupo, I'm not trying to be mean. Here, you can fly with me on my ikran, okay?
Jessica: Pshaw

#130:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 10 Oct, 2010
Kupo: I'd like to pet it, though. eek2

Me: Why not play with Jessica instead of the giant Na'vi?

Kupo: But... He's blue. notify

Me: But maybe Jessica wants to play, too?

Kupo: *Looks at Jessica*... *Pokes Jessica's head* What do you like?

#131:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Mon 11 Oct, 2010
Jessica: Anything really, as long as its not scary or violent. And apologies to Ray and Leo, Ninja did it again and ignored you.
Me: No
Tsi'leik: Actually, yesm you did ignore them. And a race might be fun, but good luck flying in the Halleluja mountauns.

#132:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 11 Oct, 2010
Kupo: Oooh. Me too.

Me: Yes, hello again Ray and Leo.

Kupo: If you're gonna race then we'll sit with Jessica and Ninja and cheer you on. *Waves an Ikran flag* Woooh.

#133:  Author: Svenshinhan PostPosted: Tue 12 Oct, 2010
Ray: I'm not flying into any mountains with this guy! I nearly lost my lunch.

Leo: Hey, that thing was fast! I had to pull that double decker corkscrew to turn around.

Ray: Let's just all relax here. I brought lunch. Who wants pizza? With strawberries.

Leo: Ray, you sicken me. *whisper* ... two slices, please...

#134:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 12 Oct, 2010
Kupo: Have you guys ever had chocolate pizza? I'm sure it comes with strawberries =O

Me: She means nutella pizza.

Kupo: Shh. I don't know if they have nutella in Silverwind.

Me: Fruit is always good, though.

#135:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 15 Oct, 2010
Morph: Pineapple and Canadian bacon- Accept nothing less from a pizza.

Skaith: I like fiery chicken pizza with pepperoncinis, lots of cheese, and chipotle-flavored sauce.

Vesper: Did someone just say something about fire? <3

Aiden: *to Ray and Leo* can I sit on top of your gunship while it flies? Pleeease? *gives adorable eyes*

#136:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sat 16 Oct, 2010
Kupo: I wonder what Aiden looks like

Me: Mmm. I like cheese and ham on my pizzas.

Kupo: That's because she's a pig

Me: That's just because you don't like cheese.

Kupo: I prefer my fruits..... Gunships are awesome.

#137:  Author: Svenshinhan PostPosted: Sat 16 Oct, 2010
Leo: You'll have to ask Ray about that gunship. He's the mechanical mastermind here. But he's not going to screw up MY plane.

Ray: Indeed I'm not. His flying does that FOR us! I'll get building on that gunship. You guys have weird pizza tastes, though...

Leo: Don't mind him. Silverwind City is known as the City of Dreams. You can get any kind of pizza you like. In fact, let's all bake some!

#138:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sat 16 Oct, 2010
Kupo: Mmm... Chocolate pizza.

Me: Oh really, you haven't eaten it? People here love it.

Kupo: They're aronautical engineers. They eat space pizza. *Munches chocolate*

Me: You mean aeronautical? And.. That's not space.

Kupo: Anyways, Ray seems like the fun one. Leo seems too much like you. Does Mr Sven talk?

Me: I dunno. I'm too afraid to poke him to find out. o.o

#139:  Author: Svenshinhan PostPosted: Sat 16 Oct, 2010
Leo: I was once told in a dream that I have an alter ego somewhere called Sven. Something about us being linked. So I've been traveling the world with my trusty sarcastic sidekick to find him.

Ray: Oh, please... That oracle said the same to me. Shoot first, ask question later! Kupo understands.

*Leo throws his strawberry pizza at Ray's face*

Leo: Now who's the fun one?! *laughs maniacally*

#140:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sat 16 Oct, 2010
Kupo: o______o Dun.... Waste..... Pizza!!!!! OH THE HORROR!!!

Me: She's right. No good wasting food.

Kupo: It's okay. Really.... Chocolate > Pizza anyways. I mean, that's why chocolate pizza is the best.

Me: Hmm. Well, if you ever need any help finding Sven, I'm sure we could help.

Kupo: I know an Ikran who's all cuddly and a bunch of aliens and a pretty girl. =O And they'd all help too.

#141:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Mon 18 Oct, 2010
Me: Hey I'm human! And its my gumship!

Jessica: Uh, you typed gumship, instead of gunship.

Tsi'leik: *adopts a cliched chinese accent* No pizza for you! One year!

#142:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 18 Oct, 2010
Kupo: Morph is an alien

Me: So I suppose you know another human?

Kupo: I suppose.. But pizza is good.. And gummie bears. =D Gummieship? <3

#143:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 20 Oct, 2010
Morph: *to Kupo* Aye, a bio-engineered shapeshifting one at that, as is my twin brother Skaith.

Mecha: I had a dream the other night where captain Jack Sparrow learned that one of his new crew members was actually a were-kraken. Hilarity ensued. eek2

Skaith: nervous *shapeshifts* ebil Cower in fear mortals, for I am an ELDRITCH ABOMINATION! Ia, Ia, Cthulhu Fhtagn! ...

Morph: *unimpressed* Needs moar tentacles. And eyeballs. Nice try though, kthxbai!

Skaith: darn. *goes back to normal*

#144:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 20 Oct, 2010
Kupo: Ohoh. Can I shapeshift???

Me: No... And nice dream, Mecha.

Kupo: You're not fun.. And what does Aiden look like?

#145:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 23 Oct, 2010
Mecha: *to Kupo* For the past few months, Aiden's been trying out a 'new look' as a Pikachu since he felt like he was being overlooked before in the mindscape, (long story) but lately he seems to be gravitating more towards using his previous incarnation when he appears. I think the novelty of being a Pikachu is beginning to wear off for him and that he'll just go back to looking the way he did before. If you want to know how he looked originally, here's a group portrait of him and his sisters I did a while back:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Aiden: eh *coughs* I'm right here with you, don't you think I could have told them how I look myself?

Mecha: Yes, but I thought a little more explanation was required just in case you do suddenly decide to go back to the way you used to be, which seems more and more likely every time I see you.

Aiden: Oookaay.... *to Kupo* Hi there! ^_^ I guess Mecha already said what I was going to say, (only wordier) so I'll say something else instead. What do you look like? I've been wondering that for a while. Do you have a favorite fruit? Mine is... *thinks* Um, a lot of them. XD *backflips* How are you doing right now?

#146:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 25 Oct, 2010
Kupo: *Rubs my eyes* Sorry we've been so slow for replying *Yawns*

Me: Aiden is cute, he reminds me of when the boy in Jumanji turned into a monkey. But I like it.

Kupo: I'm not sure what I look like, probably a mess.

Me: Kupo generally looks like a kid. She has wild straight black hair that comes halfway down her back, and is always a mess (Kinda like Wraith's in FMA, but a solid black). And she wears a green tunic (that reminds me of a pixie's cloths, like tinker bell but better). And she's -always- barefoot.

Kupo: Do you know how good it feels to pick the dirt out of your feet? And to feel that dirt and the bark.... I miss my tree. :'(

Me: Hmm *Eilatan pats Kupo...
Mecha, Ninja, I think we scared off Leo and Ray. I wish they would post more. Btw, what does Miss Jessica look like? And where do you all live? Including you and Ray, Leo. =O

#147:  Author: Svenshinhan PostPosted: Mon 25 Oct, 2010
Leo: I live in Silverwind City. Obviously, so does my half brother Ray. Our girlfriends also live with us.

Ray: Except that I actually grew up here, while Leo ran away from home when he was fourteen to chase after our dad.

Leo: Oh yeah, I remember that. That was what, ten years ago now?

Ray: Just about.

Leo: This city has it all, really. But I we still travel the world. In case you need our services, we actually have our own business. It's called "The Venture Company." We take on almost any mission with our highly qualified team.

Ray: Just so long as we're not hunting after archeological artifacts. Those missions always end up with us being hunted by some ancient civilization.

Leo: That's part of the fun! Thrills like that make you feel alive! Besides, we met those dragons that gave us their power.

Ray: Time to fire up the afterburners and hit the highway to the danger zone!

Leo: We don't have any afterburners in our plane.

Ray: We do now! *grin*

#148:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 27 Oct, 2010
Morph: The last time we tried artifact-hunting, we encountered a ticked off ancient guardian beast that threatened to destroy all of the west-side island and its city.

Skaith: I wasn't created yet when that happened, but delving through Mecha's memories, weren't you guys trying to replace an artifact stolen by that unscrupulous archeologist-guy?

Morph: Yeah, something like that. Crysar was able to... convince the poor fellow that it was in his best interests to tell us where he had stashed it so we could put it back. ebil

Crysar: -_- The man was not harmed.

Morph: Oh sure, maybe not physically- but mentally? I bet he still shivers whenever he recalls your burning yellow eyes in the gloom of his apartment.

#149:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 31 Oct, 2010
*Walks in shyly*
Jet: Hi, I'm Jet. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm very new here. I'm a professional space-freighter pilot. And I'm... oh... um... good grief, this whole "introduction" thing is awkward.

#150:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 01 Nov, 2010
Me: Welcome Jet, I hope you like it here an..

Kupo: *Glares* I don't like new people.

Me: You sure liked Ray and Leo fine.


Me: I don't think it's a jet fighter.. And I thought you were a pacifist.. And this new guys name is Jet and he's a professional space-freighter pilot?

Kupo: So? Plane thingys are cool. And he didn't introduce himself enough!

Me: I think you just don't like new people. Please ignore her. It is nice to see a new face. Hope you enjoy our endless insanity.

#151:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 01 Nov, 2010
Jet: Thank you for the welcome, Eilatan! Just for future reference, I'm a she not a he. It's not a big deal; I actually don't care what you call me, as long as I know you're talking about me smile

Kupo, I'm sorry you think I should have introduced myself more. If there's anything about me you want to know, just ask. I'm bad at starting conversations, but I'm usually very good at answering questions. Oh, and I don't have a jet plane (those only work in-atmosphere and I mostly fly between asteroids in the Outer System) but I do have an Stingray space microfighter that has been re-fitted to hold light cargo.

#152:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 01 Nov, 2010
Kupo: Of course you don't have a jet plane. Leo and Ray do!

Me: And my apologies, I should have known you were a she. *Grabs Kupo* We're she's, too. Except Kupo doesn't act like it.

Kupo: -_- Maybe she's not a she! She didn't even introduce herself properly.

Me: Well, what do you want to know? Maybe you should ask her?

Kupo: Well.. Where does she live? o.o *Pokes this Jet's head*

Me: And be a bit nicer, maybe. >_<

#153:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 01 Nov, 2010
Jet: Poke away! After the industrial cutting implement (it's a loooong story), pokes in the head with anything else are no trouble at all. Just watch my eyes, please.

I don't really have a home world. I live on my ship. My freight routes run between the little mining bases and shipping colonies of the Outer System, so I guess you could say that's where I live? And then there's the more central planet of Kelsar, which is where all the stuff I ship eventually either goes to or came from. It's the major planet in my solar system, and a very beautiful place, but I don't go there often. TinyNinja wants to visit there, though, so I guess I'll start going there eventually.

Me: Wow, Jet, you are really chatty in here. The first time I asked you where you lived, you growled out "I work in the outskirts of my solar system" and then turned around and left while I tried to figure out what solar system you were in.

Jet: Hey, remember that letter I found in one of my old crates of rations the other day?

Me: Yeah, the one that you opened and continued to cry for an hour after reading?

Jet: Well, it said that I should try not to hide from my past, so that's what I'm going to try to do. You got a problem with that?

Me: Not at all. Carry on...

#154:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 01 Nov, 2010
Kupo: I guess I like Jet. She reminds me of Jet Joan. The bad *** rocker.

Me: -_- I should stop letting you watch such movies.

Kupo: But they're funnnn!

Me: And they leave you hyped forever.

Kupo: But hyped is good... Okay fine. Ms Jet, whatcha look like? o.o

Me: Kupo's quiet the inquisitor, so I guess if you don't want to hide your past, you've come to the right place.

#155:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 01 Nov, 2010
Jet: Here is a picture of me, which TinyNinja was so kind as to make the last time she got out her graphics program:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Not bad, I think, although my face looks a little dirty because of the shadows and I'd rather that it showed my ship, too.

Me: I'll make you one with your ship, Jet. Unfortunately, I have to finish the paying work first.

#156:  Author: Svenshinhan PostPosted: Mon 01 Nov, 2010
Ray: Jet reminds me a little bit of you, Leo.

Leo: How do I look like her? There's no resemblance whatsoever.

Ray: Well, there's the hair color. But yeah, she's better looking than you are.

Leo: Says the one without the girlfriend.

Ray: *ahem* A-Anyway... I heard someone actually managed to bust through the dimensional rift a few days ago. They entered an Eseriktan supermarket through a screen of sorts.

Leo: Like at the movies?

Ray: I'm not sure. I think they came from another world, someplace called Earth or somethin'.

Leo: Never heard of it. But it sounds interesting. Perhaps we should prepare a welcome or something.

#157:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Tue 02 Nov, 2010
Jet: Hi Ray and Leo. Would you happen to be the people Kupo said have a jet plane?

Just out of curiosity, where is Eseriktan? I've lived in two solar systems, but I've never came across that place.

#158:  Author: Svenshinhan PostPosted: Tue 02 Nov, 2010
Leo: Kupo tends to get carried away a lot. I'm afraid our plane is a simple dual propeller-engine plane. It's a Conwing L-16. Although with all the alterations Ray made to it, some of them without my permission I might add, it's hard to call it a simple plane anymore.

Ray: I paid for half of the plane, so half of it is mine to modify! Besides, you just need to fly it. I can't. I just do all the hard work.

Leo: *sigh* See what I put up with? Oh, well, he's my half-brother and my best friend, so... Anyway, Eserikto is the name of the continent we live on. Silverwind City is in the northwestern part, directly by the ocean.

Ray: No one needs a geography lesson, Leo.

*Leo pushes Ray off the pier into the water*

#159:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 02 Nov, 2010
Kupo: Geography is boring. *Offers Leo a towel*

Me: That's just because you failed it.


Me: Fair enough. Now stop getting carried away or you'll scare of the new people..

Kupo: Fine... I miss the giant blue cat man and his awesome Ikran. cry

#160:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Tue 02 Nov, 2010
Jet: Ah, that's okay. Propeller-engine planes are quite cool too. Honestly, I've never seen one of the things that actually flies! Where I come from, they're all either rusty lumps of metal in junkyards or resin-stabilized museum pieces. I will have to keep an eye out for Eserikto and Silverwind City. I've never heard of them, but our explorers are constantly finding new worlds. If they come across yours', perhaps I can pay you a visit!

And a giant blue cat-man!? What is that? Here we have Paradox Ninjas (who are named for the paradox of how they can turn invisible without moving and cram themselves into tiny spaces) and a few psions (who have all sorts of nasty mental powers) but we have nothing remotely like giant blue cat-men.

#161:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 02 Nov, 2010
Kupo: He's a na'vi named Tsi'leik and you're not to go near him!

Me: Kupo..

Kupo: Noo. I bet she's going to try and pet the Ikran too. T_T

Me: I swear, can you make up your mind between Tsi'leik or Morph.

Kupo: But they're all so cute and my friends. sadblauw

Me: And maybe Jet could be your friend, too?


*Eilatan headdesks

#162:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 03 Nov, 2010
Jet: Okay, I suppose landing a freighter upside down like I did last week doesn't require any cool skills. Fine. *shrugs* I could start dusting off my minimal psyonic abilities if you'd like. I really try to keep those suppressed, though. My last attempt at psyonic powers almost killed a couple of innocent bystanders. Didn't even protect me from the cutting-tool-wielding nut case I was trying to trap in a psyonic field, either.

By the way, I have no idea what an Ikran is, but now you've given me a burning desire to pet one.

#163:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 03 Nov, 2010
Kupo: =O She has cool skills!

Me: See, you should never judge a book by it's cover.

Kupo: But you do it all the time...

Me: Only to -real- books...

Kupo: Fine! *Pokes Jet's head* I'll be your friend if you don't pet the Ikran! It'd probably bite you if you did. sadblauw

#164:  Author: Svenshinhan PostPosted: Wed 03 Nov, 2010
Leo: I had a dream last night... Someone tried to go through the dimensional rift into our world!

Ray: Was it a Dragon dream?

Leo: Definitely.

Ray: Do you know who's trying to enter?

Leo: No, but it feels like it's someone very familiar. Like they are a part of us. I don't have all of the Dragon's powers, so I couldn't see clearly. I think they tried to pass through the shadow realm and got stuck inside the dimensional vortex.

Ray: I'll ask the Dragon to help us reach out. If we combine our abilities, perhaps we can connect the worlds through the dream world.

#165:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 03 Nov, 2010
Jet: Yay, we're friends! I promise not to do anything that looks like it will result in me getting bitten by an Ikran (I still don't know what that is, but being bitten by anything is hardly ever a good thing.)

I wish I could bring someone else's dream into my world. That's what TinyNinja and I would like to do, except that TinyNinja's not a good lucid dreamer yet so it's kind of impossible.

#166:  Author: JorgeLTE PostPosted: Wed 10 Nov, 2010
Hi to everybody. I noticed this forum today and I'm here to introduce Victoria to everybody.

Victoria: Hi, my name is Victoria and I would be very happy to meet you all and chat. :D

#167:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 10 Nov, 2010
Jet: Hi Victoria, I'm Jet. I'm quite new here as well. Welcome!

#168:  Author: JorgeLTE PostPosted: Thu 11 Nov, 2010
Victoria: Hi Jet, How are you? nice to meet you. : D So, where are you from? What can you tell me about you?

#169:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Thu 11 Nov, 2010
Jet: I'm a professional space freighter pilot who works flying from colony to colony in the Outer System. Occasionally I spend a few days on Kelsar, the planet near the center of our solar system. (I was actually born on a planet a few systems over called Telara, but that planet isn't a very nice place at all and I'm glad I left.) There are a few things about me on the previous page, but if you want to know anything else, just ask smile Where are you from?

#170:  Author: JorgeLTE PostPosted: Fri 12 Nov, 2010
Victoria: I'm from England, I have 17 years old and now I'm living in Mťxico.

#171:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 12 Nov, 2010
Jet:That must have been a big change for you! Do you speak both languages? The hardest part of moving for me was learning to speak Kelsari. Now I can barely speak my original language, because I never use it.

You're a little younger than me, but not much. I'm 20 solar years old.

#172:  Author: JorgeLTE PostPosted: Fri 12 Nov, 2010
Victoria: My mom was mexican, my dad british, and we used to live in London. Learn spanish was easy for me because my mom teached me since I was a little girl.

#173:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 14 Nov, 2010
Jet: I'm curious, do any of the other characters here have lucid dreams? I've had them for a while. But when TinyNinja experiments with creating other characters (she keeps introducing me to new ones even though I never like them enough to share TinyNinja's attention with them), they never have lucid dreams.

#174:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 14 Nov, 2010
*Kupo looks around and yawns
Kupo: So what's been going on?

Me: I think we missed a new person. *Eilatan looks at the charter
Me: Named Victoria?

Kupo: What's with the new peoplessss. They just want my tree.

Me: I thought you were friends with Jet?

Kupo: I ammmm. But now she's asking me what a lucid dream is and I don't know. I dun like being confused.

*Eilatan pats Kupo
Me: It's okay, maybe she'll explain? And welcome to the madness, Victoria.

*Kupo sighs
Kupo: I still miss Tsi'leik and Ninja and Morph and his brothers and even Ray and Leo.

*Eilatan pats
Me: There there. I'm sure they'll return soon.

#175:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 14 Nov, 2010
Jet: A lucid dream is one where you're aware that your dreaming, that nothing in the dream is real, and that you have at least some control over the world around. I taught myself to have lucid dreams to deal with a bout of chronic nightmares. Now if I have a nightmare, I know its not real and I can order whatever's threatening me out of my dream, or ask it why its threatening me, or demand that it give me a gift (sounds weird but it works amazingly).

Kupo, you live in a tree? Where?

#176:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2010
Kupo: I'm not sure -where- nor -when- but I don't think both really matter. But it's a nice big tree. And there's lots of other trees all around.

Me: I think you mean in a forest.

Kupo: I suppose so.... Snake forest? And Eilatan has a lot of nightmares, but she can't do this lucid dreaming thing, I don't know whyyyy.

Me: I don't know -why- you try and belittle me like that.

Kupo: You're just fun to tease?

#177:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2010
Jet: You have to be careful when teasing your humans. I tried to tease TinyNinja once too often, and she threatened to make me a copilot eek2 What does your home in a tree look like?

#178:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2010
Morph: Weee're back! (finally)

Skaith: *shudders* No more Roguelike games, please. Mecha won't stop playing them! I can't stand looking at the primitive ASCII interfaces they use- who on earth would be able to tell if the 'd' standing next to your '@' is a dog, a dragon, or a dwarf? Madness I tell you, madness! And if you die even once, you have to start all over from the beginning! (and dieing is oh so easy...) Give me graphically-based games any day.

Morph: Dragons are capital D's, but I sympathize.

Mecha: -_- Oh come on, it's not that bad- true it's an acquired taste, but I've found that ADOM, Nethack, Dwarf Fortress, Gearhead I and II, and several others are quite addicting once you get past the fact that they're all text-based. Besides, most of them even have graphical modes that replace the text with sprites. (I prefer the ASCII mode though, as do many purists)

Skaith: Doooommed!!! help!

#179:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 16 Nov, 2010
Kupo: YAY! THEY'RE BACK! *Kupo hugs Skaith, Morph and Mecha

Me: Welcome back you guys, we have new people.

Kupo: I'm glad you guys are back. And Jet, my trees are big and green. I live in one that has giant leaves and large branches to sit on. You're welcome to visit some time.

#180:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 17 Nov, 2010
Sai: *waves at new guys* Hi there!

Aiden: :3 *hugs Kupo, Morph, Skaith and Mecha*

Morph: *to Kupo* Snake forest eh? Sounds interesting. *to Jet* There's an art to teasing your human without actually going over the line and ticking them off. It's a good idea to get a feel for just how much they'll tolerate, then tease away. yes

#181:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 17 Nov, 2010
Jet: Thanks for the invitation, Kupo. I'll be sure to look you up if I ever stop by your forest smile If you're ever in the vicinity of Kelsar, drop me a line. We can take a ride in my ship and I'll show you some of the local sights.

*to Sai* Hi to you, too!

*to Morph* That's what I'm trying to do, find out how much teasing TinyNinja will tolerate. She's been pretty sensitive lately, but I think she's just stressed and she's not always like that. I'm trying to just be supportive and go with the flow right now. In a week or two she'll be her normal snappy self. Then I can tease her all I want, as long as I don't mind getting a zinger of a comment back in response.

*to Skaith* What is it with these humans and their outdated technology? TinyNinja has a few basic-function freeware and/or really, really old programs that she does everything in. I don't understand why she hasn't upgraded to something more full-featured... secretly I'm convinced that she's just being stubborn.

#182:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010
*Koco walks in drinking herbal tea with her friend Hanyuu."

Hanyuu: Koco-Kun, have you done anything about the current issue with the council?

KocoBassa: I don't understand...I'm not in the council. If I am not in the council, why would I have done anything about the issues... Don't you agree Orion-Oneesama?

Orion: I suppose...

Hanyuu: Hau au au au!

#183:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010
*Kupo blinks

*Eilatan hugs Kupo
Me: It's okay. There there *Eilatan pats Kupo

*Kupo bawls
Kupo: I dunnnn likkeee newww people.

Me: Silly emotional Kupo. Welcome, how are you guys?

#184:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010
Jet: *to KocoBassa, Hanyuu, and Orion*Welcome! Please don't mind Kupo, she gets a little excited sometimes. Once you get used to each other, she's actually very nice smile

*to Kupo*Don't worry, these seem like nice new people. I'm sure we'll have fun talking with them once we all get to know each other.

*to no one in particular*So it looks like I'm not going to be residing in the Outer System any more, at least for awhile. This morning something exploded in the main docking station, and while no one was hurt (thankfully), we've been advised not to travel more than ten minutes of megadrive-speed away from Kelsar. Therefore the Outer System (which is two days or more on megadrive) is off-limits. Kelsar is not that bad a place to be, it's actually quite nice, but I have to find a new job now cry I don't know what I'm going to do. I guess I can look on the bright side--next time TinyNinja has a lucid dream, I can show her all the beautiful places here.

#185:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 21 Nov, 2010
Skaith: *to Jet* I think humans just tend to prefer familiarity rather than having to deal with the hassle of learning something new, even if it'll help out in the long run. Crazy species...

Aiden: *jumps on Kupo's shoulder and pats her head* It's ok, I'm sure the new people are nice too.

Sai: Hi there new guys! There's getting to be so many new names around here I'm having trouble keeping up with them all. ^_^

#186:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Mon 22 Nov, 2010
KocoBassa: Don't worry, we are really nice! Orion can be really silent at times, but she's really caring!

Orion: Hello.

KocoBassa: This is Hanyuu Furude. She's an anime character I met in a dream.

Hanyuu: Hau au au! Nice to meet you!!

#187:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 23 Nov, 2010
Sai: *to Hanyuu* Chaa. It's nice to meet you too.

Morph: ...Thanks to an unforseen storm last night, everything we were in the middle of saying got lost. Now that we're re-typing it in, I realize I have no clue as to what I was going to say in the first place. >_<

Skaith: Something random I'll bet.

#188:  Author: wolvendeer PostPosted: Wed 24 Nov, 2010
Crystal: Hey, Mecha! Hey, Sai! How are you guys doing? Oh, and all these other faces that have cropped up since I last popped in. *Waves*

Siberia: So this is the chat? *Looks around*

Foxy: *Jumps on Crystal's shoulder* Yup. It's been a while, hasn't it?

#189:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 24 Nov, 2010
*Kupo hides behind Morph and whispers
Kupo: Who is that guy..?

Me: Hello, Wolve, Crystal, Siberia and Foxy. I suppose welcome back. How have you all been?

#190:  Author: wolvendeer PostPosted: Wed 24 Nov, 2010
Crystal: Things have been busy. I've had to take care of all of the characters that comes around his head and whatnot. It's really a full time job.

Me: XP Yeah, busy, but good overall.

Foxy: Hello, Kupo. :D

#191:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 25 Nov, 2010
Morph: *waves to Wolvendeer and crew* Hey, it's been a long time since I last saw you guys! Welcome back.

Skaith: We've been exploring a sunken city that recently re-surfaced near our island, which Mecha has oh so originally dubbed 'Atlantis' for the time being. Vesper went swimming instead of exploring inside with the rest of us, and Sai stayed on the island with Aiden since he was getting creeped out by the stillness and lack of illumination inside the city. Crysar stalked off on his own and we haven't heard from him since, but I'm sure he's enjoying himself.

Sai: Hey Crystal, I heard Wolvendeer was able to get in touch with you again. Congratulations to you both!

#192:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Thu 25 Nov, 2010
Jet: Hello everyone!

*To Hanyuu* Pleased to meet you too!

*To Crystal/Foxy/Siberia* *waves back* Hi, I'm Jet. Welcome back(?)

*To Morph* Sudden storms and electrical outages are the worst, aren't they? I hate it when I get interrupted and can't remember what I was talking about.

*To Skaith* Ooh, a formerly sunken city! That sounds very exciting. I want to hear all about all of your discoveries!

#193:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Fri 26 Nov, 2010
Orion: *to Skaith* I've been to a sunken city before...It was quite unpleasant.

Hanyuu: yes we encountered Cthulu!! Hau au au!

KocoBassa: Chiii...well it's not entirely my fault I had that dream!

Hanyuu: *To morph* I am sorry about the storms...I hope they clear up!

#194:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Sat 27 Nov, 2010
Shadow: Owch, that sure is alot of people to greet.

Me: Then just say, "Hello everybody!" It's not hard...

Shadow: H-Hey! I knew that!

Melody: Sure...

Shadow: No, really! I did! I just...forgot! Yeah, that's it.

Lydia: On the subject of storms...I think there's a huge thunderstorm outside now.

Me: Y-Yeah. We're inside the arcade though, so we're fine.
Besides, Eden's technology is so great, no trees or buildings fall over!

Melody: I'm not familiar with Eden, me and Shadow have only just transported here...

Me: Where from?
Oh, don't tell me you were at that sunken city Skaith was talking about!

Shadow: Um, no...That's a completely different planet.
(Well, I don't think Eternos has any sunken cities.)
We were with one of Erehwon's allies. They have a larger army than Erehwon, but they aren't so wasteful with their tools.

Lydia: What exactly is the Dragoon Knight planning?

Shadow: Just stop referring him to that name, it's really annoying! He has a name-
oh, sorry. I just remembered I'm not patrolling Erehwon's squadron anymore.

Me: You really took off the wrong foot...

Melody: Typical, that close friends like us were put on different sides...

Shadow: Anyways...that Dragoon Knight...
His name is Rune.
Something tells me I've heard of that before...

Me: Same, but...
We're in an arcade. We're discussing top secret stuff and there's people listening in. *whispers* Change subject!

Has the storm gone yet?

Me: No it's still going...
Not sure how Morph's doing...hope his weather is clearing up.

Melody: Oh yes!
*whispers* By the way...that allied city we were talking about, is on the Northern area of this continent. It's north of the old ruins north of Helios...
We should check it out.

Me: Can't we sneak in there, pretending we're enemies?

Shadow: Now we're enemies though, because we're helping you...but they don't know it.
Let's go the old fashioned route.

Lydia: Ok, but we'll have to go prepared.

#195:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 28 Nov, 2010
Morph: *to Hanyuu* Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn! ...

Skaith: We took another trip to the un-sunken city yesterday. Met up with some
locals that had been inhabiting the place even before it had resurfaced and
found out some interesting information from them. Turns out that its actual
name is 'Mariner' and that it was a floating observatory\research
station that was supposed to hop between dimensions, but massive power failures had stranded them underwater on our moon's ocean for some time.

Mecha: I got a bit of a surprise as I was descending one of the (empty)
elevator shafts. AVE, my suit's AI, spoke up for the first time in ages. He's
unusual among my MCs in that his creation was completely unplanned. Back when I
was first designing my dream armor I had wanted to have an integrated AI for
it, but my first attempt was completely flat and puppet-like. I dropped the
idea and completely forgot about it for several months. Then one day out of the
blue he spontanaeously started talking, comlete with a full-fledged (if copied)
personality and a new voice. (he sounds and acts like KITT from the original
Knight Rider) He was pretty active for a while, but over time he gradually
faded into the background once again. Now he's back, and when I questioned him
on his disappearance he primly replied that he had not disappeared, it's just
that I hadn't been in the right place to talk to him, explaining that
he's my armor's AI, and since it's been months since I last donned it in the
mindscape, he's seen no reason to speak up. I facepalmed about there.

Aiden: Hi Teraflare! Hi... lots of other guys. XD It sounds like you have a pretty cool world there!

#196:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Sat 04 Dec, 2010
Shadow: Yep Aiden - cool world, but extremely complex.

Me: Guess what! I had a prophetic dream last night.
Erehwon built a huge army, and a space station. They built machine that were 7ft tall, and were capable of destroying planets! I managed to sneak in and destroy the space station, but when they destroyed it I was beginning to die in the cold vacuum of space. My friends (in real life) managed to save me from the vacuum, and then one of the 7ft robots (the only one surviving) destroyed Eternos.
This really depressing music played in the background, and we all felt upset.
The 7ft robot laughed and said: "I'll be back for you later," and flies off into space.
We're left, depressed, and without a home. Then, I woke up to tell you guys.
(By the way, this actually happened in a real dream, last night. I changed it accordingly so it seemed like it continued with my character's story).

Shadow: Wow...what a dream. Just forget about these dreams, they aren't good for you.

Lydia: That's...really frightening.

Me: It's okay. Wait, what happened to Melody?

Shadow: Remember when Rune blew up the Erehwon secondary base? Well, she went missing from there, and we all got knocked unconscious. And here we are, at the coast, next to the ruins.

Lydia: There's nowhere left to go...

Me: That could mean two things, Lydia.
One could mean we can go nowhere...
And secondly, nowhere is 'Erehwon' backwards, and that's the only target we've got left.

Shadow: Speaking of unconsciousness, I had a dream about this weird futuristic landscape. It looked more advanced than Eden, or anything I've ever seen. There was war all around me.

Lydia: Wait, I had that dream too!

Me: I think Rune is toying with our heads...

Shadow: When I work with him, him and the Minotaur were carrying out al kinds of dream projection experiments...
Turns out they managed to hypnotise one of the Elite PSR soldiers, and make him go insane by making him have bad dreams.

Me: Dream projection? You should help me dream project, that always instantly gives me LDs...every night!

Shadow: Actually, that seems like a good idea.
We've already done Erehwon enough damage, I think we should have a break somewhere. Not Eden though, I've been there enough times I'm bored of it.

Lydia: Wait!
According to my holographic map of the Eden continent, there's a port town 40 miles east of here. They needed to space themselves away from Erehwon, probably...

Me: This reminds me of a port town I visited when I went through that time warp, 50 years into the future...before all of this 'Eden' mess happened.

Shadow: Yeah, we followed you through.
That makes two time warps now.
That's when the 'Utopia Project' was quarter-way its course.
They're 95% done now, they're meant to be finished in 25 years.

Me: How do you know all of this stuff...?

Shadow: I'll tell you when we get to this port town...

Me: And while I'm walking, I'd just like to say hello to everyone! Morph, Skaith, Aiden and others!

#197:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 05 Dec, 2010
Morph: *concerned expression* You need moar Core Commanders on your side Teraflare.

Skaith: *rolls eyes* Here we go again. -_-

Aiden: sadblauw Sorry about what happened to your planet Teraflare! I hope you can track down the last of the robots soon.

#198:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 10 Dec, 2010
Jet: Hi everyone! I'm still here, TinyNinja has just been extremely busy and hasn't had time to talk to me grrr

@Morph: Whoa, what is that? Looks powerful and tough and very, very cool!

@Shadow/Lydia: I sure hope that those dreams were just coincidence, and not the result of someone screwing with your dreams. I've had people messing with my dreams before... not fun at all. I got revenge, though devil

So TinyNinja has another mind character, I think. Problem is, he doesn't talk. I even invited him to take a trip in here and chat with all the lovely LD4all posters and their characters, but he just kind of looked at me and walked away eh I'm mostly just ignoring him. He's easy to ignore--like I said, he doesn't talk. I think even TinyNinja is a little frustrated with him.

#199:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 10 Dec, 2010
Morph: grin It's the Core Commander from a really old gem of an RTS game called Total Annihilation, and one of the more insanely powerful machines we've come across in fiction. (barring high-end anime)

Mecha: It exists in a setting where nuke-level blasts are focused into areas a few centimeters across and fired machine-gun style, (and even then are only considered pea-shooters to be mounted by the very weakest units) where the low visibility is explained to be a result of all units having cloaking technology that can only be countered from a relatively short distance away, where entire planets made of metal have been constructed, (in at least one instance in only a few weeks!) where planet-cracking doomsday weapons are common, if no longer used by unspoken agreement. (due to the fact that both sides have realized that they're running out of worlds fast) where the CORE's contingency plan for if it failed involved constructing a 'Galactic Implosion Device' that essentially functions as an extremely up-scaled Genesis Device from Star Trek, except it ignores the area immediately surrounding it, enabling whoever activated it to survive to re-colonize the virgin galaxy it would create from the ashes of the old, where most units use antimatter in their weapons, and where armies can be created by a commander in a matter of hours and grow exponentially from there on, composed of Von Neumann-style death-bots. (piloted by AI's for the CORE or by flash-grown clones for the ARM) Oh, and the Commander comes equipped with the awesome D-Gun, which I'll let the manual describe.
Disintegrator (D-Gun)
This is an íultimateí weapon: no physical matter provides protection from it. It works by suppressing the quantum field strength of the ígluonsí that hold together atomic nuclei. The matter violently tears itself apart, leaving hydrogen, deuterium and a burst of free neutrons. This is the major advantage of Disintegrators: anything is destroyed and Heavy Armor provides virtually no protection.
The weapon has a number of disadvantages: First the matter is disintegrated so no metal salvage is possible. Second, the weapon is short ranged, partly because of the inherent physical limitations of reasonably sized projectors, and partly due to atmospheric attenuation of effect. The most severe restriction is the vast amount of energy required to fire it. A useful attribute of the weapon is that it damages everything in a cone of effect so it can destroy several units that are clustered together.

Wow, that went on longer than I intended. kiekeboe

#200:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Sat 11 Dec, 2010
Me: Ahh, don't worry about the planet at the moment, Aiden. That was just a dream...But it was pretty scary.

Shadow: Well, we saw Erehwon again at the port town. We managed to fight them off, but it wasn't easy. This oversized mole attacked us - we think it may have been possessed.

Me: That was pretty close...
It was pretty stupid me going it alone in that dream though...the Core Commander idea sounds great though! I'll ask the PSR to build some...but they'll want to make it in their own style.

Lydia: Despite being friendly, the PSR are pretty difficult to persuade.
I once suggested my ideas for the Wind Gate project in Eden, but the PSR called it a ludicrous idea and tore up my blueprints.

Shadow: Agh, Erehwon was no better.

Me: Well, I've had enough of talking about Erehwon. All they do is come back 'with a stronger army,' but we defeat them anyways.

Shadow: That's because we haven't seen the Old PSR General do anything (by the way, he isn't with Eden...He used to be, but went crazy and now leads the Erehwon army). He holds 90% of the power.

Me: Fine, but I want a break. How about we take a ship to a holiday resort?

Lydia: There's one 1500 miles across the would take 6 hours to get there, seeing as the captain doesn't want to make the boat travel more than 300mph...everyone will get seasick. Besides, the boat slowly speeds up so anyone barely notices...but once you get past a certain point, everyone starts to feel ill.

Me: Okay, then let's go.

Shadow: Well, I'll use my laptop most of the journey.
*checks laptop* Wow, the CALD thread is practically dead.
Oh! I'm a poet and I didn't know it!

Me: ...I've heard that phrase before.

Shadow: I'm going to do some research on this...Disintegrator (D-Gun) Mecha was on about. Sounds like fun.

Lydia: If you get one, just don't do anything stupid. We don't want anyone turning into dust.

#201:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sat 11 Dec, 2010

@Morph: Awesome, I want one!!!

@Teraflare8866: A boat trip... sounds like a lot of fun! Here on Kelsar we barely have any oceans, and they don't run cruises over them. I've only been on a boat twice in my life. Both times I was outrageously seasick, too. Whatever technology they have on your planet that lets the boat travel at 300mph, we don't have it here.

#202:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 12 Dec, 2010
[i]*Kupo rubs here eyes[i]

Me: We got burnt at the beach today. smile

Kupo: It makes me tired. sadblauw Let's sleep?

Me: It's nice to see everyone living again, btw.

#203:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 17 Dec, 2010
Mecha: No worries, we're still alive.

Morph: This was a triumph-

Skaith: -I'm making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS-

Morph: ...I see Sai glaring at us. Maybe we should stop singing 'Still Alive' and let the others get a word in.

Skaith: -_- There really was a cake...

Aiden: Hi Kupo! Did you have fun at the beach?

Sai: *to Lydia* XD that's one fast boat. I should look into finding something like that over here, it might help make keeping up with Mecha less of a chore. (that cheater, he always teleports )

Mecha: I finally got around to updating my dream journal today. *to Sai* Hey, it's my signature LD and ND ability, why not use it in the Mindscape as well? ^^

#204:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 19 Dec, 2010
Jet: So this new MC of TinyNinja's is still hanging around. I finally figured that his name's Aviv. But even though I know his name, he still won't talk to me grrr He talks to TinyNinja once in a while[/u], but he just kind of stares at me when I say hi. He's creepy. Oh, and did I mention that he looks like the Terminator? Like I said, creepy.

@Sai: don't you hate it when someone teleports away and leaves you to chase them? I used to have a shared-dreaming buddy named Tanya who did that to me all the time when we were having shared dreams. It stank, especially since I wasn't very good at teleporting.

#205:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sun 19 Dec, 2010
Hanyuu (@ skaith): I know! I used my awesome-magical-ghost powers to retrieve it! *Munch munch* would you like some too? How about you Orion?

Orion: I'm sorry Hanyuu, but I am not very hungry at the moment
(@ sai) If you like, I could build you a boat that fast. However, I would require the original schematics and maybe a plutonium driver.

Koco: Isn't plutonium radioactive, Orion?

Orion: I'm sure I'll manage, don't worry.

#206:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Tue 21 Dec, 2010
Lydia: Argh, the boat trip didn't go that great.

Shadow: We got into a huge storm and the ship went several thousand miles off-course. We're now on some dystopian continent where that area is ruled by demons and other dangerous creatures.
We found a group of survivors that built a high defensive base that send out soldiers to stop monster problems...and we're going to help them.
Turns out they hate Eden, but we told them that Eden don't hate them.

Me: The city's a wreck...No offence to them or anything.
I wonder how everyone else is doing?

Lydia: Crazy technology, Jet.
So dramatically crazy we somehow went thousands of miles off-course! I think they use Turbo Jets and similar engines they use in supercars.

Shadow: Funny thing is, Sai has teleporters, yet no-one on Eternos has been bothered to make one. I think at the moment it's only possible through enchanting a very rare rock, or some insane magic...ahh, what do I know about teleporting.

Me: Well, when we had tyrants back in 2020 they teleported using magic.
It's only a matter of time before everyone manages to teleport...or, for that matter, teleporting huge vehicles!

Lydia: Wormholes...Creepy stuff.

Me: We better go help those 'Survivors' again.
I wonder what their organisation's called?

#207:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 25 Dec, 2010
Mecha: Merry Christmas, one and all!

Skaith: Sai's recently gotten interested in decorating our mindscape for the holidays. I'm just going to sit back and watch how Mecha reacts since I know for a fact that for some reason Christmas decorations irritate him to no end. Actually, scratch that- any holiday-themed seasonal decorations seem to bug him. eh

Mecha: ...You're making me sound like some sort of Grinch or Scrooge here. I'm full of the holiday spirit! (I just don't care for all the superfluous trappings that inevitably go along with it kiekeboe)

Morph: Bah, Humbug! XD

#208:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 31 Dec, 2010
Jet: Happy New Year, everybody!

@Teraflare and MCs: I'm so sorry your boat trip didn't turn out as well as you had hoped it would sadblauw Maybe you'll have some cool adventures in your current location, though.

So I need some help. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of another MC? I really can't stand this new one of TinyNinja's. TinyNinja likes him, but he's so scary that I'm afraid he's a literal nightmare waiting to happen! And when TinyNinja has nightmares, it makes her afraid to dream for a few nights. I don't want that! Is there any way I can get her to hang out with a little bit nicer MC?

#209:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 01 Jan, 2011
Skaith: *steeples fingers together* Could you perchance tell us a little more about him? What is it that makes him scary to you?

Morph: Happy New Year! grin3

Aiden: Yay! *backflips* ^^

#210:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sat 01 Jan, 2011
Kupo: Happy New years!

*Eilatan hugs Tiny
Me: I know how you feel about nightmares. But you may need to figure out why he seems so nightmarish first. I don't know if you can actually get rid of him.

*Kupo squishes everyone <3
Kupo: And Skaith, too psychiatristy

#211:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 02 Jan, 2011

@Skaith/Eilatan: Picture in your mind a man about six feet ten inches tall; and so muscular that it looks like he could lift you over his head with two fingers. Put him in all black, with sunglasses so you can't see his eyes. (The sunglasses never come off, no matter how dark TinyNinja's mindscape is.) Give him a machine gun that weighs as much as you do (I tried to lift it once) and a short; squatty little machine gun that he uses as a sidearm. He always has his head turned towards you when you're in the room, and his facial expression looks as though he's trying to decide if he should kill you now or later. Other than that expression, he never seems to show any emotion. You have just described Aviv, TinyNinja's new MC.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, he got shot in the mindscape once, and got up and walked around as though nothing had happened. But I distinctly saw a bullet hole in the back of his jacket. I'm not afraid of gunmen that I can shoot back, but this one I can't. I'm terrified.

#212:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 03 Jan, 2011
Kupo: Ohhh. Weird gun man sounds like...

Me: Tiny, he's apart of your mind. Either he's on your side or he has some reason against you which you should probably find out... *Eilatan hugs Tiny, good luck.

#213:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Tue 04 Jan, 2011
Jet: The entire post was from me, not Tiny, but I think you've got really good advice anyway. TinyNinja wouldn't let someone she thought would hurt me into her mindscape, right? *looks concerned*

#214:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 04 Jan, 2011
Skaith: *to Jet* In the same vein as Eilatan's advice, keep in mind that Aviv is a part of TinyNinja's mind, and therefore a part of yourself, however far removed. Also, the great thing about only existing as thought is that nothing can ever truly hurt you, unless you believe it to be so. *dry tone* Morph and Crysar's little 'sparring matches' they used to do certainly demonstrated that amply... Mostly we try to play along with whatever's happening to us in any given situation, but there's always the knowledge that, just like a lucid dream for the humans, nothing in the minsdcape can truly harm us.

Mecha: *to Jet* As for your other concern that he's potential nightmare fuel for your human, I'd like to point out that if TinyNinja really does like him like you said she did a couple posts ago, that automatically reduces his nightmare potential in my eyes. Attitude towards something is a powerful factor in nightmares.

Morph: *to Kupo\Jet* Sounds like... Crysar! 6+ feet tall, check. Massively built, check. All in black, semi-check. (his scales are an extremely dark shade of blue) Scary eyes, check. (he might not have sunglasses, but glowing yellow\red eyes are just as bad) Dark, calculating, semi-expressionless face, check. Big guns- no, but he shoots energy bolts from his right arm. Apart from the fact that one of them is human and the other is a 9-12 ft. long reptilian, they sound practically identical.

Ves: -_- I'm not amused at your description of my boyfriend. He's a nice guy! He's just serious and a little reserved around others. ^^

#215:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Tue 04 Jan, 2011
Jet: Thanks for the advice, everyone. I feel a lot better now... I got up the nerve to talk to TinyNinja about Aviv tonight. It seems that he's sort of her dream bodyguard--she met him in a ND and his purpose is actually to protect her in nightmares or something like that. Apparently I wasn't doing everything she wanted mind characters to help her with -_- At any rate, she said that if he ever threatens me, she'll boot him out of the mindscape so fast that he'll think he got hit by a military jet. (No pun intended, she assures me.)

#216:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 04 Jan, 2011
*Kupo squishes Jet
Kupo: Aww. Tiny love Jet more

Me: Good to hear, Jet. it's awesome that Tiny has a nightmare bodyguard. That's probably why he seems so terrifying. I once met someone like that in a dream.... Which is what Kupo was gonna say he sounds like. He was in two of my ND, one after the other. And the other DC's didn't like him at all. They completely stayed away from him and said he was strange so I went to talk to him...

Kupo: But we can't remember what he said confused He was a bit scary.

Me: I don't think so. He was more.. Different... But anyway. I'm glad to hear that Tiny cares enough to kick Aviv if needed tounge2

#217:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sat 08 Jan, 2011
Jet: Thanks for the squishes smile I've been treating Aviv more or less like I would a table or chair, and he hasn't seemed to notice. I'm also trying to focus on the fact that he needs to be terrifying so he'll scare all the undesirable DCs. (Like the guy in the chemical suit who captured TinyNinja's friends and then followed her through an FA, where he unplugged her lamp so she couldn't do a RC. I hated that guy.)

I want to go exploring, but my spaceship is broken sadblauw Until I get the parts I need to fix it, I'm stuck in either the capital city of my world, or TinyNinja's mindspace. Her mindspace is the more interesting place...

#218:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 12 Jan, 2011
Morph: *to Jet* That's good that you've come to an understanding of sorts with Aviv. Hope you get your spaceship fixed soon. Also, lol at the RC-saboteur.

Sai: That's not nice.

Morph: Sorry, didn't mean it that way. It's just that those sorts of happenings seem fairly common among LDers.

#219:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 12 Jan, 2011
Jet: Morph, that's okay. I laughed myself when TinyNinja told me what had happened. She was irritated, because she had actually been in the dream, but I thought it was funny. I mean, come on! It's one thing for DCs to hurt you or chase you or something like that, but keeping you from doing an RC? That's just low.

Still trying to fix my spaceship. I found the part I need, which would be great except that it's in a junkyard on the other side of the planet. So I have to wait for the mail service to get it to me... Ugh. I'm going stir crazy here!

#220:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Thu 13 Jan, 2011
Kupo: Psssst. In the dark you do one of these
*Kupo pinches Jet's nose

*Eilatan grabs Kupo's hand.
Me: Just pass it on to Tiny wink5

#221:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Thu 13 Jan, 2011
Jet: @Kupo/Eilatan: That's what I told TinyNinja. She didn't appreciate it, but I told her anyway grin Apparently it's not easy for her to control her behavior in dreams and it was a big deal that she even thought about doing an RC. I still think she could have thought to breathe through her sealed nose, but whatever...

#222:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 16 Jan, 2011
Morph: I deny any involvement in sabotaging Mecha's RC efforts, but I do confess to having occasionally stood by and watched in the dreamscape without telling him he's dreaming. Only problem is, he's noticed me in the background on more than one instance after he's woken up and is recalling the dream. XD

#223:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Tue 18 Jan, 2011
Hanyuu:Speaking of which, time for an RC! *Hanyuu pinches her nose and attempts to breath through her nose.*

Orion: Hanyuu, stop trying to blow your brains out. Blow gently, like Ori-chan.
*gently pinches Hanyuu's nose*

Koco: mih mih.
*Koco gently pinches Orion's nose* Eilatan, why don't you try?

