Lucidity Challenge 38: Awards Ceremony!
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#31:  Author: Lumessence PostPosted: Wed 21 Aug, 2013
Scripio, if you didn't catch it in mIRC before you quit, Don't worry about changing any points for that night. I'm not trying to argue it, i'm just asking what I need to do for it to be accurate smile.

#32:  Author: LDbc12 PostPosted: Wed 21 Aug, 2013
Last night I had two short LDs and one long found here. I did not complete any tasks.

#33:  Author: Lumessence PostPosted: Wed 21 Aug, 2013
3 Dreams.

3 ND
1 section of short LD in one of the three.

Though I had an opportunity for both "grand" (Fleet battle), and "inspiring" (I want to play Kinetic Void now and make my own ships) I didn't have the discipline to keep writing.. (KV.. Wanna play, and I get tired of typing.) There is a lack of evidence/detail for the grand part, but I still consider The Master Fleet inspiring to myself, in that sense... I guess.. If that's what you mean by inspiring.

If that's the case, then to my understanding,
1 short LD
1 Task of inspiring.
If not, one short LD.

#34:  Author: LDbc12 PostPosted: Thu 22 Aug, 2013
Last night I had an LD and a ND both in which I completed tasks (I think).

The LD was my longest one ever (around 8 minutes).
I saw something grand, completing that task.

In the ND I completed the seeing something inspiring task.
If you count being inspired to bake a pizza inspiring.
(The pizza in the dream inspired me (YUM) )

#35:  Author: Reminiscence PostPosted: Thu 22 Aug, 2013
I had 1 (very) short LD:

I was in an old school when I suddenly thought that something wasn't right and
did a RC(Counting my fingers, same as always). I pushed someone away, and
lost my lucidity directly after that.
Also I had just too much ND's after that so I can't recall more meh

So that's 20 points for me, right? smile

#36:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Fri 23 Aug, 2013
I had a relatively pretty long LD, though it wasn't very vivid. I saw a city which had an enormous skyscraper made of an odd clear glass. I would definitely call it grand for sure. Not a lot of other things happened, though. Just a lot of exploring. The DC's weren't feeling very talkative.

I did wake up and chain back in 3 times as well.

#37:  Author: LizSFX2016 PostPosted: Fri 23 Aug, 2013
Had a minor LD here this morning. Nothing much happened in it really. Probably around 2mins long.

#38:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Fri 23 Aug, 2013
I had a medium-length LD here in which I decided to attempt the egg task Yoshi-style again, but couldn't manage it because I wasn't lucid enough to ignore waking-life morals with regards to consuming people.

Stupid morals. sadblauw

#39:  Author: HeadInTheClouds PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug, 2013
I had a short LD last night. I completed the current LD4all quest. Specifically, I finished the LD4all Quest #6 Unfold Your Wings and Fly task by flying, which of course meets the requirements of the current LD4all quest. I also saw something inspiring, although it is hard to describe accurately. I traveled through a mirror, and when I got to the other side there was a wall in front of me that was a similar color to the background here on LD4all. There were stars on it, but they were supposed to be real stars and they moved around and twinkled. That's probably the best that I can describe it.

For receiving points for completing the LD4all quest, do I have to post in the quest forum, or is this post sufficient?

My Stats:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Scipio Xaos wrote:

HeadInTheClouds: Your calculations are correct. I removed the "brief" LD length as I considered it cutting hairs. Short, medium, or long. Far simpler in my opinion. I do need to know, though, if you consider your second short LD in which you regained lucidity a "short" LD. You may have had it broken into two parts, but if the sum of those parts is what you would consider a medium LD I'd accept it as so.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been crazy busy lately. The sum of the LD that was chained was still short overall, not medium.

#40:  Author: Lumessence PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug, 2013
Not sure how to define the different sections of this, but I hope I gave enough detail for you to score it.

two parts.

oh.. id say 1 short ld, and 1 long with 2 chains connecting 3 parts. (entry explains this)
and a number of NDs

#41:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug, 2013
I'm not sure if I'm expected to keep the same definition of "grand" from one LD to the next, but I had a short LD here in which I saw my DCs spontaneously enact a coordinated dance number without any prior planning from me. I see that my biggest competitors also LDed this morning, so I'm going to need to do a lot more to stay competitive.

#42:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Sun 25 Aug, 2013
I completed the monthly Quest by finishing Quest 17 through a long LD. Now, in that Quest I looked up and saw the sky as an aquarium, which rocks, though I don't know how to rate that on the current task tounge2. Either way, I didn't earn any more points than last time, so LD points it is tounge2

#43:  Author: LizSFX2016 PostPosted: Sun 25 Aug, 2013
So I saw something grand this morning. The grand thing being a futuristic city park of the future. Although I didn't see it whilst lucid, I had a tiny pang of lucidity about 30 seconds towards the end

#44:  Author: Letaali PostPosted: Sun 25 Aug, 2013
I saw a grand underground city it was a ND but it's something, right?

#45:  Author: Lumessence PostPosted: Sun 25 Aug, 2013
Two parts, again.

Two short LD's.
By some miracle, I think i actually pulled off the bonus task.
I'd say the wormhole was pretty grand during my ND, but also the binding in my LD was pretty uh... pretty. (grand it's own way, i would say)

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