Making WILD your own (updated)
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#16:  Author: Beat Doctor PostPosted: Wed 05 Jan, 2011
The chances would double, that's for sure. If you give some effort to it, WBTB can really be useful.

#17:  Author: Raswalt PostPosted: Wed 05 Jan, 2011
thanks.. i better try it soon, because i can get to a decent point without it.

#18:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 05 Jan, 2011
Based on my experience it's 100% seeing as how I've never had a successful WILD without WBTB. But, others have so that really doesn't hold an water . No one can say how much higher the chances will be for you. As I've been trying to say, we're all different and can all expect different results. Still, I would say that it would greatly increase your chances, even if you don't get out of bed for the WBTB.

#19:  Author: Raswalt PostPosted: Thu 06 Jan, 2011
thanks, and i believe your right just based on how this morning after my alarm went off, i closed my eyes to try WILD except now i was almost too tired.. i just need to focus more i think and my mind will drift.

#20:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Thu 06 Jan, 2011
Yes, find something that will keep you focused. It could also help if you wake up just a little bit more, like to write in you DJ

#21:  Author: Beat Doctor PostPosted: Thu 06 Jan, 2011
Like I said in the other thread, it would be good to have a clock that goes tick-tock. When you feel like you're loosing awareness, just listen to it for a while.

#22:  Author: Raswalt PostPosted: Fri 07 Jan, 2011
sound ideas, thanks. if i find a clock like that.. maybe at a fleamarket ill buy it. im going to WBTB tonight, ill see how i do. im starting to do automatic writting in the morning along with the DJ.. so doing these for a while after i first wake up will rev my mind up enough to hold focus during WILD, is that right?

#23:  Author: 008 PostPosted: Fri 07 Jan, 2011
If I wake up for only 3 min ( turn off my alarm clock ), does it count as a WBTB or I should stay awake for 30min-1hour?

#24:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Fri 07 Jan, 2011
@Cabinfever: it's not that it will help hold focus so much as it will help you fall asleep and go into REM faster so you don't have to focus anywhere near as long. You still have to keep your mind together, however.

@008: I actually go right back to sleep since if I stay up too long, I have trouble falling asleep again. At least take the time to write in your DJ. If you find it isn't working for you (you just fall asleep without even having a chance at WILD), keep increasing the time in 5 minute increments.

#25:  Author: DaConceit PostPosted: Fri 07 Jan, 2011
Though WILD yet never worked for me (but was close, I think), I'd guess WBTB would help if the timing is good.

In my opinion, doing WILD when going to bed (at usual time) is a bad idea for two reasons:

1. You need a REM phase to dream. You dont get a REM phase naturally if you begin to sleep at usual times. But after some hours of sleep the chance for getting quickly to REM is pretty high.

2. Even if you'd be able to enforce REM-Sleep by some technique, I'd doubt it was healthy doing this frequently, as "correct" sleep strongly correlates to general health.

Doing WILD when going to bed sounds to me like trying to jump into a train when there aren't even rails. The basics about sleep cycle can be found on wikipedia.

#26:  Author: Raswalt PostPosted: Fri 07 Jan, 2011
ok i did wbtb, woke up at five, did two and a half pages of automatic writing, a great deal of it was about becoming lucid, i did this for a half hour. then i went back to bed, and i couldnt WILD, my mind had gotten too active i think. SO, i should maybe write for only 10 min next time, or try what you do Rhewin and go right into the WILD? keeping my mind together is what i meant by focus actually, i know it sounds alittle off.

@DaConceit: i get it although doing this without wbtb is still progress i find, just getting to the point of SP prepares me much better for wbtb, no? theres a whole increment i am adjusted too before hand.

#27:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 08 Jan, 2011
Cabinfever wrote:
SO, i should maybe write for only 10 min next time, or try what you do Rhewin and go right into the WILD?

yep, the thing about WBTB is finding the right time for you. Just keep adjusting it until you find something that works best. If you are too awake, stay up a little less during WBTB, if you fall asleep too fast, stay up a little longer.

#28:  Author: Tggtt PostPosted: Sat 08 Jan, 2011
I have succeeded only 3 times in a WILD without WBTB, all I can say is:

1- It's very nice to achieve, but;
2- You need much much much patience, it takes more than 2 hours to get into most vivid dream stage...
3- You can use a timer with low volume to remind you to keep focus.

It's very hard, but worth trying!
The sensations felt during you are sleeping are impressive, some very good while others, I admit, some are not.

#29:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Sat 08 Jan, 2011
If you find that you're too awake to try WILD immediately, try to relax in bed at first. To make sure you don't accidentally drift off, check out this chart to help determine just how close you are to falling asleep.

#30:  Author: Raswalt PostPosted: Sat 08 Jan, 2011
thank you for the feedback. ill surely adjust my awake time next wbtb to about 10min. Ive seen that chart, yes, except as im doing WILD i shouldnt be thinking about it too much, so this will help more to understand after i attempt? oh i was quite relaxed already but my mind wasn't feeling that way. i shut my eyes, body still, but thoughts kept invading the still. also i wouldn't be drifting off too easy if im too awake lol.. or do you mean without wbtb? because then thats a good idea..let the thoughts die down even before i close my eyes for good. i can't wbtb tonight, but i will try WILD in combination with MILD every night regardless of difficulty.

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