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#841:  Author: CrazyPsychoLoverly PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2012
Psycho: Thanks everyone:) haha *to CyberD* your right I have no excuses, gotta keep dreaming. Welcome back Mecha:) Thanks for awnsering our question btw:)

Tallis: *to Nova* the only thing I want from Psycho, is for her to see me. Chezzy I know, but still. We've been working really hard.

Psycho: What about in your cottage, I put up a chirstmas tree and We'll decorate it?

Tallis: Still rather have you see me.

Psycho: Your no fun

Tallis: I know:P

Psycho: HI Link! *to Leijona* Take me home with you 0.0 I love snow

Tallis: Really?

Psycho: Yes:P

#842:  Author: NumlockCube PostPosted: Tue 18 Dec, 2012

Jeremy: Jeez... I'm going to have to put up with this the rest of my life.

#843:  Author: fennecgirl PostPosted: Tue 18 Dec, 2012
Me: Well, I have a new goal for lucid dreaming now. I'd like to enter my subconscious and explore it some more.

Link: You can count me out.

Me: Link and I went there earlier today because the sub-c seems to have something against him, so we went there to try and resolve that. We even ended up speaking with my shadow - a manifestation of the parts of my personality that I don't like (or something like that). The reason I'd like to go back in an LD is because I was in a meditative state at the time, but I'd love to go back and explore and have it feel totally realistic.

Link: I'm not going back. There are things in there that want to kill me.

Me: Unfortunately... that is true. I don't know what happened to him, since we accidentally got separated, but the poor kid was traumatized when he came back... D:

#844:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Wed 19 Dec, 2012
Mecha: *to Leijona* I don't have anything against the flavor of chocolate, or anything derived from the cocoa bean, and actually rather enjoy it like most normal people do. But there's something that I just can't stand about the processed candy known as chocolate. I'm odd that way. Hot chocolate fudge is fine, as are chocolate ice cream and brownies. It's only the one specific and narrow form of chocolate that I despise. (the only exception is for chocolate/peanut butter combinations, which are awesome)

Sai: *to Morph* It's been 6 days since his last post, not two weeks. What was that bet you made with me again? XD

Morph: I don't recall actually betting anything, only giving you the odds I thought he'd post again in a timely manner.

Aiden: *to NumlockCube* OHMAIGOSH PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES SO GOOD!! *backflips twice*

Vesper: How about we make some then? :3

#845:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Thu 20 Dec, 2012
Leijona: Urgh peanut butter...But Iím totally in for chocolate chip cookies! Which reminds me, where are our homemade Christmas cookies...? :3

Neila: I get the feeling that peanut butter is an American thing.

Leijona: *to Psycho* Youíre a bit too late with that request, the snowís already gone again and the weather forecasts are saying that chances for a snowy Christmas are slim. sadblauw *to Kaeli* Well, at least here where I live, Christmas nowadays has more of a traditional family reunion feeling rather than a religious aspect, even the church attendance is more of a tradition. People (expect for the generation of my grandparents) here are not that religious. Regardless, the whole atmosphere of Christmas is great. smile

Gan: You forgot the [/ramble].

Leijona: Speaking of shadows, Iíve yet to make a little post in the CALD thread about Kubiku and a new mindscape. *to fennec* Good luck with that goal!

Neila: *to Link* Thatís terrible! D: Be strong Link!

Leijona: *to Mecha* Thatís...odd, indeed xD But funny. So you donít like a simple bar of chocolate or a Snickers?

Kubiku: *to Mecha* This is completely unrelated to everything what is going on here at the moment, but I have to thank you for mentioning Giger and Nihei some time ago, as Leijona now has a mindscape that is inspired by their works. Or maybe more like my mindscape, as I was the first to see it.

Leijona: And also, a big lach2 at your avatar.

#846:  Author: fennecgirl PostPosted: Sat 22 Dec, 2012
Me: *to Neila* I know! I actually went back there again yesterday, and... well, that turned out to be a bad idea again, even if my intentions were good... I'd still love to go back there just to explore sometime - preferably in a lucid dream this time - but I really do have to be careful. It is kind of dangerous there, and I think it would also be best to avoid speaking with my shadow again.

Kayleigh: You know, I would actually like to go with her. I'm sure I'd be safe; I doubt her subconscious has anything against me like it does with Link. Poor Link, he's asleep now, and he's not waking up. Everything's just so hard on him sometimes.

Me: *sigh* Unfortunately... yes. He put himself into a deep sleep. He said it's the "next best thing to not existing". He said he'll wake up when he feels like it, though I'm not sure how he intends to wake himself up when he's practically comatose...