#224:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 18 Jan, 2011
Kupo: Morph Morph Morph Morph Morrrpppppphhh! *Kupo squishes Morphy

Me: Err... Sure Koco... I'll try.... *Eilatan pinches Kupo's nose till she calms down

Kupo: OWWIE! No fair! And Jet, Eilatan is so dumb she doesn't even think about rcing. You're lucky you have Tiny and Aviv.

*Eilatan glares at Kupo -_-

#225:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Tue 18 Jan, 2011
Jet: While everyone is doing reality checks, I think I'll do one too! *holds nose and tries to breathe* Nope, I'm still awake, as is TinyNinja... Darn. TinyNinja's promised me that the next time she becomes lucid, she and Aviv and I are going to have a Nerf war. I like Nerf wars. Except somehow, I can't see Aviv being much fun in a Nerf war. I bet Nerf darts hurt more when he shoots them. Except I can't see how he could possibly make the little spring-loaded Nerf gun fire its foam darts any faster than it's made to fire them, but if there's a way, I bet he knows it.

#226:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 18 Jan, 2011
Morph: *does rc* Fifteen fingers, I must be dreaming! *jumps off roof* NNOOOoooeeeeesss!!! *splat*
I'm- okay! grin

Skaith: *facepalm* Hand RCs and shapeshifters don't mix dude. help!

Aiden: *to Jet* eek2 Now there's a scary thought.

#227:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 21 Jan, 2011
Jet: So TinyNinja did get lucid that night, but she wasn't able to manipulate her environment enough to have a Nerf war sadblauw No worries, I'm sure she'll do it eventually. Aviv snuck into her dream and stood quietly in the background... that makes two times he's been in her dreams. I've never actually appeared in one of TinyNinja's dreams *pouts* Any of you guys mind if I get Aviv in here? I think the socialization would do him good.

#228:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Fri 21 Jan, 2011
Kupo: Is this Aviv as cool as that other dude?

Me: How am I meant to know.. He never actually talked -_-

Kupo: Maybe he will appear again?

Me: Maybe you should make him appear again? Jet, sure you should. I'm sure he's awesome no matter how he is.

#229:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 21 Jan, 2011
Morph: *to TinyNinja* Hey, congrats on the ld! I don't mind if you bring Aviv on over here. (maybe I could get Crysar to come too, if I annoy him enough or if I can get Mecha to ask him to)

Crysar: -_- Or if an intelligent discussion was brought into play? Honestly, I'm not the hopeless recluse you seem to be taking me for.

Morph: eek2 ...Who are you, and what have you done with the real Crysar?

#230:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 21 Jan, 2011
Jet: Okay! He doesn't know anything about what I've told all of you about him, so just act like he's perfectly normal. I think that will confuse him a bit devil So... everyone, this is Aviv!

*Jet elbows Aviv in what should be the ribs, but because she's so short and he's so tall, it ends up around his waist*

Jet: Dude, you're supposed to be sociable. At least say hello.

Aviv: Hello.

#231:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Fri 21 Jan, 2011
Me: Haven't been round these parts for ages...
Anyways, we went so far past Lunile we got to an ocean. Beyond that ocean, we have no idea. We're taking a lot of troops because it could be dangerous.

Blaze: Not to mention I'm back!

Teraflare: And me...! It's been months!

Me: I know, I should update you on everything that's gone on.

Teraflare: I should say hello to everyone else that's talking here. I'm a little nervous, I don't know anybody...

Blaze: We're in the same boat.
And we will be when we cross the ocean.

Me: *sigh* Way to tell a terrible joke.
Oh, and Morph, I remember a dream experience I had regarding the Finger Count RC. When I became lucid, I tried to get as many fingers on one hand as possible. I managed to get 12. It was a waste of a LD, but it was still pretty funny.

Lydia: The troubles we go to make Teraflare lucid...

Me: Me or the other one?

Teraflare: That's the trouble with naming your username after one of your characters. We're now BOTH Teraflare.

Shadow: Not one of your smarter ideas...

Me: Lydia, what do you mean, "troubles?"

Lydia: Hehe...
It's a long story. Your subconscious sure is difficult to make an agreement with.
I wish we could meet in a LD again, like last time.

Me: Oh, haha...I remember that. That was funny, using magic to make people disappear.
Because it's my dream, I say we should go back in time to where it all started - in that port town we all stayed at.

Shadow: Sounds good. I've still got a bad limp from last week, though.

Melody: *sigh*

#232:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 23 Jan, 2011
Morph: *straight face* Hi there Aviv! Tiny and Jet never told us there was another MC over at your place. How are you doing?

Sai: *elbows Morph* Hello Aviv. Welcome to the glowbox, as it's been unofficially named. (no, I have no clue how this place ended up with that moniker) Feel free to make yourself at home.

Morph: *to Teraflare* Tal and Talon Arana used to have that exact same problem. We can call you Flare and your character Teraflare, okay?

#233:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 23 Jan, 2011
*Kupo scratches head
Kupo: I'm so confused. What's an MC again? Welcome back Flare. What's a moniker and since when has this place been named the Glowbox?

*Eilatan holds Kupo's arm
Me: Yes, I am confused, too. But hello Aviv, and Sai it's nice to see you back as well as you, Flare. How has everyone been?

*Kupo hides behind Morph all confused like

#234:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Sun 23 Jan, 2011
Me: Hello everyone! We're all fine at the moment.
As for the name thing...I'll be happy to be called 'Flare.'

Teraflare: Now we don't have to get confused!
But anyways...I hate boat rides.
Haven't been on one for absolutely ages. I feel ill! Who drives a boat at 250mph? It's not healthy!

Me: Well, at least we aren't running into any storms. Like last time.

Shadow: Yeah, that was weird.
We were on a boat to Marador, but we ended up going 4,000 miles off-course, to a dystopian continent.

Me: Yup...
The scenery here (the blue-purple coloured ocean, and the aurora and the planets) gives the atmosphere a...'mysterious' feel.

Blaze: It's mysterious in a nice way.
Say Flare, did the dystopian area look like this?

Me: No, that area was just basically wasteland and forests.
The forest there was weird - it had trees that had neon lights!

Blaze: Well, I hope we aren't running into any magical forests once we cross the ocean...What do you think will be on the other side?

Me: Who knows...If we wait a day or so we'll hopefully arrive somewhere.
I miss know, the port town...

Teraflare: For a moment there I thought you meant your home planet. I hadn't been there long, but I miss the port town too...
Everyone knew each other, and everyone was friendly. It's not like that now...

Me: ...It might be when we get to the other side.
I'm gonna have a little lie down for a while. Recently, I've been having trouble getting to sleep.

Shadow: Insomnia is bad...I remember when I was younger, I had insomnia and I once couldn't sleep for 5 days!

Me: It's not that extreme for me, thankfully!
I manage to get some sleep, but only a few hours.

#235:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 23 Jan, 2011
Aviv: An MC, I am told, is a mind character or mental character. In other words, us. A moniker is a name, often a nickname. *To Jet* You did not tell me this chat had a nickname. I suspect we are being decieved.

Jet: Who? Us? Decieved? Quit seeing enemies everywhere, Aviv. @Tereflare: I agree with you. Who drives a boat at 250 mph?

Aviv: I do.

Jet: Be quiet. You've never even seen a boat in your remarkably short lifespan.

#236:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 24 Jan, 2011
*Kupo pokes Aviv
Kupo to Eilatan: Are you sure he's not the same one?

Me: Why do you want him to be the same one? If I recall correctly all the DCs were afraid of that one.

Kupo: But if he was the same one then you could stop looking for him.

Me: And what makes you think I'm looking?
Flare, I'm sure you'll find it back home shortly enough. And btw, it's nice to drive a boat fast and feel the breeze.

*Kupo grumbles "I know you're looking."

#237:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 24 Jan, 2011
Sai: *to Aviv* I'm not trying to trick you. (unlike some people- *hard stare at Morph*) Waaay back when Tal and her gang still frequented the chats they always called it the glowbox, and the name stuck.

Vesper: Hey, Aviv sounds a lot like you Crysar. Why don't you come out and talk with him?

Crysar: And do you think two such as he or I would get along? Both eternally wary of all, devising plans and contingencies at every turn for the sake of those we care for- *chuckles* I'm sure we'd spark a second cold war if either of us spent any significant time around the other. No, I am content merely to watch and protect from the shadows.

Morph: *to Ves* It's not working. Shall we move on to plan B?

Vesper: Oh yes, lets. ebil

Mecha: I paid another visit to the Mariner 'island' in the mindscape the other day. It'd been a couple months since my last visit and I wanted to make sure the repairs to their power system were holding up. I wasn't able to find the lead researcher, but one of her assistants was able to answer my questions and confirm that everything was going well.

#238:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 24 Jan, 2011
Aviv: Do not. Poke. Me. Ever.

Jet: *rolls eyes* At least Crysar is eloquent. You're just terrifying and rude.

Aviv: I do not like being poked.

Jet: Then couldn't you just say that, instead of growling about it?

Aviv: I do not like being poked.

Jet: *sigh* Kupo/Eilatan, I don't think Aviv has been anywhere but TinyNinja's mindscape. I think it's a good thing too, you might be disappointed if it turned out he was the same DC you encountered. I don't think he'd live up to your expectations. *whispers to Morph and Vesper* What's Plan B? Is it something that you could use my help with?

#239:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Mon 24 Jan, 2011
Me: I agree, Eilatan. The breeze on a boat is great!

Teraflare: Except when it's going at 250mph! It will feel like there's a hurricane otside!

Me: Sometimes you barely notice it's going at 250mph. The boat gradually speeds up, and you get used to it. If you go outside at the wrong time, it feels like you've been caught in a tornado.

Teraflare: See! I knew I'd get a lot of people to believe me! Jet believes me, Shadow said he agreed, and even you agreed!
But about the strong winds...isn't that incredibly dangerous?

Me: There's some artificial gravity ontop of the boat - sounds a bit sci-fi like but it stops people being swept off their feet.

Teraflare: Ahh, phew.

Shadow: May I interrupt?
According to the captain, they've seen land on the radar. The radar picks up landmarks within a 1,000 mile radius. We're approximately 987 miles from the land...which equates to 4 hours in time, provided we still go at'll be about 4 hours because we have to slow down in the last 10 miles. We can't stop instantly, that'll make the PSR feel weird!

Me: Haha, I know what you mean. It's like being on a rollercoaster -when you reach the end, you might feel a little dizzy.
Well, especially as we're on a boat, the effects are worse!

Teraflare: ...
Wait, who just poked me?

Lydia: Sorry, I get bored!

Me: Since when were you here? I thought you was in the "amusement section?"
Wait, since when do they have leisure attractions on a boat used by the military?

Shadow: This isn't a boat by the military, silly...
Helios used an airship, attached the boat by a magnet and gave it to us, to cross the ocean!

Me: Oh...
But couldn't we have just used the airship?

Shadow: Airships don't run in atmospheres like these...the air's too thick - it destroys the engines.

Me: So why can we breathe?

Shadow: Flare, this isn't a science lesson. But it's a good point...
Something tells me people don't want us to use airships! Maybe it's that Dragoon Knight (what's his name...) person that did it!

Me: So we can still use boats...

Shadow: Yep. Strange, I know...

#240:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 25 Jan, 2011
Morph: *to Jet* Sure! Just as soon as we figure out what plan B actually is. kiekeboe

Vesper: You mean you're making this up on the go?! I thought you had a plan!

Morph: Working on it! grin

Mecha: *to Teraflare* Hmmm, artificial gravity as an anchoring mechanism for organics is going to have a significant drawback in that humans really aren't suited for more than twice earth gravity or so IIRC. I'd have to run some numbers on how much force is exerted on a person under 250mph winds, but I have a funny feeling that staying anchored to the boat would be just one hurdle out of many- trying to stand up straight would be murder. Perhaps a semi-permeable forcefield would provide an elegant solution to both problems, by protecting the passengers from the brunt of the gale while still letting enough through to exhilarate them.

#241:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Wed 26 Jan, 2011
Teraflare: A force-field, hm?
Well, when we get back to Eden later on I'll ask if we can get forcefields on boats. It sounds promising.

Me: Let's hope they don't cost a lot of money.

Shadow: I'm trying to get some sleep here...We're travelling across the dark plains tomorrow.

Me: Oh yeah, everyone.
We arrived at the other side yesterday, on a huge wasteland where the floor is basically like charcoal. We're travelling tomorrow because it's too late, and it's warm inside the boat.

Shadow: Wonder what's on the other side...

Me: I don't know, but I hope it's not just a plain that's infested with monsters. I don't want to have to travel 50 miles through that again...

Lydia: ...and another 50 miles of forest.

Me: *laughs* Yeah.

Shadow: I'm sure we'll find something on the other side. Even if there are monsters, we'll have thousands of soldiers on our instead, when last time there was only three of us.

Me: But the monsters were incredibly powerful. There are out of the league of the monsters I used to fight years and years ago...Remember?

Shadow: ...*sigh* Yeah, I miss those days. It was so calm.

Me: Deja vu...Anyways, let's get some sleep.
(Despite being only 6 o'clock at night...)

#242:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 03 Feb, 2011
Mecha: Sorry for the late reply, I've been sick in bed for the past few days with a nasty stomach flu.

We arrived at the other side yesterday, on a huge wasteland where the floor is basically like charcoal. We're travelling tomorrow because it's too late, and it's warm inside the boat.
Morph: Well, that certainly sounds ominous.

Aiden: *pokes Kupo* Are you still there?

#243:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Fri 04 Feb, 2011
*Kupo yawns
Kupo: I'm still here ish.

Me: I burnt my thumb today D=

Kupo: Should stop playing with glass.

Me: How is everyone?

#244:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 05 Feb, 2011
Sai: We're doing much better now.

Morph: Mental links are no fun when your host is sick, particularly when they can't concentrate enough to think straight. >_< Glad -that- only lasted the first day.

Mecha: Wait, glassburns? Do you do glassblowing by any chance, or were you just fooling around? Hope it heals soon.

Aiden: *to Kupo* :3 I'm glad you're here. Now I have someone to talk to. *climbs Kupo's shoulders* I wish Tako would come back too. -_-

#245:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 06 Feb, 2011
*Kupo pats Aiden
Kupo: Who's Tako? I can't remember. And it's good to see you're better.

Me: I just started a glass blowing class, which is awesome. And it's healing fast enough thanks to burn cream. But luckily I burnt my thumb on the pipe and not the glass. The glass would have been substantially hotter. tounge2

#246:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 06 Feb, 2011
Aiden: He's one of Tal's characters. We were friends until Tal disappeared.

Morph: *checks* Way back in October of last year.

Mecha: That's awesome. (the glassblowing, not the burn. )

#247:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Fri 11 Feb, 2011
Hanyuu: Hau au au, Eilatan, you work with tools....Have you seen my Watanagashi tools??

Orion: Hanyuu, I don't think glassblowers use sacrifice tools. -_-' Oriana, stop snooping in around there, Hanyuu's tools aren't in that guy's pockets. Go play with Kupo.

#248:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 16 Feb, 2011
Mecha: There should be a rule that you can't get sick again just a week after recovering from a different illness. sadblauw

Saichania: I sincerely hope you aren't trying to use that as an excuse for not posting here- you were only bedridden for a single day this time and you've only had a sore throat and coughing since then. (and that's nearly over too)

Morph: You know what? It never ceases to amuse me when Mecha walks into a store and I see about 15 different brands of water on the shelves.

Skaith: Apparently brother, you amuse easily.

Crysar: I agree.

Morph: eek2 It talks! (and only about a month since the last time too! You're improving. )

#249:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 22 Feb, 2011
Morph: *bump* Where is everyone?

Mecha: I just had a false lucid last night! It's the closest I've come in months to getting another LD. I wrote it down in my DJ if anyone wants to hear more about it.

#250:  Author: Xeph PostPosted: Wed 23 Feb, 2011
Everyone else still here? Would be happy to introduce some of my characters :D

#251:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Wed 23 Feb, 2011
KocoBassa: Geez, I'm practically living alone tonight. My dad's got a phone interview and my mom is working out tonight....It's awesome!!!

Orion:Well you've got me...and my husband. We're like parents, aren't we?

KocoBassa: Yeah but you guys spend most of your time playing D&D and black ops...At the same time.

Hanyuu: I'm like Koco-chan's older sister!

KocoBassa: Yeah, that's true. Well I have vegetables to put in a bowl!

Orion: And I have a giant robot and a white-haired husband to find. -_-'

#252:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 23 Feb, 2011
Sai: Sure Xeph, go ahead. We always like to see new faces around here. ^_^

Morph: *whispers* No giant robots or white-haired people here Orion, I scouted our island quite thoroughly last night. Good luck finding them!

Vesper: Silly, you know that we can't cross the barrier between minds. Why would you be searching for her characters over here?

Morph: Because it's fun? grin2

#253:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 23 Feb, 2011
*Kupo pats Hanyuu and Aiden and hugs Morphp
Kupo: I've missed you guys, this place is getting dusty and nothing will get rid of it sadblauw

Me: That's just because the window is stuck -_- Mecha, who is Saichania? I don't believe I've heard him talk before, and don't remember Crysar... You have like 6 people running around there? I'm surprised Aiden hasn't gone crazy and Skaith hasn't killed everyone (they seem like the most youngest and most strict of all tounge2)

Kupo: It couldn't hurt if you had more people running around here, you know. I know you're looking for the dream man but maybe... Maybe he was just a normal DC...

*Eilatan pats Kupo
Me: I'm sure it's okay. Maybe you should play with Morph more, he could probably teach you about spying and then maybe you could find the dream man?

Kupo: Okay, but you teach him about glassblowing!

Me: Glassblowing... What can I say.... I say that glass cuts hurt more than metal pipe burns. -_- They go deeper and last longer, and you can -feel- them no matter what. Let's see, in the last three weeks, I have burnt myself twice (one which also involved a piece of hot glass flying in my arm, luckily only the tiniest spec), got a paper cut, got a deep glass cut on my thumb, grazed my wrist from a lap wheel and cut my other knuckle from picking something up. I'm a real clutz, and short; they told me I should stand on boxes to do certain stuff, my response was that I'd forget I was on the box and fall off (It's true, I've done it before, luckily not while doing this stuff). Do you think he's learned enough?

Kupo: You ruin the fun... Morphy, how do I find the dream character we talked about? The one we said is like Aviv, and all the dc's thought he was weird and scary and kept away from him. He seemed so interesting as if he was a dream guide or something. I'd love to meet him!

*Eilatan hugs Kupo
Me: I would too <3

#254:  Author: Xeph PostPosted: Thu 24 Feb, 2011
Thank you Sai ^_^

Sythr: Yes, thank you sai. It is an honor to be introduced into the character chats.

Ray: Tch.., these people are very weird, all of them. Sythr you need to stop being so kind.

Xeph: Why are they weird Ray?, they are just like you guys.

Ray: For starters they are like.... they are so... vulnerable. I'm sure I can defeat them in one hit.

Xeph: Well, of course. They don't come from a world where fighting is needed to live.

Ray: Still they are weak.

Sythr: ( Stays Silent )

#255:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 24 Feb, 2011
Morph: *to Eilatan* Not surprised that you don't remember Crysar, seeing as he's only spoken all of two or three sentences in the thread here so far. (He was a lot more active back when the original Character Chats thread was going)

Sai: *laughs and covers her beak to hide smile* Sorry for the confusion. I'm Saichania, it's just that we often shorten it to Sai when we're talking to each other. Same goes for Vesper and Ves.

Skaith: Haha, there are a lot of us, aren't there? Let's see, there's Saichania, Vesper, Morph, myself, Aiden, Crysar, Mecha, and sometimes AVE. To be honest, the place actually feels a little empty at times. We've recently been discussing the possibility of bringing the whole cast from our story into the mindworld and making them MCs, or at the very least just borderline aware or even unaware 'background scenery' if that's too much of a hurdle for Mecha's mind to process. (28+ characters and counting! woo ) And hey- you think -I'm- the strict one of the group? That's Crysar, or Sai when someone crosses the line. I'm just a little more reserved\subtle in my merrymaking than my twin. (but just as involved as he is in our pranks- I just keep a straight face about it kiekeboe )

Morph: *to Kupo* Yes! Did someone mention spying? Infiltration is my specialty. grin

Skaith: Our techniques do tend to need shapeshifting abilities to pull off correctly though. It sounds like you could use a tracker's expertise more than an infiltrator's- but we'd be happy to offer suggestions.

Morph: First off, setting the stage. You could try luring him to your general area by actively trying to incubate a dream with him in it. ld4all has a number of tutorials and information on the subject, so that would be a good place to start. Once you think he's around, all you need to do is find out where he is (judging by your comments about the other DCs reactions, they might be able to point you in the right direction. Then again, being DCs they might very well point you in the direction of a giant hamster playing the flute instead. lach1) and get close to him. There a couple of approaches to that, my favorite being the stealthily sneak up on them one, but you can also go the direct route and just walk on over and talk to him.

Skaith: Or you could summon a handheld DC-locater and track him that way. Be imaginative! You're only limited by your belief and creativity in dreams. Hope that helps, I wish you luck in finding him.

Sai: *to Ray* Oh boy, here we go again. You do realize that you've just called forth massive walls of text from Morph and Mecha detailing our universe, don't you? (All of us here began as characters from Mecha's combat science-fiction story, which should tell you something right off the bat)

Morph: Well technically you and I began as part of a dropped fanfic and were only integrated into the plot of this one after we became MCs. I think Aiden was also unaffiliated with any story back when he was first created too.

Sai: *facepalm* See what I mean? *to Sythr* Pleased to meet you Sythr. How do you do?

Morph: *to Ray* So, one hit to defeat us eh? Unless you're from a world with silly Comic-book\Anime\Manga level powers, I doubt it. Skaith and I are both liquid shapeshifters with a penchant for blades, can afford to lose some 80-90% of our body mass before we start taking permanent injury, (physical attacks that just scatter us around don't work- you need to actually kill the cells or they'll re-form) Vesper has a knack for freezing people solid and then charring their companions, Aiden avoids combat by selectively absorbing all light in a 20-30 meter radius (he can see ultraviolet and infrared, and can use echolocation in the event he needs to absorb those frequencies as well) and can release the captured light as a truly blinding flash, Sai can fly and scramble electronics (and people's brains) with her lightning-like energy bolts, and Crysar is a 3 meter long reptilian that can jump 4-5 times his own height and can fire energy bolts that leave 5 meter wide craters in the ground.

Sai: Now who sounds like they have, what was it again, 'silly Comic-book\Anime\Manga level powers'? ^^

Morph: Oh shush, you know what I meant. And to be fair, a good hit on any of us besides Skaith and I (maybe Crysar too) would probably down us, since most of the group are essentially considered glass cannons in our story. Still, we are used to dealing with Nadokaan warriors and some of their other combat strains.

#256:  Author: Xeph PostPosted: Thu 24 Feb, 2011
Ray: *To Morph* No physical damage will effect you eh? Well my dual scythes aren't that normal. My whole body is imbued with blazing hot fire which I can distribute into my scythes and release into the air. I can release heat equivalent to 100 of the stars in the galaxy( of earth of course ) combined.

Sythr: I can tell that the last statement is biased.

Ray: grr. Okay, close to that of 100 stars. Freezing me will not do anything and uhhh.... Aiden... . Having no light will just give Sythr the advantage, he emanates darkness and can become one with a shadow.

Sythr: Using me now... You are becoming weak Ray, you don't even know me that much, other than the fact that I am darkness. And Sai pleased to meet you, I am intrigued by your world.

Xeph: Ah this is getting out of hand you guys, you guys should be friends, and be making friends.

Ray: tch.., well I told you guys these people are weird > _>

Sythr: I can't contradict that. You can't help it though, what is normal in one can be distinct and alien on another.

Xeph: hehe../ geenidee

#257:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 25 Feb, 2011
Morph: ...I imagine planets must be rather scarce wherever you come from, judging by the extinction-level events that must occur from even a simple sparring match. (When I say extinction-level event, I'm not talking about some puny dinosaur-killer asteroid, I'm talking strip the atmosphere, boil the oceans, reduce a significant fraction of the earth's surface to molten glass, deform the planet itself, woo and quite possibly shift its orbit around the sun. All from the energy released from a -single- scythe blow. eek2 lach1 )

Vesper: *whistles* Wow, that's... really something. I definitely don't think I could keep up with that sort of power output per second.

Mecha: Worldbuilder's note- Ves manipulates thermal energy, interacting with it from a 4-dimensional standpoint and controlling the way it flows down the energy gradient, even reversing it. Essentially she's able to displace heat from one area to another regardless of any intervening obstacles or the normal rate of conductivity\insulation of the material in question. She can't create or destroy it, just move it around, concentrate or disperse it within her range.

Sai: *to Sythr* Quite true. It's all a matter of perspective. meditate

#258:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 25 Feb, 2011
Jet: We had a nice long reply all typed out, and then TinyNinja accidentally deleted it grrr cry grrr cry

Aviv: It was a simple accident, Jet. She was trying to keep the reply from being lost in a posting error that frequently occurs between her phone and the chat site.

Jet: Why do you always take her side!?!? cry grrr

Aviv: I don't always take her side. If I was always on her side, then I wouldn't stand quietly in the background of her dreams without reminding her that she's dreaming.

Jet: That's TinyNinja's mind doing that, not you. Every time you make a voluntary action, you back TinyNinja.

Aviv: Jet, remember whose mind we are in. Do either of us really have any voluntary actions?

Jet: eek2

#259:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 26 Feb, 2011
Morph: sadblauw Aw, that sucks. Do you remember the gist of what you wrote?

Sai: *to Aviv* I'd say that really depends on how 'developed' you are. From what I understand, people with dissociative identity disorder have highly compartmentalized and segmented thought patterns, usually formed as a defense mechanism by a mind that simply cannot cope with a very traumatic experience of some sort. If the human mind is capable of supporting multiple concurrent personalities as a side-effect of defending itself, I don't see why a voluntarily created character couldn't also achieve true sentience in parallel with its creator. Granted, it may be a case of comparing apples and oranges, but the mind is capable of such flexibility that I'd be surprised if there wasn't a way for us to really be ourselves instead of merely being puppets. ^_^

Morph: I'm surprised at you Sai. For all your trademark philosophizing, you forgot the easiest test of all- what do you feel? It's not useful for convincing anyone other than yourself, but the very act of being self-aware should really be all the proof you need. siiw

#260:  Author: shatterspike1 PostPosted: Sun 27 Feb, 2011
Hey, I haven't posted in forever, but I found this. I think answering these questions is an interesting way of describing a character.

#261:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 27 Feb, 2011
Morph: O_o Hey, I haven't seen you around in forever! How's Shatter doing?

Sai: Well, that was unexpected. Nice to see some old faces. Interesting little article you linked to by the way, should be helpful for new people just starting up.

#262:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 28 Feb, 2011
Jet: *to Morph* I remember saying that I thought you guys' special powers sounded cool, and that I had been working on getting better with my mental powers, but it hadn't been going well at all. I have figured out how to make a really pretty light show, but really that's quite useless. Oh, and I remember saying hello to the new guys. Hi there!

Aviv: *to Sai* I had not thought about it in that manner before. The way I have been looking at it, TinyNinja is able to control our behavior or eleminate us from her mind at any moment, therefore we are not capable of voluntary action. However, there are many humans under the control of a person who is perfectly capable of eleminating them from the world at any time, but the fact does not mean they cannot make voluntary decisions. Morph also raises an interesting point. Perhaps all that matters is that we believe we are capable of independent action.

Jet: Well look at you, sitting there and philosophising. You're the last person I would have expected to have deep thoughts about anything other than how to blow things up. Oh, that reminds me, the other thing that went on in the deleted post was a good deal of arguing. But that's neither here nore there. Although, Aviv, I do really hate it when you always take TinyNinja's side on everything.

Aviv: We've been there before, Jet. I've already told you my answer to that.

#263:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Tue 01 Mar, 2011
Orion: I do see all of your points. Koco is capable of erasing me and Hanyuu entirely from her mind, but it is very difficult for her to do so. She's been connected to me for at least 3 years and Hanyuu for 6 months, so she is to the point in the connection where she probably couldn't disconnect.

Hanyuu: Wow, Orion-Sama, that is very philosophic for a 27 year-old that acts like a 13 year old that always plays black ops and D&D with your husband.

KocoBassa: That's true, Orion. I suppose this "Connection" I have with you two (and all of my other personas for that matter.) could be called a mental illness...However, I don't think that is so. I just don't get out much and didn't have any friends or connections to any one my age until I turned 5 and went to kindergarten. So I created "imaginary friends" that were based off my own personality and called them personas. Over the years they evolve and become part of me even more.
- Does that make me crazy?

#264:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 01 Mar, 2011
*Kupo hugs Koco
Kupo: I dun think your crazy. And I wanna hug Aviv. sadblauw
*Kupo hugs Morph, Sai, Skaith, Ves, Aiden, Crysar, Mecha, (the mysterious AVE), Jet, Tiny, Hanyuu and Orion and pats Aviv's head hoping he doesn't bite and hopes she didn't miss anyone

Me: You know Kupo, you saying Koco isn't crazy probably doesn't help her. But -I- don't think you're crazy, Koco. A lot of children have imaginary friends up to the age of 8 or 9, when they begin to cognitively develop. After that if they still believe these friends are real people then it is sometimes believed they are still developing or in some cases they have post traumatic stress syndrome, or they may not be developing properly. The way I like to draw the line is that we know these characters (I can't remember the really cool name for them), exist solely within our minds, cannot physically harm us/make us harm ourselves, and we are in full control of them. -That- is how I draw the lines between sane and insane. And I know it's a very fine line, but for each person it's just a matter of finding this line.
Aviv, I agree with Morph and Orion. It is very difficult for us to erase youse from our mind simply because of the fact you feel. You protect Tiny which makes you agree with her often, but does she ask you or tell you to agree or protect her? I doubt so and I am sure that this willingness, this urge to do or be the way you are, is what makes her value you more than you realise. I'm also sure that if there were a point where you felt that you shouldn't agree with her, and you stood up to that and explained why, I'm sure she'd appreciate it very much.

*Kupo sighs and sits next to Morph and scratches Morph's head
Kupo: Morph, Eilatan can't ld. She hasn't been able to and lately she's been so busy she has no time to fully try. I dunno how I can help her, but I really want to find that guy because I feel like he's an important one, not just a dc. And I know it'd be so much easier to just summon him or so if she could ld, but she hasn't had any luck so I dunno. What do you suggest?

#265:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 02 Mar, 2011
*Aviv does not bite, although his mouth tightens a bit*

Jet: *elbows Aviv* Quit looking so grim. Kupo's trying to be nice. *hugs Kupo* Don't worry, Kupo, he doesn't bite. I suppose its a good thing that he looks so scary, that means he scares away all the nightmare creatures, right? (As a matter of fact, TinyNinja hasn't had a nightmare in a long time since she started keeping Aviv around. I think that means he's doing his job.)

Aviv: No, KocoBassa, I do not think you're crazy. Crazyness would be if the characters tried to control your behavior in WL and you were unable to stop them. As long as the characters are not affecting your WL against your will, you are fine. @Eilatan: You are correct in that TinyNinja does not coerce me into protecting her in dreams, it is simply an integral part of my being. I suppose that, since she originally met me in a dream, I at least was not a creation of her conscious mind. I have not had issues with TinyNinja making a decision I disagree with, but I can only hope that she would indeed listen to me if I did have reason to disagree with her. I do not anticipate that being an issue in the future, however. TinyNinja is quite intelligent. More so than some of her MCs.

Jet: *interrupts* Hey! I know exactly who you're talking about, Aviv, and I don't like it one bit. I'm not the lean mean creepy-looking machine you are, but I'm plenty intelligent. Don't call me stupid, or I'll call in TinyNinja. That would be one area where she wouldn't agree with you and wouldn't listen to you, I think. Yeah, so you protect her. But who talks to her in the middle of the night?? Hmm?? Not you, I can tell you that.

Aviv: I believe, Jet, that we both serve different but complementary functions. Me attempting to make small talk with TinyNinja would be as futile as you trying to protect her. I apologize for any remarks I have made regarding your intelligence. You are correct in implying that I would not serve as an effective conversation partner under any circumstances.

Jet: Okay, we're friends again. Well, we weren't really friends in the first place, so ally-coworker-toleraters-of-each-other again? Whatever. And I can't say I've really thought about whether we have free will or not. I feel like I have free will, and that's good enough for me. Why should I care if I really do or not, as long as it feels the same to me?

#266:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 02 Mar, 2011
Kupo: D=

*Eilatan looks at Kupo and nods.

*Kupo hands Aviv and Jet a seed each
Kupo: Me things you two should hold onto these. They might help one day when you realise what they're for. <3

#267:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 02 Mar, 2011
Jet: Okay, cool. Any hints as to what they do? I suppose not, but it never hurts to ask.

Aviv: *holds seed and examines it closely, but doesn't say anything*

#268:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 03 Mar, 2011
Aiden: *hugs Kupo back*

Morph: Um, not really sure how much I can help here Kupo. Mecha's in pretty much the same position as far as LDs go. I think that there's information on the forum about finding SGs that might help out, but I'm not 100% sure as Mecha's never bothered to look at it.

Skaith: Perhaps sometime you and Eilatan could try meditation and\or self hypnosis to try finding this DC in the waking world? Might be worth a shot.

#269:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sat 12 Mar, 2011
Jet: Nooo! This thread can't fall off the front page!

Aviv: Jet, it seems that no one is having anything to say. You know we don't have anything interesting to talk about.

Jet: That's only because TinyNinja's lucid dreaming skills stink. *glares*

Aviv: Jet...

Jet: I don't want to hear it, dude. I'm bored and I want to talk. Is anyone going on any fun adventures or planning to go on some? There are no adventures here whatsoever. Because like I said, TinyNinja's lucid dreaming skills stink. *glares*

#270:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 12 Mar, 2011
grrr cry grrr cry grrr
Mecha: We had typed out a nice long post, but then Firefox went and ate it.

Morph: D'oh!

Sai: Long story short, no adventures currently planned, Skaith reminded Mecha of some plans he'd forgotten about, Morph... was Morph, Crysar spoke again, and Aiden recounted a humorous experience in the mindscape recently, involving Mecha, a pool of water, and a thermonuclear explosion. (don't ask) ^^

#271:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sat 12 Mar, 2011
Jet: Stupid browser. I feel your pain sadblauw But that sounds like a really funny story, and I'm bored, so... I'm asking. If Mecha doesn't mind me knowing, that is.

#272:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 13 Mar, 2011
Mecha: As Sai said, to put a long story short- I was visualizing the main mindscape we hang out in, trying to put as much detail as possible into it, and while I was busy feeling the crunch of gravel underneath my feet and so forth, I got the brilliant idea to see if I could recreate the feel of water on my skin. So with that in mind, I teleported over to the reflecting pond at the center of the indoor garden area and took off the gauntlet of my dream armor, then dipped a finger into the water's surface. I was able to recreate the feel of the water all right, but when I tried to dry it off, it just felt the same as it did before. For some reason I was having trouble 'resetting' my perception of how the imaginary finger felt, and it got annoying real fast, particularly when juxtaposed with the sensory input from my real finger. The harder I thought about making it vanish, the more my mind held onto the feeling of wetness. (in retrospect it probably would've been easier to have just woken up and started over again, but I was in a relaxed trancelike state at the time and didn't feel like going through the self-hypnosis routine again. kiekeboe )

Morph: It was funny sitting there watching him try a bunch of different methods to try and dry off his finger, from the mundane summoning of a towel or focusing on how his real finger felt, to the bizarre, like blasting it off and having another one grow in its place.

Sai: (long story short eh? ^^ ) I wasn't there at the time so I missed most of it, but I did notice when I saw a huge mushroom cloud blossom up over the indoor garden.

Morph: Eventually he just stuck his entire hand into the pool of water and then that finally helped him to reset his perception of the imaginary digit. lach1

#273:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 14 Mar, 2011
Jet: That is a funny story. Especially when you figure that you were making mushroom clouds when all you had to do was dip your hand in the water again... TinyNinja's going to try self-hypnosis tonight. I'm bracing for something outrageous to happen...

Aviv: There is no reason to believe that anything "outrageous" will happen. It is only her first time attempting, and my understanding is that all she will try to do is go swimming or something like that.

Jet: I wouldn't be so sure of that, buddy. If it's anything like TinyNinja's dreams, this whole self-hypnosis session will get pretty crazy by the time its done. Hopefully I'll have a great story to tell tomorrow...

#274:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 14 Mar, 2011
*Kupo whispers to Eilatan "I don't think they figured out what they do yet..."

Me: They will when they need it.. Anyway Aviv, you can always talk about anything you what here.

Kupo: Yah Jet! Eilatan's own ldingness sucks. But it's too cozy here to pass it up.

Me: Even if we're just apparently providing comic relief to others.

*Eilatan sits with Kupo in the tree and yawns

Me: I like it here too much to leave anyway. <3

#275:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 14 Mar, 2011
Mecha: Haha, good luck TinyNinja! Waiting to hear what happens.

#276:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 14 Mar, 2011
Jet: As it turns out, nothing interesting happened. Seems that self-hypnosis before bedtime is a reeeealy good way to put yourself to sleep, but not a good way to connect with your mindscape hmm At least TinyNinja seemed to enjoy it before she fell asleep. Apparently her mindscape has a big stone-paved well thing with a spiral staircase along the sides and a stained glass window in the top, and it's half-filled with water. Who knew? Now all I want to know is how she thinks she's going to get out of the well when she's done relaxing herself or whatever she was doing.

Aviv: I think there was a door at the top of the staircase. And I wouldn't call it a well. More of a swimming pool.

Jet: Whatever. No worries, Eilatan/Kupo, TinyNinja isn't good at lucid dreaming at all. Oh, and she has awful dream recall. For the most part she just comes in here for the fun of it, and if she gets more lucid dreams from it, that's just a pleasant side effect, right? Of course, she couldn't ignore the character chat even if she wanted to give up lucid dreaming attempts. Aviv and I like it here.

Aviv: I thought we went over this, Jet. If TinyNinja doesn't want to join the character chat anymore, we can't make her. I think she enjoys it as much as we do, though.

#277:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 16 Mar, 2011
Mecha: ^_^ That's what usually happens here too when I try it right before bedtime. lach1 Also, nice setting. I like it. In our mindscape we have a nice spot for swimming and relaxing underneath Sai's tree.
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)
Have you decided what's past the door yet or are you wanting to let your subconscious surprise you?


Mecha: What, have none of you anything else to say? This is the Character Chats thread after all.

Morph: Mrrrmph... 4:52 AM... Come back when I'm awake... sleep

Sai: lachgroen RPer. You know we don't actually need sleep when Mecha's awake, right?

Morph: ...Zzz? biggrin

#278:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 16 Mar, 2011
TinyNinja: The door leads to the rest of my mindscape, I just haven't built it yet... I'm starting small with the pool.

Jet: TinyNinja assures us that when she gets around to designing the rest of her mindscape, Aviv and I will each have a place of our own. That tree sounds very beautiful! TinyNinja's the sort of woman who would rather commune with a big city than with nature, so we probably won't have a lot of things like that in her mindscape.

Aviv: If you want nature, Jet, you are free to make some in your own segment of the mindspace.

Jet: Says the guy who wants to fill his segment with a giant target-shooting range eek2 I might just add some nature into my segment, though. I was thinking about a spaceship repair bay, but I like nature too... maybe I can have my repair bay on a beach. This is the mindscape, after all--anything is possible!

#279:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 17 Mar, 2011
Mecha: I'm also much more at home with technology than nature, (my DJ's even titled "Metallic Horizons") but the island mindscape was envisioned as a tranquil getaway, an exotic vacation spot if you will. Also, I had to laugh at Aviv's potential choice, it reminded me all too much of the underwater missile launch site Crysar ended up choosing.

Morph: Ah, those were the days. I bet he'd probably choose something a little more low-key but just as effective if he had to choose again today. Looking back on it I kinda regret my own choice,
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)
At least it's turned into a great tourist attraction for the people on the big island to the north, (they have one of the receiving stations near the town square IIRC) and has afforded many moments of hilarity watching them go ZOMGWTHBBQ?!?!! as they observe the events that happen here from time to time. (like the recent nuclear hand dryer incident. ) We've added a chainlink fence+invisible forcefield around the hill so they don't go wandering around where they might get hurt or mess anything up, but can still have a nice view of the island.

#280:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Thu 17 Mar, 2011
Aviv: Underwater... *lapses into thoughtful silence*

Jet: Look what you did Now he's going to want his shooting range underwater. Or, what's worse, in mid-air.

Aviv: Mid-air... ? Excellent idea, Jet.

Jet: Oh, forget I ever said anything. Aviv and Crysar sound like two of a kind. TinyNinja and Mecha should try to have a shared dream so Aviv and Crysar can try out each other's weapons-testing facilities grin Except that TinyNinja isn't very good at just plain old lucid dreaming on her own, so I have no clue how she would ever have a shared dream. The self-hypnosis seems to be working a little better, though. She's been really working on visualizing her mindscape in detail. Or, it's not her whole mindscape, just the one little swimming pool. She says she wants to get good with one place before she tries a bunch of places. I just want my repair bay on the beach sadblauw Oh well, it will happen eventually, I'm sure. TinyNinja wants to paint the swimming pool (I mean paint a picture of it in WL), and then she says she'll work on the rest of the mindscape. It's so cool that you have a city full of people in your mindscape! TinyNinja seems to have her hands full with just herself and me and Aviv.

#281:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 18 Mar, 2011
Sai: *to Jet* ^_^ Actually, they're more like the 'background scenery' DCs that tend to populate dreams rather than fully fledged entities in their own right. Glad to hear TinyNinja's getting better with self-hypnosis and visualization.

Morph: *to Jet and Aviv* Why not combine the ideas?. Massive underwater facility with a zero-g freefall shooting range FTW! ebil

Sai: -_-

Aiden: *to TinyNinja* I'd like to see how your mindscape looks so far! ^_^

#282:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 21 Mar, 2011
Aviv: I. Love. It.

Jet: Oh, look what you did... now he's going to draw up plans for the shooting range you described, Morph. I can see the wheels turning in his head already. I know what he's doing for his piece of the mindscape! *to Sai* Ah, I see. That's still something TinyNinja hasn't gotten to yet. She says thanks for the good wishes, by the way smile

TinyNinja: *to Aiden* So far my mindscape only has one place, the stone pool. Here's the picture I made of it:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

I'm not actually a painter, I just photoshop stock photos together until it looks something like what I'm imagining. Jet hasn't quite figured out the difference yet, hence the reason she said I was going to paint the mindscape. Now that I've got that part down, it will probably get expanded (I can put the pictures of the different places in this thread when I get them finished if you'd like to see them). Jet pretends that she doesn't care very much about a spot in the mindscape, but I know she's looking forward to it. I caught her making mindscape-sketches the other day...

Jet: Hey, someone's got to be disinterested, since our resident ignorer of everything has been totally turned upside down by the thought of a new fancy shooting range *glares at Aviv, who is doodling designs on a pad of mind-paper* What does your piece of the mindscape look like, Aiden?

#283:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 21 Mar, 2011
Aiden: *to Jet* I made a black stone obelisk near the center of the island. Mecha did a quick sketch of it a long time ago. *to TinyNinja* I'd like to see the rest of it when you get the chance! ^_^ *backflips*

Morph: Score! siiw *high-fives Skaith*

Mecha: *to TinyNinja* Nice pic, although trying to use a painting program in that manner probably won't give you the results that you would from a dedicated 3d application for the same amount of effort. Hmm, the roof reminds me a bit of the one I envisioned for the indoor garden. I tried modeling it once, but only got as far as the roof itself before putting it on hold indefinitely. Seeing your pic though, I almost feel like dusting off my ancient Blender skills and giving it another go.

#284:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 21 Mar, 2011
Jet: I bet that obelisk is really spectacular in the mindscape! That's a cool sort of monument to have. Has anyone ever climbed it before?

Aviv: *doesn't look up from the plans he's drawing* Now where should I put the air-tank storage...

Jet: Be quiet unless you're actually talking to someone. And TinyNinja and I know you can breathe underwater anyway.

Aviv: I can, the two of you can't. *keeps drawing*

TinyNinja: *To Mecha* Nice roof! I'm actually primarily a 3D artist... the picture of Jet I did a while back is all 3D. (I need to re-do that picture, actually... my perception of Jet has changed considerably since then.) I just find Photoshop to be faster for quick concept art. My goal is to eventually model my mindscape in 3D, though. I don't know how many textures you make, but have you discovered the gold mine that is

#285:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 22 Mar, 2011
Aiden: *to Jet* I think I'm the only one here who's tried it, XD.

Mecha: Aye, a good 50-60% of my old reference and inspiration pics for the indoor garden area came from that site. I generally use procedural textures for most purposes though, or use the Gimp to paint UV maps. ( is still an awesome reference for textures) It'd be cool to see how Jet looks in 3d once you update it.

#286:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sun 27 Mar, 2011
KocoBassa: I hand draw all my Dream worlds (Mindscapes) and such by hand. I'm not very good with drawing software (Despite having paint tool SAI) so I do it on paper.

Orion: What you need there is a tablet. Its how Penny Arcade does their art.

KocoBassa: Yeah, and my Dream worlds are very vivid, so I still have trouble with them. I've had amazing Dream worlds. I could probably make an entire country, world, or maybe even an ENTIRE UNIVERSE with my little mind. I'd love to "construct" my own dream world and try to go there in my next LD.

#287:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 27 Mar, 2011
TinyNinja: Unfortunately WL has thrown me a few curveballs, so it looks like I'm not going to have time to make more mindscape pics for at least a couple weeks sadblauw the major physical changes from my first picture of Jet are that she has light brown eyes instead of violet, her wardrobe is a little less futuristic, and she doesn't have the scar on her cheek any more. (You can't really see it in the picture.) Other than that it is mostly small details... once I get back making pictures I will do a "family portrait", so to speak, of all my MCs.

Jet: Speaking of your MCs...

TinyNinja: Would you like to do the honors?

Jet: TinyNinja has a new MC! Everybody, this is Kaeli.

Kaeli: Hello, everyone. I'm very excited to be here! Jet has been begging TinyNinja all day to take me in here to talk with everyone.

Jet: You haven't even existed all day.

Kaeli: Okay, then, all evening. I'm sure they get the idea. *looks around* Where did my gauntlet go? It was just sitting right here... Aviv!

Aviv: *returns gauntlet* Sorry.

Jet: Kaeli has this awesome suit of armor, and apparently it's made out of something Aviv has never seen before. He keeps taking pieces of it to examine it.

#288:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 27 Mar, 2011
Sai: Welcome Kaeli-

Morph: *GLaDOS voice* wE hopE YouR brIef Stay in THE relAXatiOn VaULt has beEn a pLeasAnt onE, YoUr sPecIMen hAs Been proCEssEd, anD we ARe NoW rEadY to bEgIn the TeST prOpeR.

Sai: -_- *playfully whacks Morph on the back of the head* Please ignore my boyfriend here, he can be a bit much at times. As I was saying, I hope you have a good time here interacting with the rest of us.

Morph: Your armor sounds interesting Kaeli. Mind letting us know what style it's in?

#289:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 28 Mar, 2011
Kupo: .....Morph has a girlfriend..?
*Kupo walks off...

Me: Just ignore her, Morph and Sai. And welcome to our little abode, Kaeli.
*Eilatan pokes Kupo
Me: You like new people... And he's friends with Aviv. And you like Aviv, right? And Jet?

Kupo: Oh fine.. Hello Kaeli, any friend of theirs is a friend of mine.

#290:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 28 Mar, 2011
Actually I'm very nice, without a whole lot of wrath. Are you the MC that Jet said is a shapeshifter? She thought someone was, but she couldn't remember who. My armor is futuristic, TinyNinja tells me (it looks just normal to me, because I designed it), and she says it's fairly heavy although it doesn't have exoskeleton or "tin can" status, she tells me. It's composed of plate-armor components (chest plate, hip guard, upper/lower arm and leg plates, and joint guards) over a micromaille jumpsuit. I also have a helmet, but I don't wear it very often because it gets kind of hot and stuffy.

Jet: The "micromaille" she's talking about is this really cool metal/plastic stuff. It's flexible and slightly stretchy and apparently really strong, too. Aviv can't stop staring at it *shoves Aviv*

Aviv: uh, what?... I wasn't looking at her jumpsuit, I was looking at her shoulder guards. What are they, titanium alloy?

Kaeli: Yeah, pretty much. Not primarily titanium, but there's quite a bit of titanium in it. I actually have two other suits... one is my environmental suit, so it's all sealed up with oxygen tanks, and the other is a stealth suit. I don't wear those so much, though, because the one is super bulky and the other isn't as strong as this one. Would you like to take a look at one of those?

Aviv: I, um, well, I mean, I'd like to... if it's not a problem...

Jet: Look at that. Kaeli actually has Aviv tongue-tied.

Kaeli: I can't help it! It's not like I did anything except show up in a cool suit of armor. I'm not even going to show him my weaponry... he'd be in a complete stupor.
Thanks for the welcomes, everybody! It seems very comfortable here, and everyone seems quite friendly smile

#291:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 28 Mar, 2011
Kupo: Kaeli's a girl? :O
*Kupo hugs Kaeli!
Kupo: And no.. Skaith.. and his twin Morph... are shapeshifters.... OH! And Aiden's a little cute monkey boy

Eilatan: It's nice to see someone who can tongue-tie Aviv, actually. I suppose he likes her wink5

Kupo: Likes? I don't really see Aviv liking anyone but Tiny, to be honest... Then again... tounge2

#292:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Tue 29 Mar, 2011
Kaeli: *hugs Kupo back* Aviv was inhabiting the same mindscape, looking at me, and I took off my helmet and he got all surprised that I was a girl. I didn't think my armor was that bulky... *shrugs*

Jet: Oh, I'm certain that Aviv likes Kaeli, at least somewhat. He likes TinyNinja very much, too, but she doesn't have the same... effect that Kaeli has on him.

