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#886:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 17 May, 2013
Iron: *to Luna* We have something similar going on, with me usually being the realistic one.

Gan: You're pessimistic, not realistic. That would be Kubiku's part.

Neila: *to Demolicious* Ah, we're also based upon some story characters! But our, uh, "originals" are from the same story, or rather, daydreams.

Leijona: MC means mind character, Mecha was the one who came up with that term.

Gan: *to Luna* Whoa, eight years! That's a long time. Would you guys mind to go some more into detail about your backgrounds?

Sheela: I was created as an experiment, too!

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#887:  Author: Jundurg PostPosted: Sat 18 May, 2013
Luna: *to Sheela* What kind of experiment? *to Gan* Backgrounds... Well, okay. I'm from a small surreal world called Deep Night..

Jimo: Actually, Luna is the baroness of Deep Night.

Luna: Right, but usually you don't get to know that before you know me for at least a year. Well, okay. Jimo is from an ancient fantasy world. He's a priest.

Jimo: It's not a priest. That word is just wrong.

Graiho: A monk, then?

Jimo: ... Fine. But I would probably be better described if you use the word 'hippie'

Luna: Ok, so that is settled. Graihos character was created completely random by throwing dice. She's a student of a witches school, but none of us knows where that school is, so she might just have made that up.

Graiho: Well, Demo made that up. It's true anyway. And I used to be bald, just for fun, but the damn hair always grows back, or something.

Luna: We started our character chat three years ago, but it's not as active as in the first years.

Demo: That's why I wanted to start a new game with my MCs.

#888:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 18 May, 2013
Sheela: *to Luna* As an experiment of how an MC would turn out for her if it didn’t have any preset personality. I could also decide pretty much everything about my form, well obviously all of us can change them if we want to, but I got to create my “default” form.

Gan: *to Jimo* Wait, what? A hippie? :D Cool!

Iron: Ah yeah, a new kind of goal is certainly a great idea to get some activity going.

Gan: *to Sheela and Kubiku* You guys are awfully quiet.

Sheela: Hey I said something today. >.>

Kubiku: ...

Gan: Do you really want me to annoy you until you talk? plotting

Kubiku: *sigh*

Iron: He’ll never leave you alone, mark my words.

#889:  Author: fennecgirl PostPosted: Thu 01 Aug, 2013
fennec: Hey, new people! Welcome, Demolicious and friends! Now, I'm sorry we haven't posted here in ages-

Sarah: We've mostly been staying on the tulpa IRC channels these days.

fennec: Yeah, that, and I haven't been at all focused on LDing lately. That's going to change, though. I've decided to finally get around to working on lucid dreaming again. I haven't had an LD since May! D:

Sarah: We have plans, too. We haven't shared dreams YET-

Link: I have.

Sarah: Right. He's been in fennec's dreams before.

Link: Not on purpose.

Sarah: Let me explain this... >_> We're planning on trying to get lucid and all meet up with each other in a dream. From there, we're going to build our own "wonderland" in the dream world-

fennec: They don't call it a "wonderland" here. It's a mindscape or something... I don't remember. I think some people have different terms for it.

Sarah: Can everyone please stop interrupting me and let me explain? We're going to meet up in a dream and create our own place in the dream world where we can all visit in lucid dreams whenever we want. I'm excited! I just need to learn how to get lucid first...

fennec: And I need to start LDing again. >.<

#890:  Author: Jundurg PostPosted: Fri 09 Aug, 2013
Demo: Cool. Never mind calling it "wonderland" or whatever. For us, I have coined the term "refugium", which is probably more ridiculous. I never have reappearing dreamscape, though - except my homes.

Luna: And I kinda fail to see the point in it. We are barely able to meet anyway, why make it more complicated by using a strange place that may or may not be hard to find?

Demo: The point is to make it easier to meet each other.

Luna: If you really wanted that, you would talk to me more often. I mean, actual talking, not pretending it, like most the time.

