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#1: Trouble lucid dreaming with medication Author: Enz PostPosted: Wed 17 Oct, 2018
My medication makes me sleep for 11 to 12 hours. I have trouble remembering to do techniques in the night because I feel dopey. If I use a nicotine patch and B6 to counter the dopiness I find it really hard to go back to sleep after a WBTB. I had some luck with SSILD and Mild. With the SSILD I pushed my finger through my hand then woke up. With the Mild I had a few lucid dreams each week in this augusts and september then this month I tried about 10 times but failed. I'm thinking maybe VILD will work for me.

#2:  Author: Enz PostPosted: Thu 18 Oct, 2018
anyone able to recommend a technique that I should use?

#3:  Author: Obliverum PostPosted: Fri 19 Oct, 2018
when are you doing your wbtb? most wbtb methods recommend trying it after 5 or 6 hours of sleep and staying awake over 30 minutes, but you might try after 9 hours or longer, and experiment with the timing of how long to stay awake before going back to bed. eventually you should find a timing that works for being not too groggy but still falling back asleep.

whichever technique you use, try writing it down and rehearsing it before bed so that you dont have to think about it too much. you can put your reminder note next to your wbtb alarm.

many people have luck LDing during afternoon naps, too, if thats an option.

good luck with your dreams!

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