Aviv: Effect? What effect? I am not affected by the behavior of other mind characters, I can assure you.

Kaeli: Aviv, I left a crate in Jet's vehicle bay when I first arrived, and it's too heavy for me to move to the mindscape-storage space we're keeping our stuff in until TinyNinja designs the rest of the mindscape. Do you think you could help me with it?

Aviv: Well, absolutely... maybe if it turns out that it's too heavy for the two of us, we could get TinyNinja to make us a load-lifter of some sort... but I don't think it will be too heavy for the two of us. You seem very, well, you know... I mean, I don't think we'll have any trouble... Why don't I take a look at it?

Kaeli: *winks at everyone else and goes to help Aviv with the crate*

Jet: Yep, TinyNinja never does that to him. I get the feeling that these next few days are going to be very entertaining wink Yes, I know I am easily amused. I just remember how Aviv scared the living daylights out of me when he first showed up, and now he's going to pieces around Kaeli...

#293:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Wed 30 Mar, 2011
Orion: Whew! Sorry that we're late, but I was trying to help the Archangel's move those "Classified Items" into "Classified" and stop my husband from eating half of them. Nice to meat you Kaeli! I hope you like it here.

Hanyuu: Hau au au! It's nice to meet you! Would you like some tea??

Koco: Hanyuu, calm down! Kaeli, don't worry about Hanyuu. She gets excited about newcomers.

Orion's Husband: Hey, honey, where are those jelly babies for the Archangel's?

Orion: "Classified Items" sweetie. I don't want your white haired head to be crushed by the operatives for treason... Everyone please ignore all that was said.

#294:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
Vesper: *to Kaeli* lach1 You go girl!

Crysar: Most amusing.

Morph: *to Orion* You had my rapt attention at 'classified'. Don't worry, I won't tell a soul. ^^

Aiden: Mecha and I are on an adventure in the mindscape right now! (well, not 'right' right now, but we're in the middle of one, XD)

Mecha: Guided imagery while in a hypnotic state, letting my subconscious generate most of what's going on and just flowing with what it gives us. (as well as occasionally trying to make sense of it all) Basically, just a glorified daydream. kiekeboe Still, it's interesting to see what landscapes and scenarios my subconscious comes up with, and Aiden thinks it's tremendous fun.

#295:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
Kaeli: *at Hanyuu* Hello! I would love a cup of tea, as long as it doesn't have any milk in it. I'm lactose-intolerant neutral Don't ask me how it's possible to be intolerant of mental dairy, but apparently it is...
*high-fives Vesper* Haha, thanks :D Just out of curiosity, what does your piece of Mecha's mindscape look like?

Jet: That sounds like a very fun adventure, Mecha/Aiden! Perhaps when TinyNinja gets better at visualization she can give it a try. I wish she was able to interact with us in the mindscape more sadblauw

Aviv: These things take time, Jet. Most of us are not natural lucid dreamers like you are. (In fact, I don't know about Kaeli, but some of us don't sleep at all.)

Kaeli: I sleep and have dreams, but not the lucid variety.

Aviv: Yes, I see how that would... work... and that is, in fact, the normal state of affairs... as I said, quite normal... what were we talking about? Oh, yes. For most of us, Jet, detailed visualization is a learned ability. Give TinyNinja some time.

#296:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 01 Apr, 2011
Vesper: *to Kaeli* It's a perpetual thunderstorm just off the coast, near Sai's tree. Mecha wouldn't let me have it over the island itself, (something about it being a shock\fire\flooding hazard, ) but he did let me add a peninsula that runs underneath the trailing edge of the storm. I like to watch it from the shoreline, or occasionally from the sea itself while swimming underneath it. (the great barrier mountain ring is also a good vantage spot in certain areas, and Sai's tree gives you a chance to back up and see the big picture) The feel of the wind on my face and the smell of the air just before a storm- I love it. ^^

Aiden: *to Jet* We tried continuing it last night, but Mecha fell asleep while trying to relax into self-hypnosis, XD

#297:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sat 02 Apr, 2011
Kaeli: *to Vesper* That sounds amazing! TinyNinja has told me that I get to build my own place in her mindscape, but I have no idea of what I want to do. Jet has her repair bay all planned out, and Aviv keeps drawing plans for something, but I have no idea what I want sadblauw Perhaps TinyNinja and I can work on it some time during one of her self-hypnosis sessions. We haven't figured out my back story or anything yet, and so far there's nothing I feel drawn to particularly.

Jet: *to Aiden* Speaking of self-hypnosis, that stinks that your session got interrupted by Mecha falling asleep... it happens to me with TinyNinja, too! You would think those crazy humans were actually tired or something

#298:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 03 Apr, 2011
Vesper: *to Kaeli* Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find something you like before long. In the meantime, enjoy yourself! Take this rare opportunity of existence and live. Experience the vibrant nature of your surroundings, no matter how they may appear at first glance.

Morph: See, it's times like this when I wonder how you and Crysar get along so well together. Or maybe it's precisely because of it, I'm not sure. eh

Aiden: *to Jet* lach2

#299:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 03 Apr, 2011
Kaeli: *to Vesper* I like the sound of that. TinyNinja has told me that she'll take me on lots of adventures so I can get a good look at all sorts of different environments. It's just that when everyone else has a "place" so to speak, and I don't, it feels like... well, I can't really describe it, it just feels different, you know? Perhaps I should cut myself some slack. After all, Jet and Aviv have existed for much longer than I have.

Jet: *to Morph* Maybe they sort of balance each other out? But what I'm really dying to know is, has Vesper ever made Chrysar go to pieces like Kaeli seems to do to Aviv wink ?

Aviv: I do not go to pieces around anyone. *sees Kaeli* Oh... hi... Kaeli...

Kaeli: *rolls eyes* Maybe my piece of the mindscape should be the Make-Aviv-Look-Like-An-Idiot-Room. (I'm just kidding! I wouldn't waste my piece of the mindscape on that. It seems that I do it anyway without even trying neutral )

#300:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 03 Apr, 2011
Kupo: Ugh. All of Morph's friends confuse me, there's way too many of them. And Jet, I bet Morph goes to pieces over Sai like Aviv.

Me: Yes but we should probably stop teasing him. And Kaeli, I'm sure Tiny would give you as much room as you want to play with. No doubt Aviv has something crazy huge that he wants to make. As for Kupo, she has his whole tree forest thing going on. But I love it.

#301:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 06 Apr, 2011
Morph: *to Kupo* Weee aaaree leegiooooon....

Skaith: Nah, there's not that many of us. Just seven in total, eight if you count Mecha.

Morph: *to Jet* If she has, it's been somewhere where I haven't seen it. Seriously, that guy's face is like a stone block for all its expressiveness.

#302:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 10 Apr, 2011
Jet: *to Morph* Aviv's face is like that too. That's part of what makes it so funny--his facial expression never changes. He just starts stammering and hesitating and generally going to pieces when he talks. Kaeli, my friend, you've got talents.

Kaeli: [stands up straight and looks dignified] I don't know what you're talking about, Jet. I don't act any different around Aviv than I do around anyone else.

Jet: Whatever. *reads Mecha's post again, starting from the top* *sings* And weeeeee'llll keep on fiiiighting, til the ennnnd...

Kaeli: What on earth is that?

Jet: It's a song. It's called We are the Champions, I think. Morph's post just reminded me of it.

Kaeli: 0.o

Jet: The first line of the chorus says "Weeeee are the chaaampions, my frieeeennnndsss". Morph's reply to Kupo reminded me of it. And I like it. *sings* We are the chaaaampions, weee are the chaaaampions, noooo time for loooooosers, 'cause we are the chaaaampionsss--

Aviv: Be quiet. Please. Thank you.

Kaeli: Sorry Jet, but I'm starting to agree with him. *to everyone else* Sorry about the noise. Jet seems a little hyper tonight, and I'm not sure why. *to Eilatan* A forest sounds like a great place to have a mindscape! Right now I'm wavering between a totally natural place like a forest or an oasis or a waterfall or something, and a totally constructed place like a skyscraper or a command center or something. Maybe I should combine the two... hmm. It's looking like TinyNinja's mindscape might turn out to be just a mass of hybrids, with Jet's repair bay on the beach and Aviv's... shooting thing. (Every time I look at his plans, there's some new feature added to it.)

#303:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 10 Apr, 2011
Me: Sounds like New York City, Kaeli.

*Kupo thinks Jet has a lovely voice

Me: It is a nice song, though. And I think both Kaeli and Aviv like each other. I wonder what Tiny thinks of it tounge2

#304:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 10 Apr, 2011
Jet: Why thank you Kupo. I think you have a very nice voice too. And I'm really happy to find other fans of that song! Kaeli has started putting her hands over her ears when I sing it, and Aviv looks just a shade grimmer. (I didn't even know that was possible, but apparently it is.) They just don't appreciate good music!

Kaeli: *to Eilatan* I've never been to New York City. I'll have to ask TinyNinja to take me there in a dream some time.

TinyNinja: If Kaeli and Aviv like each other, it's fine by me. That's part of the fun of creating characters--watching them interact with each other!

#305:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 14 Apr, 2011
Morph: Yes, interact! That's the idea, at least in theory. Rather hard to implement though when somebody manages to find an addictive new MMO and forgets all about bringing us to the chats for a couple days.

Mecha: If you were becoming impatient, why didn't you say something before now? You've had plenty of opportunity during our regular commentary with each other during the day, yes?

Morph: ...I admit I might have been having just a little bit too much fun watching you get blown up time after time again in your loltractor. lach1 (actually leichttraktor, but everyone calls it the loltractor)

#306:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Thu 14 Apr, 2011
Jet: Loltractor? Is that anything like an LOLcat? I like LOLcats.

Kaeli: No Jet, I think it's more like the ROTFLicopter.

Jet: You got it wrong, Kaeli. It's the ROFLCOPTER, meaning Roll On Floor Laughing, Can't Operate Properly Till Eyes Refocus. TinyNinja just looked it up on Urban Dictionary, and that's what it said.

Kaeli: Whatever. ROTFLicopter sounds better. It sounds like the object that Aviv jumped out of last month.

Jet: *to Aviv* You told her about that? I thought you made me promise not to tell anyone about that debacle.

Kaeli: What happened? All I know is that he somehow jumped out of a flying machine. Aviv? What happened? Can I know?

Aviv: Well, um, you see... well... no.

#307:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 16 Apr, 2011
Mecha: It's a German light tank. I'm currently grinding exp and cash so I can buy a Hetzer.

Morph: *to Aviv* I've jumped out of many things before! (having no bones to break is a big advantage in those sort of situations)

Skaith: Technically we do have bones, only we can create, reform, or dissolve them at will, just like the rest of our physiology.

Sai: We went out for Chinese food in the mindscape yesterday, on the big island. Mecha just stayed long enough to drop us off, then he went away so that he could get some sleep.

#308:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 20 Apr, 2011
Kaeli: Yum, mindscape Chinese food smile We don't end up eating very often here, at least not that TinyNinja is aware of. Most of the time we're too busy chatting with her to think about food.

Jet: What do you like to order when you get Chinese food, Sai? I like pretty much anything chicken. Kaeli hasn't decided on something she likes, so she keeps trying different stuff to see what her favorite is. Aviv never eats anything...

Aviv: *to Morph* I have jumped out of many things before, too. That particular incident with a helicopter was simply more disasterous than usual.

Jet: When he says it was disasterous, he doesn't really mean it was a disaster. He means that he looked like an idiot.

Kaeli: Aviv, look like an idiot? What on Earth happened?

Aviv: shutup

Jet: ^Wow, minus the tape over the mouth, you really do look like that smiley. Incredible.

#309:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 22 Apr, 2011
Sai: General Tso's chicken, with broccoli and plenty of fluffy white rice. (mmm... rice ^_^) I also like Kung Pao chicken, but they never serve it in restaurants the way Mecha and I like it- searing hot, with plenty of chipotle peppers, pepper flakes and peanuts, and just a dash of raisins. (and rice! lovely lovely rice.)

Mecha: Of course, that's probably not the authentic way it's supposed to be made, but it's how I prepare it at home on special occasions. lach1 (the only other Chinese food I sometimes make around here is egg drop soup, which is quite easy and tastes good)

Aiden: I like fortune cookies! ^_^

Morph: *to Kaeli, with fake German accent* Don't vorry, ve ave ways to mehk him talk.

Skaith: None of which would work without Aviv being in the same mindscape as us or that would be sanctioned by Mecha.

Morph: D'oh! I guess you'll have to do this on your own then Kaeli. Good luck! grin

#310:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sat 23 Apr, 2011
Jet: Sounds delicious! For the most part I prefer the spicier dishes. Kaeli, though, seems to like milder ones. Except there's this one beef dish... TinyNinja tried it once and it was too hot for her in WL, but Kaeli eats it up in the mindscape like there's no tomorrow. Weird, because it's the only spicy Chinese food she likes. And she loves rice, too! I don't care for it as much.

Kaeli: TinyNinja needs to build a permanent restaurant in the mindscape. Jet and I like to try different things, but we keep having to mind-build temporary restaurants from scratch. And then there was the one Aviv blew up...

Aviv: That was, um, an accident... I didn't realize that it was, you know, what it was...

Kaeli: Um, right. *to Morph, with fake Russian accent* I seenk ve need to share zose vays. He ees ze verrry stubborn one, zis Aviv...

Jet: eek2 Um... fortune cookie, anyone? *Offers basket of fortune cookies to everyone in the Character Chat*

#311:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sat 23 Apr, 2011
*Eilatan grabs a fortune cookie and gives one to Kupo
Me: You will see green in a dream... Well.. That always happens.

Kupo: *Talks with mouth full* I canf mafe em talfk

Me: She means that she is trained enough to do most things Morph can tounge2

Kupo: I'll learn to be a shapeshifter one day!

#312:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sun 24 Apr, 2011
Hanyuu: Hau, I love fortune cookies! Hmmm, good works come with preserverence...

Orion: I've never understood these things. I'm an engineer, not a philosipher. But they do taste good...mmf hmf ghn

KocoBassa: Hmm I don't really pay any attention to the fortune but the lucky numbers and the speak chinese. But as Orion did before me...mmf hmf ghn

#313:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 01 May, 2011
Kaeli: *breaks fortune cookie* "Life is too short to waste time hating anyone." Hmm, I'm divided on that one. I mean, on the one hand, there isn't really anyone I hate... but I'm not an especially forgiving person and I can't see myself as one.

Jet: What she means is that she doesn't get mad, she gets even. *breaks fortune cookie* "I have a dream... Time to go to bed." What on earth does thatmean?

Aviv: It means that, if you have stayed awake so long that you are hallucinating, then you should go to sleep.

Jet: Go ahead, spoil all the fun, Aviv. Fortune cookies don't work like that.

Aviv: I fail to understand the point of a "fortune cookie". You do realize that a cookie containing a message is incapable of predicting the future or giving advice, correct?

Jet: Who cares, Aviv? They're fun. I'm going to open one for you, even though you don't eat it. *breaks open cookie* "Your skill will accomplish what the force of many cannot." Isn't that a good fortune?

Aviv: *blank stare*

Kaeli: TinyNinja finally finished making her portraits of us! She started a thread in the Fruits of Lucidity section, if anyone wants to check us out... The pictures of Jet and I turned out pretty good. Aviv's didn't come out so well, but TinyNinja says she'll keep trying.

#314:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 01 May, 2011
Morph: Hey cool!

Mecha: Feeling strange urge to start making some more artwork of my own characters... ^_^

Sai: 'tis called "inspiration" my good fellow. *to TinyNinja* Nice job with your characters there.

Mecha: One suggestion- have you considered adding some SSS (Sub-Surface Scattering) to their skin to make them look more realistic?

#315:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 02 May, 2011
Kaeli: TinyNinja says thanks! She says that her renderer doesn't support true sub-surface scattering (whatever that is, she didn't tell me), but that Jet and I have various types of approximated sub-surface scattering but Aviv doesn't. I don't think she's fully satisfied with the picture of Aviv. She says that she's going to start working on environments and keep coming back to him.

Jet: Of course Kaeli would prefer that TinyNinja started working on her armor. It kinda feels weird to see a picture of her without it, because she always wears it. The enameled trim on her armor matches the purple streaks in her hair... I think that's a little weird. Aviv doesn't seem to mind, though * wink at Kaeli* She just got a new gun yesterday. Aviv almost fell over when she showed it to him. It's huge... I don't see how she can lift it!

#316:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 07 May, 2011
Morph: *glares pointedly at Mecha*

Mecha: We're here now, aren't we?

Skaith: *uses Morph's distraction to get behind Mecha and aim a water gun at him*

Mecha: You know, the element of surprise is somewhat lessened when I have to type it out for you. ^_^ (nice try though)

Skaith: *whistles innocently* Try? What try? I'm not trying anything.^_^ *hides water gun*

Sai: How... amusing. -_- *to Jet* Maybe her armor has strength augmentation built in to it? That would probably let her carry a larger gun without problems. (it'd also help with increased recoil, up to a point)

#317:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 09 May, 2011
Jet: Stupid pop-up blocker! It was blocking the emoticon window, so TinyNinja turned it off. But instead of hitting "turn off" she hit "temporarily allow pop-ups", so it refreshed the window and all our chatting got lost sadblauw

Kaeli: I don't think there was much of anything interesting going on. I mentioned that we like mindscape water-wars too... well, at least Jet and I do. Aviv hates them, although he will join in if TinyNinja does.

Aviv: I have--I think-told you that I... I... find these "water wars" rather... well... pointless.

Kaeli: That's the point, Aviv. They're something pointless that we do for fun.

Jet: Kaeli's armor might have strength augmentation, Sai. I don't know. I'm a mechanic, but my expertise is ships, not armor or weaponry.

Kaeli: Hey, Jet, is it just me or did you and I switch tones of voice for this post? Maybe not so much this one as the one that got deleted.

Jet: I don't think it's that big of a deal. I'm tired, and you just happen to be particularly energetic right now.

#318:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 11 May, 2011
Morph: Hmm, I guess that makes Aviv more cooperative\sociable than Crysar is. I've never seen him join in the fun of a good waterfight- ever.

Skaith: *to Kaeli* Hmm, In my experience 'voice switching' happens sometimes and is nothing to worry about, although usually it's more a matter of the style changing than an actual voice switch.

Sai: *to Jet, dryly* Living in the head of a power armor enthusiast, you tend to pick up some things up over time. *normal tone* So, you're good with ships?

#319:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Thu 12 May, 2011
Kaeli: *To Skaith* You're right, it was the style changing rather than our voices actually switching. It feels a little bit weird now, though, when I read that conversation. I suppose Jet must have been really tired and I must have been really hyper.

Jet: *to Morph* I think Aviv only does it because he likes hanging out with TinyNinja. He never waterfights with the two of us... I don't see why. He's very good at it. *to Sai* Yep, ships (particularly air- and spaceships) are my "thing". Kind of funny, because TinyNinja isn't that interested in the ins and outs of them. I like taking them apart and putting them back together. Oh, and I really like flying them, too. I used to be a pilot, before I settled down in TinyNinja's mindspace. Do you like ships?

#320:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 15 May, 2011
Skaith: *to Kaeli* Yeah, that can be annoying at times. Not quite as much as having to keep your 'voice' distinct from someone who happens to be a second manifestation of yourself... I just try to keep the randomness and excited edge to my voice down by 75% and it works wonders.

Morph: No, I am first, you are the younger one.

Skaith: When the binary fission of a freeform shapeshifter is involved, the concept of older\younger twin goes right out the window. siiw

Morph: ...D'oh! ^_^ *to Jet* You're lucky. Crysar's idea of hanging out with Mecha involves sitting silently on the periphery of vision while staring unblinkingly with his freaky luminous eyes.

Mecha: To be fair Morph, I get the impression that he's mostly just trolling you for the lols.

Morph: Oh, well that makes me feel so much better. >_<

Sai: I must confess that the ins and outs and particulars of ships has never quite been my strong suite, but the concept of flying has always been attractive to me, whether using my own two wings or not.

#321:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 20 May, 2011
Kaeli: Wow, binary fission of a shapeshifter. Sounds complicated eek2 I tend to be the slightly less excited and random voice here, too (compared with Jet, at least). Now Aviv, he's never excited and never random.

Jet: *to Morph* Yeah, I think Crysar beats Aviv as far as, well, Aviv-ness/Crysar-ness goes... Except that I don't know what Aviv's eyes look like, because he has sunglasses on all the time. It wouldn't surprise me at all if his eyes glowed in the dark, though. Or if he just had a pair of video cameras instead of eyes. *shivers* I'm going to give myself nightmares if I keep talking like that.

Kaeli: Don't be ridiculous. Aviv has perfectly normal eyes.

Jet: How do you know that? I know for a fact that you've never seen Aviv without his sunglasses on.

Kaeli: TinyNinja told me. I would assume that she has seen Aviv without his sunglasses on.

Jet: Oh. Okay then, the next question would be, what on Earth were you talking with TinyNinja about to bring up what Aviv's eyes look like?

Kaeli: Can't remember. *shrugs*

Jet: Oh, I'm sure. *to Sai* Ooh, you've got wings? I have to settle for engines and thrusters if I want to fly... if you're ever passing through my area, drop me a line. I'll take you up in the Doomwing. (That's my newest ship... despite the name, I promise it flies very reliably. Kaeli named it Doomwing after Aviv told me it wasn't going to work.)

Aviv: It didn't look like it was going to work. On paper, I was certain it wasn't going to work. You modified the plans before you assembled it.

Jet: That's why you're not a mechanic.

Kaeli: ...

#322:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 20 May, 2011
Skaith: *to Kaeli* Think like an amoeba dividing in two- that's basically all there is to it.

Vesper: *to Jet* Can't remember... Suuure... ^_^ *winks at Kaeli*

Morph: Maybe he has two soulless black voids where his eyes should be... o_o

Sai: *to Jet* What's it like, the Doomwing?

#323:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Mon 23 May, 2011
Hanyuu: I wanna join in the fun too! *Hanyuu grabs a large water pistol and shoots it at Orion, causing water to hit her in the stomach."

Orion: Oh, I see how that's gonna be! *She playfully laughs and grabs two water rifles, intending to dual wield them but realizing that one requires both hands.*
Dang it, these aren't the same as my AK-47's!

KocoBassa: You guys, I think the water fight is over now -_-' *Turns to Kaeli* I feel like I should know this, but what's binary fission?

#324:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 23 May, 2011
Morph: *to KocoBassa* Not so long as there are people out there that want to have fun! *flings 5 water balloons at once using hands and head\shoulder tentacles, then forms several new tentacles in order to launch all his water balloons in one go*

Skaith: Binary Fission. Morph and I have no set form and can flow into any shape or form imaginable, limited only by mass constraints. Thanks to a psionic link, we can even detach bits of ourselves and operate them remotely, then re-integrate them later on. In our backstory, Morph and I were once the same person until one day our psionic link went screwy\was disrupted, and the two of us became separate entities. When the link was reestablished, we still remained as two different people, just linked telepathically. At first we were completely identical in body and thought, but gradually developed differing personalites and views over time. (spoiler: I become the villain later on) kiekeboe

Morph: Only in the story. wink Here, we were created over a year apart and all of us are mentally linked, if only through Mecha. *to Orion* You know, I don't think AK-47's work that way either, outside of the movies or games. (still a cool image though, which is probably why dual-wielding gets used so much)

Mecha: True, true. My characters like to keep a distinction between the story versions of themselves and their actual selves in the mindspace, even if they do like to reference them from time to time. Now, *draws water pistol* who's with me! *gets water balloon to the face from Aiden*

#325:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 13 Jun, 2011
Morph: *bump* Hmm, guess the water fight's over now.

Skaith: So, are we to be talking to ourselves then?

Vesper: You mean like we normally do in RL?

Mecha: I'm feeling rather bitter right now since a dog from down the street just killed one of our chickens yesterday, a really sweet pullet my sisters called heavy whipping cream. (but that I always called 01) Wasn't a clean death either- half her side was ripped open, exposing smooth muscle and fatty tissue near the surface. The day before yesterday I remember her running over to me hoping for a treat, then taking a nap right next to me as I sat on the grass. sadblauw

Vesper: Way to be a downer there Mecha. -_-

Morph: And yet life moves on...

#326:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Tue 14 Jun, 2011
Jet: Way to forget about us, Tiny.

TinyNinja: Sorry, guys sigh

Aviv: It is quite all right. *to Jet* You know that TinyNinja's real life always takes precidence over us. That is the way it should be. She has been very busy lately.

Kaeli: We're here now, though, and that's the important part, right?

Jet: You bet!

Aviv: *blank stare*

Kaeli: I'm sorry to hear about your chicken, Mecha. *offers Mecha a long-distance-mindspace-spanning hug* We have a million awesome emoticons, but there's none for a hug??? *to Skaith* Cool backstory! As far as TinyNinja knows, I don't have a backstory yet. She and I need to get together and make one up... If you don't mind my asking, how do you decide what form you'll take on a given occasion? I can see how sometimes you would take the form you need to accomplish a specific task, but what would you do if you were just hanging out in an ordinary room?

Jet: *to Sai* Imagine a B2 bomber, like this: .jpg. Now round off the nose and make the back end much less wide, so it looks like an oval with a notch cut out of the back. Add a couple of tail fins projecting vertically in front of the notch (where the two rear-most dark spots are), and that's the Doomwing.

Aviv: That description made very little sense, Jet.

Jet: I did the best I could. Sorry if it doesn't make sense neutral I'll try to get TinyNinja to make a picture of it sometime in the next couple of days and post it!

#327:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 17 Jun, 2011
Crysar: *to Aviv* You are correct.

Morph: *to Keali* Thanks. (by the way, is this the emote you were looking for? hugs)

Skaith: We have a 'base' form we tend to default to in the absence of anything else, but we aren't bound by that form like most races are. (even then it's more force of habit and psychologically driven rather than a feature of our biology) I'd link to a picture, but the ones currently up are horribly outdated. (apart from the one facial portrait, but that doesn't help much when trying to explain how we look. ^_^)

Mecha: Sometime I'll have to draw an actual group portrait of you two like I did with Saichania, Vesper, and Aiden. (oddest group of siblings ever )

Saichania: *to Jet* Interesting. I had to get Mecha to switch between the picture and your description a couple times before I could visualize it, but I think I have an idea of how it looks now. Looking forward to seeing the pic if TinyNinja draws it.

#328:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 27 Jun, 2011
Me: I didn't want this to fall behind so I dug it up

Kupo: Hi's everyone.

#329:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Tue 28 Jun, 2011
Scipio (NOT ME): Interesting bunch of characters we have here. And just where might here be?

#330:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 28 Jun, 2011
Morph: *to Scipio* Somewhere on the interwebz... *to Kupo* Hi there!

Skaith: *smiles* It seems we've had a number of people here with your exact same problem regarding names. How about we call you Scipio and your creator Xaos?

#331:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 28 Jun, 2011
Me: I prefer him Xaos and the creator Scipio. :D

Kupo: Xaos sounds like a cool name.. Btw, where's Aiden? Sorry for our absence, I was forgotten about....

*Eilatan grumbles "Well, maybe if you'd actually help me ld...

#332:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Thu 30 Jun, 2011
Me: I think Eilatan is on to something. Only using 'Me' instead. After all, where do you think the profile name came from.

Scipio Xaos: Now I'm on to something.

#333:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 01 Jul, 2011
Aiden: *to Kupo* Present! grin

Skaith: *to Scipio Xaos and his creator* Okay, got it. But what should we call the creator when we want to reply directly to him? 'Me' sounds a little awkward for that.

Vesper: Hi all!

Morph: *whispers* that should have been at the beginning of the conversation Ves. wink

Vesper: ...So? (Darn it, now you made me forget what I was about to say)

#334:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Wed 06 Jul, 2011
Orion: Nice to meet you Ves. I'm Orion that girl with the purple hair and horns is Hanyuu...

Hanyuu: Hau au au Nice to Meet you!!

Orion: and that nutter butter over there is Koco.

KocoBassa: Nice to have you here ^_^

#335:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 06 Jul, 2011
Kupo: Ves isn't new D= Xaos is the new one

Me: XD Koco, Ves has some other name *Eilatan hugs

#336:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Wed 06 Jul, 2011
Me: You can call me Eric. Wait wait that doesn't work...

Scipio: No kidding. You have nothing to do with an Eric at all.

#337:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 06 Jul, 2011
Aiden: *to Kupo* grin Happy Explosion Day!

Mecha: Even if it is a day or two late. smile

Morph: We got to see the fireworks display up close this year. My eardrums may never recover.

Skaith: Oh really? I thought it might have more to do with you laughing maniacally and yelling 'KILL IT WITH FIRE!' at the top of your mental voice during the entire display. kiekeboe

Vesper: *to Kupo and Orion* Absolutely right. Just to prevent future confusion, Ves=Vesper, Sai=Saichania.

Mecha: *to Scipio and company* Move along people, nothing to see here. lach1 So what should we call you?

#338:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Wed 06 Jul, 2011
Me: You can call me Scipio.

Scipio: And you can call me Scipio.

Me: Seems we may never get out of this predicament.

Xaos: Very well then..

Me: Problem solved.. I think.

#339:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 11 Jul, 2011
Jet: Nice going, Tiny. Nice going.

Aviv: You know the rule of precedence, Jet. TinyNinja's waking life takes precedence over her dreaming life. Always.

Jet: But she up and forgot to take us into the chat room for weeks!

Aviv: ... Always.

Kaeli: Okay, okay, enough, you two. Tiny gets the point, I'm sure. But we're here, now, and that's what matters. Hello, Scipio Xaos! (Both the creator and mind character!) Welcome to the character chat.

Jet: We've been away for an awful long time...

Aviv: *opens mouth*

Kaeli: I said, enough!

Aviv: Um, yes, that's... a good... idea... yes, I, um, agree with you.

Jet: *to Aiden* Happy late Explosion Day to you, too! You should have seen our Explosion Day celebration. Aviv talked Kaeli into modifying a jet-propelled mortar shell. Best fireworks ever. Too bad Tiny wasn't in the mindscape to see them grrr

#340:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Mon 11 Jul, 2011
Orion: Good jorb, nut ball *Thumps Koco on the head*

KocoBassa: Oww... Anyhow happy explosion day even though I'm really late.

Orion: Hanyuu isn't here so I'll do her part. ahem... Hau au aua u aren't explosions dangerous?

#341:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 11 Jul, 2011
Kupo: Awww, where's Hanyuu?

Me: D= Aviv, you need to stop fighting with Jet

*Kupo hugs Aviv lightly
Kupo: Don't worry, you're here now. <3

#342:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 13 Jul, 2011
Aiden: *to Jet* We just watched over Mecha's shoulder during the RL display. ^_^

Morph: Yes, sometimes it can be so hard to get your humans into the mindscape at the same time you're actually doing something of interest.

Vesper: Yesterday we had something even better than fireworks- a huge thunderstorm with tons of lightning!

Morph: And a power outage that prevented us from posting. -_-

Vesper: That too. But the lightning was awesome beyond belief.

Sai: I'm sure it gave you much inspiration for envisioning your section of the mindscape. ^_^

#343:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 03 Aug, 2011
Jet: *to Aiden* We watched the RL fireworks with TinyNinja, too. I think our mindscape fireworks were better, though. I'm trying to get Tiny to draw us watching the fireworks, but she keeps saying she's too busy neutral

Aviv: Jet. Please. Hold. Still.

Kaeli: *to everyone else* TinyNinja is listening to Lady Gaga, and Jet is dancing. She just bumped into Aviv for the eighth or ninth time. *to Jet* Why don't you dance over here so you've got plenty of room? *to both Aviv and Jet* See, even Eilatan says you two should stop fighting. You're getting annoying. You... hello? Tiny?

Aviv: Now Tiny's dancing. I hate Lady Gaga.

Kaeli: Lighten up, Aviv. I think I'm going to dance too. Join me?

Aviv: Um... well... you see... I guess... I think maybe... no.

Kaeli and Jet: slide twirl

#344:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 03 Aug, 2011
Aiden: mrgeen Yay! People!

Morph: *changes eyes to glowing blue* The posts must flow. *cookie for the reference*

Skaith: It's from D- *is quickly silenced by Morph*

Morph: No, I meant for them. It's way too easy for someone mentally linked with me to guess.

Crysar: *to Aviv, about Lady Gaga* I feel pity for her. She seems to have become addicted to fame and will do anything to get attention, whether good or bad.

Sai: *Whee!*twirl Dancing! *unfurls wings and tries to get Morph to dance with her*

Morph: Aack, now see what you've done!

#345:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 05 Aug, 2011
Kaeli: *to Morph* Is it from a novel called Dune? I've never read it myself (neither has TinyNinja), but I think I've heard a line that sounds something like that.

Aviv: *to Crysar* I agree. What I find most pathetic is that Lady Gaga's ploys for attention seem to invariably succeed. It would be much more fitting for her to join the ranks of obscure producers of rarely heard music.

Jet: *to Morph* But dancing is fun grin What kind of music do you like to dance to, Sai?

#346:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 06 Aug, 2011
Morph: *grins* Got it in one Kaeli.

Crysar: *to Aviv* Indeed.

Sai: *to Jet* Classical, 'dance', new age, ambient, celtic... I like dancing to a lot of musical types.

Morph: *to Jet* Oh aye, 'tis fun, especially when it's with your lady, but not every single time a dance-worthy piece of music gets played, and not where everyone can see me make a clumsy fool of myself either. (note to self: learn how to apply sinuous close-quarters combat grace to dancing)

#347:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 11 Aug, 2011
kiekeboe *Leijona walks in with Neila, Iron and Kubiku.
Me: Hello everyone, does someone mind if we join?
Iron: I feel pretty stupid saying hello to people who aren't there, but hello :D
Neila: Hey! Finally here, good job *hugs Leijona*
Iron: But not much is going on here at the moment, eh?
Kubiku: I like it that way.
Me: *sigh* This is not the purpose of a chat, though, you know. You are supposed to talk.
Kubiku: And I told you three that I won't like it.
Iron: *moans* Oh come on, you can't know unless you try!
Neila: At least stay a while. Please!
Kubiku: ...We'll see.
Me: Don't mind him, this is the best agreement you'll get from him, he's not
Kubiku: ...Thank you.

#348:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 12 Aug, 2011
Saichania: Hello all!

Morph: *to Iron* We're here all right, just lurking in the shadows, waiting for replies.

Skaith: You maybe, the rest of us have better things to do with our days. Not that it isn't fun to talk in here, but when it's gone quiet for an extended period of time I prefer to just check in on it occasionally to see if there's anything new.

Vesper: *to Leijona* Nice avatar.

Aiden: *sees Neila hugging Leijona* Hugs! ^_^ *tries hugging both*

#349:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 12 Aug, 2011
Me: Nooo!!! Nohoooo cry cry I got kicked out when we were almost done with the post! cry
Iron: grrr I don't like this "Internet thing". I would like to throw your computer out of the window. Right now.
Me: No?! Of course not. I need to copy all the text before I click submit, just to be sure next time... * sigh okay guys I'll try to type it out how it was...

Iron: *to Morph* Phew, then I'm glad grin
Neila: Nice try, Aiden *hugs him*
Me: Thanks Vesper smile Mecha, I just saw a few of your drawings, and I have to say: I.Love.Them!!!
Neila: Then better practice and get your drawing of me finished!
Me: looks good now. I'm afraid I'll ruin it sadblauw
Iron: Na, you can't ruin something that looks already good ^^
Kubiku: *appears suddenly out of nowhere* Even you not.
Iron: Ohohooo see who decided to come in!
Me: Thanks Kubiku. Was this the revenge for the "he's not social"?
Kubiku: I guess so.
Me: You are not going to say anything more, are you?
Kubiku: No. I prefer doing what I can best.
Neila: *explains for Sai and co.* That is, to sit around, pay attention and listen. Listening very, very carefully.
Iron: Don't say something you want to stay a secret as long as Kubiku is in Leijonas mindscape (or whatever it's called). Don't even wispher. He hears all.
Kubiku: You make me look like...
Me: A Big Brother!
Kubiku: Like what?
Me: Like a stalker.
Kubiku: Yes. Indeed.
Iron: Aren't you? eh
Kubiku: Sometimes I don't even want to hear all the stuff. But I can't really help myself.
Neila: *hugs him slightly* That's why he doesn't like to be around many people.
Iron: copy, COPY!!!
Me: Oh yeah, thanks...

Me:Whow this got a lot longer than intended...You guys have to much to say...

#350:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 13 Aug, 2011
Aiden: Yay! ^_^ *hugs back*

Morph: Yeah... Ld4all's eaten lots of our posts in the past. Bloody annoying when it happens, but usually the forum behaves itself.

Mecha: *to Leijona* Thanks! If you don't mind my asking, which ones did you like best?

Sai: Hah, maybe this will motivate you to resume your art instead of just surfing the web and playing games in your spare time.

Mecha: Maybe, maybe. wink *to Leijona* You could try scanning your picture of Neila before trying to change it, that way you'll have a copy in case anything goes wrong. Not a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing. I've done it myself a few times in fact.

Skaith: *to Kubiku* So far you remind me a bit of Crysar and Aviv- I'm sure the three of you will get along famously. lach1 (if TinyNinja comes back around that is, otherwise its just Crysar and you)

Crysar: I am quite capable of independent conversation, as is Aviv. If you are envisioning some kind of three-way staring contest- and do not try to deny it, I share the same mindscape as the rest of you and can tell what your surface thoughts are- then you are sorely mistaken.

#351:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 13 Aug, 2011
Me: *to Mecha* Well, to be honest I just skimmed your topic for pictures of all your characters, since I really have trouble with remembering them and their names and it's a lot easier if I have always a picture of them in my mind. I like the one of Crysar, I think it is the oldest, I somehow couldn't see the newer drawings sadblauw I also love the group picture of Saichania, Aiden and Vesper and the two with the Nadokaan. I'm not sure if I prefer the coloured version, though. I also thought about scanning my picture of Neila but so far I managed to draw further without ruining it ^^
Neila: So far, that is the point. And my eyes are looking a bit creepy now.
Me: I couldn't leave them without pupils, wouldn't make much sense...
Iron: *to Skaith* Huh, I hope TinyNinja will come back! The more people to talk to the better turn3
*Kubiku hears what Skaith said and continues to sit quietly around, but acting somewhat agitated
Neila: *looks at Kubiku* Oh well, this was the sore point... neutral
Me: In fact, Aviv and Crysar are the main factors Kubiku is unsure about staying here.
Kubiku: Nothing personally against you, though.
Me: Shall I explain?
Kubiku: Please.
Me: *deep breathe in* Okay, Kubiku (as well as Neila) exists for about...8 years or so, but not as MCs. I've been always daydreaming about them, Iron joined later. I got the idea with the MC thing from - guess where- the Character Chat :D It wasn't so difficult to bring them in, at first Neila, after a while Iron and Kubiku. I read the chat a lot, and it turns out that Kubiku is really damn similar to Aviv and Crysar! He acts like them and, as I discovered a few days ago, he even looks similar to Crysar with his reptile-like body (in lack for a better word)! Well, all this let Kubiku come to the conclusion that a second Aviv or Crysar isn't really needed sadblauw
Neila: He's only here because we persuaded him and I still think that it was a good idea!
Kubiku: If you think so...And I agree with Crysar, in no case will a staring contest take place. Since I don't even have eyes.

Iron: What was the name of the topic? "Character" or "User Chat"? Contain yourself, Leijona! eek2
Me: Yeah, sorry, sorry...Kubikus story took too long...

#352:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 14 Aug, 2011
Mecha: *to Leijona* You weren't able to see some of the newer pictures? Are the links dead?

Skaith: *to Iron* Completely agreed.

Sai: *to Kubiku* I wouldn't worry too much about either of those points if I were you. There are only a limited number of basic personality archetypes out there, and you're bound to see some of them crop up multiple times. I've lost count of the number of carefree or clownish characters that have stopped by here, and I have three of them living in my own mindscape. The important thing is the variation on the theme, your own unique take on things. Same thing goes for appearance. Do you have any idea how many humans have been here over the ages, or anthros? It shouldn't be a discouragement, just a source of inspiration. Even within the same species there's endless room for variation, let alone what you can do with a generic body type. Don't feel like you're a copy of anything- just be yourself and you'll do fine.

Vesper: *to Iron* lach1 User chat or Character chat- I feel like asking Mecha the exact same question sometimes. ^_^

#353:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 14 Aug, 2011
Me: *to Mecha* Yep, "404 not found", the two newer pictures of him at the second page sadblauw
Iron: *to Sai* Ugh, three...You have my deepest sympathy grin And I thought it isn't nice having Kubiku around all the time wink
Kubiku: Thank you, Sai, really. Your words have encouraged me enormously. I'll try to keep them in my mind. Thank you.
Iron: *wonders about Kubiku* Oh wow, you must have touched him very deeply! I agree with you completely, there's always some room for personally growing. Only yesterday Leijona said how much I developed in comparison to how I behave in her story and daydreams smile

#354:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 15 Aug, 2011
Mecha: Hmm... I'll have to dig through my old stuff and try to re-upload it for you.

Sai: *to Iron* Aiden's fine, and Skaith's tolerable most of the time. It's just Morph that gets on your nerves after a while, but I love him anyway. *to Kubiku* You're welcome. ^_^

Morph: ...

Sai: *laughs* Don't take it personally Morph. You're also fine just the way you are.

Mecha: *to Iron* I've noticed that it's common for long-lasting characters to grow in their personalities over time. Right now some of my characters are almost so far diverged from their original story counterparts that they're hardly the same anymore, and most have had their story versions modified slightly, drawing inspiration from their current personalities.

#355:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Mon 15 Aug, 2011
Orion: *To Mecha* This is true. In the actual fan fictions that Koco put me in, I'm slightly different. I can get a little more serious than usual in those or I can be over the top crazy... I guess it just depends on how I'm feeling. Speaking of fan fiction! Nut ball, have you seen Albe-

KocoBassa: Orion, don't bring that up here! And would you quit calling me a nut ball?! Sheesh... I need a hot pocket.

Orion: *smiles* Hooooooot Poooockeeeets~ Ha-ha!

#356:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 15 Aug, 2011
Me: *to Mecha* Would be awesome, I'd really like to see all those pictures! turn3
Iron: *rubs hands* Hehe, I'm curious to see how much I can get Leijona away from my original life story ebil
Me: You already thought up your whole childhood and background story!
Iron: Yeah, indeed, but I still don't like it that you decided on my future! And I mean, all of it!
Me: *sigh* Didn't we have this conversation before?
Iron: Yes, at the very beginning when Kubiku and I joined Neila the first time, and I'm not willing to alter my point of view!
Me: *opens mouth*
Neila: Hey hey hey, guys, stop this, now! Cool down, both of you! ... Okay? Everything is fine? *glares specifically at Iron*
Iron: *runs hands through hair* Yeah, yeah, yes, I'm...fine.
Me: Thanks Neila :D Let's discuss this later, after my nap, okay? I've yet to find all of you in my next LD...
Neila: You'll make it this time! Ohhh, I just noticed! *sees Orion and KocoBassa* Hey you two, the chat comes alive more and more!
Iron: grin Jay, more people to talk!
Me: Oh, how impolite from me, we're the new people, may I introduce you, Iron, Neila and Kubiku ^^

#357:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 15 Aug, 2011
Mecha: Found all of my Crysar-related ones so far, oldest to newest:
Recycled species concept from dropped story, original inspiration
Trying to come up with a distinctive look
Side profile
Crysar and either Morph or Skaith sparring
Front profile

Mecha: Hey, isn't anyone else going to say something?

Morph: Oh, I thought you were just dropping off the fixed links. In that case- Heeelllooo everybody! *whispers* Hey Mecha, it doesn't really look like I'm sparring with Crysar in that pic- it looks like I'm trying to murder him.

Skaith: Nonsense, it's obviously me there trying to kill Crysar, which makes a bit more sense since my character's eventually supposed to become the villain in our story.

Sai: Hi again Koco and Orion!

Aiden: I like Hot Pockets. ^_^

#358:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 15 Aug, 2011
Kubiku: *to me* And? How does he look?
Me: Wait wait, first things first. *to Mecha* Thanks! The one with Crysar and Morph/Skaith seems damn realistic! :D
Neila: Don't keep him on tenterhooks like that!
Me: Okay, you can put your mind at rest, Kubiku, the updated Crysar looks only slightly like you ^^
Kubiku: *relieved* Really?
Me: *hold hands up* I swear.
Kubiku: *turns head towards Neila and Iron* And you?
Neila: She's right.
Iron: *nods* You can trust her on this.
Me: o.O Hey! I'm way more reliable than you all seem to think!
Iron: *to Skaith* Uhhh, a villain, eh? How evil?
Neila: *to Crysar* Out of pure curiousity, what are these things on your back? Horns?
Me: *to KocoBassa* Wasn't there also a second character? Uhm...Han...Hanyu? Sorry if I spelled it wrong...
Iron: *slaps on her shoulder* She's to lazy to check it up
Me: If, IF you would be real and slap me, I would scream. I'm not some warrior, after all.
Iron: Oh, sorry. Humans are so weak tounge2

#359:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 15 Aug, 2011
Jet: Yay! New people! *hugs for everyone who wants them*

Kaeli: Welcome to the chat! I'm Kaeli, that's Jet, and Mister Stony Silent over here is Aviv.

Aviv: I talk... it's just... well...

Jet: It's just that you go to pieces around Kaeli?

Kaeli: That's enough, Jet. *to Mecha* Awesome pictures! TinyNinja took down her only picture of us because she wasn't really satisfied with it... we're trying to convince her to make better pictures. *To Kubiku* Don't worry about being the same archetype as Aviv and Crysar. Like Sai said, there's only so many archetypes out there, and as long as you be yourself, you'll do fine.

Jet: *to Morph about dancing (post at the top of the page) You should see Kaeli dancing. Most of the time she looks like she's doing karate drills or something.

#360:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 16 Aug, 2011
Mecha: *to Leijona and Kaeli* Thanks!

Skaith: *to Iron* Yep, but only the story-version of me. In reality I'm a nice, easygoing guy with absolutely no traces of megalomania whatsoever. Honest! grin

Vesper: *whispers* Story-Skaith started out that way too...

Skaith: *mock-seriously* Hush hush, no need to alert them to my nefarious schemes prematurely!

Crysar: *to Neila* They are a cluster of 1 meter-long spines, which lay flat against my back or stand erect according to mood.

Morph: *to Kubiku, Niela, and Iron* You know, I'm kind of curious now. How do you all look? *to Jet* lach1

#361:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 16 Aug, 2011
Neila: Thanks for the welcome Jet and Kaeli! *hugs back*
Iron: *hugs Jet too*
Kubiku: ... Way.Too.Much.People.
Iron: May I introduce you, Mister Stony Silent 2.0 lach1
Me: Do you still remember what I told you?!
Iron: Oh. Yeah. But it's true! C'mon, don't be an idiot, hug her back!
Kubiku: *hugs Jet somewhat awkward with one arm, then makes a snarling voice when going past Iron*
Me: Iron. Seriously. If you don't stop teasing him, then I'll really think about this again.
Iron: No! No! You can't do this to me! I already started to love this place!
Me: Then better be nice.
Iron: *mutters* .... *looks up to Aviv* So, you are this bodyguard guy (if Leijonas memories are correct)?
Kubiku: *to Kaeli* Thank you for this exhilarant words.
Me: Hm. I would really like to add some smiley. But no one fits to you! Now it sounds sarcastical...
Kubiku: *to Kaeli* I'm totally serious.
Iron: *to Skaith* And what makes you become evil in the story?
Neila: *to Vesper* Should we pay attention if he developes into the Villain-Skaith? *in normal loudness to Crysar* Interesting! But aren't they cumbersome when you fight?
Iron: *to Morph* Okay, here we go grin First of all, we're all so-called demons. There are different breeds, but Leijona has yet to invent names for these. Anyways, I'm about 1,85 meters tall, muscular, always barefoot and bare-chested, only wearing threadbare short "capri trousers" (Me: I hope this word fits...). I always bear two swords on my back, so the belts are like an X on my chest. Oh, and dark brown hair and a three-day stubble ^^
Neila: Well, I'm a svelte, 1,75 meters tall woman, wearing a blouse and long trousers, both in browny colour together with cutty roman sandals. Long brown hair with a strand of little red pearls, pointed ears and three scars on my face, beginning on my left eye and ending down right, which makes me half-blind. I'm bearing two swords at my belt. Oh yes, and the most obvious thing: Two huge angel-like white feathered wings :D
Kubiku: According to Leijona a bit like Crysar in the oldest picture of him.
Me: Somewhat. Cut the spines off, without eyes, without crystalic look but with slaps all over his body and head.
Kubiku: They work like an armour and make me practically invulnerable. Also, they bundle the sound so I can hear incredible good. I can hear a needle falling on the ground in the middle of a huge combat when i'm standing hundreds of meters away.
Me: And I think that you are bigger than Crysar. Kubiku is almost always sitting, like monkeys do sometimes, on both arms and legs, then he is about 1,70 meters tall. When he's standing on his two legs, then he's about 3 meters, his tail not counting.

Me: Geez, sorry for the wall of text and the mistakes overspannen I'm running into a language barrier...

#362:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 17 Aug, 2011
Skaith: *to Iron* A desire to protect the other Saja Khelmot from the Nadokaan, no matter the cost.

Mecha: Terminology note- Saja Khelmot is the generic Nadokaan term for an unfinished\prototype biological experiment. The ones Skaith are referring to are some 20-odd individuals 'rescued' by the Coalition, including himself, Morph. Crysar, Saichania, Vesper, and Aiden, among others. The Coalition doesn't really care about their well-being, (though they are treated well enough) they just wanted to get them out of Nadokaan hands since they had reason to believe that they had been created with the use of a particularly dangerous bio-sample stolen from them and they were afraid of what the Nadokaan would be capable of if they managed to incorporate it into their race on a large scale.

