Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!
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#241:  Author: HeadInTheClouds PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2013
Another short LD.

#242:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2013
HeadInTheClouds: I scored your Task 7 as n= 3. I gave you points for 1, 3, and 4. I didn't think your taste and sound details were vivid enough.

For your Sun heat / cool breeze I scored that as a Temperature Feel (Task 3, Part 2.)

Thorn: I ban you for double posting. tounge2

Jessice: So you're not counting this dream? Okay.

And congratulations. I scored your Task 7 as an n = 4. smile

james_uk2008: I'll take minor to mean "short".

Everyone: Just a few more hours! :D :D :D

#243:  Author: LDbc12 PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2013
Some last minute points -- I had 2 short LD's last night.

#244:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2013
Here's my last submission to this LC. The first dream was a fragment with music. The second dream was an ND with touching an object (an empty cup of yogurt), emotion (panic) and dialogue. The third dream was an FLD with a touch sensation (a taut fishing line) and dialogue.

#245:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Sun 06 Oct, 2013
    ---- onwards

Sept 16

LD medium, vivid, dialogue, tasted food.

Sept 17

1. LD medium, vivid, dialogue, touch something cold, smell something good
2. LD long, vivid, dialogue, smell food, touch something, touch texture, heard music, smelled something bad. +chain

Sept 20

LD medium, dialogue, tasted food

Sept 21

1. LD small, see something grand, touch something
2. LD long, Music, touch something cold, drink beer, dialogue, smell something good, touch

Sept 22

LD medium, dialogue, something grand, tasted "food"
LD medium, dialogue, touch something, vivid, touch something very hot, taste food, smelled food, listened to silence, felt emotion (relaxation)?

So many I couldn't write...


Task 7
medium LD

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#246:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Mon 07 Oct, 2013
Okay everyone! The time for submissions is over! I will post the final results in an hour or two.. when I get the chance to get to it. tounge2

For those curious, congrats go to Rhewin and other who completed the Bonus Task! Click that Cookie!

And the creativity points for Task 7 go to Thorn for having the earth "hold him" in quite the literal way.. tounge2

Further Submissions
No more dream submissions will be accepted EXCEPT those that qualify as an exception. Specifically, if you had the dream close enough to the deadline that writing up an entry was not possible in the short time, or if IRL requirements such as a Job delayed you from submitting the entry, I will accept those dreams beyond the deadline.

Also, all scores will be open to contestation after the final posting of the scores (along with my detailed log of how I scored everyone's dreams).

Until I post the final results, thanks everyone for competing! And don't forget to reserve your seat! Spoiler.. XD

#247:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Mon 07 Oct, 2013
Edited my post to include taste for a dream (2nd dream, 22 sept.)

*Wyvern is disappointed he didn't have time to post all his dreams to complete his personal task, but oh well.

*Wyvern eagerly awaits the results

#248:  Author: Alot PostPosted: Mon 07 Oct, 2013
Here's my final submission, Book of Regions, Book of Dreams

Woke up from this dream about 5-6 hours ago, but didn't have internet at the time to post it. I saw something grand, a giant book.

Scipio, yeah, when I woke up I was blank like when I don't remember my dreams at all Just had the feeling that that was what I dreamed about. And thanks! smile

#249: The Lucidity Challenge 38 Awards Ceremony! Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Mon 07 Oct, 2013
The Lucidity Challenge 38 Awards Ceremony!
You enter the theatre jubilantly. The time has come! The night is tonight! It's the moment everyone has been waiting for! Unable to contain your excitement you move quickly down the aisle and take your seat.. the show is about to begin.

The lights go down and some slow, dramatic music begins to build. Through the shadows you can barely make out a figure who moves onto the stage. Just as the music crescendos a spotlight illuminates the figure!

"Hello! And welcome to the Lucid Challenge Thirty-Eight Awards Ceremony! As most of you already know, my name is Scipio Xaos and I will be your host for the evening." The LC's taskmaster says to the excited crowd. "We've got quite a show for you all tonight! So many awards to give.. so many memories to relive.. well, what are we waiting for?? Let's get this show started!" Scipio yells into the air as the crowd breaks into cheers.

