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#16:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 15 Jul, 2010
Morph: *to Tsi'leik* Like I'm not really there. I know it's silly doctor, but sometimes I get to thinking that I'm just a figment of another person's imagination. Do you have any idea why that might be? Am I going crazy doc?

Mecha: *eye twitches* I'm feeling exhausted right now. I just stayed up till 2:00 am testing, modding, and calculating the maximum speed a Cybran 'Zapper' t2 Tactical Missile Defense system can handle before being overwhelmed. Mach 3 missiles are the best it can handle with it's regular stats, but if its range is increased by a factor of 10 to compensate for the shortened weapon ranges employed for gameplay purposes, (as evidenced by dev comments and the physics engine's gravity being 10x what it should be on Earth) then it can nail missiles moving at up to mach 19. Why did I take the trouble to do all this you might ask? Because of an online debate going on at another forum regarding whether or not a Cybran ACU could take on the combined militaries of modern day Earth. One of the posters was dubious as to the effectiveness of the TMD vs modern cruise missiles, as in-game it only ever shoots down sub-sonic missiles going at two-thirds the speed of sound. Totally pointless I know, right? kiekeboe

#17:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 20 Jul, 2010
@Morph: Look deep inside yourself and you will find the answers. That'll be $600.

#18:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Morph: 600 dollars?! I thought you Na'vi didn't have any use for our currency. Here's 600 puffy white tree seeds instead.

#19:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: Yes! Puffy trees!

#20:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Second Doctor: Where did you even get those seeds in the first place?

#21:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Morph: Somewhere where the air tasted kinda weird, and had lots of bioluminescent plants and animals. The gravity was a little lighter than what I'm used to too. The seeds were just floating in the breeze. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were doing their best to run away from me. ebil Skaith was nearby, admiring this -enormous- burning tree that had fallen to the ground.

Skaith: Who says I was admiring it? I was just contemplating how senseless it's destruction was. Then I got hit in the torso by a miniature tree disguised as an arrow. eh

#22:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: Let me think. youre saying you found them in a world where many of the plants and animals are bioluminescent, gravity is lighter, and there was a huge burning tree on the ground? with a possible internal staircase like spiral structure with convienient places to sleep in? Nope, never heard of it.

#23:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Third Doctor: I tend to avoid travel to that Pandora as its people don't seem to care for outsiders.

Second Doctor: I'd say it's because you got tired from all the running. A giant cat here, an arrow there....

Third Doctor: Well I wouldn't have to run if it wasn't for the little incident with you, the chief and his Ikran.

#24:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Morph: Surely they'd have forgotten all about it in the centuries since then right? ...Or did you come back only a short time after Second was there?

Skaith: *pokes giant arrow embedded in torso* I think I'll keep this as a souvenir. I hope the neurotoxin on the tip didn't get wiped off all the way when it went through my chest.

#25:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
Second Doctor: He hasn't even tried! He's been too busy being stuck on Earth.

Third Doctor: I say, Skaith, doesn't that hurt?

#26:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: Yes, you should probably see a doctor about that (points to second and third doctors). Youre lucky to be alive. After all, the arrows neurotoxins are supposed to stop your heart in 1 minute.

Me: Thank G-d I needent worry about cat people shootng spear sized arrows at me. Tsi'leik still has family in Home Tree and is friends with the chief. So I get the privalege of being treated like family.

#27:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010
Skaith: *looks down at arrow* Nope, it doesn't hurt at all. ^_^ Think of Morph and I as organic T-1000's with extremely high poison and chemical resistance. At the very worst end of the spectrum, physical attacks tend to just splatter us around the place until we can pull ourselves back together. (lesser trauma is healed near-instantaneously) Energy based weapons or high-heat explosions on the other hand are a whole different story, as they actually kill off our biomass rather than just rearranging it like physical attacks do. We try to avoid them whenever possible.

Morph: Is that why we try to avoid annoying Ves?

Vesper: *nods* Oh yes... ebil *to Tsi'leik and Ninja* So, you're both friends with the chief?

Saichania: That certainly makes things easier. *to the Third Doctor* Yeah, why are you and your successors so fascinated by Earth and England in particular so much? I know the real-world reasons for it, but is there an in-universe answer as well?

#28:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010
Third Doctor: Well, Earth seems to be the center of quite a few things happening in the universe these days. And, what's more, it's exceptionally vulnerable.

Second Doctor: And even more relevant to him, his TARDIS is broken and he's been exiled to Earth.

Me: And I'm not letting that little debate start up again, so let' just drop the whole Who-got-exiled-when routine.

Third: Oh, very well. I also feel that humans have a lot more potential than they use. Sadly it gets wasted in bureaucracy and violence. I'll also admit a slight bit of kinship to humans. Even if they are a tad primitive at times, I sometimes feel closer to them than my own race.

Second: Now there we can agree.

#29:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Fri 23 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: *to vesper* Yes it does make things easier for Ninja and I. My father saved the chiefs life, and I am good friends with him. they dont usually let outsiders into their borders, but because of my connections, they make an exeption for Ninja, although they dont let him anywhere near the tree of souls.

#30:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 24 Jul, 2010
Morph: I'd stay away from that thing anyway if I were you. I'm still not convinced that Eywa didn't do something subtle and sneaky to Jake's mind when he first interfaced with her.

Skaith: Oh come off it. Just because both sides made criminally inept decisions throughout the course of the movie doesn't mean that the Pandoran's were being duplicitous. *to Tsi'leik* Morph has this 'thing' against the movie Avatar. He's been steadily trying to convince Aiden not to choose a Na'vi for his new form in the mindscape, and seems to have succeeded too. Aiden still thinks the movie was absolutely awesome though. Me, I liked it fairly well, but the tactical and strategic blunders committed on both sides of the aisle sorta spoiled the experience for me a little. Sai's opinion is pretty much the same as mine, except she focuses more on the moral shortcomings of the RDA and Na'vi rather than their tactics, technology and strategy. Vesper liked it and thinks the rest of us are all overthinking things. Crysar... Who knows what his opinion is.

Morph: *to Skaith* Hey, it's not like I'm openly hostile or anything towards the movie. It was fun to watch, I just like to poke fun at it. And I haven't been trying to convince Aiden not to choose Na'vi because I don't like them, its because it'd be way too weird for me to have him go from being less than waist-high to towering above my head, that's all. kiekeboe

Mecha: I thought that it had a lot of unrealized potential that was either never explored properly by the scriptwriters or was poorly executed. Of course, I think that of a lot of movies so that doesn't necessarily mean much all on it's own. The CGI was superb at any rate, and the environment presented was breathtaking. However, even as a conservationist, the movie's underlying message struck me as heavy-handed and preachy, as well as self-righteous. About as soon as I realized it's plot was essentially identical to Disney's 'Pocahontas' (with a sci-fi twist) and that it was likely to stay that way for the rest of the movie was the point where I was able to put those annoyances behind me and start enjoying the rest of the film, complete with its anvilicious storyline.

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