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#91:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Thu 06 Mar, 2014
Had an ND here which featured Zapdos and a scenario/setting that was likely influenced by the 2nd Pokemon movie.

#92:  Author: ZRVera PostPosted: Fri 07 Mar, 2014
Well, I really should have posted this a week ago when I had the dream, but... I've been incredibly lazy this last week (I suppose my excuse is being as lazy as I can before I start my new job). So, I did have the dream related to the first task during the first task, but I'm posting it a week late. Oops. I had this the morning of 02/27 (all non-lucid, as well).

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

I'm assuming the truck ride counts as a ride... but if it doesn't, I understand. I guess I kind of gave those twins a ride with them hanging on my boot in midair... though I wasn't quite happy they were there. tounge2 Though, I'm not sure if "a different type of ride" still requires me to be riding something, or if it's just a ride in general. I guess the last one kind of involved a chase, but the truck ride didn't. I was just speeding cause I could.

#93:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Fri 07 Mar, 2014
Today's dreams where I had a medium/long LD.

Besides the LD, I also had a part where I had a Pokémon-like creature in my possession. In hindsight, it did not resemble any Pokémon I'm aware of, but it worked very similarly to one - I ordered it to use 'dig' on the ground, which I thought would fit into the democracy mode task. However, like said, I aimed my attack at the ground.

I need to start to remember to do things inside my dream... I always forget...

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#94:  Author: HeadInTheClouds PostPosted: Fri 07 Mar, 2014
I rode in a bus and a plane in two NDs last night. I'm not sure if I've posted a bus or plane ride before. There was also a ND where there were three people in a car and the police were chasing them. I was watching from a third person perspective, but I'm not sure if I was one of the people in the car or just a DO. I think in the beginning I was supposed to be one of the people in the car, though. I'll let you decide if that counts.

#95:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Fri 07 Mar, 2014
In a dream fragment posted here, a car I was riding in became a kiddy pool (the round, plastic kind), and I rode it shortly. Other people in my fragments rode snowboards and a log flume, but I didn't get to ride either of them. sadblauw

#96:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar, 2014
Another LD. This one was long. Didn't complete anything from the current task, but I did ride the TARDIS.

*WARNING* could provide spoilers to a certain TM who is not caught up on all of Doctor Who. Some names adjusted so only those even slightly caught up will understand.

I don't remember the ND part of this but I realized I was dreaming during a romp with the Eleventh Doctor in Nazi Germany. It seemed to be after the events of "Let's Kill Hitler" as Melody Pond was on our side. The Doctor and were working on defusing some kind of bomb when some person broke in who I no longer remember.

The Doctor was then mortally wounded after I dispatched the enemy. Melody and I continued running a wire of some kind until we got to a window. The TARDIS was below but it was a long fall. She mentioned she'd be fine like in the actual episode, but I pointed out she no longer had leftover energy from her regeneration. She jumped anyway and broke her legs.

I made sure she made it to the TARDIS before I finally activated the device. Shrapnel tore through my body. It didn't hurt, and yet I felt disabled somehow. I also jumped from the window which really did seem to hurt at the time (though not too much). I limped into the TARDIS and plopped down on a bed in an otherwise perfect recreation of 11's first console room.

Melody was busy fixing herself up when Amy and Rory ran in. I was on my side at this point. Even sitting up was a struggle and I was apparently bleeding a lot. I knew I could heal myself instantly but I went along with the dream anyway. I've never had a feeling quite like that before. I even felt some pain, though not enough to make me want to change the story.

We all waited for The Doctor; the others were worried he'd regenerate. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and a young boy walked in, claiming to be The Doctor. The others weren't sure what to do but I laughed.

"Ok, Doctor, I know you're fine. Come on in."

The Eleventh Doctor walked in.

"How... how did you even guess?" he asked, looking slightly annoyed his joke had failed.

"Please, going out alone is totally not your style. Besides, Tennant did the fake regeneration much better."

Eleven seemed slightly annoyed I said a previous regeneration did something better. The others in the TARDIS just laughed.
I woke up after that.

#97:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar, 2014
Average length LD here.

#98:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar, 2014
Had Two NDs here which featured basic manifestations of Pokemon.

#99:  Author: HeadInTheClouds PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar, 2014
In a ND last night, I went on an odd ride. It was a water slide that was completely vertical and stuck down into a room. It was odd in the sense that it was a suction slide, where you stood under it and it sucked you up through the slide instead of you sliding down it.

#100:  Author: demented PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar, 2014
had ND where i rode a bus and i was being chased.
had LD where i failed to summon any pokemon, though, did battle in those both modes

#101:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar, 2014
The first ND posted here includes a Pidgeot for Task 2, which I briefly ride in line with Task 1. I feel that there were actual Pokémon battles in that dream, but I was jarred out of the dream and don't recall them clearly.

#102:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar, 2014
Task 3 - Giving

This particular task comes up every year around the holidays as a Quest, but I figured the spirit of giving doesn't need a reason or time. wink5

1. Give something to a DC +20 pts

2. Buy or wrap something and then give it to a DC +30 pts (must be different from 1.)

3. Get one DC to give something to another. You must witness it being given and be the reason they did so. (ex. You tell them to, you control them, etc.) +40 pts

Group Incubation

To successfully complete this particular group incubation, either 2 parts of the task must be present OR the gift must be specified beforehand. 15 pts for an attempt, 30 pts for completion, and 40 pts if you manage to complete every part of the task with your entire group in the same dream.

Given the title of this task, task 4 might be obvious... kiekeboe

#103:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Sun 09 Mar, 2014
Had a short LD here which was no longer than a minute.

As part of the group incubation I discussed with Thorn last night, I was able to give Thorn a potion contained within a test-tube.

#104:  Author: Oleg PostPosted: Sun 09 Mar, 2014
Well, that was disappointing.

past me wrote:
9th of March, 2014
"Forgotten" (average-length LD where I only know it was an LD but cannot remember anything else about it)

Well, whoops.

That Group Incubation didn't go anywhere. However, I do feel like that LD had at least some potential to it, would I actually remember it.

And by the way, I forgot it when I tried to chain with DEILD afterwards. Alas, I failed at successfully performing it and I was left stranded in a wave of also-forgotten NDs.

Now I think about it... The alarm went of at 3:30, but I can't remember ever pressing the button. I'm going to guess that the LD happened afterwards...

It may be that I did successfully perform a chain the first time, but just... can't remember it? :v Well, it doesn't matter. I'll try again next time.

#105:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Sun 09 Mar, 2014
This ND features giving in a few contexts that all work for Task 3's first part; I give a lift/ride to Scipio and I give a TM to the Nidoking from my current Pokémon game's party. The Nidoking itself is part of Task 2; I'm glad that I inadvertently made a team with four major players from the Twitch Plays Pokémon stream, as it's been in my dreams twice now.

EDIT: We've decided on a group incubation. James and I talked yesterday, and we agreed that having some sort of dream control potion would be a gift we'd want to be given (hence James giving me one and earning points already; Wyvern was around to confirm that we decided that much yesterday). Mew151 wants a "cool hat", and Scipio wants a shrink ray. Mew151 is clearly the most original of all of us.

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