Skaith: The tipping point for my character would be about where he realizes the Coalition military would rather see them dead than back in Nadokaan hands, during an ambush on the Coalition ship they were being transferred to. Most of the Saja Khelmot were able to escape with their lives and get away from both groups, but the pressure only mounted from there. My character becomes increasingly callous to collateral damage and the lengths needed to go to to ensure the safety of the group, and eventually he decides the only way permanent way to stop the hunt is to commit a double xenocide. In the setting, extinction-level events aren't particularly difficult to engineer for anyone with means, (tailored viruses, asteroid strikes, RKKVs, nukespam from orbit, ships with sufficiently large translation fields exiting hyperspace inside a planet and letting the resulting chain reaction rip it apart, etc) but anyone that does do so faces immediate retribution in kind from -every single one- of their neighbors. (taking a nod from the way Dune handled the situation) Wars are therefore a self-limited proposition, with no one daring to use planetary-scale WMDs, or to push the enemy to the point where they decide they have nothing to lose and do the same. (wars are generally held over specific pieces of territory, and homeworlds are generally considered off-limits to everyone) My character plans to use his shapeshifting abilities to infiltrate and hijack a large Nadokaan warship, and use it to wipe out earth, the newest fledgeling member of the Coalition, and trick the Coalition into utterly annihilating the Nadokaan.

Vesper: Whoa, word wall you two.

Crysar: *to Neila* Not really. Their position is such that they do not hamper my range of movement and are in very little danger of spearing any other part of my body, particularly when standing up straight.

Sai: *to Neila* Wings! ^_^

Morph: *to Kubiku* Yeah, that does sound quite a bit larger than Crysar. He only measures about 3 meters from tip to tip, and I forget how much standing up.

#363:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 17 Aug, 2011
Iron: *to Skaith* Becoming evil while trying to protect other lives and being willed to victimize oneself doesn't sound that evil to me ^^
Kubiku: In fact, such a villain would be a person worth some respect in my opinion.
Neila: *to Mecha* Wait, did I understand you right that all of your MCs are part or results of this Saja Khelmot experiment?
Me: *to Skaith and Mecha* Wow, what an awesome complex universe! Skaith, can you and Morph transform in everyone and everything you want to?
Neila: *to Crysar* I see. They look pretty impressive you know :D
Iron: They remind me of the quills of a porcupine.
Me: *facepalm* I'm sure that this is the kind of equation Crysar will be grateful to hear...
Neila: *to Sai* Wings are awesome, aren't they? :D Leijona copied mine to fly in her LDs. Sometimes I'm wondering how she managed to create us with this obvious lack of creativity oops
Kubiku: *shark-like grin*
Me: No need to whisper, I have to type this out so I know it in any case
Iron: *to Kubiku* ...You know. Sometimes your smile really makes me cringe.
Me: Iron!
Kubiku: It's okay. Better be afraid, I'm stronger than you anyways.

#364:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 18 Aug, 2011
Skaith: *to Iron* Er, the lives of twenty individuals versus the deaths of a trillion innocents... (the Nadokaan aren't irredeemably evil or anything as a race) That kind of qualifies as evil in my book. The whole point of my character's fall is that he was motivated by a noble emotion in the beginning, but gradually loses sight of everything else in the process, and even winds up alienating the very people he's trying to protect because of his willingness to turn to extreme measures as a first resort.

Morph: Mmm, I'd say it's still a better motivation than most of the genocidal villains I've seen in fiction.

Mecha: *to Neila* Not all- AVE is his own standalone character. Pretty much everyone else is though. *to Leijona* 5-6 years of worldbuilding tends to do that. *laughs*

Morph: We can shapeshift into pretty much anything, imitate nearly any material's appearance and texture, even control the rigidity or fluidity of our bodies, (useful for imitating skeletal systems and such) but are limited by the fact that our actual mass doesn't change. For larger creatures or objects, we can incorporate hollow pockets of air inside ourselves to mask the fact that we aren't really that big, and for smaller things we can detach bits of ourselves and reattach them later on. The detached bits are linked psionically, so its even possible to remotely coordinate a number of small pieces at once.

Skaith: One infiltration tactic is to conform perfectly to the contours of the wall or ceiling, spread out paper-thin and matching the color and texture of the surface we're clinging to as we move.

Sai: *to Neila* Yes, they are. ^_^ *to Kubiku* Hey! It's not nice to go threatening the people in your mindscape.

Vesper: *to Neila* Crysar doesn't look like he's going to answer, but I think he looks pleased. ^_^

#365:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 18 Aug, 2011
Iron: *to Skaith* Whow, twenty against trillions is indeed a bit out of scale eek2 The story of this developement makes total sense to me, and now it's also clear why you said it's you on this picture fighting with Crysar, I've been wondering why you should battle against him if you want to protect him and the others :D
Kubiku: *to Morph* Exactly what I meant. The real villains are those who act out of pure malignity and hate and are able to kill each and everything that gets in their way. That doesn't seem to apply to you, Skaith.
Neila: *to Mecha* Who is AVE? whatsthat *looks around confused*
Me: I would freak out if I saw one of you becoming a wall more and more lach2
Kubiku: *surprised about being reprehended by Sai* I...I am not threatening him. I am stronger than he is and he knows that. If I were one of the bad guys then most of the demons would have a hard time trying to kill me. Or even capturing me.
Neila: Nope, I would be able to capture you
Kubiku: Maybe. But not to kill me.
Neila: *thinks a while* Uhmm, perhaps in former times when I was a better warrior and with a little aid.
Kubiku: Aid of whom?
Neila: Maybe Ray?
Kubiku: He could knock me out, yes. Ray is the excellent training partner for me, but he isn't able to kill me.
Neila: *shrugs* Whatever. I'm sure we could find a way. But fortunately we'll never be in such a situation ^^
Me: Good job, Sai, your comment made him speak thumbs
Neila: *to Vesper* Did I understand the former posts right that you and Crysar are a couple?

#366:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 19 Aug, 2011
Skaith: *to Iron* Yeah, just a bit. Luckily Morph's character stops my one before he can complete his evil scheme. Unluckily, both of us die in the process. sadblauw
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Mecha: *to Neila* He's the onboard AI for the suit of armor I wear in LDs. (and as it turns out, several NDs as well) He very rarely interacts with others, which is why he doesn't have much of a presence here in the chats. He sounds like KITT from the original Knight Rider, and always insists on calling me Micheal despite my real name being something completely different and me telling him to cut it out.

Morph: *to Leijona* lach2 *morphs into a throw rug* ___-----------___

*with tentacles* /..|.|...\.../..._/

Skaith: Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn! ... (lach1)

Sai: *to Kubiku* Oh. I'm sorry to have accused you then. It can be hard to discern someone's actual meaning over the internet at times. shy2 But hey, at least it got you talking. ^_^

Vesper: *to Neila* Yep, just like Morph and Sai. hugs
Leijona copied mine to fly in her LDs. Sometimes I'm wondering how she managed to create us with this obvious lack of creativity

Morph: *changes back to normal* I wonder the same thing about Mecha and his ferocious tendency to recycle ideas. kiekeboe Take Walker 3's armor for instance, it's a direct rip of Mecha's LD armor.

#367:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 19 Aug, 2011
Neila: *to Mecha* Um, okay...So, AVE is the voice of your armor? What's he like?
Me: *looks at the Morph-carpet overspannen * A rug with tentacles would be scary and creepy nuu *to Skaith* I had to google what the heck this means
Kubiku: *to Sai* No problem. If you don't know me good enough it's also hard to spot my feelings when we are talking face to face.
Neila: *to Ves* Cute wink *to Morp* Now who is Walker 3? Your world is too big for me help!
Me: *poke Iron* You're so quiet eh
Iron: Mhmmpf...I'm tired yawn
Me: This are a couple of records: Iron doesn't talk, the most smileys and the shortest post so far siiw

#368:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 19 Aug, 2011
Mecha: *to Neila* He's rather pleasant, and usually quite polite.

Morph: *to Leijona* Oh yes. *laughs* Eldritch monstrosities generally are.

Skaith: A couple of prominent posters on a sci-fi forum Mecha hangs out on are Cthulhu fans. I guess we just picked it up by osmosis. kiekeboe

Morph: *to Neila* Prequel character, part of a five-man team, mercenary for the Tahn-Siet and currently on contract to the Coalition. Is twined to an experimental (and highly illegal) AI and is suffering from PTSD. That's the cliff-notes version at least.

#369:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 19 Aug, 2011
Neila: By the way, where are all the others again? Are we so scary? D:
Me: Maybe they have something better to do?
Iron: I hope that you are not going to have something better to do eh
Me: RL can get time-consuming sometimes...
Iron: We will take care that you don't forget this thread whatsoever! Anyway, what I wanted to share: Leijona just had her first dream EVER about me boogie I haven't played a big role and was only for short time a participant but better this than no dream at all :D
Me: *to Morph* I don't want to encounter you in a dark silent street Would be the shock of my life!
Neila: Now I could ask who the Tahn-Siet are but I guess I could ask and ask for ages until I know the most but then I would have already forgotten most of it lach1

#370:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 19 Aug, 2011
Sai: *to Iron* That's great! It's only happened to me a couple times before.

Morph: *to Leijona* I'm usually not scary- in fact I tend to go out of my way to be funny. kiekeboe I'm a nice eldritch monstrosity- honest! ^^ (and my base form doesn't look all that frightening either to tell the truth)

Skaith: *laughs* Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Otherwise you risk the dreaded syndrome, with every piece of information linking to several other pieces, and so on.

#371:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 19 Aug, 2011
Iron: *to Sai* Really? I always thought that most humans would dream pretty often of their characters!
Me: *to Mecha* I believe you, most aliens doesn't look that scary in fact, but if I imagine seeing one of them IRL... *shiver* Even Kubiku would scare me overspannen
Kubiku: I take this as a compliment.
Me: Wasn't meant in a personal way. Now it's only you missing in some dream...
Kubiku: I'll sneak in soon enough *grin*
Neila: *to Skaith* Too many links there o.O
Me: You know, you made me google something one more time lach1 I feel like you three managed to reach a kind of balance regarding your individual amount of speech! I was afraid that Iron would talk enough for both of you ^^

#372:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 20 Aug, 2011
Sai: *to Iron* He used to, but his dream recall and motivation to LD have been flagging lately. The fact that the bulk of his creative efforts of the past couple years have shifted to the prequel story instead of our one might also have something to do with it.

Morph: *to Leijona* Ah, well that's perfectly understandable I guess.

Skaith: *to Neila* Wait- you guys didn't already know about that site? Turn back! Turn back before it's too late!

Vesper: *facepalm*

#373:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 20 Aug, 2011
Iron: *to Sai* Oh this is too bad sadblauw Mecha, how can you do this??? (Or, maybe I should ask differently: Why is the other story more interesting?)
Leijona: *to Skaith* Why am I following this link? ... Why am I even reading that site?!
Neila: See what you've done? lach1 And what I wanted to ask: Where's Aiden? He doesn't talk so much...

#374:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 21 Aug, 2011
Mecha: *to Iron* Not more interesting per se, but in order to effectively continue with my character's story, I realized I first needed to flesh out the events that led up to their creation in the first place, to believably set the stage.

Skaith: *to Leijona* Mind control through the internet. It's the only explanation. woo

Sai: *to Neila* He's a little shy with new people, that's all.

#375:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 21 Aug, 2011
Me: I just noticed I wrote 'Leijona' instead of 'Me' in the last post. Hm, I'll have to figure out what fits more...
Iron: *to Mecha* Ahh I see. Leijona does something similar without writing it down in story-form. Only with our future instead of our past or even the present. ... Now it doesn't sound similar at all anymore neutral
Neila: This can get quite annoying >.>
Me: *to Iron* Don't complain, you begged me for altering your future!
Iron: And I like it way more now grin
Me: *to Skaith* lach1 Though I haven't read further there
Kubiku: ...Yet.
Me: And I'm not planning to
Iron: *sigh* Yeah, Skaith, you know, this is our problem with her...
Neila: ... she gets too easily distracted rolleyes
Iron: Sometimes we have to repeat what we want to say about three times until she heard everything >.<
Kubiku: She always hears all what I am saying at first go.
Iron: This is probably because you aren't talking so much anyway.
Kubiku: *grin* See? Sometimes less is more.
Neila: 1:0 for Kubiku!
Iron: Hey!
Neila: *to Iron* tounge2 Oh nooo, don't be shy Aiden! *wants to tousle his hair*

#376:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 22 Aug, 2011
Mecha: *to Iron* Not too dissimilar though- both involve changing one timeframe in order to suit the needs of another.

Skaith: *to Leijona* Good judgement call. Best to protect your sanity at all costs.

Vesper: is a time waster, not a sanity drainer. Not to say that there aren't sites out there that match that description, but bad as it is, Tvtropes is not one of them. *to Iron and Neila* lach1 We have the exact same problem with Mecha. *to Kubiku* Yeah! Go team awesome! (nothing against you Iron. I always root for the strong, silent types ^_^)

Aiden: *to Neila* meep! o_o *hides behind Saichania*

Sai: Chaa. neutral You weren't nearly this shy when you first met Jet, Tsi'leik, or Takone. *kneels to the ground and moves Aiden out from behind her* Why don't you say hello, okay? ^^

Aiden: Hi. *shy smile*

#377:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 24 Aug, 2011
Me: *to Skaith and Ves* However, I think I won't risk anything shy2
Neila: *to Ves* Glad to hear that we are not the only ones having this problem :D
Kubiku: *smiles* Thank you, Vesper.
Iron: *grumbles* So this means I'm not strong?!
Me: *to Ves* Iron used to be a lot more serious but as a MC he is really hyperactive!
Iron: Whaa...?! I'm not hyperactive!
Me: Believe me or not, you are.
Neila: *sees Aiden, then nudges Iron* Isn't he cute? :D
Iron: *amused about her* Uhm, yes, may be.
Neila: Nah, sometimes you're really unemotional!
Iron: Why does everyone now pick on me?!
Kubiku: Guess why. Because you teased me first.
Neila: And I'm your best friend, so I'm allowed to ^^
Iron: Oh, really? Okay, then I'm also allowed to do this *glomps on Neila, then head-locks her and musses her hair up*
Neila: Uahhhh!!! Hey, ouch...not my...ha-aiirrr!!!!
Iron: *releases her and makes a few leaps backwards to avoid her slap* :puh:
Me: *to Ves* See? Hyperactive!
Neila: *sits down in front of Aiden, trying to straighten her messy hair* Hi Aiden ^^ So, tell me, do you also have some cool powers like transforming?

#378:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 24 Aug, 2011
Vesper: *to Iron* It's nothing to do with physical strength, just personality types. For instance if Superman and Teal'c were standing side by side, I'd root for Teal'c even though Superman is clearly the stronger of the two.

Aiden: *backs up against Sai, slightly nervous* I can climb up smooth surfaces and make things go dark around me.

Sai: *nudges Aiden forward again and chirps reassuringly* Go on, it's okay. Tell her about the other things you can do.

Aiden: *more confidant now* After a little while I can release the light again in a big flash, and I can also see things that others can't, like heat and ultraviolet. If it's too dark I can listen to echoes bouncing off of stuff to figure out what my surroundings are like.

Mecha: He's also rather acrobatic.

Aiden: *big grin* That too. grin *to Iron* You're funny. ^_^ *backflips*

Sai: *stands up again and dusts off her tunic* Ah, there we go.

Vesper: World's back to normal again. ^_^

#379:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 25 Aug, 2011
Neila: *to Aiden* That's awesome! :D What does ultraviolet looks like?
Iron: *surprised* Me? Funny? ... *grins at Neila* Should I do this more often?
Neila: Umhhh...Maybe I should hide somewhere... *looks around*
Kubiku: *shakes head slightly amused* If you all don't mind my asking, what does your dreamscape and sci-fi world look like?

#380:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Fri 26 Aug, 2011
KocoBassa: Oooohhhh, Orion can do stuff too! Go ahead, show 'em!

Orion: Auggh, fine but I won't show them...too dangerous. I have a form of telekinesis with the use of invisible arms that can also rip people apart. Like vectors from elfen lied. I also have a set form of ether abilities since I'm a half-elf that lives in space (Called a Meridian by KocoBassa)

Hanyuu: Hauuu, that's so cool!

KocoBassa: Yeah I'm not very original, sorry.

#381:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 26 Aug, 2011
Aiden: *to Neila* Ummm... It's kinda... er... *looks at Morph imploringly*

Morph: I don't have any personal experience with it, but I'd imagine it would be like trying to describe how red looks to someone that's colorblind. It'd be just about impossible to get them to understand how it looks in terms they can relate to from their own experience.

Aiden: Flowers are bright with it. There are a few rocks I see that have sparkles of ultraviolet in them, and indoor lighting looks funny to me because it's not there. *to Iron* Yes. :D

Vesper: *to Neila* Psst! You can come hide over here with us!

Mecha: *to Kubiku* Our dreamscape is a small tropical island\atoll about a kilometer and a half across. There's a much larger island with a town to the west, and to the south-west there's a large technological structure floating on top of the waves. It surfaced some time ago and apparently is some sort of research facility.

Each of my characters has added their own landscape feature to our island. Aiden has a jet-black spire in the very center, Skaith has a small forest of glowing green crystals, complete with it's own unusual ecology. Morph has a ring of teleporter stations on top of a hill, originally intended to be for our own use, but now are fenced off from the rest of the place and are just a tourist attraction for the inhabitants of the big island. (one of the receiving stations is in the middle of their town, so they can come and go as they please) Crysar has an underwater missile launch site hidden to the east of our island, and Vesper added a perpetual thunderstorm just off the northern point. Saichania's addition is an enormous tree that looks like a cross between a redwood, a weeping willow, and a cypress. There's a still pool of water underneath and a spiralling set of stairs inside the trunk half carved, half grown, leading from the water's edge out into the upper branches. For reasons I can't quite fathom, she also added two pink silk streamers that constantly weave in and out of the branches, dancing rhythmically under their own power. My own contribution is a large building made of marble, with a geometric glass roof arching above a spacious indoor garden.

The sci-fi world is just a bit different though. smile There are 538 known races, scattered throughout the Local Group of galaxies. There's also the standard gamut of worlds and environmental conditions, and varying levels of industrialization on each inhabited planet, ranging from colonies that have just barely taken root, to ancient and populous core worlds. (most core worlds are about one and a half to twice as developed as modern-day earth, but there are a few races that have almost completely subsumed the natural areas of their worlds in order to sustain enormous populations. The Nadokaan homeworld is perhaps the most extreme example of this) Terraforming is not uncommon, but planets in and of themselves represent only a tiny fraction of the average race's living space. The vast majority of people live in spacious orbital habitats not too dissimilar to this. (with variations depending on a race's style of building and favored living conditions of course. O'Neill-style habitats are common because of the relatively low technology requirements to build and maintain, along with the efficiency of the design itself compared to other basic habitat archetypes, but other designs are used in abundance as well) Hundreds of millions of such habitats may be found in a single star system, providing a total livable surface area potentially thousands of times as much as could be provided by any one planet. Cheap sub-light space capabilities and easy methods of escaping a planet's gravity well make this possible at all, putting the riches of an entire solar system at a race's fingertips. Even so, it takes a very long time for a system to achieve that level of growth, and it's only in core systems that you typically see that number of habitats.

The storyline of the prequel focuses on a forward supply base stationed on AKH-487, a lifeless rock of a planet with a poisonous atmosphere choked with oppressive red dust. Sometimes chemical-laced rain falls, leaving a crust of greenish crystal deposits when it dries. Later, the story branches out to other locations, such as the Nadokaan homeworld, earth, and various planets belonging to other species in the coalition. Most of the main story takes place on ships or orbital habitats however.

Skaith: Whoa, text wall. o_o *to Kocobassa* Heh, seems original to us since we have no idea what elfen lied even is. ^_^ (though it does sound a bit like an amped-up version of what gravitic weaponry can do to an unprotected combatant in our universe)

#382:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 26 Aug, 2011
Iron: More people!!! :D hurray
Leijona: *to Orion* So you're kind of anime/manga based?
Kubiku: What do these arms consist of that they can rip people? Really interesting.
Leijona: And what's about you, Hanyuu?
Iron: *nudges KocoBassa* That's completely okay, we're used to a bit unoriginal humans wink *glares at Leijona*
Neila: *to Morph* Oh I see, explaining this would be indeed complicated... *to Aiden* I imagine seeing everything in ultraviolet would be pretty amazing :D
Iron: *pokes Aiden* I like that boy!
Neila: Uh-oh... *steals off quick somewhere to Ves* Thank you!
Iron: Yeehess, just hide, but what are you going to do when we are again alone in Leijona's mindscape? *psycho laugh* ebil
Neila: Then...I'll trust on Kubiku's help?
Kubiku: You can trust on me, but this is not a playschool nor am I the babysitter for you two.
Iron: Oh, come on, have a bit fun with us!
Kubiku: I don't see the fun in this, Iron.
Iron: Uhh, there's someone in a bad mood...
Neila: Don't make it worse...
Kubiku: *turns around and grins* I see that you didn't mind my asking at all, Mecha.
Neila: A thunderstorm? That's awesome! lach1 Sai, your tree and pool sound like a nice place to chill out siiw And oh my god, these animation blow my mind eek2 When you're inside this thing, you can look up and above the clouds you'll see other people o.O
Leijona: *to Skaith* Guess what? I googled elfen lied lach2

#383:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 27 Aug, 2011
Aiden: *to Neila* Yep! ^_^ *to Iron* Hey! *ears perk up as he pokes back* Haha grin

Morph: *to Neila and Iron* The serious types are always the ones to ruin the fun, right?

Vesper: *to Neila* You have no idea how awesome it is up close. ebil When I was first trying to place it, Sai wanted me to keep it way away from her tree. Seems she didn't think lightning and really tall objects would mix well. lach1 It ended up quite a bit closer than she'd have liked, but still a safe distance away.

Mecha: *to Neila* Yeah, it's a pretty mind-blowing concept at first, and would definitely take some getting used to before your senses become accustomed to seeing an inverted horizon stretching out into the distance. smile Most people don't associate clouds and blue sky with space stations, but clouds would form naturally indoors at around the 3,000 foot mark, and it takes about 2 miles of air to get a blue sky. Standard O'Neill Cylinder designs have a length of 20 miles and a diameter of 4 miles, and with better materials technology (which my setting certainly has access to) you could increase the size significantly without compromising safety.

Skaith: *to Leijona* I'm still trying to get Mecha to do the same, but he claims he's busy. I know he's lying. lach1

#384:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 27 Aug, 2011
Leijona: *to Aiden* After our last post, I remembered that I know how colorful chemical agents look like when put under ultraviolet light and when I visualize now being able to see my room in ultraviolet...WOW :D ...Where is my lucid to-do-list...
Iron: ^^ *tousles Aiden* Tell me, Aiden, how old are you? *to Morph* Couldn't agree more. Kubiku and I had a little discussion after that in which we figured out it will be the best for everyone if we remain aloof from each other most of the time or at least in the near future.
Neila: *to Vesper* I can understand Sai lach1 But why a thunderstorm? Do you have a predilection for the elements? *to Mecha* Oh wow, there's indeed a lot of science behind this stuff eek2
Leijona: That's why it's called science-fiction tounge2 Mecha, you got me so far that I have a lot more respect for sci-fi authors, I never thought that there's so much science, advisement and calculation at the bottom of these stories! *to Skaith* Maybe this is better since it means that he doesn't get as easily distracted as I do lach1

#385:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 28 Aug, 2011
Aiden: It's complicated. *laughs* In the story I'm about 2 years old, but we're bioengineered to grow very fast so it seems like I'm nearly a teenager. In the mindscape I've been around for maybe 5 years(?) now and I'm about the same age as my character in the story.

Vesper: *to Neila* I guess you could say that. ^_^ I can sense and control thermal energy in my surroundings, and can rearrange it as I please. (unfortunately I can't create or destroy thermal energy, just work with what's already there) For example I could make the ambient temperature in a couple-dozen meter radius drop a couple degrees in order to cause the person next to me to spontaneously ignite from the inside out, or freeze something solid and disperse the heat over a large area. I could also walk through a fire unharmed, shunting the heat away from my body before it has a chance to burn me.

Morph: Fire and ice. Suits your personality I think. wink

Mecha: *to Neila* You have no idea. *to Leijona* If only. -_- Hard sci-fi as a rule tends to be well-researched and conforms to what is physically possible, but the overwhelming majority of sci-fi books are soft sci-fi. Most authors just want to write a good story, one that just so happens to involve spaceships zipping around the place, fantastic aliens, and physics-defying beams of destructive energy. My own story has plenty of flagrantly 'soft' elements to it, like faster than light travel, gravitics, telepathy, extradimensional energy sources, etc, but I try to limit the damage whenever I can and keep the rest of the story grounded in reality as much as possible, and make sure that the impossible things are at least internally consistent within the framework of the story.

Skaith: *to Leijona* Oh no, it just means that his current distractions are distracting him from getting distracted by the other distractions. If that makes any sense.

#386:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 29 Aug, 2011
Iron: *to Aiden* So you have a mental age of two, eh? No, just kidding. Don't take me seriously wink Demon kids also grow fast, but not that fast. A two-years-old demon looks like an 8-years-old human and a teenager demon is already an adult human. ... Wait. I just recognized. all are there in Mecha's mind since five years now and he still gets that easily distracted from conversations with you?! overspannen Please, please tell me that humans learn to pay more attention to us over the years! cry
Leijona: -.-' Cool down, it's not really that dramatic.
Iron: It is! And KocoBassa and TinyNinja are away again! It's so empty here!
Neila: Umm...I wouldn't call it empty. We are... *counts* 11 people if I count Mecha and Leijona.
Leijona: Really, Iron. You overreact. I hope you're not going to die because of missing social contacts when I won't have the time to post here-.- Be glad that Mecha has the time to post a reply here every day.
Neila: *to Ves* Okay, if I ever make you angry I'll make sure to get far away from you lach1 I can also do a bit of element control. Well, not really control, since I can only create it. I can cause a little earthquake, a fire or water wall, but it's really exhausting for me because I'm not born with this ability...
Leijona: *to Mecha* I wouldn't have the patience to do all of this research...It must take ages to write a really good hard sci-fi book! *to Skaith* lach2

#387:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 30 Aug, 2011
Aiden: Mecha checked for me and I'm actually closer to 4 years old. (hey! I just realized, this means that I'm actually older than Vesper and Skaith IRL! ^_^)

Morph: lach2

Skaith: -_- I reject your reality and substitute my own! ^_^

Morph: *to Iron* Yep, plenty of people around here to talk with. Still, more never hurts. *cough* Tinyninja and Kocobassa *cough*

Vesper: *to Neila* Oh don't worry, I just get mad, not homicidal. Sounds like your control of the elements has a broader scope than mine.

Mecha: The research doesn't actually take as long as the worldbuilding and writing does. Google is your friend, as is the local library. ^_^ There are also online writing groups that specialize in sci-fi, both hard and soft, and are generally very helpful when you have questions.

#388:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 30 Aug, 2011
Iron: Kubiku and I excist since a month and Neila since four month or so. lach1 Good attitude, Skaith! *to Morph* And weren't there also Eilatan and Kupo?
Leijona: *checks* Yeah back in July...What has happened to this? There were a lot more people when this topic was created eh
Neila: *to Vesper* ^^ But I'm sure you can control them longer than I can. My strength is just enough for a few seconds of each and then I have to recover for some hours.
Leijona: Google :D I don't know what I would do without Google. But I guess you all know this by now lach1 What is Star Wars? Hard or soft sci-fi? I assume pretty soft, isn't it? ... Kubiku, are you alive?
Kubiku: Yes. Why do you ask?
Leijona: You don't say anything sadblauw
Kubiku: There is no reason to.
Leijona: Ohhh this reminds me of the fact that I still have to figure out your background! Let's get started! :D
Kubiku: *sigh*
Iron: *to Leijona* And I'm hyperactive? You have mood swings, my dear!

#389:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 31 Aug, 2011
Morph: *to Iron* Yeah, them too. (knew I was forgetting someone)

Mecha: *to Leijona* This thread is actually a reboot of an older one, one that had managed to make it well into part II before dying. There have been a ton of regular and semi-regular posters that have cropped up over the last few years, and plenty more that have just introduced themselves and their characters, then disappeared forevermore.

Vesper: *to Neila* That's true. *laughs* It doesn't take a lot out of me physically, but it's incredibly demanding on my mind.

Mecha: *to Leijona* Oh yes, what would we do without it? smile (No! You can't make me turn to Yahoo or Bing! Never! lach1) Star Wars is pretty soft as sci-fi goes. In fact, the entire setting could probably be translated into fantasy terms without changing the narrative much. Epic sword duels, magical powers, countries instead of planets and ships instead of starships, fantastic creatures, a vast empire ruled by an evil wizard and his dark apprentice... smile Despite that, I still consider Star Trek to be even softer than Star Wars, and Dr. Who absolutely tops the softness charts. lach1

Morph: *ahem* Character Chats or Creator Chats?

Mecha: Right, sorry.

Aiden: *to Iron* Backgrounds are fun! ^_^

#390:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 31 Aug, 2011
Leijona: *to Mecha* I wish we had been here when the older part was still alive...
Iron: You know, this is why you are complaining about too less hours per day.
Neila: You have a time management problem!
Iron: Together with the gets-too-easily-distracted problem this is the total knock-out.
Leijona: Yeah...I know...but...
Iron: Shusch! You know what? We'll finish this post and then you log yourself out and close this forum window! Gee. Addict! -.-'
Leijona: Mhmmm... *to Mecha* Is it normal that MC's are analyzing the creator's personality and giving personal advice?! Okay, change of subject...I don't know why, but Google is the Number One lach1 I have never really watched Star Trek and I'm afraid that Dr. Who is not even .... wait. I checked this up. It IS a serie in my country but...I don't think our TV receive BBC...
Iron: rolleyes Maybe you wouldn't get that distracted if there were no Google... Hey, I have an idea! Let's keep her away from the Internet!
Neila: lach2 Are you serious?
Iron: Yes? Why?
Neila: No internet --> no LD4all ---> No Character Chat
Iron: Oh. Didn't thought of that confused
Neila: lach1
Kubiku: Nice ideas you're having there. *grins*
Iron: Do you have a better one?!
Kubiku: Let's get her occupied with our story.
Iron: I don't want to admit it, but this is good! *to Morph* Is this going to work? Can you prevent Mecha from getting distracted by keeping him focussed on your story?
Neila: You're ignoring Aiden.
Iron: Oh, I'm sorry Aiden, this was not my intention. Yeah, backgrounds are funny siiw But even more I like to edit my future to make it brighter than Leijona dreamt it up grin

#391:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 01 Sep, 2011
Mecha: *to Leijona* Yeah, fun days... *remembers*

Sai: *to Iron* Good idea.

Mecha: *to Leijona* In my experience, it happens all the time. Sai's the most active in that regard, at one time even earning herself the nickname of my second conscience. lach1 Subject change! I liked the original run of Star Trek, but I can't stand any of the newer series, and never got far in watching them. I've never actually seen Dr. Who on tv either, and only know about it from our library's DVD collections. (which cover the 9nth and 10th Doctor's runs, and the first season of the 11th Doctor's run)

Morph: *to Iron* I'll try it out and let you know how it goes. smile

Aiden: *to Iron* ^_^ Have her make it so you become really rich and find a beautiful land were you live happily ever after!

Morph: Heh, don't forget finding the girl of your dreams, vanquishing the bad guys, and looking awesome while doing so.

Sai: *laughs* Hate to break up the party you two, but I doubt Leijona will let Iron's future be that bright. Stories where everything goes right for the main characters are seldom very interesting, while ones filled with difficulty and danger can be quite exciting.

Morph: One can always hope though. ^_^ I say go for it Iron!

#392:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 01 Sep, 2011
Leijona: *to Mecha* Second conscience? That pretty much hits the bull's-eye! I haven't checked yet if we receive really no BBC here...
Iron: *to Morph* It worked partly today! She wrote a pretty random piece of my future down and is now annoyed because she has no more time left to watch Vanilla Sky tounge2 *to Morph and Aiden* lach2 Vanquish the bad guys: Check. Looking awesome: Check (of course siiw )
Neila: Finding the girl of your dreams: Check lach2
Kubiku: *throaty laugh*
Leijona: lach1
Iron: Shush! Be quiet! grrr ... Anyways. Sai is right. She won't...
Leijona: I agree with you Sai! ^^ It makes a story so much less realistic if everything's just hunky-dory.
Iron: But that doesn't mean that we all have to die >.> But i got her so far that I don't die unhappy, abject, beaten and alone in some cryptic dungeon >.< So, Morph, I'm already quite satisfied with what my future is now like, but there's always room for more ^^

#393:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 02 Sep, 2011
Vesper: *to Neila* lach2

Morph: *to Iron* That certainly is an improvement. ^_^

Mecha: I finally updated my dream journal for the first time in forever. siiw

Sai: Let's see if you can actually make regular posts in it now rather than abandoning it for half a year. lach1

#394:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 03 Sep, 2011
Iron: YEY, SNOWBALL FIGHT! *throws snowball at Aiden* :D
Neila: *laughs and ducks because of another snowball*
Kubiku: *doesn't move at all when being hit by a snowball*
Iron: Please, join us, only this time!
Kubiku: I don't see why I should avoid being hit by snow. It doesn't hurt me a bit.
Iron: It's fun! Join us or I'm going to throw this at you *holds a big snowball over his head* ebil
Kubiku: Don't do that. I'll have to take vengeance for this if you - *gets snowball right into his face* Okay, this was your death sentence. *hurls him facedown into the snow with a swing of his tail* Hee. You were right. This is fun.
Neila: I want to take a picture of this! Hilarious! lach1
Leijona: Yeah. lach1 Sorry for the confusion, I imagined a snowball fight in their village in which just everybody participates! grin *to Mecha* I saw your new entry yesterday, but it is so much, I haven't had time to read through it yet eek2 I wish I would have so excellent DR of my ND's :D

#395:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sat 03 Sep, 2011
Orion: Oh Mai Gah, a snowball fight?! *Throws a snowball at KocoBassa*

Hanyuu: Hau Hau Hau! Must stop time, must stop time!

KocoBassa: Hanyuu, what th- hey *Gets smacked in face with ball of snow.*
It's September and it's already snowing?? Grrr, Eat my dust, Orion Piazzolla! *Grabs a snowball catapult out of no where*

#396:  Author: Amythest444 PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2011
Anna: HIHIHI! I just got created! WOOT!smile I've been waiting forever, I had no idea this day would finally come! WEWEWEWEWEWEWE!!!!!!!!!!:D

Me: Sorry about that, she's super peppy today.

Anna: Am not! And even if I am, you can't blame me. I just got created!!

Me: Exactly,

#397:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2011
Iron: *stands up and agitates, having still snow everywhere* Ohoo, more people want to join?! No time for a big welcoming ceremony, just JOIN! *throws snowballs all around* Nice throw Orion tumbsuplinkswitteduim
Leijona: *to KocoBassa* Sorry for my random thoughts wink *to Anna and Amythest* I'm sorry for Iron's behavior, welcome you two and stay a bit of cour - *gets hit by a ball* Now who was this?!
Iron: Ha, one point for me mrgeen
Leijona: Oh, just wait! KocoBassa, could you lend me by any chance your catapult for a moment, please?
Iron: *sees catapult* Uh-oh... nuu
Neila: *throws a snowball at Iron, then hides behind Kubiku* Oh, and by the way, welcome Anna and Amythest! *waves to them* bye

#398:  Author: Amythest444 PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2011
Me: Thanks for the welcomes!


Me: Still peppy today, huh?

Anna: Aren't you too, princess? (Idk, but for some reason, my mind always makes her call me princess to annoy me)

Me: Stop calling me princess Stars!

Anna: Fine but only if you stop calling me stars!

Me: Alright Stars:) -faces Leijona and Iron- So we're having a snowball fight? smile


Me: Just to annoy you :D -gets snowball thrown on her back- -turns around- Who just hit me?

Anna: -laughs nervously-


Anna:Where where? -looks- Ouch! You know my weakness, beautiful nature sadblauw

Me: hehe, I bet you don't know my weakness

Anna: If only I did know.

#399:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2011
Sai: Hey look, new people- *is hit by snowball*

Vesper: Catch! *throws second snowball at Morph*

Morph: *turns, catches snowball, and sends it back at Ves*

Vesper: *wiping snow from face* No fair! *to Iron* Let's team up!

Sai: *hides behind Crysar for safety* -ahem- Hi Anna and Amethyst! Welcome to the chats. *glances out from behind Crysar* Where on earth did all this snow come from?

Mecha: *whistles innocently*

Morph: *to Anna* HEY LOOK! A huge beautiful bird over there behind that big ugly lizard! (it's worth a shot... )

Aiden: *looks at Skaith*

Skaith: *looks at Aiden*

Skaith and Aiden: TAG TEAM CHAOS! *both start throwing snowballs at everyone else in sight*

#400:  Author: Amythest444 PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2011
Amythest: Thanks guys!

Anna: Oh my god, I love beautiful birds, where where??? -gets hit with snowball-

Anna:Works everytime sadblauw

Amythest: -whispers something to Anna-

Anna: -nods-

Amythest: Hey, we have to brb for a few seconds... -goes off with anna-

Anna and Amythest: -returns with pile of snowballs--

Amythest: Ready? GO!

Anna and Amythest: -starts throwing snowballs at everyone

#401:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 05 Sep, 2011
Leijona: *to Amythest* Of course we're having a snowball fight! grin *forms snowball* *gets hit by snowballs from Anna and Amythest* Uahhhh!!!
Iron: lach2 *pokes* You're way too slow *hits the bull's eye a few times*
Leijona: Meh... *wipes snow away*
Iron: Alright Ves, I suppose you're faster then she is wink *holds hand up* High five! Let's beat Team Chaos!
Kubiku: *to Crysar, dryly* It seems like we are both used as living protective shields. *pokes Neila* I am not your bodyguard. Go and show them the former warrior. *grin*
Neila: Uhh...*sneaks about carefully* *gets hit by a lot of snowballs from Anna, Amythest and Team Chaos* GAHHH!!!
Kubiku: *grins and pushes her forward again*
Neila: Hmpf, okay, I have to be a little unfair then... *creates protective shield around her using her demonic magic* *steals up on Mecha* You haven't been hit yet, right? I'm going to change this! ebil *throws multiple snowballs at him*

#402:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 05 Sep, 2011
Vesper: *to Iron* I would try to melt incoming snowballs as I see them, but then we'd just get hit by balls of water, which I'd also rather avoid if I can help it. Let's cause some carnage!

Crysar: *to Kubiku, equally dryly* It would appear so. *vaporizes an incoming snowball* Shall we take a more active role in this confrontation? *bares teeth*

Sai: *to Anna* I'll team up with you so that people stop trying to distract you by pointing to me.

Morph: Hey, no fair! *decides to try one last time* LOOK! The pretty bird's right next to you now!

Skaith: Aiden, we need a sphere of darkness ASAP!

Aiden: Okay! ^_^ *creates bubble of pure darkness*

Skaith: *morphs an eyestalk and periscopes it above the darkness* Ha! Good luck finding us now! *throws more snowballs*

Mecha: *to Neila* Haha, snowballs are no match for my climate-controlled full body armor! ebil

AVE: Micheal, the ice appears to be interfering with my servos. Should you wish to remain mobile I would recommend dodging.

Mecha: Ack, for the last time, just because you sound like the original KITT from 'Knight Rider' does not make me Micheal Knight! My real name isn't even remotely similar!

AVE: If you say so, Micheal. ^_^

Mecha: help! *gets hit by more snowballs* Oh right, dodging.

#403:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Mon 05 Sep, 2011
Orion: Sorry for the late reply. Nice to meet you Anna and Amethyst T_T. It's become crazy posting on this topic! *Stops snowball from hitting her with a vector* Would our new guests like some cookies?

KocoBassa: *Gets hit with snowball in the face* Jeez, you can say that again but it's good to know that people haven't forgotten about us down here. Pleasure to meet you Anna and Amethyst...

Hanyuu: Anna! It's so nice to meet you! Hi Amethyst! Oooh Orion's husband eyes look like pretty Amethyst!

#404:  Author: Amythest444 PostPosted: Tue 06 Sep, 2011
Amythest:Nice to meet you guys too smile And Orion, YEAH I WANT SOME COOKIES! :D

Anna: Mee too! Oh can you give me a flower shaped cookie? I love cookies -sigh-
@Hanyuu Nice to meet you too :D

#405:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 06 Sep, 2011
Iron: *to Vesper* Since I'm already covered with snow anyway I don't care about water siiw So, who's the first target subject? plotting

Kubiku: *to Crysar, tilting his head* Maybe... *listens to Aiden and Skaith* Okay, they are virtually provoking me. *jumps into darkness* No problem, Skaith! *gets out of the bubble with both Aiden and Skaith* Your turn, Crysar. *grin*

Neila: *to Mecha* lach1 Better listen to AVE, Micheal!

Leijona: *to Anna* So, do you already have some kind of background story?

#406:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Tue 06 Sep, 2011
KocoBassa: *Jumps out of nowhere and sneak attacks Orion with an ice sword.*
Sub-Zero ninja attack!!

Orion: Why you little! *Blocks the sword with her vectors and smashes a pile of snow in her face.* Hahaha! Not so smart now are we? Oh, here girls *Hands Amethyst and Anna a plate of flower shaped cookies* My husband made them. He cooks better than I do and I can cook!

Hanyuu: I'd love to here your backstory Anna! I was originally an Anime character that Koco-chan saw in a dream and she stuck me in here! Orion...Well books can be written about her backstory... It's very long.

Orion: Yeah, Koco is working on that right now *Noms on a cookie*

#407:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 07 Sep, 2011
Mecha: Sorry for the lag in replying- we've been having some computer troubles. neutral

Vesper: *to Iron* Okay, prepare to get wet. Hmm... Our first target should be- *gets hit by Morph* HIM!

Aiden: *to Kubiku* Eep! eek2 How?

Skaith: *smacks forehead* No eyes, I remember now. Should have realized that he'd probably have some alternate method of seeing.

Crysar: *vaporizes several snowballs with lances of energy, then grins back at Kubiku* Does this suffice? *springs upward to avoid a snowball aimed at his back by Sai*

Mecha: *to Neila* gil Sometime I'll have to find some choice clips from the original series and link them. I always loved KITT's dry humor in response to Michael's actions. [edit:]Found a site with several audio clips. A couple of my all-time favorite quotes are in there. (but probably not nearly as funny without context, particularly the second one)

#408:  Author: Amythest444 PostPosted: Wed 07 Sep, 2011
Anna: *shakes head*

Amythest: She lost her memory before I found her sadblauw

#409:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 07 Sep, 2011
Iron: My pleasure! sly *hits Morph with snowball in the back* HA!

Kubiku: *to Aiden, grinning* Surprised? *to Skaith* In fact, it is my accurate ear.

Leijona: Which sounds weird in english since you don't even have ears eh

Kubiku: Though they get my point, I think. *to Crysar* Lances of energy? You piqued my curiousity.

Neila: *to Mecha* KITT's voice fits perfectly to AVE's lach1 Is AVE also an acronym for something?

Iron: *dodges some snowballs and appears behind Anna, peering over her shoulder* Sniff...What are

Leijona: *to Amythest* D= What a pity! How did it happen?

#410:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 08 Sep, 2011
Morph: Ack! *wipes snow away* I need to find someone to team up with, quick. *looks to the left with a grin and picks up some snow*

Skaith: *to Kubiku* Yeah, that sounds about right. *glances to the right* Hey Kubiku, think fast! *arm stretches and throws snow at the same time Morph's snowball arrives*

Morph: Team Chaos FTW!

Skaith: Welcome to the team! ^_^

Crysar: *to Kubiku* Need assistance? *zaps more incoming snowballs* It's Thorai energy, concentrated and fired from my right arm. According to story, I was imperfectly designed, and the process of firing gives me second-degree burns whenever I try to do so. Currently my lower right arm is an immobile leathery mass of charred tissue, the nerve endings long gone so I can fire without feeling pain. Given time it would regenerate on its own, but my story self has found it useful to keep it the way it is, to be able to fire without feeling fresh waves of agony each time. The mindscape is much more forgiving, and I myself am not bound by the limitations of my story self in that regard. *is zapping snowballs while explaining*

AVE: *to Neila* Thank you Bonnie. I've worked hard to achieve that result.

Mecha: ohno Don't tell me you're doing it to other people now? *to Neila* It's short for Advanced Virtual Entity.

#411:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 12 Sep, 2011
Kubiku: *wards snowballs off with his tail* Har, you three against Crysar and me? Fair enough! *grin* *to Crysar* Interesting background. I guess you don't have a limited amount of shots?

Iron: *pokes Leijona* Hehe, no hits for Thorai energy on your loved Google, eh? What are you going to do now?

Leijona: *grumbles*

Neila: *to AVE* You're welcome, KITT! *to Mecha* Seems like this is not only your problem. lach1

Iron: *to Vesper* Now we face a small difficulty. If we continue to fight Morph, then we automatically battle against Team Chaos and thus we're supporting Crysar and Kubiku...

#412:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 14 Sep, 2011
Crysar: *to Kubiku* No, I do not. *fires again*

Mecha: *to Google* ebil *to Neila* Yeah, sorry about that. He's always been a bit hard for me to figure out. ^_^

Vesper: *to Iron, while ducking a ball of warm water* Maybe we should call a temporary truce with team chaos- I think 'team serious' over there might be enough to take us all on! o_o

#413:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 14 Sep, 2011
Kubiku: *to Crysar* That is in fact a really great convenience then.

Iron: *to Vesper* Hey I didn't know it will be warm water! :D Yeah, you're right about Team Serious overspannen *to Team Chaos* Let's see how long we'll survive together grin

Kubiku: *to Iron* I will not show any mercy.

Iron: He's not joking at all! o.O Now this could end up easily being a close shave... *makes sure to not lose sight of Kubiku while throwing snowballs at Crysar*

Neila: *watches the match* *sigh* Anyone else here who preferes a tiny civilized conversation? *glares at Leijona* And I'm not talking of you! -.-'

Leijona: You're still mad at me? sadblauw

Neila: No comment.

#414:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 15 Sep, 2011
Crysar: *silently begins throwing snowballs with his other hand, in addition to vaporizing incoming snowballs*

Vesper: *to Iron* ^_^ The great part about it is that our snowballs are that much colder as a result of me siphoning heat from them in order to melt the other snowballs.

Morph: O_o Wait- No one told me you were slinging around the equivalent of liquid nitrogen! *resolves not to get hit by Vesper or Iron*

Skaith: In light of this new information, I propose we accept the truce for the time being. o_O

Mecha: *to Neila* Human do something to upset you?

#415:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 16 Sep, 2011
Iron: *to Vesper* Ha, another advantage! We should prepare to some bigger snowba- *gets buried under a huge snowball by Kubiku* Mhpff...

Neila: *to Mecha* Exactly. In fact I already forgave her, still I'm a bit peeved at her. She totally failed to see us (mainly me, that is) as persons who are somewhat free of the worries, trials and tribulations of our lives in her story, but, and that's the point she doesn't get, think and feel the same way about things as we do "IRL". I just can't act as if my life didn't affect me. It's impossible for me to adopt a neutral position and to think and talk like certain things don't regard me at all.

Iron: Well put! *throws one of the hard snowballs at Leijona* Weíll get you so far to recognize what youíre going to say before you actually do so!

Leijona: Ouch! Iím trying to improve myself...

#416:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 17 Sep, 2011
Vesper: *to Iron* o_o Here, let me melt that for you. (can't believe it slipped through my defenses)

Mecha: *to Neila* I think she'll come around in time. Saichania had a similar experience with me back in the early days, and now it's long since resolved and forgotten.

Crysar: *throws snowball at Iron, then fires an energy bolt into the ground right in front of him just as it arrives, throwing up a plume of loose snow*

#417:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sat 17 Sep, 2011
Kaeli: Hello everyone! We're back!

Jet: Wow we've been away for a long time.

Aviv: TinyNinja's college classes started in late August. Since then, she's only remembered a couple dreams in the past month. We've been similarly neglected, but it's only the proper thing to do since WL ALWAYS COMES FIRST *glares at Jet*

Jet: Come on, Aviv. She could have made at least a little time for us!

Kaeli: Settle down, you two. Jet, if you were buried in college homework, you'd forget about us pretty soon, too.

Jet: No, I'd forget about college first.

Kaeli: *sigh* Can we join in the snowball fight? *makes snowball and hands to Aviv*

Aviv: hmm

#418:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 17 Sep, 2011
Neila: *to Mecha* Yeah, I really hope so... *sigh*

Iron: *to Vesper* Thanks. siiw I don't think it slipped through your defense, it was much bigger when Kubiku throw - *is covered with snow once more* ... I begin to take this personally. -.-' Am I your first target, or what? I'll teach you to! dark *starts throwing snowballs at Team Serious*

Neila: Hey, I already thought everyone else had forgotten this thread! :D Feel free to join, I guess. As long as I'm not the target... *to Jet* lach2 I think you'd like Leijona, she tends to procrastinate school homework! gni

Leijona: Kind of. *to Aviv* Same here. Since my school has begun again, I scribbled only short notes of my dreams...during the last eight days I wrote about one site in my DJ. During the holidays I wrote about three or four sites for eight days meh

#419:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 18 Sep, 2011
Aiden: ^_^ Hi Jet! Come join team chaos!

Morph: Hey, good to see you all again.

