Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!
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#226:  Author: Alot PostPosted: Wed 02 Oct, 2013
My latest dream: Credit Card Payment Facility

I think I have Tasks 1, 2, 3 and 6 in there.

On sight: I put some detail there on the 3D puzzle I was given.

On sound: I had two conversations, one with the lady guard in Filipino and the last one with the two professors in English.

On touch: again the 3D puzzle. I remember playing around with it with my hands.

On emotion: I felt a bit uneasy when I was being held up by the first professor. I felt defensive when Nate started implying it was easy to pay bills. I felt upset and defensive on the verge of crying when I realized they had misunderstood me and thought I was a certain way when I wasn't (felt this strongly, and it stuck a bit upon waking). I felt freaked out when I saw the guy from the toilet.

#227:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 02 Oct, 2013
I had a dream of playing cookie clicker... damn you, Scipio, damn you! My browser hasn't been shut since Sunday tounge2

#228:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Wed 02 Oct, 2013
Everyone: Well.. despite what vision I had of this task being a perfect culmination.. it is far from perfect.. In fact.. it seems I broke the LC.. Or at least the general understanding I get is that I've done it pretty poorly..

The good news? The deadline is this Sunday.. the bad news? That's nearly five days away..

One thing I'd like to note, though, is that I won't be taking new dreams after 6 PM EST on Sunday (unless you have an exceptional case like having a dream at 5:45 and you want to get it typed up... in that case, send me a PM and I'll accept your dream). Therefore, try to have all of your dreams submitted by then (unless you're in the exceptions group wink5 ). Sometime after 6 PM, estimated thirty minutes to an hour, I will post the results.

Results are eligible to be contested and changes will be made if any arguments made are reasonable. I will post, during this time, the document I have containing the info on how I scored everyone's individual dreams.

Thorn: Sorry for the confusion.. sadblauw As an additional clarification to everyone, if you do Task 7 in a dream you cannot claim Tasks 1 - 6 in that dream. You can claim them in the next, though, if you wish.

LDbc12: You may post a new Personal Goal if you'd like, or you can decide to attempt this one again. Whatever your decision please post it in the thread. smile

Jessica: I scored your dream as having components of Tasks 1, 2, 3, and 6; not as Task 7 since the components didn't occur simultaneously. (Just in case you were confused.)

Rhewin: tounge2 I haven't dreamt of it yet.. surprisingly. tounge2

#229:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Thu 03 Oct, 2013
I had some fragments of NDs, written here, that had a mix of emotions.

More important than the points, though, is that you seem to be beating yourself up now and saying you "broke the LC". I know the way we've been communicating in IRC has been a bit adversarial at times, so let me speak openly in this post.

What's getting to me is really a lot of little things. For example, it's normal for the LC to have some tasks that are more action-oriented while others are more laid-back, but this LC has been the latter for all seven tasks; getting too involved in an adventurous LD actually threatens to distract the dreamer from the detail needed for points, so it's been seven weeks of "tame" LDs for me when I'm itching to have some crazier dreams. Also, the scoring system does bug me, but that didn't start with you — it's actually a holdover from HeadInTheClouds changing the definition of combo points while also creating some repeatable tasks for LC 37.

I guess the only thing that ever made me "angry" was a lack of clear communication. Your tasks seemed to be written as if the words were supposed to be pleasing to our ears instead of actually descriptive. This is why I'm going about the tasks "literally", as you have said; it's not always clear what is necessary, so I do what is written. For instance, Task 7 Part 2 seems to require two sounds to be heard (one's own heart and some outside sound), but after speaking to you on IRC, it seems that the "to your heart and" phrase was just to make it sound special and doesn't actually play into the task. Likewise, words like "unusual" in task descriptions seemed to be up to our interpretation, but sometimes weren't. I would prefer knowing exactly what to do over having the tasks sound interesting.

However, I'm not perfect either. I've been way more vocal about small issues than I should be, and it's clearly making you feel like everything's ruined. When I prepare a sample LC and talk about how I'd do this or that differently, I'm really just amping myself up to keep LDing; you've seen many times in the past that I LD more often when I'm emotionally involved, such as being angry at other LC participants gaining ground on me or being happy about a planned dream. In this case, I'm giving myself something that I'd like to do, and the only way I can do it is by winning this LC. Please don't think I'm saying such things just to paint your LC as a broken one, as it's me selfishly saying things to get myself motivated without thinking of the effect it has on you. Beyond that, I've been a whiner because I'm up against difficult odds. Wyvern doesn't have NLDs, and in the scoring system used by you and HeadInTheClouds, his long LDs allow for as many points as he cares to get (whereas the old LCs had a much lower max point value each week given the different method of applying lucid/early/combo points and generally smaller numbers overall). Against tough odds, I tend to lash out at insignificant things, and it's particularly rough for me this time because I have no control over my standing; if Wyvern wants to win, he will just type enough dreams to win, and if he doesn't, he will not. I am basically defending myself from third place rather than trying to guarantee first because I don't know what Wyvern is thinking, and it's a feeling that's been dragging me down and making me argue points that aren't worth arguing.

