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#1: Character Chats Author: Talon Arana PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2010
[ A thread where all characters are encouraged to chat with other characters and people. Usually associated with the CALD technique.]

Talon: Oh geez... >< We've actually been gone for so long, our thread is gone! Way to go.

Takone: *Pouts* ._. Well... We're back now, right...? *Smiles sheepishly* I hope Aiden and everyone else finds this...

Ah, haven't been around nearly enough lately!

#2:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2010
Second Doctor: Well, it's good to see someone bothered to remember us. Rhewin hasn't even been paying attention to the thread.

#3:  Author: The Scientist PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2010
*Scientist walks in with Hamal.

Hamal: Hello, everyone! Oh, you probably can't see me; that's too bad. Okay, yes, so I'm presently on the planet Morpheus, and I call the supercontinental nation of Paterra my home. I'm unsure if you're familiar with these places, but still. Yes, so how is everyone?

#4:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Morph: *to the scientist* Is that... Gregor Mendel that I see in your avatar there?

Sai: Hi Hamal! Always nice to see new faces around here.

Vesper: Always nice to see this place, period. Glad it's back, now maybe I'll actually have something to do for entertainment other than torching Morph's head.

Morph: *to Vesper* Wait, when did that ever happen?!

Aiden: :3 We found it! (with help) Hi everyone!

#5:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Third Doctor: Morpheus... what galaxy is that in? I might have been there.

Second: No we haven't, we haven't even been close.

Third: You don't even know where it is, let alone if I've been. I've been a lot of places you haven't, after all.

Second: Last I checked you were still stuck on Earth because you havem't been clever enough to evade the Time Lords.

Third: Need I remind you who got us exiled to Earth in the first place?

Second: Bringing up my regeneration trial is a little low, even for you don't you think. And I don't appreciate you providing that link, Rhewin!

#6:  Author: The Scientist PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Hamal: Good God! How dare they do such a thing! I mean, I can't possibly even imagine what it would be like to have your appearance forcibly changed for...well, any crime at all. Really, I've dealt with tyrannical laws and the like in Paterra; I live in fear that I may be discovered, but at least not in fear of such harsh punishment. My, and well, at least my government is bad at what they do. Lord...

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

#7:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Well, the Time Lords glossed over that quite a bit. It didn't just change his appearance, it also changed his personality. The only thing he really kept was his memories. It's called regeneration, and every Time Lord gets 12 of them; it's their way of cheating death. What you saw was less of a trial and more of an execution.

Third: We can speak for ourselves, Rhewin. But yes, the Time Lords have become an arrogant lot, looking down upon the universe from their towers. An eternity of the powers of time have lead them to confuse themselves with gods. It's the reason I took the TARDIS in the first place.

Second: Things don't sound much nicer where you're from, either. Tell me more about your planet. Who are the rulers?

#8:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
*Ninja walks in with Tsi'leik*

Tsi'leik, wake up.

Tsi'leik: .....


Tsi'leik: I'm sleeping!

Now you're not.

Tsi'leik: ...

#9:  Author: The Scientist PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Hamal: Well, Doctor, it's a long story. About 50 years ago, the Paterran supercontinent was divided into 5 separate countries. When it was unified under one flag, it took on a totalitarian appearance. Our particular ruler at the time, Arthur Kowalczyk passed anti-magic laws that became more and more tyrannical as they came. Most people suppose he was assassinated, but I figure that he faked his own death and sent his government underground. After his disappearance, the government supposedly collapsed into a republic. However, the laws against mages continued to come, leading me to suspect that Arthur is still in control. As a mage in secret, I must be on constant guard to prevent myself from becoming suspicious.

Scientist: We have made plans to locate the underground government and destroy it. Our goal is to meet in person and cast an omnisciency spell to find their hideout. We've given ourselves a one-year timeframe in which to do that, so we aren't under any pressure to get it done immediately. After that, we'll probably travel.

Tsi'leik: ...

Hamal: *creates thunderclap

#10:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: huh, what? Oh. Hamal, just a tap on the shoulder would be nice, no need for summoning thunder. Bit of flair for the dramatic eh? grin

Last edited by Ninja on Thu 08 Jul, 2010; edited 1 time in total

#11:  Author: Talon Arana PostPosted: Wed 07 Jul, 2010
Takone:... Wow *A bit sheepish* Hello, everyone!

Talon: Oh hey! New people C: It's nice to meet you all! Surprising population boom! We need to head back to the main thread and see what's going on!

#12:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 07 Jul, 2010
Second Doctor: Yes, there do seem to be quite a bit more than before. At least I don't feel like I'm talking to myself anymore.

#13:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Sat 10 Jul, 2010
Morph: *to Rhewin* ...Did you just step through a mirror or something?

Skaith: That's what it says in his location bar.

Morph: Oh.

Aiden: *to Tako* How's it been lately?

#14:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Thu 15 Jul, 2010
Morph: *poke* Why do I get the feeling that I'm just talking to myself?

#15:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Thu 15 Jul, 2010
Tsi'leik: *practicing to be a pshycologist* and how do you feel about that?

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