What kind of dream journal do you use?
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#1: What kind of dream journal do you use? Author: Arandur PostPosted: Fri 27 Apr, 2012
Does it have a unique style to you, and does each page have a date printed on it,etc? Or is it just a simple notepad?

Or do you post on the dream diary forum?

I used to use a notepad but it just seemed sterile and not special to dreaming.

I'm going to describe my dream on my mp3 player and then type them onto LD4all actually.

#2:  Author: Bluehope PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
Mine is a black notebook with a leather cover, I used to use it as a diary a couple of years ago but I only ever penned a couple of entries. It doesn't have dates or anything, but it has a built in book mark which comes in handy when I'm drowsy in the morning and not coherent enough to search for the page subsequent to my last entry. I don't post in the dream diary forum, I notice that simply writing helps me organize my thoughts the best smile

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#3:  Author: skyglide PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
I bought my Dream Journal at my church's gift shop. Its has a bunch of flowers and butterflys and really nice patterns. Each page has a different design and color with a bible verse. On the front it says, "she plants seeds of joy, and watches the blessings grow."
Its more or less 6x4 inches in size smile

#4:  Author: Relt PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
I type them in a .txt archive in my laptop ^^
using date + hour

#5:  Author: Laretta PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
I use a simple hard-bound notebook for Dream Journal, and one bigger and thicker book for dream techniques, ideas and to-do lists. The cover of my notebook is very simple, I made a cover from gift-wrapping paper (dark brown colored).

The thicker one doesn't have any paper or leather on the binding (since I made it with post-bound technique /scrapbooking/) just the simple wooden cover (I have several colored ribbons for bookmarks). The pages can be rearranged, removed or added.

I write my entries with a simple black gel pen into the notebook and use colored inks/pens for the bigger book.

#6:  Author: Kelsondra PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
My DJ is just a simple coil bound notebook like you'd use in school. I always kept at least two by my bed since I'm a writer and ideas come to me at strange times, so adding another notebook wasn't a big stretch for me. smile

#7:  Author: MagykKatte PostPosted: Sun 29 Apr, 2012
Mine's a gray and purple plaid journal I bought at Walmart. My format in the journal is like this:

Title date of night/date of day

So, for example, I might have an entry like this:

Ice Cream 12-4/12-5
I ate some Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. It was good.

#8:  Author: aaudraa PostPosted: Tue 01 May, 2012
In the past I have kept my DJ as a separate notebook, but I would often end up writing them in my sketchbook, so now I just combine them. I sometimes write the date, but not always. If I have a particularly epic lucid dream or OBE, I sometimes write down if I had read any dream literature, done any meditations, or used any type of herbs or tea the night before.

I find that the most important thing is just to write them down. It doesn't matter where or how. Just the act of writing them down frees up my awareness and memory so that I can recall and have more vivid dreams. I also think that it sends a message to my subconscious that my dreams are important, reinforcing my focus and awareness.

#9:  Author: The Nameless One PostPosted: Tue 24 Jul, 2012
An on-site one. I'm too lazy for anything else. And I don't want my family to stick their nose in something they couldn't understand.

#10:  Author: Paulius PostPosted: Tue 24 Jul, 2012
I use a black leather-covered notebook. Nothing special, but works for me. tounge2

#11:  Author: Threlm PostPosted: Tue 24 Jul, 2012
I just use a regular notebook. Write the date and then the dream. Nothing special at all.
But it got me thinking, if you make your DJ seem more special then it is, will it perhaps help increase DR?

#12:  Author: Zan PostPosted: Tue 24 Jul, 2012
Just a simple school notebook, since that was what I had around.
Works okay.

#13:  Author: Fractalica PostPosted: Wed 25 Jul, 2012
Mine is a thin sketchbook with flowers on the cover. I also made something on the first page, it says "Dreaming as I do it less... asleep: a dream journal started on february 4th 2009". I don't really like that, and probably if I had done it now I would've written something different, but at least it's pretty.

Back in 2009 when I started it I used to write every dream in a different color. I had a huuuuge writting break from march 2009 (didn't last much back then, hah) until march 2012. Now I started writting in purple ink pen, a friend of my mom's once told me purple was a very spiritual color so it just kind of felt right to use for my DJ smile

I like to use a notebook because I can keep it on my nightstand and just write whenever I wake up. It looks very messy because sometimes I write in the dark or trying not to move much.

I just write the date and underline it; if there's something special to the dream I write a title and underline it too (as I did with my first LD smile)

#14:  Author: Lucere2157 PostPosted: Wed 25 Jul, 2012
I use a brown leather journal. It has line paper inside. It is sort of special, I mean it has a unique design on the front. I like to think that since I like my dream journal I will be more inspired to write down dreams.

Lately though I've been taking notes on the left pages and typing them on my computer because my recall has been improving so much. After I type them I write down the dream in my journal on the right pages

#15:  Author: Mr18111 PostPosted: Fri 27 Jul, 2012
I use grid paper note books or regular note taking books smile

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