How did you get here? Part III
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How did you get here?
How did you get here?
Search engine
 42%  [ 287 ]
A friend told me about ld4all
 12%  [ 84 ]
Link from another site
 32%  [ 225 ]
Mention in a magazine/book
 2%  [ 14 ]
Subliminal message from aliens
 7%  [ 48 ]
from Sealife
 0%  [ 3 ]
from Dreamviews
 3%  [ 21 ]
Total Votes : 682

#1: How did you get here? Part III Author: Qu PostPosted: Thu 20 Nov, 2003
<mod>This is Part III of the topic .... the first post and the poll were moved to part III .....
Part I is here
Part II is here
dragon </mod>

Yes, a slight variation on the 'how did I get here' RC grin

How did you get on the forum for the first time? How did you find out about LD4all?

if your choice is not listed, post below and i'll add it.
please elaborate on your choice when you have come here from another site, which site, etc.

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#2:  Author: Kitty PostPosted: Wed 15 Dec, 2010
Meow that I think about it, I really can't recall how I stumbled upon this site... sheer luck I guess wink5

#3:  Author: tiantian PostPosted: Tue 08 Mar, 2011
Since I was a little kid, I always always always wanted somehow to control my dreams I actually thought it was impossible. Ten years later, on a boring day, I googled "controlling dreams", and you know what happened next grin

#4:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Tue 08 Mar, 2011
Actually I was looking on wikipedia about insomnia, and then I saw for the first time expression lucid dreams, then I read about lucid dreaming on wikipedia (... and realized that I had a lucid dream before...), then using google I get here...

#5:  Author: vbflame PostPosted: Wed 27 Apr, 2011
I had a gut feeling to search for the ideal forum after having a DILD. siiw

#6:  Author: Nineteen PostPosted: Mon 06 Jun, 2011
I was referenced here from a user on FunnyJunk. Someone posted some "tips" on LD'ing, and someone said to Google "ld4all." Good thing I did. :D

#7:  Author: Sindiewen PostPosted: Thu 23 Jun, 2011
*first post ever on these forums*

I learned about this site after browsing the Minecraft Forums on a topic about Lucid Dreaming.
After trying and failing back in 09, i decided to go to it, got linked to this site. So far loving it.
Going to start my quest into Lucid Dreaming tonight.

#8:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Thu 23 Jun, 2011
welcome Sindiewen colgate good luck with your Quest for lucidity!

#9:  Author: Limitles PostPosted: Fri 24 Jun, 2011
i got to this site because i was looking up the possibility on google of a Water induced lucid dream. cuz earlier i had a lucid dream after drinking water before i went to bed. I clicked on the first link wich apparently was a post from this site!!! i read it then explored the rest of this wonderful website and decided to make an account :D

#10:  Author: wishbone116 PostPosted: Sat 02 Jul, 2011
I only found this site through friends. i herd them talking about it, so out came google and here i am smile

#11:  Author: Amythest444 PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2011
I was searching up WILD on google, and I clicked on a yahoo answer. Some person said

"Go to LD4all, they have a huge forum of lucid dreaming."

#12:  Author: Averaine PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2011
Like most people it seems, I found the site while searching up things about dreams/LDing a long while back. (but I chose subliminal message from aliens ) This is definitely the best, most well rounded and complete site I've seen on dreaming though, and the community is great. Very glad I found it.

#13:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep, 2011
I read about LDing in a magazine (the article was actually based on Inception ), I thought, Huh, you can control your dreams?, found a wikibook about it and LD4all was mentioned in relation to the techniques. So I clicked both "link from another side" and "mention in a book" :D

#14:  Author: BlueGecko PostPosted: Thu 13 Oct, 2011
(Well, I guess I can safely say I've disproved my theory of not posting here much before my first really good LD) draait

I was lurking the off-topic section of the Minecraft forum for whatever reason, and I saw a Lucid Dreaming Topic. It went something like: "Yadda yadda ya, words words words! Check out LD4all!" You know the story. (I did tell you about the space ninjas that attacked my house when I found that topic before, right? )

#15:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Thu 13 Oct, 2011
Will this won't go on the poles but.....
My brother was talking about a i-doser thing(whitch dosent work) and I was looking through the tracks and I saw lucid dreaming but I dident know what it was so I googled it and wanted to learn more so I looked and found one website I could learn and stick to and I chose ld4all and can blame it for every lucid dream I have ever had thank you ld4all

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