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#16:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2004
ShiroTora wrote:
I need help on flying how do you guys fly? I prefer using wings but all I do is fly up no where else unless im not controlling it or something. any help? tryfly

The problem with flying is that you don't have "physical" contact with the dreamscape anymore. You're in the sky with no dream objects to hold on to. This makes flying a bit hard for some.. because you have to have some feeling and control over the dream. In the beginning I always woke up when I tried to fly, simply because I had lost touch with the dreamscape.
If you want to use wings, it takes an additional level of control and imagination you have to put in the dream in order to make it work. Personally, I don't use any additional means to fly. Only my arms.. most often in Superman style. Swimming style is also nice; perhaps a bit slow, but that's easily adjusted (simply by using your dream magic). Experiment a bit and see what's best for you smile

Good luck! ^^

#17:  Author: Rarosu PostPosted: Wed 09 Jun, 2004
Great idea to make a FAQ. There's just one thing I want to bring attention to. Since there're several opinions on some of these questions, it might be better to take a little more objective approach and say, for example: "Well, the scientific interpretation is *so and so*, while the more spiritual people would insist that is *such and such*.
What do you think?

#18:  Author: r3m0t PostPosted: Wed 09 Jun, 2004
I'de like that too.

(Rarosu, have you looked at the wikibook? See my sig)

#19:  Author: SleepingCartographer PostPosted: Fri 18 Jun, 2004
About the shared ones... If those exist...

Is it possible to go from your dream to somebody else and mess with them a bit? The people that don't know how to Lucid Dream?

*evil smile*

#20:  Author: El Fonzo PostPosted: Sun 20 Jun, 2004
Another one about shared dreams...

Can two lucid dreamers "meet up" inside a shared dream?

#21:  Author: SleepingCartographer PostPosted: Thu 24 Jun, 2004
Can you meet somebody that doesn't know how to have an LD, then tell them that they're dreaming, and somehow...make them have an LD without them doing the focusing and all that stuff?


#22:  Author: Spinoza PostPosted: Wed 04 Aug, 2004
Heh, I have a question but don't know where to ask it.

I used to smoke Marijuana regularly, but I quit for over two years now. I'm thinking of getting back into it out of bordem. Would it effect my dream recall or have any positive or negative effects on my quest for lucidity?

#23:  Author: sterredag PostPosted: Wed 04 Aug, 2004
I've got a tip: maybe someone can make a question for it smile

Always check if you are dreaming when you wake up. FA's are not uncomman and so you'll have a good chance of getting an LD from a FA.

#24:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Wed 04 Aug, 2004
garlic, check the marijuana topic in the shortcuts section smile viewtopic.php?t=3568

#25:  Author: l2o5z1 PostPosted: Sat 21 Aug, 2004
If SD does exsist and your in one with some one, does this limit your ability to control the dream and its features? i mean, what if you and the person sharing your dream disagreed on the environment, would you both see it differently or would it wake you up?? does anybody know?


#26:  Author: r3m0t PostPosted: Sat 21 Aug, 2004
l2o5z1, if you read accounts of shared dreams you will notice there isn't really full consistency. It's very hard to say one way or the other. Besides, are shared dreams real?

#27:  Author: l2o5z1 PostPosted: Sun 22 Aug, 2004
My guess from what ive read so far is it is mainly coinsidetial (sp), surely if it were real this would mean a great number of things were possible like contacting ppl 1000s of miles away, and if so wouldnt everyone be trying to do it...anyway, thanks for the reply.

#28:  Author: JustAToltecDreamer PostPosted: Fri 27 Aug, 2004
I think they are real. In Carlos Castaneda's book "The Egal's Gift" he has sevral SD's with an other one of Don Juan's aprentacis. They do it by the first person who falls asleep wates for the second person and then grabs on to their forarm. It is aperantly easyer to do it the farther away you are from the other person.

Some dreams they shered the same perspective but others they did not. When they viseted events that already happened, but that they had forgoten, he relived the dream but she just observed.

He wrights that shared dreams are posible because of the tendensy of the assemblage point to move to the same position as the assemblage point as an other person. This is why we all have the same shared reality. Every day life is like a big shared dream.

#29:  Author: Toshiba PostPosted: Wed 08 Sep, 2004
I've been able to show up in people's dreams, but never in the LD state. As for making them LD I don't think so because most of the time I duck out before they say anything.

I have had someone do that to me though where they made me realize that I was dreaming by just showing up and unfortunately woke me up by the realization.

With shared dreaming, I think that the interconnectedness theory (Bell's) probably explains shared dreams. That the people you mostly surround yourself with you are ultimately still conversing with on a sub atomical level and since the synaptions in the brain are electronic in nature, they might act as a conductor between the two seperated realities.

#30:  Author: Dili Dali PostPosted: Thu 23 Jun, 2005
I've always wondered this...

If you listen to music in a LD, what will happen? Like, will the music be different?Would it change the environment? Will it wake you up?

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