Vesper: *in response to Iron getting hit again* Ok, that's it. Toaster oven for us, arctic blizzard for everyone else! ebil

#420:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 19 Sep, 2011
Jet: Oh yeah! *Joins Team Chaos with a snowball in each hand*

Kaeli: I'll join Team Chaos too. It looks like Team Serious is doing a good job all by themselves. Especially if Aviv joins them.

Aviv: *Stares blankly at snowball*

Jet: Come on, dude. Throw it.

Aviv: *Stares blankly at snowball*

Jet: Yeah, you might be good with guns, but I bet even you can't hit this snowball if I throw it in the air. *Throws snowball*

Aviv: *Throws snowball. The snowball makes a noise like a small thunderclap and hits Jet's snowball squarely.*

Kaeli: eek2 Did that snowball just make a sonic boom?

Jet: What is this I don't even...

#421:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 19 Sep, 2011
Iron: *to Vesper* Ahh, that's what I call a comfortable temperature! ^_^

Neila: *teeth are chattering*'s getting terrible cold here...*goes away from the battlefield*

Iron: *to Aviv* You - *ducks ball of water* - gotta decide for one side now!

Neila: *winces at the bang* *to Aviv* eek2 How the hell have you done this?!

Kubiku: *looks up briefly at Aviv, grins and wards some snowballs off* *to Vesper* Make it as cold as you want. This makes my snowballs even harder. That means the next snowball will hit Iron or anyone else nevertheless. *shark-like grin*

#422:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 21 Sep, 2011
Morph: O_O Mach-1 snowballs... This game's getting more dangerous by the minute!

Skaith: Aiden, darkshield. Now. Kubiku's the only one that can see through it, right?

Sai: *to Neila* I'm glad there's another sensible one here that isn't getting involved.

Vesper: *frowns* Hadn't thought of that Kubiku- thanks for giving me the heads-up so my powers can ignore your little strip of land.

#423:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 23 Sep, 2011
Neila: Obviously I was wrong when I said "she procrastinates school work"...

Leijona: Yeah, sorry for the absence...*sigh*

Kubiku: *to Vesper* Are you sure you are able to concentrate enough to omit always precisely my place of location? I'm willing to test your skills. *grins and decides to firstly throw some snowballs into the darkshield*

Neila: *to Sai* Yes, I'm not into sparring or any other kind of fighting anymore. And it's still cold here...*to Leijona* What about a coat or some other warming stuff?

Leijona: There you go. *creates white fluffy fur*

Neila: Awww... aww

#424:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 23 Sep, 2011
Vesper: *to Kubiku* Let's find out... *poker face*

Morph: *to Kubiku* Oomph! Why you- ah well, better than mach 1 snowbullets or liquid nitrogen balls. *forms many tentacles under cover of darkness and begins slinging snowballs with them* Take that!

Sai: *to Neila* Aw, that's so nice. aww *to Mecha* Why can't you be this considerate too?

Mecha: I er, uh... assumed your feathers and tunic would keep you warm? smile

Sai: *feathers ruffle in annoyance*

#425:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sun 25 Sep, 2011
Orion: Ughhh, it's so cold! Koco, why did you drag me out here when you know Meridians are sensitive to the cold?

Hanyuu: *Holds up scarf* Here you are Orion! *Get's hit in the back of the head with a snowball.* Hau au au au!!

Orion: *sees thousands of snowballs coming at her.* Uh-oh....Watch out Hanyuu! *Forms ether barrier with her hand* Good god, where is that nutty child? We can't hold on for much longer!

KocoBassa: Nnhh, so...cold... *huddles in corner of rocks.*

#426:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 25 Sep, 2011
Kubiku: *smirks and doesn't pay much attention to Morph's snow attack*

Iron: Uh-oh...Be careful, Vesper!

Neila: *to Mecha* lach1 That's a pretty bad excuse! *to Sai* I'm sure Leijona would create you something similar if you want to!

Kubiku: *moves very fast around Iron and Vesper while throwing giant snowballs at them out of all directions*

Iron: nuu

Neila: lach1 Never mess with Kubiku... *to Orion* Another one who doesn't like the cold weather! :D

#427:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 27 Sep, 2011
Vesper: *to Iron, confidently* Got it. *punts a few subzero snowballs Kubiku's way* Holy crap, he's fast. o_o; New tactic: CIRCLE OF FIRE!

Sai: *to Neila* That would be nice of her. *glares at Mecha significantly*

Mecha: I know that look- it's the one our roosters give just before they attack something. Perhaps I should take a hint here.

Sai: No, really? rolleyes

Mecha: Presto! New winter weather jacket. ^_^

Sai: You're a sweetie. ^^ *hugs* (and I really think you were overstating the look I gave you back there)

Mecha: Perhaps there was the slightest artistic license taken...

#428:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 27 Sep, 2011
Iron: *to Vesper* Whohoo, nice idea! But I doubt that he'll give up so quickly. overspannen

Kubiku: *makes a few leaps backwards to avoid the heat* He, I didn't quite expected that. *forms new snowballs, then jumps up in the air, throwing them down inside the circle of fire*

Leijona: Now I have the image of a furious looking Sai stucked in my head...

Neila: *to Sai* lach1 Nice to see that he eventually got it. *to Mecha* You just managed to save the day, hm?

#429:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 28 Sep, 2011
Vesper: *to Kubiku* grrr Dome of fire then! *to Iron* Please don't tell me he can burrow underground too...

Mecha: *to Leijona* lach1

Sai: *to Neila* Eventually. ^^ *shakes head* Guy shares a mind with me, and yet can be completely clueless sometimes.

Morph: I think he might have been deliberately dense back there, for comical effect. I do the same thing all the time. ^_^

Sai: *facepalm*

#430:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 28 Sep, 2011
Iron: *to Vesper* Uh, not that I'm aware of...

Kubiku: *grins* Does it get already warm inside your new dome?

Leijona: *to Mecha* Actually a pretty scary image! eek2

Neila: *to Sai* It's weird, isn't it? *to Morph* lach1

Leijona: Oh, do you guys mind if I bring another character in?

Iron: Be careful what you're answering to this, she's already working on another new character.

#431:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 30 Sep, 2011
Jet: No worries, everyone. Kaeli decided things were getting a little too dangerous, so she took Aviv off to go compare guns or armor jet-powered paper airplanes or something like that. There will be no Mach 1 snowballs in our fight today. *Looks at Vesper's dome of fire and shudders* Although from the looks of it, maybe Aviv wouldn't have made much difference in the danger level?

*Dons a fleecy jacket to deal with the cold and starts pelting snowballs*


Jet: *To TinyNinja* When will you learn not to hit the post button before you're done typing????

TinyNinja: ...sorry...

Jet: So, as I wanted to say... We don't mind at all if you want to bring another character in, Leijona! I for one love talking with all the different people in here.

#432:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 03 Oct, 2011
Leijona: *to Jet* Okay, brilliant!

Gan: Hello everyone, it's nice to meet y'all! grin *waves* Umm...I'm not sure whether I like the fire because it warms or if I should better stay away from all these snowballs flying around...

Neila: Better avoid them... *to Jet* Guess you're right...

Gan: Hm? *sees Crysar pulverizing some snowballs* Wait. A second Kubiku?! eek2 I'm so not gonna join these snowball fight! *heads over to Neila and Saichania*

Kubiku: *to Gan, smirking* Coward. *throws snowball*

Gan: *shrugs* So what? *ducks just in time*

Neila: You forgot that thanks to Kaeli we don't have to worry about the super fast snowballs of Aviv.

Gan: But...I thought he's a human?

Neila:'re right... eh How the heck...?

#433:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 04 Oct, 2011
Mecha: Hi guys! Sorry for the late reply. We've been having computer access troubles at home, and I'm writing this from the library right now. Hopefully we'll be able to take care of things before too long, but it may be as long as November 1st before I can start posting again with any regularity. In the meantime, I'll try to post here when I can.

Sai: *to Leijona* Sure, we don't mind having a new person around. *to Gan* Hi there! ^-^

Morph: *to Jet* Armor jet-powered paper airplanes? Cool!

Vesper: *realizes a flaw in her plan when she tries to throw a snowball through the wall of fire* Oh right... darn, this means more concentration to open holes in the firewall at the same time we try to throw snowballs through. *to Iron* You might have to take over with the throwing- I'm not sure I can aim properly while keeping our defenses up.

Mecha: Library computer tried to eat my post, but ctrl-c foiled its plans. ebil

#434:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 05 Oct, 2011
Iron: *to Ves* Yup, all right! *makes snowballs* But we've got to be carefully, Kubiku is planning something. Something evil. He told Neila and Leijona his plan BUT I got pulled out of the mindscape by Gan before I could hear anything. -_-

Gan: grin1 Too bad you can't throw a snowball at me right now, eh?

Iron: Lalala sorry I can't hear you! -.-

Gan: Pff... *to Leijona* So, you gave Neila a fur collar...What about me?

Neila: You also want a fur collar? lach1

Gan: Well actually-

Iron: *to Leijona* Don't you dare to imagine that!

Neila: lach2

Leijona: lach1 Very well then...*creates black winter jacket with white fur* I begin to feel like a producer.

Gan: *dons jacket* Nice one, thanks! grin Oh, don't worry, I'm sure Iron doesn't need a jacket with all these fire. ^^ *looks at Sai, at Neila and back again* I feel excluded amongst you two winged! :D

#435:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 08 Oct, 2011
Mecha: Made it to the library again. smile

Vesper: *worried look at Iron's newsflash* I'll stay on guard...

Morph: o_o; Ves! Let us in too!

Aiden: Yipe! Come on Skaith, it might not be too late!

Mecha: *to Leijona* I feel like that all the time when dealing with their needs. lach1

Sai: *to Gan* Wings FTW!

#436:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sat 08 Oct, 2011
MC: Hello, audience! Since the draft posts where Gecko introduces me turned out terrible, I'll introduce myself! . . that sounded better in my head. Anyways, my name is Chilam.

Description: Species: Human. Gender: ♀ Appearance: White skin, dull black hair, weird grin grin

Since Gecko is under the weather (though cearly can post this), he won't say anything. Anyways, guess that's it for this post. May I join the snowball fight? Looks like fun, unless the scene I'm veiwing is lazily imagined to give me something to say and look at.


EDIT: Hey, top of the page!

EDIT 2: Yay for wording edits

#437:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct, 2011
Leijona: *to Mecha* thumbs

Gan: *to Sai* Black panther tail and ears FTW! tounge2 *to Mecha* She can't complain, you have no idea with what weird ideas she comes up with when she's bored and I always follow them! lach1

Leijona: Oh heck, you're always the one who has obiously the most fun with my random ideas.

Gan: Just so that nobody gets a false impression of her "ideas". For example she decided to let all of us switch bodies with another one. grin

Leijona: *facepalm* Nobody thinks of the stuff of which you think! lach1

Gan: Ehehe...I guess I should stop talking before I get myself into a scrape...

Leijona: Yeah.

Neila: *pokes Gan* Probably. *to Chilam* Hey Chilam, nice to meet you!

Gan: Oh, hi! bye Maybe I shouldn't welcome you since I'm also quite new here, but whatever. grin If you want to join the fight, stay away from Kubiku as long as you don't have any special supernatural powers. wink

Kubiku: *to Gan* Heh, no interfering when you don't participate. *shark-like grin*

Iron: Okay Vesper, let's show this big idiot of which tough stock we are! *gets ready to throw snowballs*

#438:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct, 2011
Chilam: Thanks, guys! Nope, I'm pretty sure I don't have any fancy superpowers, though in a book BlueGecko thinks he might write, I might be a hemnecat (werecat)! grin (Just a half baked idea though)

*Get's hit in the back of head with NPC snowball*

D'ow! *Throws snowball randomly*
(It was kind of nice of that NPC snowball to let me finish talking, though)

Now watch in amazement as this post gets edited at least 2 times!

#439:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct, 2011
Jet: Welcome to chat, Chilam, BlueGecko, and Gan!

*to Gan/Neila* All we know is that Aviv looks human. Honestly, Kaeli and I are as puzzled as you are. Kaeli told me that he has a body temperature well below that of a normal live person. Don't ask me how she knows that overspannen

*to Morph* Yeah, they were saying something about jet-powered paper airplanes. Or maybe they were talking about airplane-powered paper jets. I'm supposed to be a mechanic, for goodness' sake, but I can't keep up with them when they start talking about their hobbies! It's really embarassing neutral

#440:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct, 2011
KocoBassa: Pleasure to meet you all, I'm KocoBassa, resident nutjob and epic fangirl.

Orion: *bows* Very much so. I'm Orion Piazzolla, member of the Meridian race (Basically just half-elves with lot's powers.) and youngest daughter of the Merdion family.

KocoBassa: Geez, Orion why do you have to be so serious when there are new people?! You're giving the wrong first impression! And just when are we going to meet the ever famous Mr. Piazzolla?

Orion: Not now but soon... And why can't you be a little polite once in a while?*To Chiliem, Bluegecko, and Gan* Please make yourself at home, and if you have any questions, do ask?

Hanyuu: Hau au au, I'm Hanyuu! I'm thousands of years old and have the power to curse people but I'm really nice, really!

#441:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct, 2011
Chilam: Hello! I don't really have a lot to say, because Gecko's cold is kind stuffing up his (and due to the current power system, my) ability to think. But hey, thanks!

#442:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct, 2011
Leijona: Oh my...Four posts while I was away?! Guys, good job, this is the record since I joined! :D

Neila: *to Chilam* Werecat? Awesome idea! I'm a werewolf myself. ^^

Gan: *to Jet* Would you mind to ask him whether he's human when he's back? Ohh, do Kaeli and Aviv have a kind of relationship? Speaking of relationships, I so have to tell y'all something about Kubiku, he and -

Kubiku: Gan. I warn you.

Gan: But the new character said it's okay if I tell it!

Neila: Actually this new character said: "For all I care" and shrugged. That's not quite the same as an agreement.

Gan: *grumbles*

Neila: *to Hanyuu* Another one who I shouldn't make angry! lach1

Gan: Thanks Orion! grin

Neila: *to Chilam* Relay "get well soon" to BlueGecko then please! smile

#443:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct, 2011
Must... respond... to every post... the instant I read it... lest... the universe... ASPLODES!...

Chilam:*Basicaly all to Neila* Yeah, I change into a cat every night (at least in the book. Iím not sure about the movie, though ). It can be sort of fun, since the transformation's so unpredictable (It doesn't happen at a set time, it usually happens in different ways, and I don't need to be exposed to the moon for it to happen), and usually only hurts a little. It also follows Murphy's Law, though, which is a little annoying: "Okay, so here's how we defeat Mr. Evil Overlord, and you have to get started right now: first, you have to - t- meow!" lekkerpuh

Also, when you're a cat, everything red or brown looks sort of grey or purple, so Fall isn't as pretty. But most natural stuff looks normal otherwise. What's it like as a werewolf?

And also, as for the get well, Gecko had a faster reaction time, so he read it first. I redundantly told him anyway, though! grin

BlueGecko himself: Yeah, thanks Neila! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and try to clean the mucus out of my brain...

#444:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 10 Oct, 2011
Jet: *To Gan* I don't know, I'm a little scared to ask Aviv about much of anything... I know! I'll ask Kaeli to ask him. She's not afraid of him at all. As for the two of them... I honestly have no clue what their relationship status is. All I see is that they get along really well. (At least, as well as Aviv can get along with anybody.) And you probably haven't seen it yet, but sometimes Aviv completely goes to pieces when Kaeli talks to him. He doesn't do it as much as he used to, but it's still pretty funny.

*To Chilam* Wow, that's cool! I wish I could shapeshift. My special powers are limited to some really minor energy manipulation--barely enough to make a few pretty fireworks on a good day. Kaeli and Aviv have no special powers. Well, I mean, they're good at fighting, and they're both really strong, but you get the idea.

#445:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Mon 10 Oct, 2011
Chilam: *To Jet* Yeah, it's pretty fun (for me, at least, since I have a weird idea of fun), but there are several side-effects, too. For one, you keep some physical cat characteristics in the day: your canine teeth are a bit longer and sharper (don't bite your tounge), your eyes, while normal in shape, turn into kind of a weird color, you keep the ears (the reason I often where a hat or bandana), and you sometimes find yourself infodumping information about the side effects.

Of course, I could bite you (or spit into your mouth or something) if you wanted to be a werecat, though. Not that you would.
Also, energy isn't a bad power. I think it could be pretty fun if you're bored. More fun than fiddling with your fingers or licking yourself. Plus-

Bluegecko: Hey, is there any way I could get a list of every one here? All these names are giveing me dain bramage... anx

#446:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Tue 11 Oct, 2011
Jet: *to Chilam* Thanks for the offer, but I think i'll pass smile Do you ever use your cat form to sneak around? I've heard cats can fit through really small spaces. Seems like that might come in handy sometimes!

*to BlueGecko* I actually think that a list of names might help me, too. I admit to getting a little mixed up sometimes unsure To cover TinyNinja's characters, there are three of us:
Jet, a 19-year-old human (me!)
Kaeli, a human in her late 20s
Aviv, a human (or at least a human-looking being) of unknown age
Kaeli and Aviv are normally around to talk, but right now they're off doing something. Aviv just revealed that he can throw snowballs faster than Mach 1, and we were getting a little nervous for our safety eek2

#447:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 11 Oct, 2011
Neila: *to Chilam* lach1 Nice, this with Murphy's law! Well, werewolves in Leijona's book are just the way "normal" werewolves are: Transforming once a month during the night of full moon into a sanguinary beast which doesn't differentiate between friend and enemy...The transformation is very painful, that's the reason why most people lose consciousness and control over their bodies. However I'm one of the very few who can withstand the torture and so are still theirselves but in a werewolf body with a lot physical power and much more acute senses. So, it's by all means not a nice experience and nothing I would wish anyone, but from time to time it can be quite useful.

Gan: *to Jet* Okay thanks! :D I'd love to see this! It's also quite funny to see the way Kubiku reacts when I speak of this new character of Leijona, you know - *gets hit by giant snowball in the back* Oompfh...

Kubiku: Stop. Talking. Now.

Gan: Yeah yeah, alright, I got it. See what I'm talking about?

Neila: *sigh* You really have to pick on him like this, right?

Gan: What? I love teasing him and Iron! It's so easy. And Leijona, sometimes. grin

Neila: I think you shouldn't tease Aviv...

Gan: Nah, of course I won't, I don't want to get on his bad side. wink *to Jet* However I don't think you have to be afraid of Aviv, I bet he wouldn't do you any harm. *to Chilam* Nothing wrong with cat characteristics grin

Leijona: *to BlueGecko* I felt like this also at first! lach1 It gets easier when you know the people better though. There's no list of all here, but you can always read through the older posts. Oh, and Mecha has some awesome pictures of his characters in his Gallery, for me it helped to have some pictures which I could connect to the people. ^^ Well, as far as I'm concerned, there's a description of my MC's some pages

Gan: I'm missing there! grin Okay, so (assuming that everybody wants to hear that) I'm a guy about 1,80m tall, pretty slender, almost black skin. I have the ears (some piercings included siiw ) and the tail of a black panther. My hair is very long and also black, though it can have a gleam of dark blue when you watch at it in the right light. I usually wear it in a plait but you can imagine me with dreadlocks as well. ^_^ Ö Have I forgot something? Oh yeah, and my clothes are more average, a t-shirt and short throusers (though now also with a fluffy jacket ).

Leijona: I should add that Iron, Gan and Neila all look like they're something around 30-35 years old, but they are in fact a lot older (about a couple of hundreds years). Gan looks a bit younger than Iron and Neila though.

#448:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Tue 11 Oct, 2011
*Sorry, I would have posted this several hours earlier, but we were going to go apple picking with friends, and I didn't here about it until I almost had to go. Still, I got some apple-cider donuts, so that's nice.*

BlueGecko: Whew, thanks, that helped. But since I can never seem to remember anything at all, I may have to look back again. It kind of works like the third part of this: Warning: there's some stuff here you might not want kids to read. The first, second, and third parts should be okay, though.
Yeah. I'm not a fan of inapropriateness [yey speelin] either, but his comics are usually pretty funny.

Chilam: Just to be clear; when BlueGecko says it, he means his brain the imaginary friend, not me the imaginary friend. wink

*To Jet* Yeah, if someone offered to spit into my mouth, I'd probably pass, too. "Hey, Jet, Open wide!" lach1 Yeah, one of Gecko's actual cat's can fit into any space her head can, like a mouse, but somehow, trying to do that sort of creeps me out. But you know what's great? Jumping and climbing. I don't think it looks very graceful, but climbing straight up the trunk of a tree is fun.

BlueGecko: Chilam, do you ever talk about anything else?

Chilam: NEVARR!!! grin

*To Neila* Ouch... if it were that painful for me, I'd probably be a little coo-coo! crazy2 Usually it's just itchy sprouting fur, and sometimes it feels like I have a cramp. It does hur ta lot when I'm injured, though apparently not as badly as it hurts you. *thinks* So you can withstand the pain, you say? *Throws compact snowball hard at Neila* Did that hurt? grin

BlueGecko: hand voor hoofd *Also to Neila* Thanks again for the get-well. I do think I'm mostly better at this point!

*By the way, I am saying this stuff to the right people, right? Told you I'd need to look back*

Oh, I know, I'll post Chilam's description so I don't look like some kind of hypocrite.

Chilam: It's already on the top of the page. neutral

Gecko: Yes, but I think I'll post it again and add some stuff.... Here goes:

Chilam: Stuff in italics is the stuff I'm saying

Name: Chilam (Nickname: Snowbird. That's what Chilam means in a certain Native American language. Let me clarify: Snowbird could mean guy who goes down to Florida to spend the winter, but the definition I like is (N) an avian found chiefly in the winter. I think it's sort of nice that way. Besides, I'd rather be hiding under a rock on a hot day.)

Gender: Unknown :\ Female

Age: Around 14. Yes, that's pretty young.

Skin color: White.

Hair color: Black as a raven's wing. Which is a fairly accurate description, since it's also pretty dull.

Important stuff I'm forgetting: Quite a lot.

Chilam: Also, as seen above, I'm a hemne(were)cat.

[Post was edited twice]

#449:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 12 Oct, 2011
Leijona: *to BlueGecko* I like the last two lach1

Gan: *hears the second sentence Chilam says to Jet* Pfffhhfff-BwahaHAHAHA!!!

Neila: *flashes a weird glance at Gan* Well...Just - ignore him...He...whatever. Donít pay attention to him. >.>

Gan: *is convulsed with laughter* lach2

Neila: *to Chilam* There are a lot of werewolves who get weary of life...*gets hit by Chilamís snowball* Hey! I never said that Iím immune to pain, I only can bear it without showing much reaction to the outside world if necessary -_- Take that! *throws snowball back at Chilam* *to BlueGecko* Youíre welcome. smile

Leijona: Ahh Snowbird! That explains things for me! You know, I saw one of your LD goals is to meet your character Snowbird. I thought: ďWhat? Wait. He has character. And he doesnít join the chat?! eek2 Ē And after you two joined I thought that there have to be two characters of which one doesnít want to talk. lach1 *to Chilam* And why do you said your gender is unknown? *confused*

Gan: *still giggling* S-soo, Jet- lach1 *gasps* I-Iím sorry...Whatís it like to have TinyNinjaís undivided attention?

#450:  Author: MagykKatte PostPosted: Wed 12 Oct, 2011
Magyk: Well, hello all. This is sufficiently interesting. What is up?

#451:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 12 Oct, 2011
Kupo: I think you're in the wrong place.

*Eilatan whacks Kupo with a cookie

Me: Magy, this is a thread for people and their characters that are interested in the CALD technique. :O

#452:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Thu 13 Oct, 2011
*Sorry for late post AGAIN. Might not post right away tommarow either*

BlueGecko: *To Leijona* Yeah, I did consider saying that a little earlier, but, nah. Too lazy and forgetful. wink All in good time, I guess.

Snowbird *I want to use my nickname! :D * : *To Leijona also* The discription thing (Sounds wrong when I try to say it any other way)? That's actually a reference to this. (Go to 4:22) I don't know why I like to use references when no-one's gonna get it, but- *get's hit by Neila's snowball and lets out a Deku Scrub :puh: like squeak* Ow! My spleen! *Throws another snowball, then hides in the snow* (Man, this post has almost no continuity!)

BlueGecko: *To MagykKatte* Don't worry, I'd make that kind of mistake, too. You can read all about CALD in the "BIG CALD Topic".

#453:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 16 Oct, 2011
Leijona: Sorry, I didn't feel like posting... *to BlueGecko* Now I have a cold...>.>

Neila: *to Chilam* Do you prefer to be called Chilam or Snowbird? And thanks to Leijona I now know what a Deku Scrub is. *to Leijona* Your head gets filled with nonsense all the time when you're on the internet, you know?

Leijona: *to Neila* Hey. Thanks to my computer addiction you all can talk here, right?

Neila: Oh well. ... I'll continue to bug you with this later. -.-

Gan: Not so negative you two! Always look on the bright side of life! *whistles*

Neila: I'm in a bad mood. -.-'

Gan: *to Leijona* Have you done something mean I didn't recognize or what?

Leijona: No...I'm sure I didn't.

Gan: *has to duck Chilam's snowball* Eh! *tries to spot her* Come here you little werecat or human or whatever you are! If you don't have any superpowers I can take you on!

#454:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Mon 17 Oct, 2011
*to BlueGecko* Now I have a cold...>.>

ebil All part of my evil scheme... everything is going according to plan! D'oh! I mean, um... sorry to hear that. If you have a sore throat, try drinking some hot green tea. It really helps if you drink it fast! flower

Chilam: *Pops out of snow* Finally! I feel like I've been underground for 3 days! Though of course, that can't be the case, since I was clearly only submerged for several seconds but - *Gets hit by the snowball that someone probably threw by now* D'ow! *Ducks down, then pokes head back up breifly* Well, the important thing is that now you all know what a Deku Scrub is, right? gni *resumes tunneling*

BlueGecko: Funny, Chilam, you said being a werecat was a minor power, but you talked quite a lot about lycanthropy (or whatever the word is for cats) in these past posts.

Chilam:*Heard that. Resurfaces* I noticed that, but despite the fact that it takes your brain a half hour to stop wandering in circles, this would have only happened in a few minutes in Playground Time. *Throws another snowball at Gan* :puh:

BlueGecko: Okay, good point. But why do you keep yourself burried in snow during a snowball fight, anyway?

Chilam: Because I'm a coward! grin *jumps out of snow in front of Neila* Well, I like both names, but Chilam is probably safer, since, well Snowbird has 2 meanings and all. Plus you can make more poetic insults out of Snowbird than Chilam. I know because I can read BlueGecko's thoughts, even though I know he was planning on saving those for later.

BlueGecko: Thanks, Birdbrain.

Chilam: <.<' By the way, why are you in a bad mood? Is something wrong? Or is just one of those times where you have a bad day because your favorite couch was moved five inches to the left? What's the matter? whatsthat

#455:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 17 Oct, 2011
Jet: *to Gan* Haha, it's funny that you mention being afraid of Aviv... we went through that a few pages back when he first joined TinyNinja's mindspace. He's really scary-looking until you get used to him *shudders* Not like a monster or anything, but really big and stern and imposing. Oh, and the big guns he carries occasionally don't help scared He's harmless though, at least to us. To nightmare DC's, now that's another story...

*to Chilam* Snowbird is a pretty nickname. I don't think of winter visitors at all! Climbing straight up the trunk of a tree sounds fun. Sort of like making low-altitude passes up mountain slopes in an airplane, I'm guessing?

*to Gan* I was Tiny's first character, so it's just like old times for me! I do kind of wish Kaeli and Aviv would finish whatever they're doing and come back, though. There are some things that they can do that I'm just not good at. Like help TinyNinja fight evil DCs in nightmares (that's normally Aviv's job). Or be a calming presence... normally Kaeli does that. I'm not particularly good at either.

*to Leijona* Get well soon smile

*throws snowball at Gan*

#456:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Tue 18 Oct, 2011
Chilam: *Due to the Playground having an even less stable environment than a poorly thought out chase scene, had plenty of time to speak with Jet*

Sort of, but without the low altitude passes and the airplanes. Actually, it feels more like climbing a slanted ladder really fast, but you're not afraid of falling, and you can grab onto anywhere. . . . It's kind of hard to explain for you to have the full effect. Actually, for all I know, Eye-licker here might have some idea, but that's only because he climbed up the ladder of one of those ginormous inflatable kid's slides faster than he should've.

Also thanks, I do like being called Snowbird, but when I'm around strangers who might not have the same picture as I do, I just call myself Chilam. *Pauses. Then throws snowball at Jet*

#457:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 18 Oct, 2011
Leijona: *to Jet and BlueGecko* Thanks, I hope I'll get well before my holidays start...

Neila: *to Snowbird* Well, since English is not Leijona's mother tongue, we all don't think of anything in particular when hearing "Snowbird", so I think those meanings doesn't really matter for us. ^^ And because of my bad mood in our last post, I'm not sure, I think Leijona's crossness due to her cold kind of devolved to me.

Gan: *to Jet* Leijona should dream about us more often. tounge2 Would be funny! There are no real guns in our world so I've never seen any except for those from movies of course and I'm used to big imposing "monsters" *points at Kubiku* and stern guys... *points at Iron inside of the fire dome* *coughmachocough* ...Yeah what I wanted to say is that I'd like to meet him personally and I know the same applies to Iron and Kubiku. :D Old times, hm? Some company is always nice, right? ^_^ Neila is Leijona's first MC too (I think you know that but whatever) and I actually think that she's sometimes in a bad mood because she misses Leijona's attention which she used to get (I believe that's mainly my fault cause I'm talking all the time) but she keeps denying it. confused Normally Neila is the one who calms Leijona down, I'm kinda the entertainer in her mindscape. grin *to Leijona* Yes, I babble a lot of desultory nonsense and I know that. tounge2

Leijona: Well then...If you say so...

Gan: *ducks Chilam's snowball but gets hit by Jet's* Hey, not fair! *throws two snowballs back at both hehe *

Iron: *from somewhere in Vesper's fire* MECHA!!! I know you have to go to some library at the moment for internet access, but hurry and get online! I'm getting somewhat anxious about being here inside of this fire not able to do anything against Kubiku! overspannen

#458:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Tue 18 Oct, 2011
Chilam: *To Neila* Okay, so basicaly nothing's wrong? Okay, then, well - *Throws snowball at Neila then runs*

BlueGecko: Hey everyone! I got a new character! Introducing *drumroll* ... Scout!

Scout: Hello, everyone! I'm... uh, well... Scout! Nice to be here!

Chilam: *Applauds*

Scout: Now I guess I should tell you about myself since none of you can actually see me. . . . Here we go:

Name: Smitty Werben Yeggermanjenson

Gender: ♀

Age: Around the same as Snowbird

Skin Color: Very Light

Hair: Longish, dirty blonde, and fairly kinky looking. Looks sort of burnt.

Fancy Gimmicks: Telepathic, capable of sending information as fast as it can be brought to mind. I prefer to just say things out loud if I can though, so people can keep up with me. universe

I think that's it. Snowbird? Whose on what team?

Chilam: *Slows down next to Scout* No teams, but I'd say throw snowballs at the people who are trying to murder me. *Tags in Scout*

Scout: Do you think the snowball that guy threw before you moved intended to hit you? *Points at Gan*

Chilam: Yeah, totally.

Scout: *Throws snowball at Gan* Hello, um... *Reads through post*... Gan!

Chilam: By the way, Scout, here's the list of people who are here. *Hands Scout list*

Scout: Thanks.

*Wow, this took a disturbingly long time to type with all the distractions floating around*

#459:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Wed 19 Oct, 2011
KocoBassa: I never really did describe Orion and Hanyuu to you did I? Well lucky for you I have a picture of Haynuu!

Orion: I'll describe myself thank you very much...Sorry if this is very late.

Height: 5' 11" Weight: 128lb Race: 1/2 Meridian, 1/2 Tatarin

Gender: Female, obviously Eye color: Orange Hair color: Brown

Hair length: Below waist, middle of thighs.

Powers: Variety of ether based maneuvers such as teleportaion, energy blasts, barriers, ect. My main ones due to me being a Tatari ( A race of Demons) are my invisible arms and regeneration because of the affinity between my Meridian and Tatarin cells. The rapid growth of my cells also accounts for my outrageous height.

Orion: I am 27 by the way -_-' Koco won't let me go without editing this in.

#460:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Wed 19 Oct, 2011
Chilam: *To KocoBassa* Nice picture! Gecko never got around to drawing me, since he's so busy slacking off.... He did however make me in his Nintendo 3DS's Mii Maker, but that's beside the point.

Scout: *To Chilam* At least you're developed enough to be able to be drawn. I still need some development.

Chilam: *To Scout* Is that some kind of lesson or something?

Scout: No.

Chilam: Well... okee.... *To Haynuu and Orion* Hiya! Guess I haven't met everyone here yet, after all. *Throws snowballs at them*

Scout *Follows Chilam's lead* Sorry. New here. shy2

Chilam: *To Scout* Stick with me, Redeyes, we'll go places gni

We interupt this post for this important news bulletin: Indeed, Scout's eyes look red in certain light, even though she is not an albino. Now back to your irregularly schedualed programing.

Chilam: Did we just get interupted by a news bulletin?

BlueGecko: I couldn't come up with any more stylish way of putting that in.

Chilam: Okee dokey then....

*To Orion* Wow, you can do a lot of cool stuff! What's teleporting like? I can whistle through my tongue... whistle

#461:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Wed 19 Oct, 2011
KocoBassa: *To Chiliam* Oh-no-no! I didn't draw that! Hanyuu is an anime character that I saw in a dream. She isn't mine! Sorry for the Un-originality.

Orion: Good job nut job... *To Chiliam* You're lucky, I can't whistle. Well I can hand whistle, but I don't think that counts. Teleporting is... well I my body deconstructs into separate cells about the size of atoms and they can move through space, but not time. If any one gets the hots for me however, I am marr- Holy sweet syrup! *Sees the snowballs coming and erects an ether barrier around herself and KocoBassa*

Hanyuu: Walks in I'm back every one! sorry for the- Hau au au * gets hit with a snow ball*

#462:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Wed 19 Oct, 2011
Melody: Hi everyone! We've been away from here for a while! *throws snowball at Shadow*

Shadow: Okay, it's only October and I've been hit with a snowball. Who here just threw a snowball?

Reina: Not me! I don't understand why there's snow here!

Me: Well, it is much colder this year.

Melody: *giggles*

Lydia: Thanks to that war we had, the atmosphere's slightly unsettled. It'll settle down in a few years time.

Reina: War's just really unnecessary. Can't everyone just get along?

Me: I wish...

Shadow: You haven't been here for a few months!

Me: I know, too busy exploring Eternos.

Blaze: So, Menhirr's finally left us alone from a year of tearing the place apart. After all that effort of trying to find him to defeat him didn't work - we destroyed a planet in the process!

Me: Pretty crazy...The last one and a half years have been crazy.

Blaze: Technically 251 years, we time warped!

Me: Yeah, but time is relative to the person.

Shadow: So, we did we do over that time?

Me: Well, I woke up in Eden and became General there. We then fought Erehwon, went to Lunile and took refuge in Helios. We went up to a space station, went back down to the floating island of Valhalla, went to Neonia to find the PSR General, travelled across the ocean to a new continent and got the Onyx Shard to pass through the barrier. We travelled north to stop Menhirr, travelled even further north to the capital city to stop Menhirr from getting there, went to the alternative world of Eternos, found my hometown, battled a Titan and stopped Menhirr destroying Eternos.

Melody: Yeah, but it was much longer than that.
I don't get why he's called Menhirr. I mean, isn't that a stone?

Me: I know, I've written just under half of it up in brief detail and it's 40 pages long.
And yeah, 'tis a really weird name. Maybe he's hard to break?

Lydia: Ridiculous. For both of your statements. And he's hard to break alright.
----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- -------------------------------
Reina: *to Orion* You're lucky you can teleport - we can't teleport yet here on Eternos!

Shadow: Hold the phone, I thought arcane magic let one teleport?

Me: I know advanced arcane magic yet I still can't teleport! Maybe we should learn to teleport like Orion!

Shadow: Who'd willing volunteer for this atom technology? If it went wrong, their arm could end up attached to their head!

Melody: *shivers* Not nice at all.

#463:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Thu 20 Oct, 2011
Orion: Ahh well, my teleportation is much different than you'd think. The Meridian race has a unique thing where every person has a different ability. Some people are sapeshifters, some people can teleport (Like me), I've even met people who can heal like clerics! That's why Meridian Technology is so advanced, because of the superhuman element.

KocoBassa: Yeah you Aliens are so crazy! Anyhow, I finally have a picture of Orion colored and sketchings too! Beholdeth!


Orion: I do apologize for the forum space used. I don't actually have a bow you know, and we're ignoring the guests! *To Teraflare and everyone* Please make yourself at home and welcome back.

KocoBassa: Sorry the pictures wouldn't show up on the site for some reason...

Orion: Probably because they were straight from your computer.

KocoBassa: Oh Hush! Any help from you more tech savvy people?

#464:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 20 Oct, 2011
Neila: Welcome, Scout! bye

Gan: Hi! grin

Neila: Actually there are teams but they're not complete as long as Mecha's characters are missing... *protects herself against Chilam's snowball with one wing* -.-'

Gan: *gets hit by Scout's snowball* First throwing and then greeting, eh? *to Neila* Team up?

Neila: Totally!

Gan: *to Chilam* Don't halloo till you're out of the wood! *throws snowballs at him and Scout* We'll see how far you lil' bird and your new friend will make it!

Neila: *soars up and starts a little bombing from above*

Leijona: *to Teraflare and MCs* Hey everyone! So many new names to remember...You can blame me for the snow and all, it was my idea. tounge2

Iron: What, new people?! *to Neila, shouting* Canít you just make the fire disappear so that I can join the conversation? Please?

Neila: Of course I could, but then youíd have face up to Kubiku.

Iron: Alllllright, forget all what Iíve said, Iíll stay here!

Kubiku: *smirks* Am I surrounded by cowards?

Iron: Mecha so gets pounded when heís back! grrr

Leijona: Yes, because itís obviously his fault that he doesnít have computer access. rolleyes

Iron: *grumbles*

Gan: *looks confused at the newcomers* Do I have to understand all what they are saying?

Leijona: lach1 I donít think so. *to KocoBassa* Iím a totally noob but you have to upload it to a hosting website such as ImageShack. Then just use the URL where it says ďForum-CodeĒ but only the part inside of the [IMG] thingys.

#465:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Thu 20 Oct, 2011
Orion: *To Leijona* Oh thank God, our tech support!!

KocoBassa: Okay I'll get the images up right away!

So Here's the official drawing


Uploaded with[/img]

And The sketchings!


Uploaded with[/img]

Sorry for the fact that my handwriting is terrible and that stupid image shack turned them to the side... Or maybe that was the iphone I was using...

Orion: Again! I don't have a bow! But anyways, sorry for the forum space again. Now about this snowball team issue...

Hanyuu: Hau! Orion is very pretty, isn't she? Tank you Leijona-San!

#466:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Fri 21 Oct, 2011
Chilam: *To KocoBassa* Oh, whoops. Those new drawing are sort of nice, though! At least you could say you actually drew your character! *Glares at Gecko* If you didn't draw that, of course, I would probably faint or something.

*Looks around and sees all the snowballs, and says to Scout* We're gonna need heavier snow-clothes.

Scout: Well, you brought this down on yourself!

Chilam: You let me! Oh, and by the way, some of these [Apparently slow enough for us to manage to say all this] snowballs are heading for you, too!

Scout: Still mostly your fault, though! *Dives into the snow*

Chilam: *Gets hit by most of the snowballs, then dives down with Scout*

Scout: Okay, regroup. What do you suppose we should do?

Chilam: I'd say we dig our graves. We'll have a hard time shooting down the bombers from down here, and none of us have any means of flight ourselves.

Scout: This is war, soldier! We can't quit now (especially since you started this)! Really, though, I don't think Neila - *briefly unburries herself* Hi, Neila! *Burrows back down again* - can carry to many snowballs in the air at once, and probably has to be careful using them in order to keep steady flight.

Chilam: Those are just assumptions!

Scout: Who of us here has the degree in flight physics?

Chilam: Neither of us!

Scout: Exactly. Now let's stop talking like we're in World War III. It's getting in the way of my thinking abilities.

Chilam: Alright. I still think we're almost dead, though.

Scout: Now isn't that the spirit, Chilam? How do you suppose we get out of this without being murdered? whatsthat

Chilam: Diggy diggy hole?

Scout: Chilam, you're a real coward. You know that, right?

Chilam: Yes, Miss ESP. I already acknowleged that in an older post. If you don't like my idea, what's your plan?

Scout: I say we go out there and fight (After all, we did only come down here to regroup)!

Chilam: Sounds dangerous.

Scout: It's a frinking snowball fight!

Chilam: Okay then, Scout, why don't you go first and *Dons sunglasses siiw * scout ahead? *Sunglasses fall off due to not having anything to hold onto (cat ears, remember?)*

Scout: Okay then, Snowbird, how 'bout you stay here and just *Takes and puts on Chilams sunglasses siiw * wallow in the snow?

Chilam: Crap. Beaten at my own game. Okay, I'll go with you. Man, we were down here a long time.

*Scout digs herself up while Chilam jumps out*

Chilam: In yet another spectacular demonstration of logic, the snow is both deep enough for me to safely hide in, yet shallow enough for me to jump out of and walk in comfortabaly. neutral

Alright, you're going down, Tweety! So are you, Kitty-Cat! *Gets snowballed in face*

Scout: Chilam, you just used 2 taunts that could immeteatly *BlueGecko can't spell it* be thrown back at you. *Begins throwing snowballs at Neila and Gan*

Chilam: *Rubs snow off her face then scuttles up to Orion* I think you lost this - *Attempts to throw a larger snowball at Orion*

BlueGecko: Ouch, this post is WAY longer than I though it'd be. wow Sorry about that.

#467:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Fri 21 Oct, 2011
Well first time finding this but whatever

Nicklebrick: hey guys whats up?

Hazel: uh hey

Nickle: Hazel, thats the first time ive ever heard you talk... (It really is)

Hazel: sorry ill go back in my house

Nickle: Ok seya

Me: Whats going on here?

Nickle: Just Hazel talked for the first time...

Me: REALLY!!!!

Nickle: Yea.

Me: well thats cool can you wait till our new cars come in?

Nickle: I can we just got that new aeroplano... I still have no idea what a rudder is

Me: all in good time-

Nickle: nor can i drive a stick!!


#468:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 21 Oct, 2011
Leijona: *to Orion and Hanyuu* No problem. smile *to KocoBassa* You're really good at drawing facial expressions! I wish I would be better at drawing, I have so many awesome ideas floating around in my head... *to Chilam* No reason to use actual logic here!

Neila: *to Leijona* Change your music please, Nickleback doesn't quite goes with the spirit of a snowball fight, don't you think?

Leijona: Yeah, alright, let's see...I can't play anything else without you all starting to dance! lach1

Neila: Ha, this one! siiw

Gan: I like the animations people made of this song. :D *to Chilam* What did you just said? You want a Kitty-Cat? Granted! *transforms into oversized huge black panther* RAWR! grin

Neila: *looks surprised at Gan* Wow. What a rare event. How many times have I seen you like this before?

Gan: Only twice I think. wink Only downside is that I can get even more easily spotted in the snow than it's already the case...Whatever, why should I hide anyway? *churns snow around with paw*

Neila: Hey there Nicklebrick, Hazel and Nickle! Feel free to join the fight!

Leijona: *to Nicklebrick and Nickle* Gan's first entrance was almost exactly like Hazel's! He just came in together with Iron (or with Neila? Can't remember) into their mindscape and I was like: Hey Gan, what are you doing here? :D and he just answered something along the lines of: Yeah, whatever, I'll be away again, see ya later! siiw

#469:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Sat 22 Oct, 2011
Well thats awesome but "Nickle" and "Nicklebrick" are the same person tounge2 just a shorter nickname of a nickname *mind trip* and sure where do i start on this snowball fight?

#470:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Sat 22 Oct, 2011
Me: Ready guys to go kick some butt at a hugh snowball fight?

Nicklebrick: Ra Ra Ra!

Hazel: Eh

Me: lets start this journey, In style, (all the new cars we just got in our dream-scape) XD

Nickle: But i still cant drive stick!

Me: *Snaps fingers* there you live in a dream, therefor i just made it automatic...

Nickle: uh thanks

Me: off to the war!

To be continued

#471:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sat 22 Oct, 2011
Chilam: *To Leijona* Oh, I wouldn't say that dancing here would be an entirely terrible thing...

Scout: It was for the crabs, though.

Chilam *Puts on fake beard* Those ain't crabs! Them there's arachnids! Why in my day, we didn't build an 8 legged spider with claws and call it a ten legged crustacean! ...They just don't build crabs like they used too....

Scout: I can't actually picture you using that voice, which means Gecko can't either.

Chilam: Hush, whippersnapper. . . . Okay, fine I'm done.

*To Leijona again* Also yes, I would say it's a bad idea to use real logic in the Playground, because in real life, I'd probably be saying this first (Minus that last part).

Oh and the music Gecko has for this is a remix of Snakey Chantey, from Donkey Kong Country 2.
Scout'll need some caffiniene to keep up with it though.

Scout: That song will work well for BlueGecko, though, because that's what he'll be hearing the whole time he tries to sleep tonight!

BlueGecko: I knew eating that icecream cake was a bad idea....

Scout: Wish I could say I warned you.

Chilam: Wow, this really isn't in real-time. Why is it that you *Gecko* take five minutes to write just a few sentences?

...*Five minutes later* Also, Nicklebrick and Hazel, just jump in and start throwing snowballs at people! That's how I started! grin <Okay, looks like you already got started, but I started to say this before you posted again. Uh, never mind?>

Chilam: *Can barely hear herself think over her own theme music* *Sees Gan transform into a panther* *Night falls, and Chilam turns into small, black housecat (because she is a werecat, if you missed that)* ...Meow? <Dang it, Murphy!>

Scout: This should be fun to watch. siiw *Gathers up more snowballs and begins to carve out a fort*

...Wait, you get CARS? eek2 Me and Chilam were just dropped into here! - I would say more but BlueGecko seems almost asleep in that weird way you do when you have to much caffiene before bed. So... *End of Post*

#472:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Sat 22 Oct, 2011
Hazel: are we there yet?

Nickle: Shut up already... you are so annoying i liked it when you dident talk

Me: wont you guys just get along

Hazel: yes


Me: nevermind were here *steps out of their cars*

Nickle: its snowy

Hazel:duh, its a snowball fight

Me: just stop it.

Nickle: *forms a really nice snowball and throws it at my car

Me: what was that for?

Nickle: dunno?

*all start a EPIC snowballfight*

Hazel: we better make a snowfort before we get ambushed by other people

Nickle: good idea

Me: finally you can agree on something

Nickle: no, bad idea

Hazel: noob

*comeback fight*

Me: ooook lets get going on that fort.

#473:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 22 Oct, 2011
Mecha: Back at the library again and- eek2 Wow, where did all those posts come from?

Morph: *to Mecha* Why am I suddenly reminded of Rip Van Winkle right after he woke up?

Crysar: *takes one look at the chaos in the chats, then turns around and walks away again*

Sai: Hey, two new groups and the return of an old one! Hi Teraflare, Melody, Shadow, Reina, Blaze, Lydia, Bluegecko, Chilam, Scout, Nickelbrick, Nickle, and- *gasps for air* Hazel! (whew, that piled up real quick while we were away)

Vesper: *to Iron* O_o Eep! You okay buddy? Not charred to a crisp or anything I hope? *wow, I think this is the longest continual use of my power I've -ever- tried*

Morph: Not really, the time when we were away shouldn't count. More like you've been doing it for a few minutes, and then been timelocked in place while poor Iron cooks.

Vesper: I hereby request that Iron be allowed retroactive use of my powers until we can get back to doing regular posts! (just don't do anything too crazy with them ^^ )

Sai: *to KocoBassa* Those are some nice pictures of your characters back there Koco.

Skaith: *looks at snowball in his hand* If I throw this now, will the person I'm aiming at have days in which to dodge it? Will I be leaving myself wide open to counterattack for who knows how long? Or will it go past in the blink of an eye? Timeflow here is even more confusing than it is under the theory of Special Relativity! nuu *gets hit by a snowball*

Aiden: grin Don't think, just throw!

Skaith: Hey, I thought we were on the same team!

Mecha: Why does the library computer always try to eat my posts?

#474:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 22 Oct, 2011
Leijona: *to Nickelbrick, the user* I...I knew that whistle

Neila: Yeees, sure. rolleyes No, what Leijona and I meant was to welcome both you, the forum member, and your characters. So when Nickle is also called Nicklebrick, then what should we call you?

Leijona: *to Chilam* Kubiku hates me now for listening to the entire second song. lach1

Gan: *laughs at Chilam's sudden transformation* Can't you talk when being a cat? gni Let's see who's faster! *starts chasing Snowbird (or rather Snowcat?)*

Neila: *to Scout* Be sure to build a roof. *picks up two snowballs, flies over the half-finished fort and throws them at Scout*

Leijona: *to Mecha* We've reached a third page since you all were away. tounge2

Neila: You've been missed!

Iron: *breathes a sigh of relief* Oh, finally! *to Vesper* Not yet but it was close I guess...Eh? Your powers? eek2 You sure? Wow...thanks! And Mecha...I hate him or her whoever is responsible for your broken computer!

Kubiku: *to Leijona* Stop. Playing. This. Stupid. Song. Or I'll kill you. *throws hard snowball at Gan who was dancing in his humanoid form*

Gan: *avoids snowball by transforming into a panther again* He, what's wrong with dancing?! You like to dance, too!

