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#136:  Author: elnaureth PostPosted: Wed 18 Apr, 2012
This challenge is almost over - only one more task to go! I hope you've all learned a lot and had some fun dreams.

Now it's time for...

Task 6: LD4all Party!

How better to wrap up this challenge than to dream of your friends from LD4all? Have a party with the people you know from the forum or IRC! Play some games, eat some snacks, learn some dream tricks from someone else, or just have a blast hanging out together!


+40 Attend a party with other LD4all members
+20 Meet Q
+20 Have a conversation with someone that lasts at least a minute
+20 Do a party activity (games, eating, dancing...) with someone
+5 for each named LD4all member you talk to

Good luck everyone! cheer

#137:  Author: skyglide PostPosted: Wed 18 Apr, 2012
ive had two music related NDs a few days ago where me and a friend of mine were trying to compose a song on the piano, and then another one where my friend grabs my guitar and starts playing "lamento boliviano" by "los enanitos verdes" in front of my teacher and friends....
It woke me up and then i couldnt go back to sleep because i had the song stuck in my head... angry

#138:  Author: demented PostPosted: Thu 19 Apr, 2012
5 mins LD

#139:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Sun 22 Apr, 2012
I had a medium LD this morning.

#140:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Sun 22 Apr, 2012
ok, got a bit accomplished here. First off, Friday night I had 1 long and 2 short LD's. The long one was a few different dreams chained together, so lost and regained lucidity twice.

In one of the dreams I was trying to play with energy but ended up bending reality around my hands. It looked and reacted a bit like air bending.

Also, in an ND I was exploring underwater in a submarine but didn't see any civilizations or even animals.

#141:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 22 Apr, 2012
A medium LD and another one which I would define as a lucid moment since I don't remember anything else of it besides the moment I went lucid.

#142:  Author: ZRVera PostPosted: Mon 23 Apr, 2012
Oh crap, I've not been paying attention to anything at all... Hopefully my blackout curtains get here soon! Perhaps then I'll sleep/dream/LD better. ^_^

#143:  Author: DreamSailor PostPosted: Wed 25 Apr, 2012
i had a dream last night in which i was lucid and i actually remembered a LC task for once, i remembered the one to control an element. i went to a sink in the basement and found it was full so i with much effort managed to manipulate some water a bit, nothing fancy just making it "grow" in a strand coming out of the sink.

so im a water bender now smile

*sigh* the challenge is almost over and there is no way with what little skill i have that i could pull off a party, especially one like the one in the task since i dont know many people here and dont know what they look like, i will go over the previous tasks and pick one...and hope i can do it before this challenge is over. if it ends oh well there is always the next challenge right? there will be another right? i hope so, i haven't done so good, but i am learning to be better at LDing now and because of the tasks i have learned many more possibilities that can be achieved in dreams. i will most certainly participate in the next LC, hopefully i will do better next time smile

im just happy i got one LC task done smile hopefully next time i can do more and with early points too smile

oh but i did have 6 LDs since my last post i just haven't been posting them. i haven't submitted DJ entries on my latest ones yet, i did post one of them though, i plan on posting the others tomorrow, but tonight its late. i didn't do any of the LC tasks in the others but i got better at my LD skills at least.

here are the LDs dates and lengths
4-17-12 short Lucid moment
4-17-12 medium LD (had two in one morning, the short one and the long one)
4-18-12 medium lenth to short LD
4-21-12 medium lenth LD
4-22-12 very short lucid moment. i managed to make a small orb of light appear
4-25-12 medium to long LD and i controlled water completing a LC task.

you can read my LD from April 17th here:

oh by the way this isn't a part of a task but, i finally managed to make food have a taste in my LDs! i had a donut it was delicious smile i tasted something in a LD for the first time.

#144:  Author: demented PostPosted: Wed 25 Apr, 2012
2 ld, 2-3 mins long. no success in any tasks.

#145:  Author: gnargnar PostPosted: Thu 26 Apr, 2012
4/26/12: Short LD, nothing to do with task

4/26/12: Another short one last night smile

#146:  Author: demented PostPosted: Fri 27 Apr, 2012
DILD, 1min. I suppose I reached the bottom of some "underwater". However, for starters I was swimming down in air, and when I reached ground\bottom I didn't had any senses that could indicate me either being in air or water. Gut tells me it was "water-thing", therefore, underwater part done.

#147:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 28 Apr, 2012
One long LD.

#148:  Author: Ysim PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
A medium LD, but i just went with the plot, because it was awesome tounge2

#149:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
Had a ND about the underwater task, in this one I was a mermaid myself. The sea/pond was surrounded by massive stone walls so I dived into the water until I reached the ground. The ground was at first very boring, only sand with a few stone bricks from the wall or the buildings. I swam around a bit and came across some coral reefs and fishes which were all pretty big, but didnít look extraordinary. Later I meet other mermaids and we had captured an important guy of a royal family and planned on getting ransom for him. In the meantime I remembered that I saw an underwater cemetery with lots of graves and, most importantly, lots of golden burial objects which were all small enough to carry around. So I dived again, found the graves and stole every little golden thing I came across. In the very end though we were discovered and had to flee.

#150:  Author: DreamSailor PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
i had two LDs one very short LD and one low lucidity LD which was finally task related despite the fact i hadn't incubate this. here is the link

basically i went underwater, i swam with Orcas, there was this other strange creature there too, i describe it in the post. it was very low lucidity though so i actually didn't even know about the LC task --__--

i had a very short LD earlier before the underwater one. i forgot what happened cause i didnt write it down immediately and instead went back to sleep.

well second LC task done smile

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