Lucidity Challenge 60: Special Awards Ceremony
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#481:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2017
Just 1 ND today, in which I recognised 6 DCs. I also drew a map for this dream because it was confusing in explanation. ^^

The 6 DCs and their descriptions:
Sam: Curled hair worn loose; blue party dress up to her knees with a front split
Manda: Red party dress; dark hair, curled and parted on one side
Mum: Hair unkempt and bushy; run-down house clothes
Ash: Tall; white, button down shirt with top two buttons open to show of his chest hair
George Goodwin (original DC ftw!): Small child (about 9) with blond-brown afro; red cheeks
Aunt R: Black curly hair; wearing a white flowery sundress

#482: Re: Checkpoint Author: GenghisKhan PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2017
Tggtt wrote:
GenghisKhan wrote:
The most disappointing LD ever happened to me this morning neutral
Disappointing dreams aren't worth points, otherwise they wouldn't be so disappointing. That would contradict their nature... I hope this is clear.

Totally makes sense :D

#483: Task 5...? Task 5! Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2017
You tell the other LC participants of Tggtt's evil plans and together you get to work on an investigation! After some sleuthing with computers, you finally locate where Tggtt must be developing his evil technology and powers... it's in a secret tunnel underground the Academy of Dreams. And some crazy soothsayer tells you his secret plan seems to be some sort of technology to sap the power from lucid dreamers and divert it all to him! How evil! You give all your findings to Mew. "Excellent job, everyone. With your help we will stop Tggtt's evil plans and save the LC!", Mew says, "Now then, we need to coordinate our own ambush if we want to stop him." Mew plans a date where all of you will invade his secret underground lab and stop him.

The day of the strike comes and all of you and Mew are ready. You locate the secret entrance to the tunnel and enter... and you can see Tggtt surely working on all kinds of diabolical machinery! You and the other participants charge at Tggtt and pin him to the ground. He lets out a little scream as he hits the ground. The other participants are saying things like "I know what you were planning down here" and "I can't believe you were going to do this to us..." but Tggtt just has a confused look on his face. Hey wait... where's Mew?

You look up at Mew dashing towards that hologram machine that was used earlier to transport you all to the Academy. Mew switches it on and suddenly you find that you can't move! What's going on!? Mew laughs. "I can't believe it worked. You FOOLS! Do you think Tggtt was really planning something evil? Nah, he was just planning this." Mew presses some buttons on the machinery and a hologram appears. It's rainbow-colored text that reads "LUCIDITY CHALLENGE 60 AWARDS CEREMONY!". Little sparkler machines activate and some triumphant music starts playing. Confetti shoots out of some cannons. A wacky Rube Goldberg machine bakes a batch of cookies in an incredibly short amount of time and dumps them onto a platter.

Mew laughs some more and paces around. "I'm glad you trusted that soothsayer, I wasn't sure you were going to buy that disguise! Anyway, let's carry out more of my plan, shall we?" Mew pulls out little disks that kind of look like cyberpunk ninja stars. Mew throws them out in all directions and they fly out, seeking all of the LC participants. The disks attach themselves to you all and you suddenly feel yourself getting weaker, while energy comes out of the disks and gets absorbed by Mew. "I've been trying to take over this LC from the beginning, and finally my opportunity comes! I was hoping that I'd be able to start off with Task 1 but Tggtt just had to get everyone's attention with that stupid island in danger garbage. But that's all behind us now. No longer am I just the little cohost who gets bossed around! Today, this becomes my Lucidity Challenge!"

Mew uses all the lucid energy to teleport you out of the tunnel and into a new place. Mew pulls out a paper. "Hm... this week's tasks were supposed to be all about a cool steampunk setting... but this is my LC now, so we won't be doing those lame old tasks." Mew shreds the paper and begins listing new tasks. Great... now you're going to have to do Mew's tasks... this might just be worse than math!

#484: Task 5: Not Trustworthy, Not An Addict Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2017
Task 5: Not Trustworthy, Not An Addict

This is the fifth week. We have a special voting session today!
Since this is now my LC, none of your input matters! Heyo!
Do not miss the opportunity to voice your opinions on how I run things!

Hey everybody, it's me, Mew! As previously established, I am now your new wonderful and beautiful host for LC60. As for Tggtt, let's just say that I too am indeed grateful to him, for running an LC that was surprisingly easy to take over! ebil Of course, I couldn't do it without all of your support!

Task 5 was supposed to involve some cool stuff but honestly, I think we need to make things a bit more... up to my standards. I told you that all of that investigating would make the LC great, right?

"🎤" wrote:

Sing on stage like a perfect pop star! Hey, it's my example personal goal!

Perfect Pop Star
Sing on stage like a perfect pop star. You need to sing on a stage with an audience in order to get points.
Hey... I bet if you did this you could also claim some other Monthly thing that's worth points as well?

Color: None (who cares about the colors in this LC?)
Points: 35 (constant, who like math?)
Early Bonus: 0 (it's impossible not to be early)

👁️ wrote:

Back in the day, people predicted what me being a LC host looked like, and said I'd include WACKY RESIDENTS MUSIC, referencing my favorite surreal eyeball-headed band, The Residents. Well, I won't go that far, but I will include them in spirit!

Feel confused in a dream! That's it!
All our lives we love illusion, neatly caught between confusion and the need to know we are alive.
Well... if you get confused, and everybody gets confused at some time or another, you just have to do what you can do. Because things change, there's nothing you can do about it.
But maybe things will get... satisfying. Just a little bit!