Kubiku: Not to such a goony song. *thinks about leaving and joining Crysar wherever he went to* *to Leijona* And stop writing about my thoughts. You are not supposed to know these.

Leijona: *to Mecha* Either it doesn't like you or LD4all. wink

Iron: *still inside the fire* Alright, it's time for revenge, Kubiku! ebil I make something happen...? *snaps fingers* Hey! The air gets warmer there! *a little flame appears* Ouch! Fu... *to Neila* Hey! I could need some help with element controling!

Neila: *is busy making new snowballs* Err...I have honestly no idea how Vesper's powers are working...Maybe just try to concentrate on what you want to happen? Like Leijona does in her LDs.

Iron: Yes, because she's so good at dream control...Okay, let's see...Oh, wait. I have to create the snowballs, there's no more snow inside of the fire dome!

#475:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Sun 23 Oct, 2011
Uhhh idk nicklebrick is the only nickname ive ever had, just call me justin i guess

#476:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sun 23 Oct, 2011
Chilam: *To Gan* Meow. <Now where DO we go from here? We could say that only you can understand me (and Scout, because she can literally read my mind), or we could say it's like a kid's cartoon, where basicaly everyone can understand this one character who doesn't speak any real language except the viewer. . . . I guess it would basically be easier to go with the latter. Okay, I'll go with that, I guess.>

*As Gan starts chasing her* notify <Yikes! This won't be fair! I can't see over the snow!> *Runs anyway*

Scout: *Manages to dodge Neila's snowballs due to decent warning* Hmm... now how to I do that? Any ideas, Chilam? *Reads Chilam's thoughts* How and why would I install an emergency self-destruct button?!

Chilam: <I'd love to help more, but if you haven't noticed, I'm a cat!>

BlueGecko: Hi, Mecha and crew! You missed the contest! Anyone who posted on the character chats thread on the 18th got 1 million dollars! trollololol

Scout: Hello, Sai! I'm trying to build up a snow fort, and I know Chilams plotting to try to get someone else to knock it down, just for the heck of it!

Chilam: <Hello, Sai! Scout's trying to build up a snow fort, and I'm plotting to try to get someone else to knock it down, just for the heck of it!> gni <Meanwhile, a fast paced remix of Snakey Shanty is playing in the background!>

*To Kubiki* <Why do you hate good music, puppies and babies and like to set flowers on fire?> neutral

*To Mecha* <Is there any way I could get a list of whose with you next time? I'll need some help remembering whose who.>

BlueGecko: Hm... now what am I forgetting to post here?

Chilam: Everything! grin

BlueGecko: Thank you. I'll probably remember later and edit my post if it hasn't been responded to, but until that happens -*End of Post, except the signature, which is actually a secret part of the post*

#477:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 23 Oct, 2011
Neila: *to Nickle, Hazel and Justin* Have you already finished to build your fort thingy? Ready for a real fight? *to Scout and Chilam* A self-destruct button? WTF? lach1

Leijona: Yeehaaa I'm a millionaire! hurray *reads the fine print* Ehhh? This was a joke? Noohoohhh! cry

Neila: *facepalms*

Leijona: *plays Donkey Kong music again*

Kubiku: .... You can be so glad that I only exist in your head. *looks down at the little black cat* I feel like you are making fun of me. *to Gan who just arrived* Stop chasing her. I am trying to conduct a conversation with her. *to Chilam again* Define "good music". As for the other three things you have mentioned, I do not know what you are talking about. You cannot say that I hate babies, however I really do not enjoy having them around me. All this noise. Fortunately this doesn't happen often, I'm not the one you want to look after your children. That is his job. *turns head towards the panther*

Gan: Just twice or so. And only because Ray really forced his two little kids upon me. Was funny though. grin

Iron: Oh my god look at me I can control those powers now! :D *creates scuttle through the fire wall*

Gan: Finally. After you set my shirt on fire and froze Kubiku's arm. >.> And Neila had to fix both!

Iron: Yeah sorry about that... shy2 *scuttle disappears* Hey! I didn't want that to happen!

Kubiku: *sigh* How long do I have to wait until your "awesome epic retaliatory strike"?

Iron: Arggh just wait, I'll master this in no time! *tries to make snowballs* Uh...I can only create iceballs... neutral Meh...

Neila: Oh dear! lach1

Gan: *just noticed that Chilam's still sitting next to him* GRAWR! *tackles her* Harr, sneak attack for ever! devil *churns a lot of snow on her*

Leijona: *To BlueGecko* You need to update your signature.

#478:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Mon 24 Oct, 2011
Chilam: . . . <I'll have to get Gecko to build a self-destructing snow-fortress in Minecraft to proove that it can happen. . .>

Scout: How will that proove anything? It's just Minecraft!

Chilam: <. . . Minecraft is more important than you will ever know. . .>

Scout: neutral Anyways. . . .

Chilam: <Oh! I know what this base needs!> *Rubs face on Scout's fort* sly <There ya go! A million times better!> grin

Scout: Thank you, Chilam. You really saved my life. neutral

Chilam: *To Kubiku* <Define good music? Okay! Look, I wasn't really trying (too hard) to
offend you. That was just a joke I might use sometimes for the right situation. Maybe it'd be a little funnier if you heard the car insurance (or whatever it was) advertisement that it came from. . . . Look, how about this? Here's a song that I'm sure you'll like a lot better, okay?> gni

*Gets tackled by Gan and basicaly burried in the snow* Rayow! <Okay! You win!> *Dashes to Scout's fort, and jumps on top of Scout's head*

Scout: What are you doing, Snowbird? Scared of Kitty Cat? lach1 *Tries to shake Chilam off, but Chilam digs her claws into Scout's skull* Ow!

Chilam: <Get used to the pain, o Denier of the Existance of the Self-Destructing Snow-Fort! I think you'll be feeling it a lot.>

Scout: Please get off.

Chilam: <On one condition: you must help me get the upper hand against Panther over there.>

Scout: The guy you just admitted defeat to?

Chilam: <That's the one.>

Scout: Fluffy? You are a coward. I won't help.

Chilam: <Then I won't get off.>

Scout: Fine. Stay there, then. And don't dig your claws in any tighter.

Chilam: <I'm not cruel, Girl-Scout. I won't do that. . . . Hey, Scout? Y'ever notice how Gecko's mind characters ->

Scout: Us.

Chilam: <Right. - You ever notice how we're so easy to come up with taunting nicknames for?>

Scout: Yeah?

Chilam: <Just saying, his next one will probabaly be named Fatso or something. . . .>

BlueGecko: Noted: do not name next character Fatso.

Scout: Chilam? We're you going to say something else?

Chilam: <Oh, right. Hey, Gan! Could you come down here and wreck Scout's snow-fort?> *Leans so that her face is upside-down in front of Scout's face* <If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!>

Scout: Chilam, your breath stinks. No, Gan, don't!

Chilam: Do it do it do it!

*What choice will Gan make? Find out next time, on LD4All: Character Chats Thread!*

#479:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 25 Oct, 2011
Leijona: Sorry for the late reply guys...Man I am quite busy for the fact that I have holidays...

Neila: No, you're not.

Leijona: Of course I am!

Neila: Definitely not. You just have a time management problem, that's all.

Leijona: Eh? Why do I even keep argueing, especially with you?

Neila: Second conscience, remember?

Leijona: Yeah...*sighs* *to Chilam after clicking the first link* Argghh, you tricked me you little! nuu *clicks second link* What the...? nodnodwinkwink

Kubiku: ... *blank stare*

Neila: *laughs at Kubiku's mien* lach2

Leijona: *closes YouTube window* Ah yeeess, okay...

Kubiku: *to Leijona* I'm relieved that at least this song - I doubt this is even worth being called a song - has exceeded your inhibitions. *to Chilam* No offence taken.

Gan: *amused about Scout's and Chilam's argy-bargy* Mhh...What should I do? nervous Wait! Haha! You're both inside of your little fort! ebil *tackles the fort in order to make it fall in over Chilam and Scout* ... *slips down the wall* shy2 Ehhh...Just...pretend you haven't seen this...*all depressed* I'm...too lightweight...

Neila: lach2

Leijona: lach2

Kubiku: May I ask...what exactly did you want to do...?

Gan: Don't...laugh...This is a serious problem...

Neila: I could have tell you that this would happen. lach1

Gan: Then why haven't you?!

Neila: Because I knew this will look hilarious. tounge2 And because I'm evil. Sometimes.

Gan: Glad to know that it was at least funny for you... cry

Neila: Nah, you'll find a new way soon! ^^

Iron: Hey, Kubiku, pay attention! grin *creates hole into the fire wall and throws an iceball at Kubiku*

Kubiku: *wards iceball off and forms new huge snowballs*

Iron: I'm the master of the elements! ebil *makes more holes and prepares to throw more balls*

Kubiku: *throws two snowballs very fast through the holes at Iron*

Iron: Uhaaa!!! *gets buried by both snowballs before he could even throw his ones* Damn it.

Kubiku: *sharkish grin* You shouldn't jump to any conclusions that quickly. *throws more snow at the ground and puts the fire out*

Iron: *stands up, covered in snow* -_- Don't think you've won. There will be a second round...Somewhere down the road...I guarantee you this!

Kubiku: *amused* Alright. Then I am warned.

Iron: grrr

Neila: Kubiku and me are the only ones who didn't failed at something today! :D

Leijona: Hey, what's about me?!

Neila: You failed at time management.

Leijona: ohno

Leijona: Uhm..Sorry for the long post. eek2 * lach2 at BlueGecko's signature*

#480:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Wed 26 Oct, 2011
BlueGecko: I think I'm the only one who considers that a late reply lach1 perhaps I'm spending to much time on this thread. . . .

Chilam: I think you are.

Scout: Neither of us can complain though, seeing as how we don't get to do so much outside of it. . . .

Chilam: A rather sad truth. Ah well.

*To Leijona* <leedle leedle leedle lee!>

*To Gan* <I should've warned you: it's made of snow!> lach1

Scout: lach1 Well, now that that's over with, care to get off, Snowbird?

Chilam: <Not really. The blood going to your face in anger is making your head warm and comfy!>

Scout: I'm not THAT mad!

Chilam: <Whatever. It's nice up here, since you're short enough to make me feel like I'm at the right hight!>

Scout: Uh . . .

Chilam: *Purrs* sly

Scout: Well, if you won't get off. . . . plotting *Pulls out ocarina*

Chilam: <You wouldn't.>

Scout: Oh but I would. Hope you guys weren't planning on using any night-time related jokes!

Scout played the Sun's Song.

>V^ >V^

*Sun comes up again*

Chilam: <Uh oh. . . .> *Begins to grow back into a human* <I thought you didn't even like video games, Scout!>

Scout: I never said I hated them, either- Yaih! *Begins to topple from extra weight* Okay, Chilam, p-please get off!

Chilam: *Is a fully clothed human now, resting on Scout's shoulders* Okay fine. Uh, could you let me down?

Scout: CHILAM GET OFF!!! *collapses onto the ground*

Chilam: *Gets off* That was fun. Hey Scout, can I help with the fort now?

Scout: *Get's up* Well, gees Chilam. Do you plan on turning against me again first chance you get?

Chilam: Yeah, probably! grin

Scout: Then no. Why don't you build your own?

Chilam: Okay. *Outloud to everyone* Does anyone want to build a self-destructing fort?

Scout: Hm. . . [maybe I could've used Snowbird] Okay. . . I still need help. . . .

*Starts unrelated conversation* Hey, Neila, what's it like being able to fly?

Chilam: Hoping to recruit Neila, Scout?

Scout: No, I was just being friendly!

Chilam: If you say so. NOw let's end this post. I'm running out of words.

#481:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 28 Oct, 2011
Leijona: *reads what Chilam said* *facepalms*

Gan: *to Chilam* Nnarghh I knew that cry *still depressed* I need something for cheering up... *watches Chilam and Scout* lach2 Thanks that was what I needed! *transforms into humanoid form again*

Kubiku: *to Iron* What are you trying to do?

Iron: Wait...wait...I'll get it...Tadaaa! Haha! *presents little flame floating above his hands* grin Now tell me I'm the best!

Gan: *sneaks off behind Iron, then grabs his shoulders and shakes him* GRAWR! devil

Iron: *almost burns his chest by being pushed forward, the flame disappears* Whaa! What the hell are you doing you stupid moron?! *grabs Gan and washes his face with snow*

Gan: grin1

Iron: *releases him* Gee...Stop distracting me when I try to do something with Vesper's powers...

Gan: Sorry, couldn't resist! mrgeen

Iron: *sigh* *to Chilam, Scout and BlueGecko* Oh, I think we don't know each other properly yet, I'm Iron. (No, my name rarely has something to do with the English noun.) And who wants to build a self-destructing snow fort now?! eh

Neila: *has been laughing at Iron and Gan the whole time* *to Scout* It's awesome, though I don't fly so much anymore. You should ask BlueGecko to fly in one of his next LDs so that you can get an idea of what it's like! ^^ Or, even better, show up in his next dream and you two are going to fly around together! Wow, sometimes I have such nice ideas! lach1

#482:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sat 29 Oct, 2011
Chilam: *To Gan* I'm here to please! Hey Scout!

Scout: Yeah?

Chilam: You ever hear the one about the catfish in a desert?

Scout: Nope.

Chilam: Me neither! cheesy *Corny laugh* Hyuck hyuck hyuck! adoration

Scout: How hilariously unfunny!

Chilam: Only the best unfunny jokes for the Playground, dear madam.

*To Iron* Oh, hi Iron. I guess I didn't greet you yet!

Scout: Hi Iron!

BlueGecko: It's not like you just got here or anything. Why didn't I greet you before? Hi!

Chilam: Anyway, yes, it's me that wants to build a self-destructing snow-fort with a hot-tub. By the way, what's with the fire?

Scout: *To Neila* Thanks! You do have nice ideas! Quite unlike Chilam. wink

Chilam: I have the feeling you said that only to get a jab at me.

Scout:yeah. . . . *To Neila* But yeah, next time Gecko figures out he's dreaming, I'll try to appear myself. Since if he doesn't get the dream stabalized, he thinks that trying to do anything fun or useful will result in him falling back asleep. Summoning us included. He basicaly let's us sort of think about whatever LD related stuff we want in the day, but I dought I'd be getting the full effect just THINKING about flying.

BlueGecko: Got to go now. A distracting cartoon I like is on now!

#483:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 30 Oct, 2011
Iron: *to BlueGecko* Yeah, I guess that's mostly my fault since I was kind of captured inside of Vesper's fire dome she created to protect me and herself from Kubiku's attacks. I haven't really heard most of the things you all here said all the time because of this fire...*to Chilam* You see, Vesper and me are a team and after some time we contended against Kubiku and this ended in this fire dome with both of us inside. Yes, and then Mecha couldn't post regularly anymore and thus Vesper gave me her powers to defend myself and now I can handle them! siiw

Gan: Eh, no, not really.

Iron: >.> Of course I can! Should I show you?

Gan: Ah no, please not, otherwise I end up with a blazing shirt again...

Iron: I already apologized... neutral

Gan: Yeah alright. ... *stares at Iron*

Iron: What?!

Gan: Uh no, nothing. *pats him on the back*

Iron: -.-

Gan: Mhh always this negative expression...Be a bit more happy! grin *jumps around in cicles*

Iron: *facepalms* I believe you're happy enough for both of us.

Neila: lach1

Gan: grin Happy pills for everyone! hurray

Neila: Thanks I'll take one. Leijona could need one, too! tounge2

Leijona: Eh? Why me?

Neila: Just because...*shrugs*

Gan: ... you didn't say anything. wink

Iron: *can't stop facepalming* So, Kubiku, how are you?

Kubiku: ... Are you serious?

Gan: *to Iron* Are you trying to ignore me? overspannen How rude! sadblauw

Iron: *looks a few seconds at the sad Gan* *sighs* Ah, no, of course not, how could I... *thumps at Gan's back of the head*

Gan: Ouch! mrgeen

Neila: *to Scout* Yes, the feeling is so awesome, you can't imagine it unless you have experienced it before! *laughs at BlueGecko's last sentence*

Leijona: *to BlueGecko* Now what was it again with the "Help, I get too easily distracted!" ? It doesn't seem like you are doing much against it. tounge2

#484:  Author: Sodesi PostPosted: Tue 01 Nov, 2011

Hi I'm Renny, Jinx's wise-crackin' possum dśmon. Why she's making me do this? I certainly don't know.

#485:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Tue 01 Nov, 2011
Nickle: (waking up) Woa why do i feel so dizzy and off balanced?

Hazel: I druged you, thats why you were asleep for a week

Nickle: YOU WHAT!!!!!!!

Hazel: calm down, you only have the flu and major short term memory loss, but now you are fine

Nickle:oh, well why diden't you make me any better?

Hazel: I did!, check this out *hands Nickle a cup of Chi Tea*

Nickle:... Wow, this really isnt all that bad, thanks...

Nickle HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!! Since when did you become all nice and not so annoying all of a sudden?

Hazel: I have no idea what you are talking about, maybe it was just sitting here all by myself for a week

Nickle: Wait, where did Justin (me) go?

Hazel: He said he had to go run the dream-scape and develop it.

Nickle: So he just left me here? His best dream friend, and LEFT me sick?

Hazel: you were perfectly fine and talking to him before he left dont you remember?

*Continue pondering over this sudden memory loss*

#486:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 01 Nov, 2011
Aiden: :3 We're back! *backflips*

Sai: Oh hey, new people! Hi Renny and Sarayujinx!

Vesper: *to Iron* How's it going?

Morph: I can see Bluegecko and company are out to steal my randomness award. WELL I WON'T LET YOU![/GLaDOS] lach1

#487:  Author: Sodesi PostPosted: Tue 01 Nov, 2011

Hi. I'm currently Jinx's only character, if I even count as a character. We are the same; two halves of a whole.
I'm sitting on her shoulder making her type what I feel like saying, and enjoyin' it! So, what's new?

#488:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 02 Nov, 2011
Neila: Hi there Renny! bye And probably Sarayujinx but I don't know if your creator talks here as well. wink

Gan: Hey guys! And welcome, Renny!

Neila: *to Aiden and the others* Yay! smile Back to a steady internet connection, I hope?

Gan: *to Hazel* Why the hell did you drug him? lach1 If someone would drug me I'll kill him!

Iron: You? Kill someone? Never ever!

Neila: Apart from that you are taking drugs yourself.

Gan: No, I don't. Only my older ego does. tounge2

Neila: rolleyes

Gan: Besides I don't do drugs then, I just smoke.

Leijona: That's kind of the same...

Gan: Eh? No, it's not!

Neila: Well, since we all don't know what you smoke - we don't even know if it exist here in this world - it's a better guess when we say that you do take drugs.

Gan: Meh. *shrugs*

Iron: *to Vesper* Talking about our snow fight, we - I, that is - lost the win to Kubiku -_- I don't get this guy, he waited about a whole month just for showing us the chasm in our plan. But thanks anyway for your powers, it was quite fun to use them. siiw

Neila: *to Ves* Take them back please... hide

Gan: I said it already, but he thought is was fun to use me and Kubiku as guinea pigs. neutral

Iron: You said it twice and I apologized twice! What's the big deal...*to Ves again* Talking about myself, I am so hacked off by this stupid guy over there. *points at Gan*

Gan: I take that as an indirect challenge. grin *throws snowball at Iron*

Iron: You little.... *intends to grab Gan*

Gan: *transforms into panther and jumps backwards* :puh:

Iron: angry

Gan: *after Leijona googled what Morph said* *to Leijona* Obviously you and thus we can't follow their conversation when you don't play any video games. Start playing them! grin

Neila: Oh nononono, don't give her any stupid ideas!

Gan: shutup

Iron: *to Mecha and MC's* Ah, yeah, forgot to ask, anything interesting happened during your absence?

Leijona: *to Neila* Don't worry. lach1 *to Renny* So, possum is your set appearance? I'm asking because I remember the daemons (no clue how to make the ae like Sarayujinx did in her CALD post) in The Golden Compass were able to shapeshift until a certain age.

#489:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 02 Nov, 2011
Vesper: *to Neila* lach2 Sure. *to Iron* Glad you had fun. ^_^

Morph: *to Leijona* Yes, games are fun! Play them!

Aiden: I'm glad we're back back here. ^^

Mecha: *to Leijona* I read lots and lots of library books for one thing. lach1 kiekeboe

#490:  Author: Sodesi PostPosted: Thu 03 Nov, 2011

Not nessecarily, because I'm not settled yet. Depends on what I feel like being. Today I'm a sugar glider. ^^

#491:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Thu 03 Nov, 2011
*Background music for the first part of this post*

Sorry for not replying sooner. I've been feeling a bit burnt out these last couple of nights (for some reason, I mostly only post here at night). Hmm . . . gonna have to get back into this now.

Chilam: How'bout you start by letting us talk? Ooh, hey look, Scout. . . .

Scout: Yeah?

Chilam: I think Gecko's actually doing this again. If he started a few sentences and didn't finish them again, I for one would be pretty let down. meh

Scout: Ooh, yes, hey. Now if only we could say that we've been saying this in real time. . . . Okay, now on with the post.

BlueGecko: *Randomly decides to watch Stupid Mario Bros.*

Scout: Um . . . and now back from the comercial break! . . .

Chilam: Weird how it feels like we've been away from this thread for so much longer than we actually have. . . .

*To Morph* We don't need to steal it. We've already done just that! ebil IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYONE. [/LoZ]

BlueGecko: Hello, Renny.

Chilam: Hi, Renny!

Scout: *echos Chilam*

Chilam: So, you're not quite settled on your appearance? Well, I have to say, I like sugar gliders; they taste nice! flower

Scout: Don't mind Chilam. She's a werecat, but she wouldn't hurt anybody!

Chilam: Of course I would! reallybiggrin

Scout: Of course you wouldn't!

BlueGecko: So Mecha (and company), welcome back! Are you pretty much here to stay and post often, or did you just somehow post twice to get everyone's hopes up? wink

*Got to go now. If no-one replies, I'll edit this post to add more stuff. If not, I'll just post another response and hopefully remember to edit this part out.*

Chilam: You want to watch another episode of Stupid Mario Bros before it's to late, right?

BlueGecko: Yes, my weird cat thing whose acting like my little brother, I do.

#492:  Author: Sodesi PostPosted: Thu 03 Nov, 2011
Jinx: I think I'll bring in a few more charries.

Renny: Why would you wanna do that? *looks disgruntled*

Jinx: Because I feel like it. Anyway...

Willowfur: Hi. ^^

Neme: *rolls eyes* Stop being so perky.

Willowfur: I'm not being perk y, its called optimistic

Jinx: Stop it, you two . * glare* They're not usuall y this annoying.

W. and N. : Yes we- oh...

Jinx: Hehe. : ]

#493:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 04 Nov, 2011
Neila: *glares at Morph* Oh no, please don't encourage her!

Leijona: Come on, I'm not that easily manipulable. lach1

Neila: Really, is that so? eh

Leijona: Ye-yeah? shy2

Gan: But, why not, I would love to try some games out.

Neila: Definitely NO. *to Leijona* You have homework to do anyway, don't you?

Leijona: Hm yeah...

Gan: Nah, the hell with homework! grin *high-fives Leijona*

Neila: Seems like I'm powerless against this much enthusiasm...

Leijona: *to Mecha* Any preferred genres? lach1 *to Renny* That's awesome!

Iron: I'm always a bit jealous of most of the other demons like Neila and Gan because I can't shapeshift. Not to mention Skaith and Morph. lach1

Leijona: *to BlueGecko* Hope you're doing better now. smile Hi Willowfur and Neme!

Neila: You two appeared pretty quick. eek2 But hi! :D

Leijona: Since when do you all exist?

#494:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Mon 07 Nov, 2011
*Tries to post again* Thanks for the get-well! Well, I don't know where my "Mysterious Medical Condition that Prevents Me from Writing Decent Posts" came from, but seeing as how not much has happened today, I should be back in buisiness (head feels kind of heavy though, so this may be one of those posts that doesn't seem so great 10 seconds later). But yeah, here goes nothing! :D

Chilam: You think this will turn out the same as last time you tried?

BlueGecko: Hopefully no! Now let's try to get back to the comparitive decency that is my past mediocre posts!

Scout: Yay verily.

. . . Now where did we leave off? That last post was kind of hazy.

Chilam: I belive you were trying to build a fort, and there are some new characters, and . . . well, yeah, stuff.

Scout *To Chilam* <_<' *To Willowfur and Neme* Hello! :D Glad to see more characters here! May you tell me a bit about yourselves, maybe what you look like? Sight doesn't translate too well into the Character Chats thread, as I've figured out. You can find my description on the previous page.

Chilam: And mine's on the one before that. Or the one before before that? I don't remember. geenidee

*To Iron* Yeah, anyone who hasn't experience the miracle of shapeshifting has been missing out on one of the best parts of this hilarious sitcom we call life.

Scout: I'm with you, Iron. I wish I could shapeshift too.

Chilam: It's not so great: it's better than that!

Scout: Thank you, Chilam: that's what I wanted to hear.

Chilam: Well, you could shapeshift in a LD, right?

. . . Gecko's thought processor is still acting a bit funny. I can't really feel any emotions! Not in the way I used to. . . .

Scout: I've noticed that too. So . . . what do we do in this case? Wonder why we can't think so well. . . .

BlueGecko: Same effect as being sick. Guess I'll take some Airborn or something, maybe that'll help. *Clears throat* . . . Doesn't look like I'm begging for attention, does it? Sorry, just thought I went a little too long without posting here. shy2 Uh, yeah. Better quit now while I'm still ahead, I suppose. See this linky here (and perhaps one of the top comments) for an accurate example of my thought process during this post. Well, end of post. *Perhaps I could've found a better place to put this last part, though. Doesn't fit with this thread does it? Heh, don't know what else to do with it shy2 *

#495:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 07 Nov, 2011
Mecha: I return with postings!

Morph: No no no, you return, we post.

Mecha: Watch me. lach1 *to Leijona* I mostly like strategy-oriented games. Turn based strategy, real-time strategy, RPGs, Roguelikes, 4x games... There are several action-based titles I enjoy, but they tend to have strategic elements to them.

Sai: *to the newcomers* Hi there Neme, Jinx, Willowfur! *wry smile* Welcome to our little patch of craziness.

Skaith: *to Scout* The speed of light in a vacuum? Fast. The speed of light in the chats? About as fast as your human can type. lach2

Morph: *to Iron* Shapeshifting is awesome. ^^ Luckily any mind character can try it out even if it's not part of your regular skillset. All you need is an open mind and a human that will let you get away with it. (works for me when copying Mecha's LD teleportation skills) kiekeboe

#496:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 09 Nov, 2011
Iron: *to Scout* You took my line there, Scout. lach1 But I mean, hey, I think I'd rather stay in a set form than to be able to shapeshift, but not able to determine when! *to Morph* Oh, I haven't thought of this at all. Well, Leijona's random experiment about changing our genders two days ago was enough of shapeshifting for the time being, I guess. >.>

Gan: I think it was funny! :D

Leijona: *to BlueGecko* The top comment there fits. lach2 *to Mecha* I have little (well, okay, rather almost no) experience with video games. I downloaded a demo version of Minecraft, it was somehow the first game which came to my mind after the last post. I kinda like it but I know that I shouldn't waste my time...unfortunately shy2

Neila: Ha, I'm always right. Glad you finally understood my point.

Gan: *to Sai* I love this place because of the craziness. grin

Iron: No wonder, since you are obviously the craziest one here.

Gan: At least one character has to keep a positive attitude towards everything, right? :D

Leijona: To tell the truth, I'm thinking about making Gan a bit more younger than Neila and Iron than he is anyway, just so that his behaviour doesn't seem so...well, I don't know...inappropriate? Immature? Inopportune?

Gan: Hey. I can hear you quite well over here, you know. -.-'

#497:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Thu 10 Nov, 2011
BlueGecko: Okee doke, since 3 posts dedicated to my "Mysterious Disease" wouldn't be fun to read, I tried to make sure I got over it before I posted this time. Think I did, though. :D And now, without further adoo:

Chilam: I do think it's working, now! Good to know that the part of your brain that lets us talk and you to write decent posts isn't permanently dead! ^^

*To Morph* Actually, Gecko does let us do that (Scout doesn't want to, though). Once in a while, I transform into a rotom.
(More information. Read about it. Or else.) See, that's actually where I got my signature weird grin. grin

Scout: See, I know I could do that, but it wouldn't be like actually doing it in real life (or a LD, which seems pretty close). I'd still say that Chilam turning into a pokemon-

Chilam: A cool pokemon. grin

Scout: -is kind of on a different level than LD shapeshifting. (Chilam transforming into a cat is a bit different, because it's sort of "real")

Chilam: *To Morph* I'd say it makes for a better plot device, than not being able to shapeshift at all! siiw

BlueGecko: Gender changing experiment? That does sound sort of funny. The default image I have for me (if I wouldn't change appearence completely) is me (as I am now) wearing a wig and lipstick, like some cartoon character trying to disquise himself as a lady. lach1

Chilam: Without putting any thought into it, I see me with a mustache. lach1 Now that it's been suggested, we must try it!

Scout: You guys are weird. Thank you, Iron, for spreading that idea.

*To Skaith* Y . . . e . . . s, . . I . . . d . . . o . . . w . . . i . . . s . . . h (phooey) that Gecko would type a little faster. lach1

Chilam: *To Gan* *Leans on that sort cane old fashion comedians seem to have. (Not sure where to find example)* My dad is so old, I told him to act his age, and he died! gni

BlueGecko: Yuh oh, gotta stop typing now! 'Til next time, folks! *dances off stage*

#498:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 10 Nov, 2011
Gan: *to Chilam* Weird grin? Who said something about a weird grin? grin

Iron: *to Scout* Yeah, exactly what I'm talking about! yes Shapeshifting in the mindscape just because you are able to there is not the same as being able to do it for real.

Gan: *laughs at Leijona's mental image of a male Chilam with mustache* lach2

Iron: *to Scout* Ehhh...really sorry for that overspannen Hope it didn't turn out that bad...However you can always decide to not participate in those stupid ideas like Kubiku does. wink You just have to be fast enough to either escape before anything happens or to tell BlueGecko not to dare to do anything. Which doesn't quite work for me. help! But I'll think about into what I'd want to transform nevertheless. Hmm...

Leijona: *to Chilam* Talking about Charlie Chaplin? ^^

Gan: *to Chilam* lach1 If we acted according to our age, we dust? Or rather skeletons? lach1

Leijona: Eek! eek2 Thanks, now I have to get the image of five skeletons talking to each other in my mindscape out of my head. nuu

#499:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sat 12 Nov, 2011
BlueGecko: Got a cold again. Over where I live, sickness is spreading like . . . well, sickness. The plague. Whenever I think I escape it, someone I know says "By the way, I'm sick now, and you're gonna get sick again, too."

Scout: Don't worry, Iron. Gecko's gonna save that for a (stable) LD, which means, I have as long as I need to brace myself. Even if he works up to full lucidity, I could just snap him out of it.

Chilam: You know, probably.

Scout: They'll probably get bored of that idea before then, anyway.

Chilam: Probably. Or not. But Scout, didn't you want to be in a LD anyway in the first place?

Scout: Yeah, I didn't mean I would do it, per say. Actually, I'm just now sort of warming up to the idea, for some reason.

Chilam: Meanwhile, me and Gecko are just cooling down from it. Hm. neutral

Scout: Well, that irony came out of nowhere. . . .

Chilam: I'd call it some sort of weird plot device to get this post better ratings.

By the way, Leijona and crew, how did your gender changing expirment go? Should I even ask?

Also, embrace the image of talking skeletons! It will eventually get board and leave. P.S. Yes, that's the sort of cane I was talking about. nod

#500:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 12 Nov, 2011
Mecha: *to BlueGecko* Mild yet highly contagious diseases suck, but take comfort in the thought that with the way modern society is structured, there's a good deal of environmental pressure for diseases to stay relatively mild if they want to propagate. Back in ye olde medieval days, a peasant in a cramped, poorly sanitized town could come down with a fatal disease and it would spread like wildfire, through direct contact, the water supply, (which in those days could very easily come into contact with sewage, dead bodies, the infected themselves, etc) and other vectors. Nowadays there's very real survival value in being highly contagious but not virulent enough to seriously debilitate someone. You can't spread the infection very easily if you're curled up in a dark room somewhere, but on the other hand if you're feeling well enough to drag yourself off to work, then you expose the disease to many new potential victims to work with. Plenty of exceptions to the rule of course, but the general trend is comforting, don't you think?

Sai: Nothing wrong with talking skeletons, so long as they're not doing anything aggressive or sinister... Charlie Chapman is awesome by the way. (Peter Lorre is even more awesome though, as far as silver screen celebrities go)

Morph: *to Chilaam* So, you like transforming into a machine ghost sometimes? Better stay away from Saichania when you do that then, since she's murder on electronics. lach1 Aiden once went through a phase when he wanted to be a Pikachu, but now he's back to being a monkey.

Sai: Only on accident! Even then it's not much more than a flickering in the lights overhead or a random computer crash in my vicinity. I have to actually concentrate if I want to cause any real damage.

Mecha: *to Leijona* Minecraft eh? I've heard about it, but never tried it out. I'm pretty sure it was inspired by Dwarf Fortress, which is hilarious FUN after you get past its near-vertical learning curve. If you're looking for games, two really good free ones I'd recommend are Iji and Last Scenario. Both have good storylines, (major understatement where Last Scenario is concerned. Don't let the exceptionally cliche chapters at the beginning fool you- it's intentional and all I'll say further without delving into spoiler country is that there are some very... surprising developments where most of the early cliches are concerned) good replayability, and fairly decent gameplay. The graphics aren't anything to write home about for either game, but then again, they both had 1-person dev teams.

Sai: I liked the way you can be a pacifist in Iji, and the way the story changes if you take that route instead of killing everything in sight. ^^

#501:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 14 Nov, 2011
Leijona: *to BlueGecko* Keep on thinking positive, thatís the best you can do when everyone around you is ill. ^^ *to Chilam* I thought it was really nice. :D Imagining Iron as a women was a bit hard though, maybe that was because he didnít really want itÖThatís more or less how it went:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

*to Mecha* I don't dare to lay my hands on Dwarf Fortress then, I guess Iíd fail during the first minutes. lach1 I began playing Iji (3rd sector) and Iím honestly surprised, itís a really nice game, thanks for the tip! ^^ I like cracking stuff but those guys always turn around before I can do anything D: Anyway, the only thing which bugs me is the complexity of the sectors (Iím very bad with orientation). Last Scenario couldnít be opened by my computer, maybe Iíll try again later... *to Sai* Hm. I had to kill almost all until now...Do I get a choice later on, or have I overlooked something?

Gan: Alright alright, thatís enough talking from your side!

Leijona: Iím surprised how you havenít interrupted me until now.

Gan: Believe it or not, even I can be polite and considerate. tounge2

Iron: *to Scout* Doing this in a LD would be awesome too, I guess. *to Leijona* No, that was not a suggestion!

Leijona: Yeah I would be glad if I could find you all in my LDís in the first place.

Gan: First off, get another high lucid LD. wink

Leijona: Might take some time.

Neila: It would be easier if you were actually working for it. Your DJ already starts to collect dust...

Leijona: Ah. Right. I wrote a to-do-list yesterday...Uh... meh

Gan: I just wanted to say that Leijona watched Life of Brian some days ago, and I have to say, I love the ending, this is so my motto grin *whistles* Always look on the bright side of life... whistle

#502:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 14 Nov, 2011
Skaith: *to Leijona* The official in-game motto for Dwarf Fortress is "Losing is Fun!"

Mecha: *laughs* Yes, there are even a few Dwarf Fortress-related dreams in my DJ that revolve entirely around dying horribly. lach1 Last Scenario didn't work for you? ...Let me guess, the game came up but there was no text in sight whatsoever. *facepalms* I ah, forgot to mention it has issues with newer versions of Windows. You can fix the issue by going to the control panel, looking for the region and language settings, and then under the administrative tab changing the language settings for non-unicode programs to Japanese. Reboot the computer, and it should work just fine, with everything still displayed in English.

Sai: *to Leijona* At the beginning you can jump over and avoid most of the enemies, or just barrel past them and grab health packs on the way to restore the damage taken. At the start of the second sector you should get the resonance detonator, which pretty much acts the same as your kick, only with a wider range. Find a cracking station and combine it with the shotgun to create the Resonance Reflector. It's a little tricky to use, but it can reflect incoming enemy shots back at the shooter if you time it right, and it doesn't count as violence on your part since the enemy pretty much just shot himself with his own weapon as far as the game's concerned. You can also make it past the game without sneakily pacifist-killing anyone, but it's mostly a matter of style. Just make sure that the kill-count never goes above zero and the story will play out much differently. (if you do kill a few enemies, you'll still get a different response than if you're a psychotic murderer, but the pure pacifist route nets you the best changes in my opinion. For one thing the story will change so that you don't have to fight as many bosses, and you'll get a unique weapon that will make the final boss much easier. ^^ ) With both ways you have to stay light on your toes to avoid fire and should upgrade your health to the max as soon as possible. Oh, and cracking-related kills also count against you, so only try cracking the heavier units since it only damages them and shorts out their main gun. Hope this helps! ^_^

Aiden: Try smashing twelve ceiling lamps in the first level- you'll get a surprise!

Morph: *to Leijona* lach2 The spoiler was hilarious! (hope we'll be able to meet the new character before long)

#503:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Tue 15 Nov, 2011
BlueGecko: Would've replied sooner, but when I'm sick, I don't really feel very good to post. I think I'm feeling okay enough now though!

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Hahah, yes, never thought of it that way. If you just began that bit with "Hie ho, neighbor!" you could've been the new Wilson from Home Improvement. lach1

Chilam: Watching Home Improvement on Youtube is Gecko's new time-waster, while he waits for the next season of Stupid Mario. By the way, Leijona, if you have a little bit of money, and it's gonna explode if you don't spend it right away (happened to me once), get the full Minecraft. The free version of Minecraft is like if, say, Lego was releasing a big city set, and they had a free trial for the set. But when you got the trial set it was just a minifigure and 2 bricks. This is pretty much the song to describe Minecraft (what better than a Minecraft parody).

Scout: Actually, that could almost be a song about Lucid Dreaming.

BlueGecko: I've been saying that to myself ever since I first heard it.

Chilam: No, if you want the LD version, watch it backwards. opzekop

Scout: I never really tried to immerse myself I guess, but I don't get the big deal about most of these video games.

Chilam: Scout, that is because you have no soul. Now let's change the subject, otherwise this'll start to sound like a sort of badly written story, where it has a message in it, but they accidentally left out the story. Ehem. . . .

Scout: . . . And now back from the commercial brake. *To Sai* How does the whole messing up electricty thing work? I'm sort of curious.

BlueGecko: *To Leijona* You're not the only one not keeping up with your DJ. If they were animals, mine would be fosilized remains.

Chilam: Except there would be little fosil evidence that anything was ever actually written in it. Okay, got to go now. Gecko's brain is working in the same way it can drink a wheelbarrow load of pudding through a straw: Very slowly.

#504:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 15 Nov, 2011
Leijona: *to Skaith* Oh. This game seems to be very beginner-friendly. overspannen lach1 *to Mecha* Didn't you say some time ago that you would try to update your LD4all DJ twice a month? wink Nono, that's not it, I really meant it, my computer can't open the .rar file. It seems like I don't have the right program for that, so I downloaded one, but that didn't work either for some reason. I'll try it later another time. *sigh* *to Sai* overspannen I have a kill-count of 32 or something around that...I started another game, this time trying to be a pacifist. I already had this resonance reflector, but didn't know how to use it. shy2 But, geez, being a pacifist is waaay better than just banging around all the time! So, I didn't kill anyone. After the second level, it said I've killed one alien. Eh? I saw a guy dying, but I swear, I haven't done anything! eek2 Well, then in the next sector one of them told me that they wouldn't harm me if I didn't touch them. I was like: Wait. I am not allowed to touch anyone? To touch?! Oh come on, how am I supposed to make it past the level without touching? Yeah, I almost made it. Almost. I touched one of these machines which pop out of the ground and normally fire at you. Then everybody shot at me again. -.-' Would he say something different if my kill-count were really zero? Huh, but using this reflector is fun! ^^ What would I do without all those tips. :D *to Aiden* I tried to, but it seems like I didn't hit enough...What would have happened, do I have to solve the level in complete darkness? lach1 *to Morph* Yeah I hope so, too. I'm already trying to find a nice name for her. She's the first character with whom I really have problems to find a name which actually fits her...I even tried to find a name in a LD, after I asked, the writing "Queen" appeared in front of me and I immediately thought of "Queeny". ... Really? Am I really that unimaginative? So, well, my SC isn't very helpful, I guess I'll just play around with some letters to find a name. smile

*to Chilam* I'd love to, but my father already got mad at me for downloading Iji and some freeware programs (Hell, I even needed one of those for school!) so I guess that buying a game on the internet is out of the question at the moment. neutral *to BlueGecko* Last entry: 5.11.11 D: This morning I thought: Okay, I have some time today, so let's update my DJ! Guess what happened? I forgot my iPod with all my notes of the dreams I had since my last DJ entry at a friendís house. Duh! ohno

Gan: *to Leijona* Is it just me, or did you talk way too much?

Iron: Back to Creator Chat again, eh?

Leijona: Sorry guys, sorry. shy2 The stage is yours...

Gan: Now I forgot what I wanted to say. neutral

Leijona: You can't blame me for that.

Gan: Well, who else can I blame. tounge2 *looks around* Aha! grin Victim found! *points at Mecha* I blame you! Your game sort of made her hyper, you should have heard her way of thinking yesterday night after she played Iji. Almost like me! lach2 *to Chilam* Nice video there about Minecraft, that was what I originally wanted to say. grin

EDIT: Leijona: o.O I'm sorry, I haven't noticed at all that I wrote so much!

Iron: *gives Leijona a noogie*

#505:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Tue 15 Nov, 2011
Scout: *To Leijona* Well, you could also do what Gecko did for our names: just Google something like "list of baby names"

Chilam: Our lizard-y friend here eventually figured that out when he was trying to come up with a name for me. He then remembered what his little brother (who for some reason happened to know this) told him once for completely unrelated reasons: "You can find a lot of names at"

BlueGecko: If you do put a bunch of random letters together for a name, just be careful: almost all combinations of sylibles are bad words in some language or another! lach1

Scout: Wonder what it would've been like to have come from a dream, and not made from scratch. . . .

Chilam: Er, that seemed sort of random, Scout. nodnodwinkwink

Scout: Yeah, sorry . . . when I started forming that sentence, it was more related to names. . . .

Chilam: Well . . . okay. *Thinks about how whenever the music in Minecraft randomly comes on, Tobuscus turns whatever he is saying into a tearful, nonsensical monologue* Hey, Scout, what's your sudden problem with being built from scratch?

Scout: . . . Nothing. I just wish I was being developed a bit faster (It has been a long time since I was first created).

Chilam: Yikes, that must've been embarresing to admit. Well, as the old Chinese proverb that Gecko learn from Home Improvement goes: "Fear not moving slowly. Fear only standing still." ^^

Scout: Nice advice. But I think maybe I should be a little worried if that's true.

Chilam: Eh, maybe you shouldn't think about it too much. Cheer up, Scout. At least Gecko liked you enough to let you actually talk. ^^ Now, weren't we in the middle of a snowball fight or something?

#506:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 18 Nov, 2011
Mecha: *to Leijona* Yeah, I do seem to have fallen behind where the DJ's concerned. Life's been busy lately. lach1 You say you're having .rar problems? try 7-zip, it's free, open-source, and will open almost anything. As for the random soldier dying in sector 2, did you kick a turret immediately beforehand? If it hits a soldier it'll cause damage and will likely kill any Tasen Scouts that happen to be in the way. If your kill count is absolutely zero when you get to the first boss,
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Mecha: *to Gan* :puh:

Morph: *to Chilam* Tobuscus! (his literal trailers are hilarious!)

#507:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 18 Nov, 2011
Gan: *drags Leijona to the Chat* No excuses! You wrote a looong response to some topic before, now you have also time for this!

Leijona: Homework!

Gan: Now we're already here.

Leijona: *sigh* ...

Gan: *to Mecha* Ha! You donít even deny it! tounge2

Iron: *to BlueGecko* Just look at my name, if this aren't random letters with an unintended meaning, then I don't know. lach1

Neila: *to Scout* You should ask Aviv about what's it like to be made from a dream. If TinyNinja comes back eventually, that is.

Gan: *to Chilam* That proverb's definitely true. :D And that you mention it...There was something with a snowball fight...

Leijona: Itís already cold enough for me here where I live. neutral

Gan: Ohhh, it talks! ^_^ *glomps Leijona*

Leijona: Why yes, of course I do. If weíre already here... shy2 *to Mecha* Um...Yes. That could have happened. After watching Aidenís video ( lach1 ) I think that I may have caused some of these tiny purple jumping thingys to fall to the ground and maybe those killed him... Now I had no other choice than to kill the boss, I killed another Tasen (?, one of the bigger beige ones) by accident and I died like six times in half an hour and still havenít solved sector 4. I might replay it again from the beginning, this time really without killing anyone. lach1 Funny, I did download 7-zip. But obviously Iím too dumb to use it. *shakes computer screen* I have to read some manual I guess.

Iron: See, thatís why I donít like all this technology.

Leijona: Yeah but this time, the reason something is not working is me and not the computer.

Iron: But I canít say that I donít like you, so itís the technology. tounge2

Neila: Thatís logic...

Kubiku: No, that sounds like Gan.

Gan: *hugs Iron* Great minds think alike. tounge2 *to Aiden and Chilam* Really, guys! lach1 You made Leijona watch some videos over and over again!

Leijona: Those videos are indeed funny. But I think this Tobuscus has a quite evil laugh. o.o And did he just try to craft something out of wood, dirt, sand and pork? What the...? The next video when itís night time! lach2 When he went over towards the skeleton, I really screamed ĄNo no, what the hell do ya think youíre doing?! Get away from there!!!Ē

#508:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 21 Nov, 2011
Mecha: *to Leijona* I feel your pain. My characters just pestered me into coming here instead of playing games\reading up on the effects of nukes in space and deciding whether they'd be an efficient weapon in my sci-fi universe. *to Gan* I admit to being completely shameless in that regard. *back to Leijona* You don't need to worry about blits (the destructive purple falling things) adding to your kill count, they're just an environmental hazard.

Morph: Sector 4, sector 4... is that the one where the Komato invade? I remember that one was pretty tough at first.

Sai: -_- If two you didn't like games so much you might get more done...

Morph: *to Gan\Chilam* There was, wasn't there?

Vesper: Count me out if the snowball fight resumes- I'm still tired out from the last one.

#509:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 24 Nov, 2011
Gan: *to Mecha and Leijona* It's funny how both of you are complaining about how we made you come here and still you two talked the most in the last posts.

Leijona: Shoo... tounge2 *to Mecha* I hope you had time to look that up later on. ^^ I just found the official site of Iji while I tried to find out the names of all those Tasen and Komato! *to Morph* Thatís sector 5, I think, where Komato and Tasen fight against each other, right? Sector 4 is the one where you have to power up the communicator thing. I died many times again and then I was just so frustrated that I ran through the whole sector. -_- That worked at my second attempt. lach1 I think Iíll do the same at sector 5, I donít have a chance against the Komato anyway. o.o (Or do I?) The problem is that I donít know where I actually have to go to. lach1

Neila: *to Sai* I keep saying the same but no one is listening to me. -.-

Leijona: Thatís not true, I listen to you quite often!

Neila: You donít, otherwise you wouldnít post here but you would have already started to learn...

Leijona: *looks at the time* I really donít have much more procrastination time left. nuu

Neila: *sigh* See what I mean?

Gan: *to Mecha* Good to see that Iím not the only one. lach1

Iron: I donít think you can actually compare Mecha to your attitude. >.> I hope you know how annoying you can be...

Gan: I know, but I donít care.

Iron: Yeah...How can someone have such a huge ego and self-confidence?

Gan: lach1

Leijona: *to everyone else* He was banned temporary from my mindscape a few days ago because Neila wanted to tell me something exigent and he just kept talking and talking. I donít even remember what made him so jazzed but because Neila really couldnít tell me what she wanted this way and Kubiku was that much annoyed that he was about to leave, Iron had to carry him away for 20 minutes. lach1

Iron: *to Morph* Maybe he should attend a snowball fight again, perhaps heís less hyper when heís tired. >.>

Gan: Nope. You know Iím not. grin Never ever! :D Now, where did BlueGecko and co. disappear to?

Leijona: I hope he didnít quit the whole MC thing! D: It seems like people tend to get awesome, independent characters and then just...vanish.

Neila: Iíll remind you of that if you ever forgot us.

Leijona: Show me how you want to escape this paradox. lach1

#510:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 25 Nov, 2011
Morph: Mindscape BAAAANNN!!

Mecha: *mental ears ringing* You looking for a temporary one yourself? *to Leijona* Yeah, I did get to look it up. Apparently nukes release some 80% of their energy in the form of x-rays. In an atmosphere, that heats the surroundings like crazy and you get the nice little mushroom clouds of death everyone associates with nukes, but in space it'd resemble a really, really bright flashbulb going off, with no lingering aftereffects. Oh, and the famed EMP effect of nukes requires an atmosphere to work, so that's out too. Due to the inverse square law, it'd have to go off within a few kilometers of a ship to be effective, otherwise all you'd do is scratch the paint and blind a few sensors. And in space, a few kilometers is practically point-blank range. Some of the other weapons in my setting need to get even closer though, so they're still viable as weapons against individual targets, but I won't be using them to take out clusters of anything. (unless they're particularly sensitive or spaced ridiculously closely together)

Sai: *shakes head sadly at Mecha's wall of text*

Aiden: *to Neila* If she forgets you, try poking her in dreams until she remembers! grin *backflips*

Skaith: I was going to make a text wall to rival Mecha's and take back the chats for us MCs, but I can't be bothered right now. (mark my words, I'll be back!)