It doesn't really matter, though, I suppose. I don't want him to miss out on his first Christmas, so I'm waking him up on Christmas Eve anyway.

Kayleigh: He is just overreacting, though. He gets awful mood swings like this. Something goes wrong, and it's suddenly the end of the world. Wait, I SWEAR I WAS NOT TRYING TO MAKE AN APOCALYPSE JOKE THERE! It was just a coincidence! A figure of speech, you know? The Mayans were wrong, by the way. We're still alive. No big surprise there.

ANYWAY, he gets all depressed over stupid drama and stuff, and then he's perfectly fine after a couple of days. That's just the way he is. He just decided to put himself to sleep for a long time instead of dealing with it this time. :I

Speaking of Link, IT'S BECAUSE OF HIS STUPID GIRLFRIEND THAT I'M GROUNDED FROM THE TULPA IRC! Apparently this is all my fault now for starting drama and just making things worse. Um, no, it's her fault, not mine. :I

Me: Kayleigh, don't you even THINK of bringing that here.

#847:  Author: CyberD PostPosted: Sun 23 Dec, 2012
Me: Gah, it's been like a whole week since I posted here. Where does the time go. I would use Christmas as an excuse for being busy but it's just an excuse. In actual fact I've just been too lazy, or perhaps too distracted by the tulpa site. At least being over there still helps me with Nova. I haven't forgotten about him in the slightest. In fact he's been around just as much as ever, maybe even more so.
My progress thread over there has kinda turned into a blog of sorts. I dunno how interested you guys would be but I made a post about Nova's appearance just the other day. In it I included the reference photo I used for Nova's appearance. So you can see what he looks like here.

Nova: He feels kinda silly posting it but there is no reason to hide it.
@Leijona We actually had some luck with WILD. Daniel's tried WILD heaps of times before but a few days ago was the first time he ever made it work. I even showed up even if it wasn't that remarkable. He needs more practice to say the least.
@Gan. Maybe we will do something for Christmas. Gifts don't really seem worthwhile though, since I can make anything I want with the click of my fingers. Daniel's been thinking and the best gift he can give is his time. Maybe we'll have a fun Christmas adventure and eat way too much roast.

Me: If we don't come back before Christmas, have a good one. Don't eat too food and have a good time. Once everything goes back to normal we'll have the new year to look forward too.

#848:  Author: fennecgirl PostPosted: Tue 25 Dec, 2012
Kayleigh: Merry Christmas, everyone! :D

Me: Uh, merry Christmas Eve, actually...

Kayleigh: Close enough. I know it's only Christmas Eve, you know. Anyway, we have good news, bad news, and more good news. The good news is that Link's awake now.

Link: I'm right here, Kayleigh... I can tell everyone myself...

Kayleigh: Right. Well, the bad news is that he's still really depressed... which isn't really anything new, unfortunately. I guess we were wrong when we thought he put himself to sleep because he was just overreacting. He also says he wants to go back to sleep, forever this time... :c

Oh, this is a depressing topic. Let's move onto the other good news: Christmas is tomorrow! :D

Me: Yep! Let's hope it's a good day for all of us! Oh, and merry Christmas, everybody!

Kayleigh: Link and I each got our own tumblr, by the way. You know, in case any of you were interested in following us... I thought I'd bring it up...

#849:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 26 Dec, 2012
Leijona: Assuming Christmas is already over for you when you read this, I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! If it's not over yet, then enjoy it smile

Gan: So did any of you guys do something special on Christmas? I even got a few presents grin

Neila: *to Kayleigh* Why don't you like Link's girlfriend? (Sorry, I completely understand if this is too much of a personal question for both you and Link)

Leijona: Just for your information, I'm that much of a stalker that I bookmarked the tumblr of you, Kayleigh and Link, and even if I haven't logged in for a few days over at, I'm always keeping an eye on the progress reports of you guys. I don't know, I seem to have quite a hard time to turn off my lurker mode there. It's always refreshing to read what happens in such short time spans with you, fennec, and your tulpae, and CyberD, your progress report/log of some sorts is just really interesting. We did see Nova's picture and thought about writing a short comment, but in the end I decided it would be too off-topic.

Sheela: Aaanyways. Now that we're already here, I might as well tell you what I thought, you remind me a bit of my younger brother (speaking of the background story Leijona created for me). ^^

Leijona: I still fail to understand where she sees the similarities between a young anthro leopard and Nova's reference picture, but oh well. Neila by the way thought you look cute.

Neila: i can speak for myself, thank you very much.

Leijona: *to Nova* That are great news, congrats! As far as I remember, I never had any success with an intentional WILD.

