How do you "spawn" things into existance/make thin
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#1: How do you "spawn" things into existance/make thin Author: JAT PostPosted: Thu 16 Sep, 2010
I'm starting to have more and more vivid lucids, but they feel too much like real life. Like TOO MUCH lol. I try to get things to appear in front of me, like doors to certain places, or people/ objects and whatnot but nothing ever happens...what techniques do you use?

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#2:  Author: Yves PostPosted: Thu 16 Sep, 2010
I personally don't have very much control yet either, so I know what you mean. Something that really helps me is to imagine the place/object/person is in a place I can't see it/him/her and then go to that place.

For example, if I wanted to get out a lucid pill, I would say to myself, "When I reach into my pocket I'll find a lucid pill." I'd reach into my pocket and then voila; the lucid pill is in my pocket.

If you want to see a person, you might try saying, "When I turn around, I'll see [blank]." Turn around and see if he/she is there.

This works with whole scenes, too. You can just imagine that whenever you open a door your dream scene will be on the other side.

Those are the tricks I know. Until you get really good control you'll prolly have to use such tricks in order to make things appear. But, in any case, I hope this helped.

Good luck. smile

#3:  Author: JAT PostPosted: Thu 16 Sep, 2010
helpful, thanks. ive tried that exact example of saying a certain person will be behind me, then i turn around and nobodys there. sadblauw

and last night i even asked a DC for a lucid pill and he said something like "we don't have that magic here" haha like okay dude jeez

#4:  Author: Yves PostPosted: Thu 16 Sep, 2010
Hehe, that's kinda funny...

But, one thing about that method is that you really have to believe that whatever you want to be there, will be there. It's all about telling yourself something is true that you know somewhere deep down inside you is impossible. The way to succeed at that type of method is to minimize that part of you that denies your attempts. You really really have to believe in your statements. That's all I can advise in terms of autosuggestion.

#5:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Thu 16 Sep, 2010
It seems to be a common problem. More control seems to come more easily the less realistic a LD is. This is because it's easier to change your expectations to something unrealistic when your atmosphere proves than everything isn't real. When your atmosphere appears to be extremely realistic, your mind goes into expecting realistic situations.
To help yourself out, you can go expecting more realistic things. For instance, something can appear behind a door because someone came and put something there. You can fly because in this dream world, gravity is reversed. Give yourself reasons.
Just keep stretching the limits of your expectations until you feel confident enough to be able to do something because it's a dream.

#6:  Author: JAT PostPosted: Thu 16 Sep, 2010
great, thanks for the help

#7:  Author: DolceAllegro PostPosted: Thu 16 Sep, 2010
I also kind of have the same problem, i usually just say what i want out loud. like one time, i had a gun but there was no ammo in it so i shouted in the dream "I want some more ammo!" and when I looked behind me .... it was there hahaha! but when i want a change of scenery that door trick doesnt seem to be working for me. hope this helps.

#8:  Author: romiehomie PostPosted: Mon 20 Sep, 2010
Im not going to ask who you intended to shoot ^^
But interesting tricks...

#9:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Mon 20 Sep, 2010
For me its just either to turn around or pull things out of my pocket tounge2

I dont know, its just that way I do it and it works for me 8D

#10:  Author: Essa PostPosted: Mon 20 Sep, 2010
I have a problem spawning (I feel like a gamer here lol) bigger things. Small things, no problemo let me reach into my pocket, or look away and when I look back it will be there kinda thing.

But people....ha. I've only gotten that to work twice, and i had to concentrate hard.

#11:  Author: Himnes PostPosted: Mon 20 Sep, 2010
I just think "When I turn around _____________ will be there" and turn around and expect the item or person to be there.

Otherwise you can try standing in front of a door. Before opening it say or think "When I open this door __________ will be there".

#12:  Author: fleshandbone PostPosted: Tue 21 Sep, 2010
Just look up and ask nicely. It usually falls out of the sky for me.

#13:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Tue 21 Sep, 2010
You could also try the spawning way like GTA tounge2

Dial a number on your cellphone and the desired object will pop out of thin air

#14:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sat 25 Sep, 2010
there are 2 wonderful (but long) tutorials here and here

#15:  Author: DreamWalker_5 PostPosted: Sun 10 Oct, 2010
Has anyone ever tried to swap the scenery, and like jump into a void? There it might be easier to create things, and then from the void just create the scenery turn3 You will get an awesome feeling, at least I did ^^

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