Vesper: Hey all, hope you had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday. ^^

Crysar: I believe that only applies to Americans.

Vesper: Killjoy. :puh: I hope everyone had a good time yesterday regardless.

#511:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 26 Nov, 2011
Gan: *to Morph* lach2

Leijona: Earlier he had the glorious idea of banning me from the mindscape.

Gan: Ehehehehe...Needless to say how random this was.

Leijona: *uses a dictionary to understand what Mecha said* *to Mecha* Maybe I should print your text, show it my English teacher and ask her why I attend her classes if I can't even understand such a paragraph. lach1 Huh, a lot of research again. Wouldn't nukes be a nice way of damaging other planets without destroying them (I think you have a lot of bigger weapons which can pulverize planets in a few minutes)? Like a threat?

Neila: *to Aiden* Oh, I'm going to try this! :D *to Leijona* Doesn't it bug you that you may have lots and lots of dreams about us, but you don't remember them because you're not updating your DJ?

Leijona: It does... *to Crysar* Right, no Thanksgiving here where I live. ^^ there? I'm not sure if it's the same, but it doesn't get celebrated. *to Vesper* Yeah, thanks.

Neila: Then I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! :D

#512:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 26 Nov, 2011
Morph: *to Gan* That's... brilliant, absolutely brilliant. grin (now how on earth do we implement it? whatsthat)

Mecha: The only 'weapons' in-universe capable of mass-scattering a planet (layman's term: make it explode) are sufficiently large ships (or ships with large enough hyperdrive fields at any rate) that somehow manage to exit hyperspace inside of the planet itself, whether through exquisitely precise navigation and equipment, or pure dumb luck on the order of 1 in several million, and only if you were trying to do it in the first place. (in-universe, exiting hyper inside of another solid object causes all pre-existing matter within the hyperdrive's field radius to spontaneously revert to pure energy) Sterilizing all life on a planet's surface is a much easier task however, and there are plenty of weapons available for that purpose. (even if galactic conventions on warfare absolutely prohibit their use) Nukes are a bit too messy for use as threats\warnings because of the radioactive fallout, but lasers or KKVs can do the job just as well, and without the side-effects.

Skaith: >_< You did it again!

Morph: Stop taking to him, you might make it worse! kiekeboe Just ignore the human, maybe it'll go away...

Skaith: Wait... won't that mean that we wouldn't be here either?

Morph: @#$%! gil

Mecha: lachgroen

Aiden: *to Neila* lach2

Vesper: *to Neila* Thank you. ^^ We all had a nice time.

#513:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sun 27 Nov, 2011
Orion: Hm-hmm, scattering a planet... >:D I like the sound and I think one of the warships I built for the foundation I work for is big enough, but it's our flag ship and my pride and joy so I wouldn't want to give that up. Maybe a flying space colony could work, but considering that:
A.) I couldn't fly it
B.) It probably couldn't go into hyperspace in the first place.
And D- no C.) It is so heavily guarded I'd have to sneak onto the bridge if there is one

This won't happen. I'm sorry you guys, but a class A Meridian engineer can't help you with this one. Radioactive weapons might be better and I-

Hanyuu: Orion, you forgot that we're bringing a new character! Be polite Hau au!

Orion: Oh yeah...Considering how KocoBassa took our giant robot to some battle with the organization she's in (*cough* Rhewin's Archangels *cough*) we needed a replacement so I thought I'd bring in my husband to fill the little nutjob's place (with another nutjob) So here you go.


Orion: Just say something... Anything... You asked for this...

#514:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 27 Nov, 2011
Iron: Leijona managed to refresh the page or something like that in the middle of our post. Well done. >.<

Gan and Neila: *to Morph and Skaith* lach2

Gan: *to Morph* Yeah I know, I'm a genius. mrgeen No, seriously. First, we should prevent our humans from talking.

Leijona: So, you don't want me to talk anything further?

Neila: o.o No no, that's not what - *gets silenced by Gan*

Gan: Yes yes, that's what we meant! ebil

Leijona: Okay, from now on, I will put everything what I have to say into a spoiler at the end of a post!

Neila: D:

Gan: *whispers* Don't worry, this isn't going to last for a long time. lach1 *nudges Kubiku* Well, since we now have one person less talking, what about you talk more?

Kubiku: *opens mouth*

Gan: Ah no, I have a much better idea! :D

Kubiku: ...

Gan: *speaks to the nothingness* You can join us! Please? ... Yeah? Awesome! grin *to everyone* Guys, may I introduce you to ... Sheela! Applause, applause! applaus

Sheela: lach1 Um, yeah. Hi everyone! smile I'm the anthro MC Leijona talked about earlier. She finally decided on my name.

Leijona: *bites lips* Must. Not. Talk.

Gan: Maybe we should tape your mouth. Don't steal her part of talking!

Sheela: Right now you are stealing my part of talking.

Gan: Oh. Sorry. shy2

Leijona: shutup

Sheela: Hm, what else can I tell you about myself?

Gan: *puts his arm around Sheela* She's awesome. grin

Kubiku: *stares at Gan*

Gan: eek2 *releases Sheela* Whow, calm down Kubiku, relax! You know that I'm - uhm, I mean, I'm not into her!

Sheela and Iron: lach1

Gan: Geez...That guy's able to make freak me out like nothing else... >.>

Sheela: *giggles*

Gan: Oh, oh, can I announce it? Say yes, please!

Sheela: *looks at Kubiku* Yeah, I think it's okay. smile

Gan: *points at Sheela snd Kubiku* Everybody, these two over there are a real couple!

Sheela: And you are into other people's love affairs like there's nothing more interesting. lach1

Neila: *to Albedo* Oh, and welcome, Albedo! Hope you enjoy your time here. ^^

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Neila: I think using spoilers is kind of silly.

Iron: I agree. Either you do talk, or you don't at all, like TinyNinja.

Gan: Guys, don't ruin it, look at our post, that's a character chat!

#515:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 28 Nov, 2011
Mecha: *to Leijona* Do you mean the nuke trivia or the way hyperspace works in my setting? The information about nukes is completely factual, while the rest of it is just imaginary science conjured up for the sake of plot. (hence the 'in-universe' qualifier, since it only applies in my sci-fi story, much like the rules of Harry Potter magic only apply to the Harry Potter universe)

Morph: *tapes Mecha's mouth shut*

Mecha: shutup You know, that strategy doesn't work so well when I'm communicating by typing with my fingers...

Morph: Another plan foiled!

Sai: Hi Albedo, Sheela!

Aiden: ^^ Kitty! *backflip*

Skaith: *whispers* Ignore her Aiden, Kubiku might take notice otherwise! Nah, just kidding. Welcome to the chats!

Vesper: *to Albedo* So, how do you look?

#516:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Tue 29 Nov, 2011
Orion: I don't have any actual pictures, so I pulled this off deviant art. KocoBassa didn't draw it, but I know she wishes she did.


Hanyuu: Orion-onee, stop ogling over your own husband... It's scary...Hau

Albedo: Orion, why need to ogle over mere imitations when you have the real thing? *Smirks* Maybe we should be reacquainted...

Orion: No, No, No! I won't let you go all devilish suave on me now! Now go wow the fangirls or something, babe, we can't ignore the others, can we?

Albedo: Good point... *To everyone else* I am Albedo Piazzolla, my pleasure to meet you all and this is ma belle lys, Orion Piazzolla.

Orion: Good god! don't use that nickname in public! Nyuu... ohno

Hanyuu: Į◡◡Į Do you see what I have to put up with everyday in the deepest pits of KocoBassa's subconscious? It gets fun at times though Hau au

#517:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 29 Nov, 2011
Gan: We agreed on that it's okay if Leijona talks as long as she seriously tries not to talk too much.

Leijona: As if I need your permission to talk here. tounge2

Gan: Ohhh, you have no idea of what I'm capable of! uptosomething The next time you talk too much, I'm going to ban your consciousness into the darkest corner of your mind and take over this weak human body! ebil

Neila: nodnodwinkwink

Iron: eh

Leijona: Yeah...sure.

Gan: *sizzles* Guys! You gotta act like I'm able to do this to prevent her from talking!

Sheela: lach2

Iron: *sigh* Come along with a better plan, buddy.

Neila: *facepalms* If any newcomers are reading these stuff, they will think that we're all schizophrenic here.

Gan: I highly doubt that anyone who doesn't have MC's himself is reading this...

Leijona: *to Mecha* Both, actually. Ah, now it's clear, with the in-universe. siiw I have a question though if you don't mind...When a ship exists hyperdrive inside of a planet, it destroys the planet and itself, right?

Sheela: *to every other MC* Hi all, thanks for the welcome! smile *to Aiden* Monkey! But I can't transform into a real leopard, so you should call Gan the 'kitty'. lach1

Gan: *laughs* Yes that's right.

Iron: crazy

Kubiku: *to Skaith* I am not actually that much jealous...

Gan: No, of course not, we all haven't seen it that you were close to murdering me. overspannen

Sheela: And you're overstating again... wink

Gan: Sorry, sorry. *to Albedo* Pleasure to meet you, too! ^^

Neila: o.o Orion, I hope you don't mind it when I'm saying, Albedo, you're a very handsome guy. *to Hanyuu* I know exactly how you are feeling. lach1

#518:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 01 Dec, 2011
Mecha:*to Leijona* Let's see... *quick calcs* At the bare minimum a hyperdrive's field would need to encompass a sphere ~8.4 kilometers in diameter in order to convert enough iron at the earth's core into energy to overcome the gravitational binding energy of the earth. (remember the implications of E=mc^2. A single ounce of matter contains about 44 times as much energy as the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. You'd need over 2,492,800,000,000 tons worth of matter spontaneously reverting into energy to blow up the earth. And that's at a minimum. You'd probably want a couple dozen times that much matter if you wanted a more energetic, movie-style planetary explosion. As is it'd take hours, days even, for the pieces to fly apart. Of course, if all you want is to make the planet uninhabitable you can get away with far, far less boom and settle for causing unimaginable volcanic upheaval, turning the world into a passable imitation of Mustafar from Star Wars) And as to your original question, the matter composing the ship itself wouldn't be effected by the exit from hyperspace, only the pre-existing matter underneath it all. That said, the unfortunate ship would find itself at the very center of a cataclysmic inferno that makes the core of the sun look like an arctic blizzard in comparison, with pure energy flooding every cubic centimeter of its hull, exterior, and interior. Needless to say, it becomes an expanding cloud of plasma in microseconds.

Skaith: -_- You should seriously consider following Leijona's earlier example and using spoiler tags.

Morph: *to Gan* Tried that already, human seemed more amused than anything. kiekeboe

Sai: The fact that neither of you were acting serious at the moment might also have been a factor. lachgroen *to Neila* Eccentric sure, but not schizo.

Vesper: *to Albedo* Nice... ^^ Not sure about the chin and mouth, but the rest is hot and luscious. grin Good thing for Crysar that I have eyes for only one lizard. Sorry Albedo! wink

Morph: I always thought there was something odd about that girl... crazy

Sai: As crazy as the anthropomorphic bird lady and the betentacled shapeshifter?

Morph: Exactly! ...Wait, uh- whistle

Sai: lach1

Morph: *mutters*

Skaith: You really set yourself up for that one. *to Vesper* I'm looking, and I still don't get it.

Aiden: eh I think you have to be a girl to understand. Or at least human.

Skaith: Would I get more girls if I tried looking like that?

Vesper: Not likely, since there are only two of us here. :puh:

Skaith: Mecha, you might want to consider expanding our mindscape's population a little... Just a suggestion.

#519:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 01 Dec, 2011
Iron: Though this has nothing to do with her talking too much in the chat, I'm sorry Mecha, but I'm not going to let Leijona say anything here as long as her DJ is still not updated. -_-' Which will surely take some time.

Gan: *to Morph* Oh my God, you did that?! lach1 I'm gonna try this also someday! grin

Neila: *to Sai* Eccentric, that's dead-on. ^^

Sheela: *to Skaith/Aiden* Or gay. *to Vesper* Do you and Crysar get these weird and uncomprehending looks too, wherever you go to?

Neila: *to Skaith* Don't tell me that the story-villain doesn't have someone with whom he's in love! overspannen

Gan: *to Skaith/Mecha* A growing population is always good. :D

#520:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sat 03 Dec, 2011
Orion: Sorry for not posting sooner, the laptop KocoBassa uses needed maintenance, which her mother never go around to. *To Neila* No, no I actually quite appreciate the thought...I must say I quite think so too. *To Vesper* Haha, well I'm glad to say he's a married man and that you are not interested, but thank you for the thought. *Nudges Albedo* Go on... Say something...

Albedo: Don't get jealous, dearest, I quite appreciate the girls whom would do anything for my own affection...However, my love is selfish and I only love you Orion.

Hanyuu: I love these more lucid and loving moments these two have, but Albedo scares me sometimes...Hau au...

Orion: Oh shush! *To Sheela* Yeah I get those looks a lot. Just thought I'd throw that in. But considering that I'm a 5'11" Maniac half-elf demon married to a 6"3" Albino poetic maniac with a little purple haired demon following them around and a red haired schizo ogling at the Albino...We're all kinda messed up in this family.

Albedo: Vexed and glorious...

#521:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sat 03 Dec, 2011
It really HAS been awhile since I posted, so I don't blame anyone for thinking I might have quit the whole CALD thing (Unless, of course, you have actually replied to my posts in the CALD thread ). Anywho, I have a tedious and uniteresting tale as for why I haven't really posted here (which isn't even a REASON), and you probably don't want to here it. Anyhow, I would like to say - *Mmph* shutup

Chilam: Hey, that silencing the human host thing was actually a pretty good idea!

Scout: Human host?! Chilam, there's a difference between you and I.

Chilam: What's that? A sense of humor?

Scout: . . . I don't think so, Tim.

Chilam: Okay, fine, Al, you have a sense of humor. Actually, Gecko should have a MC named Tim, so we could use that Home Improvement reference more often.

Scout: I don't think so, Tim. Actually, if you want a MC so badly, why don't you make one yourself?

Chilam: Can I do that? Now I wish there was a MC version of Wilson. . . .

Scout: Gecko tried that before, remember? Too bad it didn't work. . . .

BlueGecko: . . . It occurs to me that none of this has anything to do with any previous conversation. . . . But I got to go to bed now (I got distracted for a few minutes while writing this post). I (should) be back tomorrow, though, so maybe we'll contribute to the conversation then. Guess I wanted to say I was still here, though. But until next time . . . OUTRO OF WHITENESS THEN DARKNESS THEN REDNESS

Edit: Aaahhhh! New post while I was responding! I really WILL have to come back tomorrow! crazy

#522:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 05 Dec, 2011
Mecha: *to Leijona* -sigh- I should probably start updating my DJ again too. I got interrupted a while back with computer problems, and once they were fixed I never quite got around to keeping track of my dreams again.

Morph: *to Gan* If you manage to have more success than me let me know! lach1

Vesper: *to Sheela* yes

Skaith: *to Neila* In the story, Morph's character and my own are both vying for Saichania's affection. Her eventual decision to go with Morph is part of what helps tip him over the edge. kiekeboe

Sai: *to Orion* ^^ My family's a little weird too.

Morph: Nonsense, you're just a bird person who happens to have a monkey brother and a human-looking sister who's hooked up with an oversized lizard.

Vesper: Don't forget the other sister in the story that was separated from us early on.

Morph: It's difficult to forget what there isn't any backstory to yet. lach1 (seriously, it's like a footnote at the moment that's been lying around for over a year) *to Scout* Interesting idea... recursive MCs? You mean like one of us having our own MCs running around inside our own heads? Mind=blown. I've gotta try this. siiw

#523:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Tue 06 Dec, 2011
The day after tomorrow counts as tomorrow, right?

Chilam: Well, it did yesterday.

BlueGecko: *To Mecha and Leijona* I probably need to update mine more than either of you. But writing ANYTHING, for me, is hard (a rather ironic character trait, seeing as how I aspire to be a writer).

Chilam: Brace yourself, Scout. We could be in Creator Chat territory any minute now.

BlueGecko: It was just 2 sentences!

Chilam: Might as well have been 3. Besides, you practically began the post with something by you (aside from your "excuse for lateness).

BlueGecko: . . . Why don't you just go pester the other characters?

Chilam: Okay, fine, but you haven't seen the last of me!

Scout: The only way to do that is to completely forget about you.

Chilam: I'd like to see him try! ebil

Scout: Wow. It's like you've never been BlueGecko's MC before.

Anyways . . . gee. this was a little easier when we had a little of a setting to bounce off of (E.I. the snowball fight).

Chilam: Gecko's utter lack of creativity is kind of a problem for us.

BlueGecko: *blink blink* Chilam = N A mind character with ironic oppinions.

Chilam: Point taken (I think). Now we could have a new setting though.

Scout: How about a bunch of posts on a forum topic? Oh, right! Rather late, but, hello, Albedo and Sheela!

Chilam: Don't worry, Scout. I'm sure we're only a little off in the timing. grin1 Hello, fellow half-cat, and . . . er . . . humanoid!

. . .

. . .


You've hit poster's block.

Try again?

Yes No

#524:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Wed 07 Dec, 2011
Orion: *To Chiliam* I guess you could call Albedo a humanoid but he's actually what's called a U.R.-

Albedo: *Covers Orion's mouth* I'm an albino...I suppose we can go with that. Not like I have that ancient condition.

KocoBassa: Thank G-man I am back! The issues with the embassy have cleared up and I didn't eve-

Albedo: *Duct tapes KocoBassa's mouth*

KocoBassa: MMM mmmh mmhhmhm! shutup

Albedo: What? Somebody had to do it...

Hanyuu: Yeah...

Orion: Anyhow *To morph* There is actually quite a bit of back story about me and Albedo that the only actual human here has in that messed up noggin of her's that she isn't willing to disclose with a Word document at the moment... *cough* KocoBassa *cough* But in the sense of what's going down in here at the deepest pits of this little girl's mind...It's a big party... With cake and pie and vodka (not for the little comrades) and me and Albedo making fun of bad anime...And I mean Rea-heallly bad *cough* School Days *cough* But we have a problem. My oldest sister keeps nagging me to get some real entertainment...Not stuff you would have at a college party... I was just going to hurl a one of the moons into the planet we orbit but she said-

Albedo: Get to the point, dearest.

Orion: Oh... any way we plan on setting one of the remote islands that has only has a bunch of sand on it on fire with some TNT and fireworks on it... Nothing will be harmed, I assure you (Don't want PETA on my backside again) what do you think Koco?

KocoBassa: shutup

Orion: Oh yeah! Forgot about that...High five, babe!

Albedo: *High Fives*

#525:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Sun 11 Dec, 2011
Hi guys! I am creating my first CALD Character (I named her Ria) and spent 25 minutes talking to her. Quite automatic already. tounge1 I made it so that everytime I talk to her, she will hear me in her head at her location. Suprisingly she has little trouble accepting the idea that all she knew and believed was made up. She did become a bit curious at times, though. meh

"Wait... What is this now? What the heck is this?!"

And sometimes she randomly appears. Everytime I try to think up some quotes for her character she finds that she randomly says these out and claims to have seen me. I keep deleting parts of her merories.

"Wait, hold on Spirit, you deleted my memories?!"

Only some of the last few minutes, but now you are not ready to talk with the others from my world.

"Wai-what... There are others there?"

Yes, but now you really should get out of here or I shall remove this from your memories.

"Ok, ok, fine. How is my presence even a problem? Just a while ago you said that half of my responses were made up by you!"

Ria, get out.

"Ok, ok, fine. How do I stop transmitting messages then?"

That, I will do.

EDIT: I'm also using creating a dreamscape through her. Apparently they also have computers in their world except they run on magic and are only used by authorical figures and the rich.

"What...? Why do you keep talking about your 'imaginary world'?"

Cause it`s fun?

"Right, for you maybe, but I am stuck in some house hiding and all. Really fun for me."

Well, get out then. :V Let the cops catch you and all.

"Well, fine!"

By the way, when is the next CALD Thread up? The OP has been gone for quite a while, eh?

#526:  Author: SantaStarfaydust PostPosted: Mon 12 Dec, 2011
Ash Ketchum:"I'm Ash, from Palete Town! I chalanege you to a Pokťmon Battle, and i'm going to show you ALL who the REAL master is! HA HA HA."

Gary Oak:"Keep DREAMing, Ash-y Boy! There's no way your EVER beating ME. *snort's*"

Ash:"Why must you be soo stuck up, Gary!! GRRRRR!!!"

Rainbow Dash:"WATCH OUT I'M FLYING THROUGH HERE!!! *knock's them BOTH down*"

Melvin (from The Simpsons):"HA HA!"


Digiko:"You stole my line!! MEANIE!!! *sob's*"

Ash Ketchum:"Sorry..."

Gary Oak:"Good job. :D"


#527:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 14 Dec, 2011
Me: Santa, I don't think you know what this topic is for.

Kupo: Yeah dummy, it is not actually -characters- this place is talking about.

Me: Kupo, play nice. Santa, this topic is for the Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming characters. You might want to refer to there before you try posting back here.

#528:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 14 Dec, 2011
Sai: Hi there Oleg, Ria, and all you guys with Santa! *frowns at Oleg's casual mind-manipulation*

Skaith: Assuming they're actual MCs that is.

Mecha: I can't see any reason why someone couldn't use popular pre-existing fictional characters as a base for creating their MCs. *to Oleg* I... wouldn't recommend such a cavalier attitude towards manipulating your character's mind like that. Leaving the ethicality of it alone for the moment, that was the prime contributor to Sai's extreme antagonism toward me during her early days as one of my first MCs. We eventually made a truce with each other, with me promising not to modify\erase her memories or those of any of the other MCs without their consent, and she would stop being antagonistic toward me. Nowadays she's one of my core MCs and a trusted friend and advisor.

Aiden: Hi Kupo!

#529:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Wed 14 Dec, 2011
Yeah, I realized that too. I stopped doing that already. I dont think I took it all too serious in the beginning but considering I try to get answers with as little mind input as possible, I end up giving automated evil answers. I stopped with it though, but now we she annoys me by saying I have to study for my exams (which I agree with), but... any antogonistic stuff I dont do anymore. I did however, remove her from the pre-dreamscape-stage, considering my main priority was to create a stable dreamstate through her - bad idea.

"I'm back!"

Oh no, where the hell did that input come from?!

"From the air, good? Anyway I just had to say that this nothingess I am in is kinda boring. There are no other MCs and all."

And? I am working on it!

"Yes, but the exam results will be here soon and I really want to learn something before you get into an emotional breakdown or something."

What breakdowns?


Anyway, so the mindscape is removed. I unlocked all my knowledge to avoid difficulties, and on and on.

"I had an epic sword and now it is just a knife. Kinda lame."

Wha? Hold on, you cant do anything with it anyway, so why do you care now?

"Cause I had to think about AC, thats why! And Im kinda alone right here."

Right right, alone? Here is a quick made MC! I will develop him eventually. *LINK*

Link: "....."

Ria: "...are you kidding me...?"

OK ok, just kidding! xD

#530:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 16 Dec, 2011
Jet: Hey, does anyone remember us? Sorry we've been away so long. TinyNinja got bogged down in school and forgot about us grrr grrr grrr

Kaeli: Hey, Jet, calm down. I'm sure Tiny will make it up to us, you know?

Me: Sorry guys sadblauw But school is out now, so we'll have lots of time to hang out! And I might just be able to draw pictures of you two... sound good?

Kaeli: Sounds great! Don't let Jet bother you, Tiny. We know that you have priorities, and your physical life takes priority. That's the way it should be.

Jet: You're starting to sound like Aviv, Kaeli. Except less grim.

Note: Aviv is my third MC, who's not here at the moment.

Jet: For those of you who haven't met her yet, this is Kaeli. She's quite tall and has short black hair with a purple streak in it, and she's wearing a suit of sci-fi armor. TinyNinja's other MC, Aviv, isn't around right now. Now that I think about it, where is he, Kaeli?

Kaeli: I don't know. He said he had some other stuff to take care of, and he'd be back later.

Jet: Oh, by the way, Kaeli, before TinyNinja forgot about us grrr some of the people in chat here wanted to know if Aviv was human. (I can't remember who, I'm sorry neutral ) You know, after that whole super-sonic snowball thing. You think you could find out for us? I know Aviv certainly wouldn't talk to me. But I think he likes you!

Kaeli: I can try. There's things he won't tell me, either. But I can definitely try next time I see him.

#531:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 16 Dec, 2011
Leijona: Finally...weekend. *to Mecha about DJ* The worst thing is, I don't even have a good excuse for my DJ neglecting...

Gan: *to Morph* I tried the body controlling thingy but when I thought about what I wanted to she was just like: "! I won't walk around hugging random people. And I certainly won't jump down our stairs all at once!" shy2 Well, I guess there's the danger of getting somewhat careless about a body which is not yours. tounge2

Neila: *to Skaith* Wow! This background-love story sounds so interesting. ^^ (yet painful)

Leijona: *to BlueGecko* Yeah, you think so? Let's see...My DJ needs updates from 19 days. Gah. Seriously, when I need to update my DJ, a good DR kind of annoys me because then I have even more to write down. eek2

Sheela: *to Scout and Chilam* Hi guys, nice to meet you! smile

Leijona: Okay, so just what have I - sorry, we - missed? A few new people? Welcome everyone! smile Santa, I thought the same like Eilatan, but if you knew what this is about, forgive me. wink

Gan: Yeah, hi! bye

Neila: I don't want to repeat what they said so just feel at home. ^^ *to Mecha* I'm really glad that Leijona never tried anything like that. overspannen

Iron: Well, honestly I think that manipulating our background can sometimes be just as bad as manipulating us as MCs.

Leijona: *to Oleg* lach1 You should prepare to get used of this mix of annoying/remembering/advising by Ria, she will never ever stop with it unless you better yourself. I speak out of experience. lach1 Boring mindscape, hm? Why not fill it up with some stuff? And yeah, that's why the Chat exists, so that MCs can talk with others. ^^ When Neila was still my only MC, she complained after some time about how boring it is to just have me to talk to. Now I wonder if my other MCs would even exist if I joined LD4all and the Character Chat sooner. uhh

Iron: Aaaand you're doing it again. -_-' I don't know why I even decided to cut you slack because theoretical youíre still not allowed to talk here.

Leijona: Because...Youíre a nice guy on the inside?

Iron: ...Yeah.

Neila: Whatever. *to Ria* So, how about giving us a little bit of information about yourself? What do you look like? Any background yet? *to Jet and Kaeli* Sure we do! :D Nice to see you again!

Leijona: *to TinyNinja* Ha? I wanna have holidays too! cry I still have to learn for one more exam next week. nuu

Gan: Now promise that youíre also going to draw more pictures of us during your holidays. grin

Leijona: *sigh* If I have time...

Gan: We will arrange so that you do have time. ebil *to Kaeli* Oh yeah, I think I havenít met you yet. Nice to meet you. smile

Sheela: Neither have I. So many new people here. o.o

Gan: *raises hand* I asked. grin

Leijona: I almost forgot it. :D I had a dream about Kubiku yesterday. I really want to have a CALD, dreams with my characters included always lighten my day. ^^

Leijona: Ehh...I should try not to use so many smileys. (I almost did it again)

Iron: Stop writing. Or otherwise you will be prisioned in an infinity loop of "and again...and almost again...".

Leijona: Oh yeah? But it's allowed if it's a smiley after something you said, or what?

Iron: Of course it is. Look back at our post, is there a single smiley after what I said? tounge2

#532:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Fri 16 Dec, 2011
Ok, Ria, people talk to you.

Ria: "Great! Living presence with some brain. wink"


Ria: "Anyway, hello all of you. Like Mister Host here I`m really terrible with names so forgive me and all, ok? Anyway, so I am Ria. Name was THOUGHT to be be based on Rio, but apparently it came from Aria. That came really unexpected. But anyway, for my looks go imagine a shabby girl with reddish hair and clothes."

I also made you look hot :3.

Ria: "Not that anybody cares, I am part of your imagination so with that logic it counters back to you! ebil"


Ria: "Hah, quietness... Now I was just saying how I am pretty much based on a gerudo, but I also have all of Altairs fighting skills and his climbing skills."

Yup. Cause Ezio is not badass enough.

Ria: "Do something yourself instead of giving me continu abilities. So anyway, I used to roam alot and was quite an assassin in my world. But since he had to pull me out because it was too difficult for him. Since then it became pretty boring for me to sit around doing nothing. Link still sits there by the way. :o"

Link: "..."

Ria: "So ok, swords and walls and jumping... all of that lack so for the time being I work as advisor for the host who seems to be helpless. But anyway, the host`s strangely tired and that means I have to be tired too."

Hey, now I notice, Ria is still kinda shakey considering her persona.

"Do give me a break, Im only 4 to 5 days old."

Ugh... Anyway, I think I have the urge to sleep.

"Oh right, I have to wait for him to dream to try to break into his dreamscape. Like back in the day except now it`s all spirtual."

#533:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sat 17 Dec, 2011
Orion: Oh my god! Kupo's back! *Tries to air glomp Kupo*

KocoBassa: *Stops Orion in midair* Sorry, Orion, not today. You know Kupo doesn't like most people...Anyhow, welcome back Eilatan and Kupo...You too Tinyninja and friends.

Orion: Yeah, hi you guys it's good to see you all again. Hello to the new arrivals, Santa, Oleg, and Ria.

Albedo: It is a pleasure to meet you all.

Hanyuu: Hau au... Sorry we did not introduce ourselves sooner!

Orion: *To Ria* I'm not really an adviser to the host as much as I'm the one who makes the host the angriest. :3 KocoBassa has reddish hair too but she needs to get it touched up.

#534:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Sat 17 Dec, 2011
Ria: "Yes, but somebody this stupid does need someone to yell to do stuff. His mother already gave up but I dont think she would last long anyway."

I also had a LD tonight. meh

"Yeah, you didn`t invite me. But seriously, jumping down cliffs while being unsure? Give a break."

Hey, it was quite obvious. Hold on, I am now in WBTB session, with some luck we can go to a vivid LD World where you can jump around as you wish.

"Make that a promise? Ok, so then do not. I know how you are with WILD."


I am cool now. :I

"...why do I keep talking to you... uh... anyway, anybody wants to introduce him/herself to me?"

I am used to imaginary characters warming up to the main characters over a course of time. Eventually you will love me.. :3

"Not with this attitude, no."

#535:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 17 Dec, 2011
Sai: *to Neila* It was less a matter of Mecha actually doing anything with our minds, more the potential for it to happen at all. I was really insecure at first about just existing as a mental construct. kiekeboe

Morph: I of course took it in stride from day one. smile *to Gan* lach1

Skaith: *to Neila* Luckily for me I've never had a problem differentiating between my real life and the backstory provided for my fictional doppelganger. (although I tend to pay it lip service for the sake of convenience) *to Ria* An assassin eh? My character's had quite a bit of experience in that area, although he really specializes in infiltration and espionage. *melts into the shadows*

Sai: *to Oleg\Rai* By the way, you might want to consider adding name tags whenever one of you speaks, since at the moment it's a little confusing trying to tell which of you is speaking.

Vesper: *to Oleg* Congrats on the LD!

#536:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 17 Dec, 2011
Gan: *to Ria* Rio? Like in Rio de Janeiro? Based on what Leijona knows about it, it's one of the cities in this world I'd love to visit. ^_^ But what's a gerudo?

Iron: Your world sounds very interesting! I can quite relate to you being bored, at first I also missed the lack of opportunities to fight in the mindscape, but if you really need some action, why not try to get Link to a little sparring fight?

Leijona: *to Oleg* Now what kind of reaction is this?!
I also had a LD tonight. --> boogie <--
This is how it should look!

Gan: *to Sai* At first I was also not sure if I should really stay in Leijona's mindscape, it's...kinda scary to know that you only exist because someone imagined you. overspannen

Neila: *to Skaith* I think that we all here, expect for Gan, have unfortunately some difficulties with differentiating between us as MCs and our life...

Gan: But that's because IRL I'm fine with how my life is, too. ^^

Neila: And as I think about this now, it's maybe also because our life, thought up by Leijona, is our real life and not a fictitious one.

Leijona: *to Sai/Oleg* At least Oleg makes paragraphs after every sentence of him and Ria. lach1 Some time ago, I looked back at my old posts here, they look really confusing and it's difficult to read them because they're all without any paragraphs. hmm

Gan: Ohh, we almost forgot to add our desciptions! So, here's all about me -

Leijona: Wait, hold it, I'm too lazy to type this down once again...That's all about my MCs copied from a few pages back:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Sheela: Maybe I should add something more about me, I'm an anthropomorphic leopard, not much to say about me besides this, and that I'm much younger than the others, almost still an adolescent. Maybe I can persuade Leijona to update a picture of me as soon as she made one, together with a group picture she has already drawn of Gan, Neila and Iron. smile

Leijona: And an unfinished version of Kubiku in this group picture. I swear, I can't draw him. sadblauw And I doubt I can draw Sheela... *to Oleg* Look at Mecha's pictures of Crysar if you want to have an idea of what Kubiku looks like.

Kubiku: *to Leijona* I don't really bother if you drew one of me eventually, so just make one of Sheela or the others.

Neila: *to Orion/Albedo* By the way, where do you guys come from? Some sort of alien planet in the universe?

Leijona: Oh, and Mecha. Why haven't you told me that Iji is so damn addictive? How I love this game! lolrood

Gan: It's really fun to watch her playing and making random comments in English when she thinks nobody's around. lach2

#537:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Sat 17 Dec, 2011
Oleg: Meh, the LD was kinda shit anyway.

Ria: All you did was basically jump off a cliff. Not too subtle, hm? Anyway, yes, I am an assassin of some sort. Mind you I am largely influenced by the host`s love for the AC series, so elements of there have to somehow pop up in me.

Oleg: Hm.. hey, I never added nametags because there was only Ria and me, I generally quoted Ria and talked normal myself, buuuut...

Ria: Hold on, yesterday you told me you were planning to make a new MC, what about that?

Oleg: Oh that, some guy who I planned to be some opposite to you.

Ria: What? Opposite? Was it not something like the 3 elements fire, grass and water from Pokemon?

Oleg: I said, opposite, (hell I dont even have any ideas for the water typed character)

Ria: You dont need to base it on water, as far as I know I was based on a desert theme, which indirectly goes with heat, which... ok, I`m fire.

#538:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sat 17 Dec, 2011
Orion: *To Neila* Uhhh... well... Albedo isn't really an alien as much as a bio-engineered weapon...long story. I'm really the only alien in our troop and I come from a race of half-elves known as Meridians that happened to have blood from a race of demons known as Tatarin (Dancers) that were worshiped by ancient natives. We come from the far future from the year 4767... Yeah...

KocoBassa: Geez, Orion, I'm surprised you memorized your entire backstory. I'm proud of you! You know I could write a book abou- shutup

Albedo: Child thinks she write a proper book about anything.

Orion: Yeah, like how Ayn Rand could beat Shakespeare in bar fight...Or a comedy version of the showdown between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr... Yeah... Funny stuff.

Hanyuu: Why are you using so many pauses in your sentences Orion?

Orion: What are you talking about? This is my normal speech pattern! Anyhow on with the show!

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#539:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Sun 18 Dec, 2011
Oleg: "Hold on... a "Gerudo" is a fictional race is a fictional game "the Legend of Zelda" who exist in a desert, solely of women. Except every 100 years a male is born and by destiny that`s their king. But Ria is only based on them as far as the appearance goes."

Ria: Yeah, a bit like reddish hair, similiar skin tone, but that`s about where the differences kinda stop.

Oleg: meh Hm... never thought about it that way.

Ria: Hold on, were this not supposed to be a character chat?

Oleg: Yes?

Ria: then why the hell are you still talking so much?

Oleg: Spacefiller, of course.

Ria: Of course...

#540:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Mon 19 Dec, 2011
Leijona: *to Oleg* Hm, I guess I'm just super excited about everyone who had a LD at the moment, considering that I'm about to beat my own dry spell record, which is 50 days long. Meh.

Neila: *to Orion* Why do I get the feeling that your Albedo is so handsome because this should seduce and sedate the female enemies? wink

Iron: *to Ria* Yeah, talkative hosts seem to be a common problem here...*sighs*

Leijona: You guys are also not talking that much today.

Gan: Because your "I'm-not-feeling-well" affects our thinking, too. >.>

Leijona: *to Oleg* I forgot to ask in my former posts, but what did you mean by "When will the next CALD thread be up?" ? If you're talking about the next part: If some people would actually post in there, there should be a next part soon because it's already on the 10th page. And yes, Talon Arana is gone since a loooong time...Her last post was in March, but the last time she was really active was in April 2010 or so. meh

#541:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Mon 19 Dec, 2011
Orion: *To Neila* hehe...uh... He better not be... he uh...ooohhh... *Sniff*

Hanyuu: Are you okay Orion? Did Albedo seduce you when you first met?

Orion: No we met when we were five because my mother died and I was being hunted by a cult so I happened to be shipped off to an institution where these "weapons" were being raised and had a division that studied the Tatarin.

Albedo: The seduction came 21 years later *Smirk*

Orion: But no, he's basically a genetically engineered super soldier. But the idea of him seducing other women (or men god forbid) makes me sad. I'm very competitive, you see, and he is mine *Raises left hand with wedding ring*

KocoBassa: Quit getting so emotional Orion, we get it and you need to quit reading so much yaoi.

Hanyuu: What does yaoi mean?

Orion and KocoBassa: HUAAKCK!!

Albedo: Hahaha! Sorry, Orion, dearest, but seeing you two freak out like this is just too much.

Orion: Sweet we're on top!

#542:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Mon 19 Dec, 2011
Oleg: that was just some stupid confused me. I looked at the wring topic (old) and it was locked, not knowing there was a new one. As for talkative hosts, I have created another CALD for me to talk with, but he seems to have quite an urge against me. I tried letting Ria talk to him but I get distracted by random events, disturbing the conversation.

#543:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 21 Dec, 2011
Jet: Oh wow, we have a lot to reply to! TinyNinja, you must get us on here faster next time ohno

Kaeli: Oh come on, Jet. I think that's a bit of an overreaction.

Me: *to Leijona* I've been sadly neglecting my dream journal too. Is your exam over? If not, then good luck!

Kaeli: Nice to meet you too, Gan! As soon as Aviv shows back up I'll try and ask him about his, shall we say, origins plotting

Jet: Hi Neila and KocoBassa! Good to see you guys too smile *to Ria* Welcome to the character chat! *to Albedo* Yeah, Tiny thinks a lot about writing books too. They never get finished though grrr I personally would pay money to read about Ayn Rand beating Shakespeare in a bar fight. Kaeli's shaking her head though, so maybe it's just me. But I still think it sounds like fun *to Ria* We have the opposite problem. TinyNinja takes us in here and then never talks until we leave. Is there some way we can borrow a little chatty host, maybe?

Kaeli: *to Orion* Don't be sad hugs For what it's worth, I think it's a very fascinating back story. I don't even know what my back story is... I know I must have had one, because I found myself in way too strange a situation to not have a crazy back story. Unfortunately I don't remember anything from before several months ago, and I'm not sure I ever will. Ahh, amnesia, why must you plague me sadblauw

#544:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Wed 21 Dec, 2011
Orion: *To Kaeli* It's very much okay, thank you hugs See, Albedo? I like this one... she will be spared, haha. I'm kidding I love all of you guys :D *To Jet* We have the same problem. We wouldn't be on the site for a few days and when we come back, BAM! A brand new pages of posts for us (Namely KocoBassa) To root through and not really read.

Hanyuu: You don't hold back for anything do you, Orion?

Orion: No I don't...Not even for Albedo. Isn't that right?

Albedo: Of course, dearest.

Orion: *To Ria* Our host isn't allowed to talk until she writes some good fanfiction between me and Albedo for me to ogle at. I don't really mind a silent host because it allows to say and do anything we want.

Albedo: *To Jet* Very interesting. You agree with Rand's philosophy? Orion does to quite a noticeable degree and KocoBassa got the idea of the story from another novel. Dearest always wants to put a touch of comedy in everything the child writes, I find it quite enjoyable as well.

Orion: Wow... That's the most you've said since I brought you here... I'm proud of you Albedo! :D

#545:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 22 Dec, 2011
Neila: *to Orion* Oh, I understand you. ^^

Leijona: *laughs* If you're actually thinking this way, then you do need to stop reading yaoi. lach2 *to Oleg* Maybe you can try to bring the new character here to the Chat, too? Just asking him what he has against you might also help.

Gan: Oh yes, distraction. It hates us. nuu

Leijona: *to TinyNinja* Yes it is, but thanks for the luck anyways, I needed it. ^^

Gan: You wouldn't have needed so many luck if you had actually learned for it. And by this, I mean starting to learn not on the day before your exam!

Leijona: Yesyes, I know, I'll never do it again...

Neila: *to Jet* And I always thought that TinyNinja didn't say anything because she wanted you to talk more.

Gan: *offers Jet part of Leijona's soul* I exchange a half-of-talkative-human-host-soul for a half-of-quietly-human-host-soul. grin1

Leijona: Yeeesss, of course, just go ahead and trade with parts of my soul, I don't mind. >.>

Gan: tounge1 *to Kaeli* I'll be happy to know more about his origins. ^_^ Maybe a hit on the head can help solving your amnesia problem!

Iron: *facepalms* Yeah, I'm sure it will. -_-' *smacks Gan's back of head* *to Orion* Spared from what? kiekeboe

Neila: lach1 It seems like we're having the opposite problem again, a human who's addicted to LD4all.

Gan: *to Orion* Oh, you're lucky, even if Leijona doesn't talk, she will still delete the parts she doesn't want to be posted. neutral

Sheela: We had snow over here where Leijona lives the other day. Sooo beautiful! *starry-eyed*

Leijona: Hopefully we have snow on Christmas, too.

#546:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 24 Dec, 2011
Sai: Merry Christmas people!

Mecha: Things have been busy around here lately, so I haven't had a chance to post until now.

Morph: *squints* Really? Then what about the games I saw you playing for a couple hours the other day, and the day before that? eh

Mecha: Necessary time needed to unwind after work.

Vesper: *shakes head in exasperation* Sure... *to Albedo* Genetically engineered supersoldier? Hey, that's the same as us! ^_^ (except we weren't really intended as warriors for the most part, just proof of concept. Each of us was designed by the Nadokaan to explore certain aspects\applications of the Thorai Field, and iron out any 'bugs' that might crop up before eventually moving on to the final design which would incorporate all of our abilities in one lethal package ready for mass production. Luckily the Alliance was able to step in and stop them before they got to that point siiw ) What abilities do you have?

Aiden: Merry Christmas (eve) to all, and to all a good night! ^^

Morph: This is where Crysar would step in and say "bah humbug," if he ever said things like that.

Crysar: While I see no reason to change my customary demeanor for the sake of an increasingly commercialized holiday, neither do I see any reason to actively attempt to deprive anyone of any 'holiday cheer' they might feel at this moment.

Morph: So in other words, "bah humbug". *to Aiden* Hey, since you can sometimes make Mr. Scrooge over there lighten up, does that make you Tiny Tim? *to Leijona* We don't have any snow over where we are. Which is odd since we were practically buried in the stuff last year, and the year before. eh

Sai: On the plus side, it was actually warm enough yesterday that we didn't need to wear a jacket outside. *feather ruffle slightly as she settles down next to Morph* ^^

#547:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 25 Dec, 2011
Jet: TinyNinja's making a picture of me!!! woo Can everyone show her some support? Her tablet's not working with Photoshop on her laptop and she's very frustrated right now. That girl lives for art, I tell you. It's half funny and half heartbreakingly sad when her apparatus breaks.

Me: >_< Jet, I told you not to say that. You embarass me. She's exaggerating, everyone. I'm not that broken up about it, I'm just using a different computer.

Jet: Yeah, sure. You love that stuff. Don't try to tell me otherwise. *to Orion* Yeah, hosts can be so lazy sometimes, can't they? wink

Me: Jet, are you trying to make me mad at you?

Kaeli: TinyNinja, I think she's just hyped. She's been like this all day. *to Orion* Yeah, I'm curious with Iron... spared from what? wink *to Gan* Unfortunately I've recieved a few blows on the head since then, and none have helped. It really stinks not being able to remember where you came from... Sometimes I wonder if, or if one day I'll wake up and remember who I was and be utterly unable to reconcile who I was and who I am. I mean, I knew how to use a gun and my armor... surely that means that I used them for something in my old life? Eh, well, no point in obsessing over it.

Jet: *to Albedo* I wouldn't necessarily say that I agree with Rand's philosophy. It feels kind of cold and uncomfortably logical in my mind, you know? I just think she would be awfuly entertaining in a bar fight. Especially against Shakespeare. I hate Shakespeare.

Kaeli: Ironic, you love most books but hate Shakespeare. I'm not a big reader but I love Shakespeare. Funny how stuff like that works out.

Jet: *To Gan* You're on. One half of quiet-host-soul for one half of chatty-host-soul.

Me: Jet, I don't really appreciate you dealing in my soul. Besides, if you think that's going to make me talk... oh shoot.

Jet: grin

Kaeli: *to Sai and Aiden* Merry Christmas to you, too!

Jet: (sings) We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kaeli: Chrysar sounds like I imagine Aviv would sound about Christmas. Speaking of Aviv, where is he? I haven't seen him around lately.

Jet: Last I saw, he was leaving with you nodnodwinkwink So based on your experience, is he human or not?

Kaeli: Get your mind out of the gutter, Jet. We built a few rocket-propelled paper airplanes, and then he said he had picked up some strange radar signatures just over the horizon and he was going to check them out. I came back to the main mindscape where you and TinyNinja were, and he left to go trace his radar signatures. I just hope nothing's happened to him unsure

#548:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 25 Dec, 2011
Jet: Why on Earth did our post submit twice?

Kaeli: No idea. Nothing interesting to see here, move along.

#549:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 25 Dec, 2011
Gan: Is Christmas already over for everyone?

Leijona: Mhh, no I don't think so.

Gan: Aaaanyways! If Christmas is already over for you, I hope you guys had a nice time, and if it's still Christmas for you, then - *deep voice* - Merry Christmas!

Neila: *sigh* Here we go again...

Kubiku: Gan. Please shut up.

Leijona: I have this song stuck in my head! nuu

Iron: Stop singing...

Gan: I know more songs! grin *sings* It's the season, love and understanding, merry Christmas, everyone!

Kubiku: I leave...

Sheela: Aww, no! You guys are mean...

Kubiku: I am mean? Who's singing, he or I?

Gan: xmas Merry Christmas every -

Iron: *covers Gan's mouth* Stop singing, will ya?

Gan: Mh-mpfh...

Iron: Thank you very much. -.-' Sorry for ruining anyone's Christmas spirit, and I have nothing against Christmas songs, but if you had him dancing around in your mindscape singing out loud all day long, he'd also get on your nerves. Nevertheless, merry Christmas! smile *to Morph/Ves* Leijona says exactly the same. >.>

Sheela: Humans are so unimaginative. lach1

Leijona: Shoo... *to Morph* Now it's raining here. I think snow is a lot nicer than rain, provided that you don't have to go anywhere but can stay at home, watching the snow falling. ^^ *to Sai* Wow. eek2 Are you sure it's winter where you live? wink

Gan: *to Jet* Leijona's drawing a picture of me too, can't wait until it's finished so that I can show it. grin Though at the moment she's busy ruining my nose. *to Leijona* Why can't you just leave things as they are, when they looked good?

Leijona: I'll fix it again. *to TinyNinja* I don't even have Photoshop or a tablet. sadblauw I hope that you can fix your stuff!

Gan: *to Kaeli* Hm, yeah I guess it's anything but easy to not know about your past. neutral Leijona has some weird new ideas for our story, such as, making one of our best friends schizophrenic and thinking a whole new character up who's supposed to be autistic. overspannen Something's wrong with that girl. *shakes head*

Sheela: I for one don't see what would argue against the autistic character. Besides, Gan, I know nobody who's weirder, if such a word even exists, than you. You're an adult, at least try and act like one.

Gan: Oh shush, don't talk about things of which you know nothing, okay kid? grin1

Iron: Says the guy who's stucked in his childhood...

Sheela: And what are these things of which I know nothing, hm? tounge2

Iron: You are both naive and rarely know anything about the real life, can we agree on that?

Gan: Since some time, this smiley describes you the best: truit *to Jet* Deal! grin1

Leijona: I'll...just try to act like nothing happened. >.<

#550:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Tue 27 Dec, 2011
KocoBassa: Merry very late Christmas everybody! Sorry for the late reply but I got a new laptop (Toshiba Satelite). Quite nice.

Orion: Oh please it was just because you were lazy... It's for the best though because Albedo and I were pretty busy too. My sisters came over, his brothers and sister. We all had a good time! *To Kaeli* Sorry, the whole "They shall be spared." bit is just an inside joke revolving around my backstory. *To Gan* My family doesn't really mind my singing because I'm pretty good, but hey, at least it's finally snowing here! Two...Days...Late!

Albedo: *To Jet* That is possibly why we like Rand. Despite Orion's childish nature, she can be quite logical and cold at times. Interesting; you don't like Shakespeare? Orion likes his theater work quite a bit. She can read old English as well, so that really helps.

Orion: Babe, I think that conversation already switched over.

Hanyuu: Hau, Merry Christmas all of you!

#551:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 28 Dec, 2011
Kaeli: Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Aside from Miss Hyper here "serenading" us all day long, we had a great day!

Jet: Oh come on, Kaeli. You were singing as loud as I was.