Scipio walks offstage and the lights dim once more. Suddenly, the LD4All insignia with the title "LC 38 Awards Ceremony" appears on a large projection screen above the stage. A narrative voice booms out. "Tonight, our first Challenge Highlight comes from the contestant muccy! His dream, dubbed "Pancake Club" amused the competitors a little under two weeks into the competition.. Let's listen to what he had to say.."

muccy wrote:
Me and my friends go into a cave and i clearly remeber me reciting the fight club rules but to do with pancakes.

"first rule of pancake club, you do not talk about pancake club"
"second rule, no pancakes for breakfast"
"third rule, if it is your first night here you must flip a pancake"

Made me chuckle.

"Made us all chuckle.. Heh heh."

The projector light fades and the stage lights regain intensity. Everyone, expecting the Taskmaster to return to the stage, gazes on in awe and admiration as the beautiful StarryGwee walks out to greet everyone.

"Hello everyone! I'll be your co-host for this evening." She says with a wink. "And I have the honor of giving out the first two awards of the night!

"So.. our first award, PERSONALity, goes to the competitor who completed the most personal goals."
Gwee is handed an envelope. "And the award goes to.."

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"The next award, Let's Go Questing!, goes to the competitor who completed the most LD4All quests during the challenge." Opening another envelope, Gwee speaks to the crowd.

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"Let's give these contestants a round of applause, shall we?" The crowd stands and applauses the recipients. "And now we'll have another Challenge Highlight.."

StarryGwee steps offstage and the lights dim again. The projector fires up again and the narrator's voice fills the theatre.

"This Lucidity Challenge took an, uh, 'unexpected' turn.." The narrator says with a humorous tinge of embarrassment. "Thanks to the actions of Thorn, Wyvern, and later, Rhewin, the tasks were interpreted in some very unusual, and unorthodox ways. Due to the nature of such content, it is advised that viewers proceed forwards at their own risk.

"Everyone else, please enjoy the rest of the program!"
Once again the projector is turned off and the lights rise. Scipio Xaos walks back out onto the stage.

"Alright everyone. The next two awards are Chained and C-C-C-Combo Breaker!" The crowd laughs. "Chained is awarded to the contestant who has scored the most points through Chains." Scipio opens an envelope.

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Scipio brushed off his suit jacket and took the next award envelope in hand. "And now for the humorous one." He chuckled. "C-C-C-Combo Breaker! is awarded to the competitor who amassed the most Combo Sets. This award goes to.."

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"Give these recipients a round of applause!" Scipio yelled out to the crowd. Once the silence returned he spoke. "Now, enjoy another Challenge Highlight brought to you by LD4All."

"Sort of not related to the challenge," The narrator said. "But humorous none-the-less. User mango_panda stopped by and had the following to say:"

mango_panda wrote:
Yup it happened. I broke a record using a WILD new method longest dream evar!!


StarryGwee walked back out onto the stage and gestured to the crowd. "Now we get into the more 'coveted' awards of the evening. The next award, Early Bird is awarded to the competitor who had the most early tasks submitted." Gwee began to open the envelope.

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"The next award, Lucid Worm," The audience laughs at the play on the metaphor. "Goes to the contestant who completed the most lucid tasks."

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"And finally we have Task "Master". This person acquired the most Task Points compared to the rest of the contestants." StarryGwee began to read out the name...

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

The audience applauded the recipients as the next Challenge Highlight was presented.. surprisingly.. Wyvern was on stage.. And he began to perform!

Wyvern wrote:
A whole new fridge, eh? I then broke into song.

I can show you this fridge.
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me Trevor, now when did you first
decide to check inside?
I can open this fridge
and I opened the fridge. Trevor laughed.
And I can show you its wonders
Compartments over and under
in this magic food filled ride

A whole new fridge!
A new fantastic fridge for you
No one can tell us no, or where to go
But hey, we're only dreaming.
I smiled and switched to falsetto.
A whole new fridge!
A dazzling place I never knew
And when you look in here, it's crystal clear
And now I'll share this whole new fridge with-
Back to male voice
Now I'll share this whole new fridge - Then back to falsetto for the next verse. The dream gave my 'female' voice an unusually nice resonance. It was kind of hilarious.

