The BIG VILD Topic - Part I
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LD4all » Quest for Lucidity

#16:  Author: Pedro PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2004
Oh my god I forgot how long this post was! Lol. I never did a workcount on it...

The funny thing is I just sat and started typing and tthen didn't stop till the end! I didn't think about it beforehand...I just typed! Scary....I can't do that for an otehr essays or anything!

ANYWAY...I just found it and thougt I'd give it a post since the thread has been a bit lonely for a while!

Still not revieved an award for "most pointless amount of writing EVER" yet lol! Maybe the Guiness book of records would take it...

#17:  Author: Lucid Sky Dreams PostPosted: Mon 12 Jan, 2004
Since I read the entire thing from start to finish, it is obvious it is worth it(I usually read nothing). Nice job pedro, I shall try it multiple times until i can get it. So far I like this method better then any of the other ones I've read about.

#18:  Author: p8e PostPosted: Tue 13 Jan, 2004
Great post, it really makes a lot of sense.

I have tried this technique adapted to waking up early in the morning, 5am and then starting in with my dream scenario.

No luck so far.

#19:  Author: Space Wrangler PostPosted: Thu 15 Jan, 2004
I like it. Thanks for pouring that out of your mind onto the page. I will work this into my habits.


#20:  Author: Tomas PostPosted: Fri 16 Jan, 2004
I finally read the tech, and indeed it seems very interesting..
But one thing i wonder though... From what i read, you say you are able to induce LD's in evning using this technique??

#21:  Author: triangulatus PostPosted: Fri 16 Jan, 2004
I will definantly try this. I've been have very vivid dreams of late two or three a night but there always so far out there and in no way relate to everyday life so i never think do do a RC.

Oh, What if you enter a dream state but don't realize it and cuntine going through your premade dream for the intire time your dreaming.

any way i'm ganna try it tonight.

#22:  Author: OneWingedAngel PostPosted: Fri 16 Jan, 2004
Very well written Pedro 8D I have decided I'm gonna start practicing this method now smile
Although something doesn't seem to make sense.. When you go to sleep at evening, your body goes through some stages before entering REM mode. So why do you claim that you immediately enter your dream after visualizing that dream scene?

#23:  Author: Pedro PostPosted: Fri 16 Jan, 2004
Well...if you watch a film and are thinking about the film and then you fall asleep I'm sure you will probably dream of the film...but maybe not.

But lets assume you did dream of the film. Im sure you don't REMEMBER any of the other sleep have no recollection of the periods between RL and dreaming. So it seems immediate. Im thinking of my dream scene over and over and suddenly I realize that this time I aint imagining it! I'm in the strange...

#24:  Author: r3m0t PostPosted: Sat 17 Jan, 2004
I wonder if Pedro could get himself a NovaDreamer (turn the signals off of course!) or an EEG and find out if the incubated dream occurs immediately after you fall sleep, 90 minutes after (first REM period) or in a longer and later period? You can try to check by waking up immediately after becoming lucid and noting the time.

By the way Pedro, you will be extremely bored of lucid dreaming by the time your "flat out" competition stops! I'm hoping to get a lucid dream every few days but not too often or I'll get bored very quickly! sadblauw

#25:  Author: Pedro PostPosted: Sat 17 Jan, 2004
It isn't boring...having complete freedom. I love it's what to do with the freedom now thats annoying me! I end up doing the same things all the time sadblauw

This is so cool trying to get as many as possible though...I'm soooo sure I can get 6 in one night if I can work out my sleep pattern...I'm trying to work my way up to's one of my targets or goals at the moment!

#26:  Author: r3m0t PostPosted: Sat 17 Jan, 2004
And how high have you flown?

You're making amazing use of it though Pedro. I mean, with the band and everything. Maybe you should disect some frogs .

What do you do in your dreams now? Do you just get lucid, wake up, VILD, get lucid again...? That might mean sleep deprivation neutral

#27:  Author: Pedro PostPosted: Sat 17 Jan, 2004
I usually try anything that pops to mind coz I aint fussy, body swap, morph...anything.

OR... I let myself lose lucidity for the sake of having an interesting dream!

OR...(and most usually) I just create a skateboard and skate everywhere! My dreamscape is the only place I can do a 900 degree melon and then land straight into a handstand manual and then pop up onto a rail and do a crooked darkslide and then switch to 50-50 and then hardflip off the rail and land. The let everyone clap and cheer. Lucid-skating is what I usually do if nothing else springs to me's quite an adreniline rush and I usually wake up in a very good mood and energized after it!

#28:  Author: r3m0t PostPosted: Sat 17 Jan, 2004
*grin* Well, admittedly in my first lucid dream just last night I did do some backwards somersaults but they went pretty slowly so not hugely fun. Still cool to watch the ground wheel by...

#29:  Author: Lucid_Adventurer PostPosted: Sun 18 Jan, 2004
Pedro, I liked your other post a long time ago, but now you have outdone yourself. Thanks a million for the excellent information and techniques.

By the way, I'm not really new here, I just thought I'd change my username to this because I think it's cooler. ^^

#30:  Author: ILuvSesshomaru PostPosted: Sun 18 Jan, 2004
Hey Pedro. Thanks for posting such an excellent method. In my opinion, your method seems as if it would be the most effective.

Thanks again for posting it!!! smile

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