Me: *to Leijona* Thanks for the good wishes smile Unfortunately my tablet is still refusing to work on my laptop, and I don't know what's up. Right now I'm on a different computer and bypassing the problem completely. What medium are you making the picture of Gan in? I'd like to think I'm a tolerable digital artist, but I'm hopeless with traditional media.

Kaeli: *to Gan* Don't you love it when a creator decides to write a story around you and starts making strange stuff happen in your life for the sake of a plot? I'm thankful that we've avoided that fate so far... I've seen TinyNinja do it to lots of non-sentient characters. I suppose it doesn't matter so much for them, though, since they don't really have any thoughts outside of hers? And then there was Jet, who demanded that her back story be changed. Whatever makes her happy, I guess...

Jet: *to Gan* The trade seems to be working already, at least on this end. Any luck there? *to KocoBassa* Congratulations on the new laptop! TinyNinja's first laptop was a Toshiba Satelite. Ah, how we loved that thing... It turned her into a Toshiba snob, though. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Me: Hey, I've always had good luck with Toshiba since then. Can't argue with reality, right?

Jet: Can argue with confirmation bias.

Kaeli: *to Orion* No problem. I like to make the same kinds of jokes to Aviv when he's around. Poor guy, he's an easy target.

Jet: Pfft. Poor guy my foot. If he doesn't want to be teased, he should stop being such a grouch. *to Albedo* I admit that I've never been able to make it through a Shakespeare play, although I've tried to read four of them meh I have a really awful time keeping track of who's who and what they're doing. Maybe if I saw it being performed it would be easier to follow?

#552:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 29 Dec, 2011
Leijona: *to Orion* Still no snow here...

Iron: *to Orion* It's not like Gan is a bad singer, in fact I think he's quite good, but he is simply overdoing it.

Gan: Ohhh, I got a compliment from you! :D

Leijona: *to TinyNinja* Oh, just on some sketchbook I found again during the last holidays. The thickness of the paper is very useful for me (a normal sheet of paper would have already get torn by all my attempts of fixing Gan's nose...). I used to color my linearts, but since I'm really, really bad at shading I realized that it makes my drawings worse. So right now I'm only using pencils of different grades.

Gan: *to Kaeli* Yeah. lach1 That also didn't happen to me so far. Let's hope that it stays this way. o.O I'm sure it doesn't matter to them - as long as they are not MCs! Then this all can turn out bad for the human host. lach2

Iron: Heh...The first time I appeared in Leijona's mindscape, I spent about 15 minutes shouting and raging about how I won't allow her to ruin my life. Since then my life turned to good account.

Gan: I wish I would have seen this! lach2

Neila: It was kind of amusing. ^^

Leijona: *to Iron* Do you know how surprised and shocked I was to see you joining Neila and then immediately beginning to shout furiously at me as if you were my MC since ever? I didn't really thought that you would be that independent right from the start!

Gan: *to Jet* Um...I'm not sure...Judging from the amount of speech I don't think so, but somehow it's different. geenidee

Leijona: *to Albedo/Jet* Just thought I'd throw in that I hate dramas. >.<

#553:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Fri 30 Dec, 2011
The day everyone hoped wouldn't come has come. BlueGecko has returned to the Character Chats thread! ebil *rubs eyes* With the amount of catching up I have to do, maybe I'll just go back to bed. . . . 0.o

Chilam: Cop-out.

BlueGecko: Okay, fine. . . . I do think that I could use an extra hour of sleep or 2, though. . . . *yawns* Anyway, merry (late) Christmas, everyone!

Scout: Why not say happy new year?

BlueGecko: Because I didn't say merry Christmas yet.

Chilam: That sounds like a fair point to me.

BlueGecko: *to Leijona* No snow here either. I think Old Man Winter decided to finish his job early this year and make it snow on Halloween this year instead over where I am.

Chilam: Scout, brace yourself! We're in creator-chat territory!

BlueGecko: Fine, I'll shut up. But let me point out that - *mmph* shutup

Chilam: I wonder what BlueGecko would've said if I hadn't stopped him from talking.

Scout: I don't think he actually had anything else he wanted to say anyway. ^^

Chilam: *to Kaeli* At least you get a story. Gecko might decide he wants to write one, but he never does. . . . neutral

Scout: I don't think any story events would be to weird for Chilam! Actually, Chilam would be too weird for any story events.

Chilam: Are you trying to make some sort of Chuck Norris joke?

Scout: No, since a Chuck Norris joke involves cool people.

Chilam: eek2 I liked it better when I was handing out the pointless put-downs. . . .

Scout: I'm kidding!

Chilam: I know.

Scout: Also, don't you think you earned a few?

Chilam: I don't really remember, seeing as how it's been so long since we were last here.

#554:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Mon 02 Jan, 2012
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Jet: *to Gan* What is it with these human artists and noses? TinyNinja screwed up mine, too. It's supposed to be smaller and a bit closer to my mouth... overall I think she did a good job, though.

Me: *to Leijona* Random sketchbooks are the best, aren't they? I found one really nice pad in the back of my bookshelf a while back... haven't been able to find any paper as good since sadblauw Here's to MC noses, right?

Jet: *to Gan* I suppose we'll just have to wait a bit and see if our host-soul-swapping deal creates any drastic changes. One can always hope, right? *to Leijona* What kind of stories/performances do you like? *to BlueGecko/Leijona/Orion* TinyNinja lives in a place that never gets snow sadblauw I asked her to make some in the mindscape once so we could play, but she didn't know how since she's never seen it since she was really little.

Me: Oh look, Jet, here's some MCs complaining that their creators talk too much. You should be thankful for how I let you guys take the spotlight.

Jet: Pfft. Chilam and Scout, would you like a portion of silent-host soul, too?


Jet: :puh:

Me: rolleyes

Jet: Kaeli left to go look for Aviv, but she gave me her replies... *to Gan* she told me to tell you that she thinks battles of wills between host and MC are scary. Thankfully we've all been pretty peaceful around here. Aviv has little to no backstory, Kaeli has a bit of mystery, and TinyNinja willingly changed my story when I demanded it yes *to Chilam* Kaeli suggests that you bug your creator incessantly about it, since that's what worked for me. She says that a good MC can make their creator lie awake at night for days on end obsessing over the part of the character's history they don't know... she's decided to try to work with her amnesia on her own instead of getting TinyNinja to quick-fix override it for her. I don't see what's wrong with the quick-fix override, but it's her story, not mine :geenidee

#555:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Tue 03 Jan, 2012
Chilam: Thanks Kaeli! (Or, um, Jet, since you said it) I'm not sure I'm that good a MC, seeing as how I have a hard time keeping myself from getting mixed into BlueGecko's normal thoughts, but that advice might help me out! grin . . . Now if only character chatting was allowed in the big CALD thread.

Scout: I'd take the soul, but Gecko doesn't have a soul to trade back! Also, from what we saw scrolling to the Post Reply button, that's a nice picture. I'd ask BlueGecko to take a closer look a it, but he can't see spoilers in the Topic Review. :geenidee

. . .

Chilam: . . . Wow, that's all me and Scout have to say. Any last words, BlueGecko?

BlueGecko: . . . *mutters* I have a soul. . . . gil

*Blooper reel then credits*

#556:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 03 Jan, 2012
Mecha: Well, winter's finally caught up with us. sadblauw

Aiden: Snow! grin

Vesper: If my powers extended into RL, steaming puddles!

Morph: The dreamscape's been a little disturbing lately. At least it should make identifying dreams while we're still in them a little easier, right? scared

Skaith: Break you six month dryspell, break! grrr kiekeboe

Sai: *to Jet* Nice picture you have there.

Mecha: Here's a pic I did a while ago but only recently scanned and uploaded:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

#557:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Wed 04 Jan, 2012
Jet: *to Chilam* I'll tell Kaeli you said so... we were talking with her every night on the radio, but we haven't been able to raise her the past few days. We're both getting a little worried about her and Aviv neutral

Me: I'm going to be super harsh, Jet, and remind you that you said you didn't care what happened to Aviv.

Jet: Yeah, I know I did. But you and Kaeli both like him, and I know neither of you would want him to get in trouble.

Me: I'm sure they'll turn up soon. Remember, Jet, they're both smart and they're both really good fighters. They're as well equipped for survival in a mindscape as either of us are.

Jet: I suppose so... *to Scout* Well, it seems that sometimes all you need is to tell your humans that you've traded half their soul for a personality change. You know, placebo effect and all that nodnodwinkwink *to Morph* Oh dear! Disturbing mindscapes are no fun. Ours has been pretty calm lately, at least until Aviv and Kaeli disappeared. Wherever they are, I hope they're all right sadblauw *to Sai/Scout* Thank you very much smile TinyNinja thanks you too!

Me: Jet beat me to it... glad you guys like it smile *to Morph* Awesome picture! Is that Chrysar?

#558:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 04 Jan, 2012
Leijona: Happy New Year!

Gan: Late Happy New Year. party3

Leijona and Gan: *to Scout (about the Chuck Norris thing)* lach2

Iron: Good one Scout, good one. lach1

Gan: *to Jet/TinyNinja* Thanks for posting the picture, it gave Leijona a motivation thingy, um...a shot in the arm! grin *to Jet* Oh yeah, but hands- oh, hands are the WORST. They have two of them and they use them all day long and still, if I wonít know for sure, Iíd say that they donít have hands themselves, considering how awful they usually are at drawing them.

Leijona: *to Gan* I would like seeing you trying to draw hands...*to TinyNinja* Very nice drawing! I tried to draw a portrait once, of Neila, and ohh, I donít even want to think of the result. overspannen I just realized that I wasted several sheets of paper of my sketchbook. I should be more prudent. D: The only downside of my sketchbook is that the sheets doesn't fit exactly into our scanner.

Gan: *to Jet* Right! smile I wonít give up and Iím sure we all will eventually succeed with this. Placebo effect is exactly what I was thinking about when offering her soul. yes

Leijona: *to Jet* I mostly read fantasy novels, for example at the moment the last book of the Inheritance Cycle. Iím quite open-minded to any kind of stories, just no biographies. And I canít stand the whole vampire-hype which cropped up since the Twilight saga. -_- Regarding performances, I love musicals, but Iím not sure if they really count as plays. Aww, thatís too bad. sadblauw *to TinyNinja* Make sure you spend your holidays at least once in a country with lots of snow. ^^

Gan: *to Jet* Kaeliís definitely right about that. Neila was mad one time at Leijona, wasnít nice...

Iron: *to Jet* Though the "fight" I had back then with Leijona wasnít really a fight, it was more like me telling her off and she being like: "Okay okay, I got it! o.o So just tell me what you want me to change..."

Leijona: *to Chilam* The characters were banned from the CALD thread years ago because there were a lot of new people reading it and it was very popular with loads of postings so Talon Arana and co. concluded that character chatting was deranging and that this should be kept to the Chat, but seeing how few people are doing CALD or visiting the CALD topic...If your characters have something important to say and if it has to do with CALD directly, I think itís okay to add their thoguhts. smile

Gan: You could as well delete all what you said but the last sentence, silly. *sigh*

Leijona: And now to why I am posting this: Group picture of Neila, Gan and Iron, just ignore the sketch thingy of Kubiku. confused And Ironís anatomy. And...oh well. It's Gan who's saying "Say cheese", this whole picture was his idea. Thatís the picture of Gan. This one was a surprise, really. I had no idea that it would look like this. O.o Very happy with how it turned out. smile I must have hit a creative phase or something because...I usually donít draw like that. o.o

Gan: I like it too. grin

Iron: *to Vesper* Come over and do a bit of weather manipulation here please. wink I don't care if it's snow or sunshine as long as it's not so gloomy, dark and windy anymore. neutral

Neila: *to Morph* What happened to your dreamscape?

Leijona: *to Mecha* The picture is awesome! I love all the details!

Gan: I don't want to encounter this creature...

Neila: lach1 Coward. *to Mecha* Chimera? The word used in genetics?

Leijona: Sort of off-topic, but I could need some help...Do you guys have any creative, out of the ordinary ideas for meeting my MCs in a LD? I'm running out of ideas. sadblauw

#559:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Wed 04 Jan, 2012
BlueGecko: A snowstorm is coming. I can feel it! *Everyone is wearing shorts and T-shirts* Or you know, maybe not.

Scout: Okay, now I'm sort of jealous. If it wasn't for you guys, I might've thought it was against the rules of CALD or something to draw your characters! (Also, nice pictures everyone!)

Chilam: 3DS Miis don't count.

BlueGecko: Okay, I'll try to draw you guys later, but after this I have to pack my bags for vacation tomorrow! *mental image of himself watching TV once done packing*

Chilam: Really?

Scout: Just assume he will.

Chilam: Works for me. Is anyone willing to give a piece of a "willing to draw their character" soul?

Scout: If Talon ever gets back here, she should rename this thread "Character Chats and Soul Exchange" wink *to Leijona Gan and Iron* Thank you, thank you! Tip your waitress!

Chilam: Characters Chats, once again abandoning the concept of chronology. *To Leijona* I see. So if I stay entirely on the subject of CALD there, I'm allowed in? That seems reasonable.

BlueGecko: *also to Leijona* Trying to find your MCs? Well, I've never had a LD where I got to do anything like that, but my idea is: Did you try LD video chat? That not my only idea, but it's the first one I can think of that isn't too off the wall. . . .

Okay, I'd stay a little longer, but like I said, I have to pack for vacation tomorrow! OUTRO OF DARKNESS

#560:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 06 Jan, 2012
Mecha: *to TinyNinja\Neila* It's actually the titular character of a short one-shot I'd started a long time ago. Here's what I had written for it so far:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)
*to Leijona* Thanks! ^^

Morph: *to Neila* Just a couple night in a row having dreamt about being zombified, finding pet cats realistically gutted on the floor, having suicidally berserk cats trying to slash you to ribbons, that sort of thing. kiekeboe Luckily the atmosphere around here's gone back to normal. (whatever that means. Last night for example, Mecha dreamed exclusively about strategy for his warrior character from ToME4)

Sai: *to Leijona* The method Mecha once used to (almost) meet up with us in an LD was to try teleporting himself to our mindscape island. Perhaps some of the more common techniques for summoning things in LDs could also be used... eh On another topic, I like your group picture there, and the one of Gan. ^^

#561:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Fri 06 Jan, 2012
Me: *to Leijona* Thanks smile I like your pictures a lot too! I love your MC's facial expressions. Different expressions are a weak point for me overspannen

Jet: *To Gan* Totally agree with you about drawing hands. TinyNinja hates them with a passion. *to Leijona* Those all sound like really cool books. I hate Twilight-type books too. I can't believe that series has spawned a whole genre of YA
"Paranormal Romance" yuck And TinyNinja says she wants to spend at least a year in a place with lots of snow. She says she wants to experience it first-hand before she decides if she likes cold places or warm places better. *to Gan/Leijona* Sounds pretty much like what I told TinyNinja. Except that she said something more like "Well, okay, but what am I going to tell everyone on the character chat thread..."

Me: Hey, you decided you wanted to change yourself from action heroine to goofball. I figured they might get a little confused.

Jet: Hey, who you callin' a goofball? tounge2 *to Leijona* Unfortunately TinyNinja can't figure out how to meet us herself, so she's no help at all sadblauw She thinks someone on the CALD thread suggested levitating and then telling yourself "I want to go to [MC's name]" and letting yourself be pulled to the MC. Except the only time she was able to try it in an LD, she promptly fell on her bottom when she tried to levitate. So we don't know how effective that is.

Me: *to Scout* Thanks smile

Jet: *to Chilam* I've got a sliver of prime "willing to draw their character" soul right here. You wouldn't happen to have a bit of "good at lucid dreaming" soul to trade in return, would you? Or just let me know what BlueGecko's talents are and we'll see what we can arrange. TinyNinja is giving me the mental evil eye over here grin

Me: *points at Jet* crazy *to Mecha* Love the story! Really good description of the setting and character smile

Jet: *makes a show of ignoring TinyNinja* *to Morph* oh no, that sounds like a really scary dreamscape sadblauw I was going to suggest a few pages of before bed as a pleasant-dreaming aid, but after that I'm not sure I would want to see any cats before bed at all. Glad to hear it's getting better, though! *awkward pause* I miss Kaeli sadblauw And I guess I miss Aviv too. I miss arguing with him blauw

Me: Don't cry, Jet hugs I'm sure they're both okay, and I'm sure they'll be back soon.

#562:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Fri 06 Jan, 2012
Okay, at the hotel now. Gonna be on a cruise ship in a couple days, and I probably won't get much wifi there, since it's expensive. sadblauw Anyway . . . wasn't I here for some reason? Oh yeah, okay Chilam, Scout.

Chilam: *To Jet* Nope, I don't have a "good at lucid dreaming soul" but -

BlueGecko: *in background* Is anyone else weirded out by all this?

Chilam: - . . . hmm, how 'bout a "just now had a dream where his characters could talk to people in real life but didn't recognize he was dreaming" soul?

Scout: Isn't the concept of CALD that we're suppose to recognize it's a dream, and we tell our creator?

Chilam: Fine. I'll blame you instead, if that makes you happy. Don't blame me, though! I only entered the dream when it was just ending.

Scout: -_- You didn't say anything about it being a dream.

Chilam: No-one really remembers what I said then. I think I did say it.

Scout: Well . . . - how is it you always make me lose these sort of arguments?

Chilam: Facts.

Scout: I think you just know how to out-talk me. How about we segue this back to the "character drawing" soul thing?

BlueGecko: You're not in on this too, are you, Scout?

Scout: Well . . . you weren't too reluctant to let Chilam ask for one, were you?

BlueGecko: I suppose. . . . If the concept wasn't so fascinating, I'd be pretty thrown off by the what you're calling it. What are you characters planning on doing next? Cursing us for 10,000 years as a way of selling lemonade?

Chilam: Well . . . -*changes subject* Hey, you know, a "bad at lucid dreaming" soul isn't going to sell too well. What kind of soul does BlueGecko have anyway?

BlueGecko: "Charming"? "Clever'? "Amazing modesty"? Oh great. Now I'm going along with this (in a joking way, at least). help!

Chilam: Don't resist the Force.

*10 seconds later*

Scout: You know, maybe if you have to think about this for more than 10 seconds, it means there isn't much to give?

BlueGecko: neutral

Scout: Sorry.

Chilam: Nonsense! Do you want to get drawn or not?

BlueGecko: You know, I do think there are other subjects on the Character Chats thread to talk about.

Scout: overspannen You're right! Sorry for making everyone read through that! *To Leijona* I didn't really elaborate on it last time, but I really do like those drawings. I suppose it's a universal rule though that you don't imagine the way someone looks like until you see a picture of them! Like I think I said before, the concept of sight doesn't translate well onto forum posts.

Chilam: One of Murphy's Laws of Physics. I guess by that logic no-one else pictures us the right way either. *pauses* Anyway, I forgot to mention anyone's drawings at all! Yeah, what Scout said!

BlueGecko: It kind of goes without saying for me, right?

Chilam: *to Mecha* THEN WHO WAS PHONE? [/over-used, poorly-placed joke] Not a bad story (or drawing either)!

Scout: My turn to piggy-back off Snowbird: What Chilam said! I think it's a side-effect of being in BlueGecko's brain that I can't think of any specific criticisms or compliments. *sigh* Sort of frustrating. *to Leijona* Also, last night's (annoying) dream also gave me (or Gecko? I'm not sure who to give credit to) an idea. What happened was, after leaving Tim the Toolman Taylor in the living room of a haunted house, BlueGecko went into the kitchen to see Al Borland eh After talking to him briefly, he remember Tim, who I think was looking for Al in the first place. He wanted to find Tim, but he didn't want to leave Al alone in the haunted house (which might've been his house anyway?), so he summoned me there to talk to him by sort of projecting me like a hologram. BlueGecko had to really use his imagination to picture me, but Al could see and hear me like I was actually supposed to be there. Neither me or Gecko knew it was a dream grrr so I assumed I was supposed to be imaginary, and didn't think anything of the fact that Al could hear me. If you'll excuse me, I think I should go kill myself now.

BlueGecko: Whoops, got to go! *End of post*

#563:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 08 Jan, 2012
Jet: KAELI'S BACK!!!!!

Kaeli: Hi everyone smile Man it's good to be back here. Aviv and I weren't sure we were going to make it back for a while.

Jet: What happened?

Kaeli: That strange radar signature that Aviv saw? Turned out to be a giant monster thing. Three-story-tall slimeball with a nice toothy mouth. And what's worse, every time we damaged it, the pieces turned into more monsters.

Jet: eek2 How did you defeat it?

Kaeli: Well, we noticed that whenever we damaged the original monster, all the little monsters reacted too. So we figured that the original monster controlled the whole thing. So then... let's just say that the thing didn't appreciate Aviv's arm self-destructing inside it?

Jet: eek2 Aviv's... arm?

Kaeli: He let the thing bite off his arm and then blew it up once it had swallowed. Oh, and I figured out the answer to our burning question. He's not human. Not even close. But you've realized that by now.

Jet: What is he, then?

Kaeli: I'm sworn to secrecy on the exact details. But he's okay, and he'll be back in the mindscape with us once he gets a new arm.

Jet: A new arm... overspannen What is he, a robot or something?

Kaeli: So... seems like a lot has happened in the character chat while I've been off fighting monsters! What's this I hear about the soul exchange?

Jet: We're trying to influence our creators by trading bits of their soul around. It might be helping or it might just be irritating them, but either way it's lots of fun grin *to Chilam* I'll take a sliver of "just now had a dream where his characters could talk to people in real life but didn't recognize he was dreaming" soul! It would be an improvement over TinyNinja's performace right now, which is stuck in
"don't remember dreams, don't meet characters, don't stand a chance at lucidity" mode.

Kaeli: *to Scout* Don't get frustrated! Lucid dreaming is a long-term-goal sort of thing. Just the fact that your creator summoned you is a great step forward!

Me: *to BlueGecko* Yeah, I'm kind of weirded out by the soul exchange too. I mean, I know the point of MCs is to have seemingly autonomous characters, but sometimes I think they get a little too independent...

#564:  Author: TheTinyNinja PostPosted: Sun 08 Jan, 2012
Jet: GAA, DOUBLE POST! We're being haunted!

Kaeli: Calm down, silly. Forums do these things now and then.

#565:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Sun 08 Jan, 2012
Okay, I'll be leaving for the cruise in a little while, but I still have a couple hours. I'm kind of tired though, since I've had insomnia this whole vacation so far. Think you can post, Chilam and Scout?

Chilam: Okey dokey!

Scout: Yeah . . . okay.

Chilam: Sorry about Scout. She's been in kind of a bad mood since last night (which, just to clarify, is something that's completely unrelated to anything else metioned so far).

Scout: I don't think Gecko's tiredness is making me feel any better. Don't worry, though, I'm fine. Hi, Kaeli! That sounds like quite an adventure. Much more fun than what we have to pass off as a "mindscape." By the way, thanks for the encouragement!

Chilam: Howdy, Kaeli. Nice to have more characters back on the chat! . . . Ow, BlueGecko's insomnia isn't helping me much, either. yawn *to Jet* Okay, I should warn you that the dream might've been a fluke, but . . . okay, deal! grin One freshly-rapped "characters appear in dreams" soul!

Scout: I'd ask for the receipt for that one.

BlueGecko: *Super Mario Bros. running out of time music plays* Okay, time to go! Got to cut this short.

#566:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 11 Jan, 2012
Leijona: Sorry for my absence, I'm quite busy at the moment. meh I won't be around at all month I think. sadblauw *to BlueGecko* No I didn't try video chat. My last despairing try to find them was trying to read the (very old) story I wrote about them. Of course I woke up before I could even try. *sigh* *to Jet* I tried that once and it worked. Hmm maybe I should stick to it. *to Mecha* Very nice story!

Neila: Yeah, indeed! So there's not going to be a sequel? *to Morph* Whoa. eek2 That's...oh my God. According to those dreams, I can't call any dreams of Leijona still nightmeres. But good for you all that Mecha has more pleasant dreams now. smile

Leijona: *to Sai/Scout/Chilam* Thanks! ^_^

Gan: *to Jet* Leijona doesn't hate hands, in fact she's fascinated by them in an odd way, but she's still not good at drawing them...

Leijona: *to Scout* Nah, it's very nice that you at least appeared in his dream, we're still working on this.

Gan: You're talking to much again. *to Jet* She doesn't seem to be susceptible to Placebo effect. neutral

Neila: Hi again Kaeli! Sounds like an exciting adventure.

Iron: His arm? eh

Gan: *raises hand* I vote for cyborg! *to TinyNinja/BlueGecko* Hey you two, be glad that we're that much independent.

Leijona: *to BlueGecko* Hope you're having fun on the cruise! Oh yeah, I almost forgot it, I looked over some sketches and my old story of Neila and co. and oh, I laughed so hard about the appearance developement of Gan! lach2 And on one sketch Kubiku had pointed ears like Neila has. lach1

Gan: Yeah that was funny. grin

Leijona: The characteristics of Iron and Gan were kind of mixed together.

Iron: I don't know if that's good or bad. eh

Leijona: *sigh* So, see you all in a month I guess...

#567:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Tue 17 Jan, 2012
BlueGecko: Thank you, it was a nice cruise! As it turns out, there's all kinds of things to take pictures of in a rain forest that make good use of the 3DS's 3D effects. Spiderwebs are kind of hard on the eye in 3D, though. But there was this awesome tree with blah blah yadda blah *Eventually tuned out by your ears since it's practically meaningless* Wait, gone for a month? Wow, okay . . . well, have fun! Kind of late to post that, but ah well. . . .

Chilam: I pretty much wasn't present most of the trip! I did figure out how to give myself amnesia while I was there, though. That's actually kind of fun, though at first I didn't feel like myself at all. But the effect lasted a whole day! *to Gan* Not susceptible to Placebo? How about a "susceptible to Placebo" soul? gni Also, I thought Aviv was a cyborg, too, but then I realized he's probably a rare species of exploding salamander. grin

Scout: That's a fairly long paragraph, Chilam.

Chilam: I know, I'm scared! I might break my non-existence-streak! crazy

Scout: Isn't that kind of what you were hoping was going to happen? PS You stole a joke Gecko just used. On the same forum!

Chilam: *speechless* Yes. You know, I've been kind of trying get myself to be called Snowbird again. I think it sounds prettier (BlueGecko elaborates on this subject in his signature), but it kind of died away. . . .

Scout: Okay then. Uh oh. I think BlueGecko's falling asleep.

BlueGecko: Of curse I aren't, Scit. I'm wide awurk . . . okay, maybe I should head for bed now. *post end suddenly*

Snowbird: Wait, we haven't had anyone to really talk to in a while! Are you sure we can't stay?

BlueGecko: Murgle porkchop Birdword. . . .

Scout: I'll take that as a no. But think, when Gecko's rested up, his head'll be clearer and we'll all be able to think better. eek2 Oh, and bye Leijona and crew!

Snowbird: Yikes, almost forgot! Bye guys! Okay, I see what you mean, Scout, thanks for that. But I kind of wanted to try out my semi-new name!

#568:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 17 Jan, 2012
Mecha: See you next month Leijona and crew!

Morph: *to Neila* I know I was freaked out by the dreams, but Mecha was like -_- "Oh bother. That was unpleasant." after waking up and then didn't think anything more of it. eh

Mecha: *to Neila* There might be an update to it eventually. I've got about half of the next part typed up, so if I get past this lengthy writer's block I might continue the story.

Morph: *to Snowbird* Would you like a piece of "Not easily fazed" soul? Be careful, it comes with side-effects of both creativity and laziness.

Mecha: Hey! No soul-swapping!

Sai: *to bluegecko* A cruise sounds lovely. ^^ *To Kaeli* I'm glad to see you and Aviv are back, safe and sound.

#569:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 02 Feb, 2012
Neila: Hello there, is everyone still around somewhere? ^^

Gan: *looks at the two posts in three weeks* *to Leijona* See what you did? See what you did there?! Not only did you let us die, but the Chat is also dead!

Leijona: Would you mind to take our fight to somewhere else than the Chat...?

Iron: *to Gan* Hey, how Ďbout returning back to hyper, hm?

Gan: No way. I only stay here to make sure she doesnít forget what she did. -_-

Iron: And youíre afraid of being forgotten about again.

Gan: That too.

Kubiku: If you two actually want someone to respond to our post, you have to talk to them. I am surprised though how quiet a place like this can get.

Gan: Thatís nothing to be pleased about!

Sheela: *massages temples* Someone please talk about something else, I get headaches from these quarrels. >.< *to BlueGecko* You visited a rain forest? :O Wish there would be a way of character exchange, Iíd love to see a rain forest! :D *to Snowbird* Stick to Snowbird, itís a very beautiful name. smile

Neila: *to Morph* A bit...I donít want to say unemotional, hope you get what I mean, human you have there. But maybe itís better this way than freaking out, after all it was just a dream. *to Mecha* Please post it here somewhere on the forum when you have finished it, Iíd love to read it. ^^

#570:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 03 Feb, 2012
Sai: Hey guys, nice to see you back.

Skaith: *to Gan* Died? Care elaborating? (or venting, as the case may be)

Morph: *to Neila* Cold! Dispassionate! Aloof! Passive! grin

Sai: rolleyes Unflappable, composed, level-headed would be better adjectives Morph.

Mecha: *looks at the two of them* So, friendly ribbing and wordgames finished you two? *to Neila* If it'd happened in real life I'd have been much more distraught, believe me. As it was though, I was just glad it wasn't real and put it behind me when I woke up. Why spend your time focusing on negative imagery, right? (particularly if it never even happened) As to the story, some... complications have arisen. About a week ago the flash drive I keep all of my documents on went and bit the dust. That wouldn't be such a big problem, except I foolishly didn't keep any backups. >_< Over four years of notes and worldbuilding with my main story, and several scraps and one-shots for other projects all vanished. The good news is that I was able to use an emergency recovery tool to rip most of the data off of the faulty flash drive. The bad news is that now I have over 6,400 file fragments and unlabelled files with no file extensions to pick through and try to make sense of, and no guarantees that the documents I want are among the ones recovered. sadblauw

Luckily, I found my Dream Journal within the first 150 files combed through with a text editor, as well as a couple short notes within the next 200 files, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be able to get the most important bits back. Eventually. XD

#571:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 05 Feb, 2012
Iron: *to Skaith* You guys havenít checked the CALD thread yet, right? *to Morph and Sai* lach1 Now I want to give Leijona stupid adjectives.

Leijona: Donít you dare... >.>

Iron: Harhar, sometime I will. ebil

Neila: *to Mecha* You can be glad to have the ability to simply get over things like this. smile Do you own a cat IRL too? *about the flash drive* D: Thatís horrible! 6,400 ... Thatís so much! Well, good luck then with sorting all those files, hopefully you are able to retrieve everything.

Leijona: Something similar happened to me once during a holiday trip, someone viewed my pictures on my camera and then she gave it back to me and was like: ďI donít know what I have done...?Ē I stared at the display and she just deleted all of my about 300 awesome, beautiful pictures. I was so shocked that I couldnít even be angry at her. At home I could fortunately save the deleted pictures on my computer with such a tool, the majority wasnít permanently deleted or damaged.

Gan: *to Leijona* You finished with talking? Your fault if you give your camera to someone who canít read what it is saying on the cameraís display.

Leijona: But why would someone push the button with the dustbin on it anyway and then not ask me what she should select...Whatever, your turn. I think thatís going to be a huge paragraph. I apologize in advance for every mistake. >_<

Gan: *to Skaith* Well, we died during her second week after leaving LD4all. Died as in, non-existent. Itís not the same as being forgotten about. See, when she just doesnít pay attention to us and leaves us alone for some time, we have our own live, like free-time, sometimes we go back to our real life and every time she talks to us after this, we can always tell her what has happened and so on. But this time, phut! Just not there anymore. Not like, disappearing from the mindscape and instead returning to our everyday life, just plain nothingness. Thatís how I imagine dying and death. You slowly leave this world and then thereís nothing. And then we got reanimated. -_- I personally donít want to be reanimated when I am already dead. Especially not when thereís then some stupid little girl who welcomes you with: ďOh hey guys, Iím happy that I was able to bring you back, now I have time for you again ^_^ !Ē What the...?! In other words, you are now bored and donít have better things to do and thought it would be fun to bring your imaginary characters back because we will for sure be very happy to be here again and because weíre just imaginary and a little part of yourself you can call us back whenever you want to, chase us away when you donít have time and tell us to do stuff for which youíre too lazy to do by yourself and of course we wonít be mad at you whatsoever because after all, weíre back, arenít we? NO. Just no. Thatís not how it works. Or maybe I should say, at least not how it is supposed to work.

#572:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Mon 06 Feb, 2012
BlueGecko: *crawls out from under rock* Ugh, geez. I'm sorry for randomly disappearing like that. You might say I assassinated myself with a bout of CALD-related "Uh-oh-am-I-not-doing-that-right-oh--well-I'll-just-s it-down-and-figure-t his-out-and-post-again-tomorrow-(which-incidentally-i s-what-I-said-yesterda y)-osis" A mix of disappointment in myself and laziness (don't get me wrong, life was still fine and dandy otherwise, but still, there was trouble in paradise I suppose you could say). I suppose I'll say the whole story on the CALD thread when I'm done reading through the whole thing (that is, possibly any time between tomorrow and yesterday next year. Probably within the weak, though). Anyway, I seem to be over that now, so, uh, thanks for reading the wall of text. Oh, uh right. Snowbird, Scout?

Snowbird: *To Gan* Hmm, you do make sound like it was pretty rough. Actually, that reminds of my early days as a MC
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Snowbird: Um, thanks for that interruption that took you about 3 minutes to write. What was I saying? Oh yeah, I probably shouldn't even be saying this, since

1)It seems like a somewhat personal matter.
2)BlueGecko is really bad at giving advice etc., and I'm worried that he probably passed that trait on to me.

But anyway, when I was first created, Gecko actually didn't give me much personality, so I pretty much made myself what I am now. But though talking in bed at night (one of the few places our lizard-y friend here couldn't come up with an excuse to not think) was fun, in the day I pretty muchly didn't exist, due to sort of a mental block Gecko's still kind of working on getting over. Then, it was pretty much like what you described as being dead for a while, though I suppose I was kind of being "revived" most nights, I still remembered it as a time of nothingness. I just assumed that was kind of how it was supposed to be (Gecko didn't exactly give me an extremely detailed report on my existence), but I was still amazed to be "alive" at all. But trust me, you'd probably like Gecko even less Leijona, unless you'd be able to kick him into shape better than I ever was. Wow, that's a lot of walls of text!

BlueGecko: OH boy, I need some sleep. (It's 11 PM here) Sorry to cut this short, but if I keep going (You know, actually letting Scout speak and perhaps talking about other stuff) the post quality will probably drop even lower than usual. If no-one posts, I'll edit this one and add more stuff. But yeah. . . .

Snowbird: There, Gan, is a prime example of what I was just talking about. grin

BlueGecko: Snowbidr sopt atlkin murgle5 *falls asleep on keyboard*

#573:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 07 Feb, 2012
Mecha: *to Neila* Our family has 3 cats, all of them strays that have adopted us. We also have a dog that's a Jack Russell terrier\poodle mix. As for the files, I caught a break as far as my old archived creative stuff goes. Turns out I did make backups of them at one point, which narrows down the list of things I need to find considerably. Now I only need to worry about recovering my creative work from the last year or so. lach1 While I was poking around, I found this scrap of conversation with my characters that I'd forgotten about: (most of the names are abbreviated)
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*to Leijona* I'm glad you were able to recover your pictures. That sort of thing is no fun at all.

Skaith: *to Iron* Checking now... *a few minutes later* Ah. *to Gan* That sucks man, seriously. In fact, it's nearly happened to us a couple times. sadblauw (and apparently is Crysar's baseline state of existence... go figure. Sometime I have to learn how he manages to stay constantly aware while our human goes weeks without noticing him)

Sai: *chirps* I hope the two of you will be able to work things out.

Morph: *pokes Bluegecko* Sleepytalk is funny. *realizes something* Oh noes! You assassinated yourself? Do You Know What This MEANS? *starts running* Zombie poster on the loose! I repeat, ZOMBIE POSTER!!1!I kiekeboe

#574:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 07 Feb, 2012
Leijona: *to BlueGecko*Good luck with digging through all of the CALD threads, Iím currently at part fiveÖ

Gan: *to Snowbird*Absent-minded humans all around! nuu Somehow this seems to be a side effect of phantasy. Well, obviously. Since daydreams, as which I would count a talk with us MCs, are nothing else than a result of both. eh

Neila: *to Mecha* Your family seems to have a lot of pets or animals in general. smile Oh, work from only a year. (But nice to hear, those are indeed good news) Leijona and I only had two written conversations, maybe I can get her to do one with all of us, there should be a lot more content and action (I hope).

Iron: *to Skaith* I didnít really understand what was going on in your conversation, but was the change to science-fiction really as random as it seems for me to be? lach1

Leijona: *to Mecha* That picture accident gave me a medium heart attack, I tell you. >.>

Gan: *to Skaith* Itís nice to hear that Iím at least not the only one this sort of thing happened to. Though it happened to all of us, Iím obviously the only one bothered by this.

Iron: *shrugs* I donít see what the use of being mad at her would be.

Leijona: *to Sai* I hope so too. meh

Gan: *stares at Leijona* Words canít describe what I want to tell you right now. There's not even a smiley for it. *to Morph* Fortunately there are no zombies in our world. tounge2

#575:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 11 Feb, 2012
Mecha: *to Neila* Did I mention the 36 chickens?

Skaith: *to Iron* Looking back on it, yeah, it was pretty random. *laughs* Lots of obscure references I'm afraid, which is probably why it was confusing. Link storm! Goa'uld, planet of hats, why a peach pit traveling at near light-speed would make a good bunker-busting weapon, Jagermonster subtlety.

Sai: *facepalm* *to Gan* So, has the situation improved between you and Leijona recently?

Morph: *to Gan* No zombies in our mindworld either, but they seem to be a recurring occurrence in the dreamscape.

Vesper: Things have been quiet around here lately.

#576:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 12 Feb, 2012
Neila: *to Mecha* lach1 You donít happen to live on a farm or something similar?

Leijona: *to Skaith* I see what you did there. You send me to tvtropes again. nuu

Iron: Human resisted the temptation of links this time! I wondered what Goaíulds are because the name sounds funny, but Leijona was too lazy to google all the stuff mentioned. (too lazy to use Google, how stupid is that?! >.>) Sadly the scientific links you gave me arenít useful for me, Leijona has a more-than-bad understanding of physics and stuff like this...

Leijona: *to Skaith* And I still donít know what you said there in your written conversation. I can barely understand what the two characters in this webcomic are talking about xD Whatís Jagermonster supposed to mean, anyway? (assuming that it has some kind of meaning...)

Gan: *to Morph* Really? Frightening! overspannen No zombie dreams over here, at least none that Iím aware of. *to Sai* Not really. No. The problem might ďsolveĒ itself during the next days though, considering that I just canít be mad at someone for a long time. Thatís probably why she doesnít take me seriously. But I tell you, if something like that ever happen again, my ability of being consistently mad at someone will get better and better. *to Leijona* Nice skill by the way. Thanks for this, really nice to know that I will earn the ability to be mad at people. -__-

Sheela: *to Vesper* Here? Are you talking about the Chat or your dream-/mindscape?

#577:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 15 Feb, 2012
Mecha: *to Neila* Not quite. lach1 Our neighbors have crop fields though, and I've seen cow pastures while on walks with my sisters. We're about 10 minutes away from the city, so it's a good compromise between rural suburbia and civilization. (our last house was in a tiny rural town of only about ~900 people, with fields as far as the eye could see and dirt roads everywhere. Our closest neighbor was maybe 400 feet away from our house and it was a 45 minute drive to church) *to Iron* Short version: At speeds of say, 80% of the speed of light, a peach pit would hit with the strength of a large thermonuclear bomb.

Skaith: *to Leijona* Did it work? kiekeboe

Sai: *whacks Skaith with oriental fan* Bad Skaith, bad!

Skaith: Egads! Back I say, back! *to Leijona* Sorry if I ended up confusing you more than you were before. Let's see, in German 'Jšger' means hunter. In the comic, the Jagermonsters are a bunch of gung-ho fun loving supersoldiers that have a thing for hats. (of course, for them nothing's more fun than a good fight) The two shown there are waiting for their mad scientist master to finish fixing things in the castle and make her 'official' appearance to the townsfolk. (in the story only a few days have gone by, but in real life we've been stuck in the castle plot arc for a few years, hence the comment about how it seems to be taking forever) It might make more sense of you start from the beginning, but it's a long-running series so that might take a while. The subtlety comment mentioned in our conversation is from this page, and comes from the fact that the Jagers aren't known for their brains. In fact, the two shown here are actually supposed to be significantly above average in that department. 'One at sufficient velocity' is a common joke reply over at this one sci-fi debating forum whenever someone asks 'how many of (insert something here) would it take to defeat (insert something else here)?'. (referring again to the way you can get ludicrous firepower from accelerating something to near the speed of light. The closer to lightspeed you get, the closer to infinity the object's explosive yield becomes)

Morph: Words words words. See? I can do it too.

Sai: Chaa, best stop while you're ahead Skaith, we wouldn't want to inflict more of your ramblings onto this poor girl and confuse her further, would we?

Morph: I blame the effects of staying up late for the logical quality of the conversation we had that one time. In fact, I think they're in play right now as well.

Aiden: When we go to sleep, can we try for an LD?

Vesper: It -has- been a while since we last tried. *to Sheela* Both actually. kiekeboe

Mecha: Sure, why not? Maybe I'll even get lucky and end this half-year dry spell.

Morph: *to Gan* There's actually a 50\50 chance that the zombies go and show up as a benign presence rather than a hostile one in Mecha's dreams.

Sai: *to Gan* I hope that's the case. Let me know how it all turns out, 'k?

[edit] Sai: That is to say, I hope you two manage to work things out, not that you gain the ability to be constantly angry. lach1

#578:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Thu 16 Feb, 2012
KocoBassa: Ooooh...It's been a while since I've updated...

Orion: A good long while... hmm

Hanyuu: So long...

Albedo: *Stands around and stares*

Orion: Guess I'll start something. *To Mecha* Koco's neighbors have chickens and they live in the middle of a city. The let them run wild in the small little pocket neighborhood she lives in.

KocoBassa: We have a chicken too temporarily. We can't keep him so we're trying to find someone to take him.

Orion: It's sad because me and Koco both have a strange love for chickens. in my Minecraft house, I have like ten to fifteen chickens running around in there.

Albedo: It is rather...strange to live with Orion and a mass of large, feathered birds roaming around our bedroom. They enjoy digging in the laundry.

#579:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Mon 20 Feb, 2012
Mecha: *to Orion* Chickens are cool. siiw

Sai: *to Albedo* ^^~ That's exactly what our chickens do when they get inside during the summer. We try and shoo them outside again whenever they do that though, since they also like to make a mess of the place.

Morph: Minecraft? Isn't that a little like Dwarf Fortress?

Skaith: I think we had this conversation before.

Vesper: Morph's memory must be shorter than yours is.

Morph: No, I just have a short attention sp- Hey look, shiny!

#580:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 21 Feb, 2012
Leijona: There are so many new posts in the Playground that I couldn't find the Chat at first glance and was worried that it disappeared :'D

Sheela: *to Vesper* meh Seems like we just made it worst, hm? Human was busy the last week, sorry. But I guess BlueGecko, TinyNinja and company will come back eventually.

Neila: *to Mecha* Sounds lovely where you live. smile 900 People?! Those are as much as Leijonaís school has pupils. lach1

Iron: *to Mecha* Aha, now thatís something I can understand. I feel a bit stupid though.

Kubiku: I personally think that it is very interesting how much the human science found out without the ability of experimenting or giving stalwart evidence.

Leijona: *to Skaith* Not this time, try harder buddy. tounge2 Oh, so it is taken from the German language. I thought it was, but ďJagerĒ was non-existent in my English dictionary so I concluded I was wrong. *to Skaith* Now I finally understood what you said! Maybe Iíll read (or at least try to read) the comic, it can only help improving my English. *to Sai* Donít worry, my brain shuts itself down whenever I read something too complicated in order to avoid permanent damage.

Gan: *to Morph* Oh? Friendly zombies...Let me think about this...Nope, doesnít fit my mental image of zombies. A friendly zombie is still creepy. *shudders*

Sheela: nuu Mental images of zombies ahead, run for your lives!

Neila: overspannen Creepy indeed.

Gan: *to Leijona* Thanks for proving my statement. o_o *to Sai* lach1 I also understood it the way you meant it. Well, we kinda solved our problem, we had a lengthy written conversation last week, Ė

Leijona: I wrote down four pages, it stole me one and a half hour of precious sleeping time because I wanted to get this off my chest and actually come to a solution.

Gan: - thanks for interrupting me, stupid, and with some help (well A LOT of help) of Kubiku we both earned new knowledge and insights, though I think I understood more than she did ( ), and our relationship is, I guess you could say, back to normal. smile I havenít forgiven her, but I donít think I ever will because my experience of ďdyingĒ was just too intense in a negative way. I didnít even want her to apologize because I know that it wonít make things up. But yeah, like I said, back to normal weirdness. Much thanks to Kubiku. hugs

Kubiku: Donít you dare hugging me. Freak.

Gan: Díaww. Grouch. tounge2

Leijona: *to Kubiku* Yes I think we would still be stuck in our useless way of snapping at each other without you. *wants to hug him too* Too bad I canít give any of you a real hug.

Kubiku: Thatís bad...?

Neila: Good to see you back, Koco and company! bye

Gan: *to Albedo and Orion* You have a Minecraft house? Cool! I want one too! *to Morph* lach2

[Edit]Leijona: *to Aiden and Mecha* So? Any luck with LD'ing?

#581:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 25 Feb, 2012
Mecha: *to Neila* Aye, it is pretty nice. I'm just glad though that it's closer to civilization than our last house- if not for the internet and my family, I think I would have gone -crazy- in that tiny community with nothing but corn, wheat, and cows for company. kiekeboe

Skaith: *to Leijona* Curses, foiled again! I'll be back I tell you, with more links! So many links, you'll be bound to click one of them! ebil

Sai: Urge to strangle... rising... Mecha, why do you let him waste your time with these ridiculous scavenger hunts?

Mecha: Meh, it only took a minute or two. You know, for a tranquility-centered MC you sure seem to get frustrated a lot. lach1

Sai: Hyperbole, exaggeration, jest! ^^ I am as calm as a leaf floating gently down a stream.

Morph: Maybe you should talk to Crysar about your frustrations, get some tips for how to keep your cool. He's even calmer than you are most of the time. (which is funny, since he started out as an embodiment of rage and anger)

Skaith: I think the point just flew right over your head there and is sailing over the horizon as we speak. lach1 But I'll stop with the pointless linkbombing all the same.

Sai: Thanks! ^_^ *to Gan* I'm glad the two of you have worked things out. Hopefully the situation between you two will continue to improve with time.

Morph: *to Neila* You know what's even more creepy than zombies? I just realized the other day that we all count as a hivemind, with each of our humans being a separate hive. overspannen Think about it, we're all mentally linked within the boundaries of the mindscape, communicate by thought, and are parts of a larger whole. kiekeboe

Vesper: You are of course making the assumption that hiveminds are inherently creepy, which they aren't. Hollywood's largely to blame for that misconception. They're just... different.

Aiden: *to Leijona* No, not yet. We'll keep trying though. ^_^

#582:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 28 Feb, 2012
Neila: *to Mecha* Yeah we can relate to this. While Leijona wouldn't want to live in some really, really big city, she doesn't like little jerkwater towns, she says that she would absolutely hate it when everyone knows everyone and rumors dispread like weed.

Leijona: *to Skaith* Used google for random links? I would have expected better from you.

Gan: *to Skaith* Goal attained, I'd say, she clicked the links. *to Sai* ...and then the stream ends in a waterfall.

Iron: *to Morph* A raging Crysar? Not a nice association... overspannen

Kubiku: *to Iron* You are not thinking of me right now, are you?

Iron: Do you really need an answer?

Kubiku: Well, when have you ever seen me raging?

Iron: Dunno, but I also don't want to.

Gan: *to Sai* I hope so too, it's all up to the human from now on! siiw

Neila: *to Morph* I actually thought of this before, but I find it rather fascinating of what the human mind is capable of. ^^

Leijona: *to Morph* Last night I had my first zombie dream ever since I remember my dreams, I hope you are happy now. Oh, and you know what is even a lot more creepier than hiveminds? The fact that I googled "hivemind film" and ended up on tvtropes. eh

Gan: *points at Skaith, Morph and Ves* It's all a huge complot, and they're all part of it! nuu

Sheela: lach1

Leijona: *to Vesper* Did you talk about a specific movie? *to Aiden* Good luck!

Neila: *to Aiden* Keep us updated, I'll root for you in dreamland! grin (who knows, maybe there's the possibility of mental links between the different hives? wink )

#583:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 28 Feb, 2012
Skaith: *to Leijona* It worked, didn't it?

Sai: *to Gan* lach1

Morph: *to Leijona* Braaains.... nuu (and that is creepy about tvtropes. eek2 )

Vesper: I'd say the most famous and wide-reaching example of a negative hivemind in fiction would be the Borg from Star Trek. Then you have things like the Flood, Replicators, (particularly human-form replicators and the related Asurans) the Zerg, Tyranids, Blacklight zombies... The list goes on and on. Of course, there are the rare 'good' hiveminds in fiction, like the Protoss, Eywa, (at least the writer's intent was for it to be good. Me, I think its actual portrayal verges on sadistic evil if you think about the implications a little...) the Geth and my favorite, Mars.

Skaith: ...You just put my linkstorm to shame.

Ves: Not too difficult, just looked up the Wikipedia page for 'group minds in fiction' and looked around for anything I recognized, even peripherally. (half the examples in my list for insta