Neila: *to Link* No Link, please don't do that! Seriously, I don't even really know you, but no, just don't. sadblauw

Leijona: I don't have a tumblr myself, so you won't find me amongst your followers I'm afraid. ... No Gan, you will not get your own tumblr.

Gan: Aww.

#850:  Author: fennecgirl PostPosted: Wed 26 Dec, 2012
Link: I know most of you on THIS site probably won't be interested, but our host let me possess her for the whole day as her Christmas present to me. That ended up only being a few hours, though, since possession is still kind of difficult and tiring for me. I really need to practice more.

Me: Link, I think the concept of possession is a bit foreign to almost everybody here...

Link: Well, that's what you let me do for Christmas... oh, and we also went to see Les Misťrables. It was a really good movie, but it was kind of sad. And it was my first time going in a movie theater; the screen was huge!

Kayleigh: *to Neila* That's because she's a cheating b****, and he's only going to get hurt. Seriously. :I

Me: *to Leijona* Aww, thank you! I appreciate it! ^_^

Link: *to Neila* I won't... everyone's been telling me not to... and I know my host won't let me... I don't have much choice, really...

#851:  Author: Mecha PostPosted: Fri 28 Dec, 2012
Morph: Bit late, but happy holiday everyone!

Skaith: You're still in time for the New Year.

Morph: Happy new year!

Skaith: ...Too soon.

Morph: sadblauw

Sai: *to Fennecgirl* Mecha and I have never been able to pull that off in the past, but we think the concept is interesting. (Though the only two MCs he'd really trust with his body are Crysar and I, possibly Skaith too)

Morph: I want to pilot the human! grin

Mecha: ...Words to the effect of 'no'. scared

Sai: *to Link* Just hang in there. Hope things start looking up for you soon. *reassuring smile*

Mecha: *to Nova* Huh, your reference photo reminds me of Aiden oddly enough. *to Sheela* Looks like you're not the only one that thinks it looks like someone they know, even if that person happens to be an anthro.

#852:  Author: fennecgirl PostPosted: Fri 28 Dec, 2012
Kayleigh: *to Sai* It's a bit late to say that, I think...

Me: Now, don't worry, he is still with us... even if I did have to go into the subconscious and find his life energy so I could channel it back into him in order to revive him. Needless to say, I'll be keeping a very close eye on him for awhile.

Kayleigh: On a more positive note, he's decided to make his own tulpa to try to help him out a bit, so hopefully she will be able to help him get better.

Me: Yes, we're hoping...

#853:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 29 Dec, 2012
Leijona: I've watched Prometheus on Christmas. Very Christmassy, I know.

Neila: *to Kayleigh* You should have heard/seen the voice and expression that Leijona imagined when reading that first thing about Link's girlfriend. lach2 *acts it out* Too bad you can't see it...They should seriously invent some sort of device to put thoughts into digital images and voices.

Leijona: Same for me with possession. I'd trust Neila, Kubiku and maybe Iron, but none of them is really interested in it. Gan wanted to try it when we first read about it, but it seems like he's lost interest by now.

Gan: Just going for imposition/imagining IRL for now, that's good enough for me. Not to mention that Leijona still doesn't feel really confident about possession, so we've figured that it's best to just stop with anything along those lines for the time being (she was, or maybe still is, I don't know, getting somewhat paranoid, and no one could think of a way to disprove her worries, even if she knows that they are baseless).

Sheela: *to Mecha* Always funny to see how the mind works...

Gan: .... Wat. And here I was, thinking that Link would be pretty fine now that he's decided to create his own tulpa.

Leijona: *to fennec* At first I thought that it wouldn't be such a good idea if Link were to create a tulpa, but after I read his tumblr post, the reasons he gave persuaded me. Great to know that he's okay. But what happened? Another "interference" of your shadow?

#854:  Author: fennecgirl PostPosted: Sat 29 Dec, 2012
Me: *to Leijona* No, it wasn't that. I don't really feel like typing what happened all over again, but I did post about it on tumblr.

Link: No, it's nothing; don't worry about it, really.

Me: I beg to differ; I wouldn't consider a suicide attempt to be "nothing". Yes, he did try to kill himself. Again. *sigh* That kid is really a handful sometimes...

#855:  Author: Samyten PostPosted: Tue 01 Jan, 2013
Me : Hi guys, I've recently tried to do CALD, and it's pretty awesome ! My new friend is cool too ! It's pretty wierd ^^' I hope he can help me do some LDs ^^

Jack : He's pretty ashamed lol, he thinks it's wierd to talk to me xD Of course i'll help you. i'll do my best !

Me : Isn't he awesome smile It's true, it's a bit new and wierd tounge1

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