Color: None
Points: 12 (constant)
Early Bonus: 0

㊗️ wrote:

このタスクでは、 別の言語の文字を見なきゃ。

Foreign Characters
Read foreign characters! They can't be characters from a language you're fluent in (they're not foreign then, are they? ), but if you are still studying a language, it's fine.
And who knows, maybe you'll find some alien writing system from beyond our planet to read!

Color: None
Points: 25 (constant)
Early Bonus: 0

💻 wrote:

I'm not an addict! But the rest of you are, so dreaming of LD4all should be pretty easy.

Not an Addict
Visit a physical manifestation of LD4all! What this means is that you can't just turn on a computer and post on LD4all or something, you need to actually visit LD4all!
Maybe jump into your computer or go beyond the mirror! wink5

Color: None
Points: 30 (constant)
Early Bonus: 0

✈️ wrote:

Hey, remember LC47? That was a great LC, because I was host, obviously! Well, it turns out coming up with tasks is hard, so let me just take one straight from that LC. And let's make it one of those narcissistic host subtasks while we're at it!

Fly with Mew
Fly with Mew151 through an endless sky! It's as simple as that! Actually, it sounds a bit hard.
In any case, I'm sure if you do this subtask, you can also get some "dream of co-host" bonus points as well!

Color: None
Points: 44 (constant)
Early Bonus: 0

When claiming dreams and tasks, remember that you can add a DJ link.
You need to add a link per dream you wrote there.

Please state the type of dream, as we always do in other LCs.
If you achieve an LD with an inducement technique, you can post it as well.

Week 1 standings:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)
Week 2 standings:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)
Week 3 standings:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)
Week 4 standings:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

We are entering Week 4 Tolerance. Please post your Week 4 dreams before 2017-08-17 21:00:00 UTC.

Last edited by Mew151 on Wed 16 Aug, 2017; edited 1 time in total

#485:  Author: Tggtt PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2017
Oh. I am indeed shocked. overspannen

I don't know how people would fall for some obvious ambush like the one set by someone who had that title below nickname.

Anyway. We have finally reached the final week!
Time for more competition and high valuable subtasks!

Best of luck to everyone. Congratulations to every dreamer in advance.
Now I can go back to my plans... to complete the awards ceremony.

Please remember to vote on our survey! kiekeboe

#486:  Author: GenghisKhan PostPosted: Thu 17 Aug, 2017
That's totally unfair ! eek2
What are those crappy tasks ? grrr
Mew, free Tggtt NAU ! grrr

Anyways, this morning one ND, a successful WILD with subsequent LD and some in and out of lucidity - count points as you fit - LINK TO DJ
I'd claim below tasks:
- Snowman
- Television
- Identify 6 DCs (wife, R, S, L, S, M)
- X-ray vision (It was great ! :D )
- Sunset
- Sunrise

A near miss on snowflake

#487:  Author: Majah PostPosted: Thu 17 Aug, 2017
2 ND's
1 short LD, MILD
DJ entry

Interrogate a DC -subtask in "Stewed pears"

Classroom -subtask in "Xylophone"
(Learn art from a DC -subtask, in "Xylophone", but don't claim points because I already did it before)

#488:  Author: ChaosAngel PostPosted: Thu 17 Aug, 2017
17th August
1 very short dream moment - just a few seconds of a dream recalled so not worth anything?
2 normal dreams - no tasks done - I felt frustration in both dreams but wouldn't really consider it enough to count for the rage task. I will save my rage for when I find ebil Mew! grrr grin

dream journal link

#489:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Thu 17 Aug, 2017
Non-lucid dream in which I see some toads.

Non-lucid dream in which I get off a train at a railway station.

Non-lucid dream in which I am on a bus.

Non-lucid dream in which I am in a library.

Non-lucid dream in which I meet an armoured anteater.

No points for the toads or the anteater. Lots of random animals are subtasks, but, sadly, not toads.

I won't claim the underground tunnel, even though I went into the metro system after getting off the train, because I didn't really see very much of the metro.

I'll claim the points for 5 dream journal entries and the railway station subtask.

These were done in week 4.

#490:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Thu 17 Aug, 2017
I think I get another unlock for completing 4 indigo subtasks (unless my previous use of "1 subtask of each colour" has consumed one of them, like it's Tetris) so I'll unlock the "baggage claim" subtask.

#491:  Author: LDbc12 PostPosted: Thu 17 Aug, 2017
We've got three ND's aqui.

In Student Unicycler, I use a flashlight. Also in that dream, I'd like to claim no entry because the basement I went in was part of someone else's house, ie private private that I wouldn't be allowed in (ie I broke in). Plus, the primary reason I left the basement (other than it being dark) was that I was getting nervous that I was going to get caught (<-- i forgot to write that part in the DJ).

In NINS, I type on a keyboard (to access a website) and I get confused because my photos were missing and that's because I took the photos in a dream which doesn't make sense because I just took them and it was just confusing.

#492:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Fri 18 Aug, 2017
GenghisKhan you did 3 of my sub tasks thumbs (sunrise, sunset and TV)

At least I ended up with a few points on a no recall day.

#493:  Author: LDbc12 PostPosted: Fri 18 Aug, 2017
Also submitting some dream art, for today's dream, Student Unicycler.

#494:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Fri 18 Aug, 2017
Had 1 ND and 1LD here this morning. The LD was a short one.

In #1, I notably watched a Thunderstorm towards the end of it that I'd like to claim points for please.

#495:  Author: GenghisKhan PostPosted: Fri 18 Aug, 2017
moogle wrote:
GenghisKhan you did 3 of my sub tasks thumbs (sunrise, sunset and TV)

At least I ended up with a few points on a no recall day.

Glad to help !

Went to bed very late yesterday -> Little sleep -> No recall today smile

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