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#1: Characters Replaced Author: DeRuyter001 PostPosted: Thu 24 Jan, 2019
I was reading back through my own DJ, 'The Mound of Thistles', and saw that in some posts apostrophes and quotations marks had been replaced by weird things like "??". This affected both my and other people's posts, but not all of them. New posts seem to be unaffected, and I know that when I originally posted the affected ones, they were fine. Can they be changed back?

#2:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Thu 24 Jan, 2019
Hi DeRuyter,

Due to an unexpected server update, we've been dealing with a few character encoding issues. The issue is currently effecting special characters (such as Word's "smart quotes", smart-hyphens and apostrophes) and non-latin characters, with posts having been created or edited between May 2017 and Jan 2019 effected.

New posts will be mostly unaffected, with the exception of some non-latin characters.

Qu has tried to find a solution, but at this time they can only be changed back if users manually edit said posts.

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