While I know that I'm not the only one that complained, I feel like I complained the most. I'm not going to fib and say that this LC was perfect, because there are things that I truly believe could have been done better, but I'm making it sound way worse than it actually is because I'm selfish and insecure with the idea that my final standing is not in my control. I don't hate this LC and I don't think less of you in any way for the small issues — if I did, I wouldn't have ask for DC-you as a companion for Tiny Adventures™. So for both of our sakes, please stop thinking that you've somehow ruined everything, as it's not a mood I want any friend of mine to have.

#230:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Thu 03 Oct, 2013
Thorn: Yea, but it's still a feeling of "sigh". I guess I may have been beating myself up too much about it. I apologize for things like the unclear communication.. I was trying to make the tasks seem more involved than they were and that fudged things up a bit.

The good news is, though, that if I ever host again I'll know what does and doesn't work. wink5 Thanks for the message.

Also, Scribe Idea: How to Host a Challenge. That would be awesome and it could be filled with some useful tips.. like making tasks action oriented. tounge2

#231:  Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Thu 03 Oct, 2013
3 ND's in which at least 3 tasks are accomplished. Specifically I have music, more music, and some ambiguous touch/taste stuff.

#232:  Author: HeadInTheClouds PostPosted: Thu 03 Oct, 2013
I had a ND the other night where I saw something inspiring and vivid. There were a whole bunch of black looking birds (maybe chickens?). Their chests were different colors and designs, with every design or color being on only two birds. A lot of the designs looked a lot like a very lifelike and vivid, not to mention feathery, wallpaper.

Okay, so I'm not really sure how this last task works and what qualifies for it. I think that this following dream completes 5 out of 6 of the combinations.

I had a medium LD last night. I was outside and I stood and looked up at the sky. It was night time. There was a tiny looking moon and a few stars. I continued to look around me, not just at the sky, and I eventually saw another tiny moon as well as a cool cloud cover at the bottom of the horizon. I don't know how to describe it, but the clouds were just awesome for some reason. I smelt the air multiple times, and although I didn't smell too much, I did get a slight hint of it just smelling like air if that makes any sense. I also stuck my tongue out and licked my lips, tasting my skin in the process as well as actually feeling my skin. That all seemed pretty much the same as IRL. As I spun around, I could definitely feel the earth hold me, but I don't know how to describe that feeling better. It was kind of like having a perfect sense of direction and thereby not needing a compass. I don't remember too much sound, but I think I heard a slight breeze; however, the outside place had no people or animals around and was very quiet.

#233:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Thu 03 Oct, 2013
Here's a medium-length LD with dialogue in the ND part, and touching (window glass and screen) and emotion (amusement) in the LD part.

#234:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Fri 04 Oct, 2013
Double post; I'm so banned. Here's today's DJ entries. The first ND has dialogue and music. The second ND has dialogue.

#235:  Author: HeadInTheClouds PostPosted: Sat 05 Oct, 2013
I had a short LD last night. I don't know if it will count for task points, but I was in a park full of people and could feel the sun very intensely. It was almost more real than IRL. At the same time I felt a cool/chilly breeze while I felt the sun. It was also so real that at times it seemed to be more realistic than it is IRL.

#236:  Author: Alot PostPosted: Sat 05 Oct, 2013
I just clicked the cookie this morning, and I'm pretty sure that game was all I dreamt of through my nap, but I don't remember any detail at all (not counting it) confused

Still have two more nights to this last task!

#237:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Sat 05 Oct, 2013
More dreams today, posted here. The first ND had dialogue, slight fear, and music. The second ND had dialogue. I also have a near brush with WILD, but while I can describe what I saw in vivid detail, I believe it was HI and not yet a dream.

#238:  Author: Alot PostPosted: Sat 05 Oct, 2013
Medium LD here where I consciously attempted Task 7. I had sight, sound, touch(? - felt the air), emotion - happy smile

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

#239:  Author: Alot PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2013
Double posting as well. Since I woke up at 4am, I had time for another dream to remember this morning: Basketball Showdown

It was an ND where I was a DO. Heard the chanting of the basketball player. I remembered the rhythm and tone of voice (it was kind of raspy and he was eating his words). I was also repeating the beat to determine the rhythm when I woke up.

#240:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2013
Had a minor LD here which lasted around 4-5 minutes.

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