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable eatings
I stumbled a bit on the next lyrics, can't remember what I ended up saying there.

I whole new fridge!
I said almost aggressively with the fridge door handle, both Trevor and Gabe laughed.
A hundred thousand things to eat!
Just like an open bar
Food near and far
I can't go back to what I used to eat

Every turn a surprise
I gestured at all the food in each compartment.
Every moment gets better
I'll take food anywhere
There's food to spare
Let me share this whole new fridge with you
the background music started coming to a close... it was playing as I sang. XD

A whole new fridge
That's where we'll eat
A thrilling space
A wondrous place
For you and meeee

The audience broke into cheers as Wyvern finished his routine and took his seat. Scipio Xaos made his way back to the stage.

"And so we come to the penultimate list of awards. Given that this is the 'Lucid Challenge' you would expect some rewards to be based on lucidity would you not? Well, we have four of them!

"The first, Lucid Initiate is awarded to the LC competitor who achieved the most Short Lucid dreams, but did not rank any higher in this category of awards."
Scipio opened the envelope.

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"The next, following from the first, is Lucid Apprentice which is awarded to the competitor who ranked at medium but was beat out in the higher levels. Lucid Apprentice goes to.."

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"And now we have Lucid Expert. This award is given to the competitor who had the most Long lucid dreams.. Congratulations go to..."

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"Finally, we have Lucid Master This is awarded to the contestant that submitted the most lucid dreams overall.. I think we all know who this award is going to, but still.." Scipio opens the envelope slowly, drawing the moment out.

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

"Congratulations to everyone who received an award in the Lucidity category! Please enjoy the last Challenge Spotlight of the night!"

The stage dimmed and the projector was fired up for the last time.

"Hello everyone!" Said the narrator in a rush. "The last Highlight.." He fumbled. Crunching noises could be heard. ".. seems to be addicting.. Just take a look for yourself."

Rhewin wrote:
I had a dream of playing cookie clicker... damn you, Scipio, damn you! My browser hasn't been shut since Sunday tounge2

As the projector was turned off all that could be heard of the narrator was frantic clicking and the crisp crunch of delicious cookies.

The stage remained dark however. For a full minute the contestants of the LC were left in total darkness. Slowly a tune began to build. A single spotlight lit the floor. The melody grew louder and louder, more epic and more epic. The beating drums reverberated in the chests of everyone present. Scipio and Gwee walked out and stepped into the center of the spotlight.

"And so we come to the final award of the night." Scipio said. "It is the most coveted of the entire challenge. It is.. The winner of the challenge, the next.. Taskmaster. StarryGwee, could you please hand me the envelope?" As she passed him the golden rectangle the audience were on the edges of their seats. Scipio slowly opened the envelope and gazed at the name within. He smiled.

Starry Gwee let out a shout. "Thorn! Congratulations! You are the winner of the LC 38 and the next Taskmaster! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create more awesome challenges for the contestants to do!"

"Congratulations, Thorn!" Scipio yelled out. "I hope everyone has enjoyed the evening. I thank you for allowing me to host the Lucidity Challenge 38, and I look forward to future years of competitions. Congratulations go out to everyone who competed! Y'all have a great night and pleasant, pleasant Lucid Dreams."

Scipio and Gwee walked off stage as the music picked up and the audience discussed in loud chatter the final results.

Final LC 38 Scoreboard
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Any contest of the current scoring will be allowed and accepted up till 12:00 AM, Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Eastern Standard Time.

If you believe something should have been scored different, please make your arguments by this hour.

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#250:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Mon 07 Oct, 2013
Scipio Xaos wrote:
Your mission, should you choose to accept it...


Now, join LC 39, and make me feel like I ruined things.

#251:  Author: HeadInTheClouds PostPosted: Mon 07 Oct, 2013
Congrats Thorn!

#252:  Author: BrandonBoss PostPosted: Tue 08 Oct, 2013
Thanks for letting me in late, Scipio and for running the competition, it looks like a lot of work (especially reading Wyvern's sexual dreams tounge2). Sorry I didn't post in the last week. I hope the next challenge has harder challenges that don't happen NDs. I hate typing up NDs, and the amount of typing I had to do made me not even post some LDs. meh I am excited about the next one though.

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