Demo: Woa, don't be harsh. And this is really the wrong place for that debate, I think.

Luna: Of course it is. Why don't you tell the forum people about the result of your game?

Demo: I played for eight days, then I lost motivation. But, on the positive side, one of us actually visitted me in a dream. And thus earned a lot of points for her team.

Jimo: The stupid thing about that was - points weren't actually very useful, if you wanted to win the game. Huge flaw in his design, I tell ya.

Demo: Well. There will be a sequel. With more dream-orientated quests to do, and somehow simplified day-work, because it was really damn exhausting to think of voting behavior for fifteen people every frickin day.

Luna: What's with the swear words?

Demo: Webcomic contamination, sorry.

Luna: Well, that was about all, I think. *waves*

#891:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 23 Aug, 2013
Gan: Weeeeelllllll….

Neila: Ohh boy has it been a long time since our last visit here!

Iron: *tilts head* Hm, three months, I don’t know.

Gan: Oh come on, you gotta admit that three months, which is 1/4 year, is a pretty darn long time.

Iron: *shrugs*

Gan: Dat apathetic mindset. Ah well. So folks, what’s up?

Sheela: How about we actually respond to what’s been said by others?

Gan: Too easy. *to Sarah* Sounds like some ambitious plans you guys got there. Have you had any success with LDing yet?

Leijona: *to fennec* Same goes for me, my DR is crappy at the moment. Oh but I did have an LD about a month ago where I was able to talk to my tulpas/MCs/whatever.

Neila: Well, we only talked like we do IWL, which is via mindvoice.

Gan: She didn’t even manage to summon me as an individual person. sadblauw

Neila: You didn’t try to do anything yourself, so don’t complain. It’s better than no dream appearance at all, and it’s a start.

Gan: *to Luna* About that “pretending to talk”, I hear ya. We’ve had quite a hard time with getting Leijona to stop daydreaming/pretending to talk to us instead of actually doing it.

Neila: *sigh* Yes, it was very annoying…But that’s not a problem anymore since, I don’t know, a year or something? Half a year? Something in between probably. It just takes time and patience, make sure to always remind Demo to stop with the pretending, at some point he’ll recognize it himself when he does that and eventually, he’ll stop with it altogether.

Iron: Was that all for today?

Neila: What do you mean, I think that whole post is already long enough now >.>

Iron: Nah I just thought you and Gan would ramble more, since, I admit, it has been a long time.

Gan: There isn’t that much to talk about though…Nothing really interesting happened to us, LD-wise, so…

Shella: I guess we call it finished for today, everybody. Hopefully we’ll post here sooner the next time. wink *nudges Leijona*

#892:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sun 01 Sep, 2013
Mecha: Hi there all!

Sai: I don't think the others are 'awake' right now.

Morph: No, I'm here. Sorta. The rest will probably be by soon.

Sai: *stretches* Been a while, hasn't it?

Skaith: Yep.

Morph: See, there comes another one. Before you know it the whole crew will be up and about instead of... whatever it is we do whenever we're not actively 'there' in Mecha's mind.

Mecha: Sai's been the most active one for a while now, with the rest of them mostly just staying in hibernation in my mind. Say or think of the right triggers though and...

Aiden: *backflips* Whee! Hi guys! grin

Mecha: ...they wake up fairly readily. Hi Aiden. ^^

Aiden: Are we doing anything or just getting up and stretching?

Mecha: Probably not doing much right now, but feel free to hang around and do whatever.

Morph: Will do. C'mon guys, we have an island resort on an ocean world. Let's use it, shall we?

Skaith: I see no flaws in this plan. Let's go. :D

Aiden: grin grin grin

#893:  Author: CrazyPsychoLoverly PostPosted: Tue 10 Sep, 2013
Psycho: Hey everyone! Long time no see :D Hi new people!

Tallis: Hello everyone....

Psycho:.... Don't mind him, he's shy from not talking as often:P

#894:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 15 Sep, 2013
Sheela: *cough*postingsooner*cough* Also, I'm now officially called
Leijona wrote:

Leijona: I'm sorry okay?

