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#1: SSILD or a MILD WBTB for newbie Author: Enz PostPosted: Fri 27 Apr, 2018
which should I start with?

#2:  Author: Dr Denholm Aspy PostPosted: Fri 18 May, 2018
I'd suggest to go with MILD - in experimental research I've conducted comparing both techniques, I've found MILD to be a little more successful on average for beginners smile

#3:  Author: DTDownUnder PostPosted: Sat 19 May, 2018
I'd make sure you are keeping a DJ and getting your recall up to speed, and then, well, do whatever works!
Sure, stuff like WILD is gonna be harder than the simple stuff. (I have never, ever had a successful WILD, but hey, aphantasia doesn't help that)
But just getting to it and trying is the main thing, I spent ages thinking WBTB and SSILD were way out of my grasp, so I kept trying with MILD and straight up DILD.

But after a while, I started with WBTB, and I realized I should have been doing that since the word go. WBTB is kind of like a primary technique, and you need to combine it with another method.

Eventually, I decided to give SSILD a go, and boom, LD on my first try. And my second and third tries as well! I had found what works for me, and you need to find what works for you.

I will probably never get WILD or MILD to work for me, but that's just me. Play around with different methods, try one every night for a week and if it's not working, pick another one and try that for a week. Keep trying new things and eventually, you will find something that works for you!

#4:  Author: Ciro757 PostPosted: Mon 04 Jun, 2018
Hi Enz,

The best choice for you would be a MILD. Doing reality checks throughout the bonus, but that is only partial to what induces it. Making sure you tell yourself that "If I have a goodnight's sleep, I will have a better chance of LDing" helps produce more lucid dreams.

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