Sheela: Whatever you say.

Neila: But look, there are more people here now!

Gan: MOAR! woo Hi you guys! Missed y'all quite a bit! *group hug for everyone who wants*

Iron: Which means purposefully excluding the no-hug-one over here as always.

Kubiku: I'm very much fine, thank you for your concern.

Iron: rolleyes

Gan: OMG it has so many smileys I forgot how much I loved this forum!

Leijona: Insert haphazardly chosen line of smileys above, I guess. lach1

Gan: Why you no write them?

Leijona: Why you no talk normal?

Gan: Oh you aren't even typing it out like I mean to.

Sheela: Meanie! Just what you were about to say, right?

Gan: Shush! Anyway, where was I before....Oh yeah, Leijona's picture of Kubiku is making some progress.

Sheela: I think I'll pester her into posting it here once it's done! Well, assumed people want to see it.

Neila: Knowing her, it'll still take some time until it's actually completed, so we'll probably have forgotten about posting it by then.

Kubiku: A likely scenario.

Gan: *to Sai, Mecha and Co.* I've been much more inactive lately than usually. We recently moved, so it's probably because of that...

Neila: *to Psycho and Tallis* Hi you two! We all thought you left for good, nice to see that you're both still around. ^^

#895:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 20 Sep, 2013
Mecha: Second time the forum ate our post, too frustrated to re-type it all a third time. Will post again later.

Morph: cry

#896:  Author: IAmZ PostPosted: Thu 30 Jan, 2014
Well, i've decided to get back into lucid dreaming, and Zachist wanted to stop by and leave a message.

Zachist: *Spins around in chair and pulls off sunglasses* I'm Back!... not that i was here for very long to begin with anyway tounge2.

#897:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Fri 31 Jan, 2014
Leijona: Good thing that we decided just yesterday to get back into LDing as well ^^ (yet again...)

Neila: For like, what, the 20th time probably?

Leijona: Well, better than no ambition towards dreaming at all, right?

Gan: It's been way too long since the Chat was really active, in my opinion. Mhh let's see, any news from us? Iron left, but that's about it. Oh, and hi IAmZ and Zachist!

Neila: *waves*

Sheela: This thread really needs more action.

#898:  Author: Jundurg PostPosted: Tue 04 Feb, 2014
Demo: So hello, fellow CALDers. I just had an hour long discussion with my mind characters, and I'm kinda unsure what exactly I would like to say, but never mind, I'm here.

Luna: Be nice and actually respond to the last posting, Demo!

Demo: Sure. Ehm. Guess it's a good thing to get back to LD.

Graiho: Sure it is.

Demo: Meh, I suck at conversation. But I kinda wanted to ask a question to the people who actually do the character-chat thing on their own occasionally... do you talk about this to other people? It makes me sad that there is like a whole part of my life (or rather my personality) that I can't really share with other humans. meh

Luna: As you can see, Demo has one of his melodramatic super-pathetic 'everything must change'-moods.

Demo: For freak's sake, I've even considered writing an email to a friend in full Character-Chat mode. It would surely be fun, but I might regret it afterward, I think.

Graiho: Which is exactly what you'll do after posting this. Just saying.

Demo: So I should stop writing?

Graiho: Nah, go on. Humiliating yourself can be both fun and educating. ;-D

Demo: Well, I do have another question - those of you who actually met a mind character in a dream, has this changed your view about that character? For me it sometimes seems like the MC in a dream is a completely different person - or just not very consistent. With a rational worldview, this makes little to no sense, since there is only the mental role-playing in my head. But I'd want to access deeper levels of myself in my dreams, and when I talk to MCs, I assume that I do.

Luna: Is that all? You know, it's like half past three a.m., you should really sleep.

Demo: Fine. Just - I'm curious. If anyone cares to answer, or point to another thread better suited to the task, would be cool. Have a nice ... non-evening, pre-sleep-timespace. Bye!

#899:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Tue 04 Feb, 2014
Gan: Oh hi, I remember you guys!

Neila: I feel a looong spiel (huh learning a new nice English word yet again) incoming...

Leijona: Yeah yeah, whatever. tounge2 Yes, actually we do talk about it with other people! Mostly over the internet, but I did meet up once with two other people who have characters. Well, there we call them tulpas. It certainly was an interesting experience, and not as awkward as you might think. lach1 I swear, this forum has smileys for everything.

Gan: Yeah, meeting up with those other two was fun! I love talking with other people, but sadly that's mostly possible over the internet.

Leijona: I've found that it helps my tulpas/MCs/characters/idc a lot to talk with other people than me from time to time. They are directly confronted with different views, personalities, and last but not least, they are forced to express themselves in such a way that everybody understands what they mean (since that's something that's a whole lot easier if you share a brain with your conversation partner and always know his/her intentions and all). It helps them to distinguish themselves from me, kind of.

Sheela: Yup yup. smile It's great fun, and although the internet puts up a sort of barrier, that can be also seen as a good thing, a kind of protection, I guess? We don't need to respond to people immediately and can think about what we say instead of being forced to give real-time feedback, as would be the case if Leijona meets other people IRL and relays the things that we say for us.

Leijona: So yeah, we do talk with other people. As for ways to do that: First there's role-playing, I know a few folks who do that. The character can basically role-play itself without anyone needing to know, heck, you could even make your character their own blog or account for only them to use (on the internet nobody knows you're not a physical being siiw ). A more direct way for them (and for you) to interact with other like-minded people are forums/IRCs. So I mentioned tulpas, there's a whole community around that. We've talked about this before briefly, both here in the Chat (too lazy to dig through the past pages) and on the CALD thread (which is also a good place to ask questions, but seeing as how both the CALD and Chat thread are pretty much dead, who cares). Also, you can go directly to the tulpa forums, there are a lot of tulpa-related tumblrs out there, there's a subreddit for it and the community has their own IRC server with lots of channels (even a german-speaking one). So yeah. These are all ways and places to talk to/with/about characters. Be aware though that the concepts and ideas behind tulpas are, or can be, quite a bit different from what you think about your characters. Might be a good idea to first read around on the forum and getting a feel of the atmosphere and people there before diving in head-first.

Neila: Wall of text, I told y'all.

Leijona: I'm sorry for trying to be helpful!

Neila: wink

Gan: But wait, there's MORE!

Leijona: Oh! Almost forgot that.

Neila: *sigh* Really?

Leijona: Well you can answer too if you want.

Neila: Oh well, persuaded. She has met us a bunch of times in dreams, though rarely in lucid ones, sadly. Yeah we've noticed the same about the character and dreams. It really varies, it depends, we just don't know on WHAT it depends. wink Sometimes we do remember being in said dream, sometimes we don't, even though we seemed to be there. Our behaviour though seems to tend to be rather consistent (I think). About the making sense, well, it's a dream, what do you expect! lach1

Leijona: About if my views of them changed: No, not really. If their behaviour in a dreams seems odd, weird or simply doesn't match, I ask them about it when I wake up and let them say/decide whether to discard their behaviour in the dream or what else to make of it.

Gan: Ho-ly shit, that's one damn long post! Leijona and co. out! siiw

#900:  Author: Jundurg PostPosted: Tue 04 Feb, 2014
Demo: Wow. Thanks for the long answer. I stumbled across the tulpa forum last night and I'm still mind-blown that such a thing exists. I mean the forum, not the tulpas. I sure know the other thing exists.

Luna: We need to gather the whole team and discuss things, though.

Demo: Yeah, and I don't even know how many we are currently.

Luna: Doesn't matter. I will see that this happens. siiw *pushes Demo away from the thread*

Demo: Hey, aren't there other things to be said?

Jimo: Hi! smile Done.

Graiho: Yup, that's about it.

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