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#1: The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III Author: Zwitter PostPosted: Sat 09 Oct, 2004
This is Part 3 of the "BIG Favorite thing to do in a LD" topic.

Part I
Part II


Things changed over the years,I guess with age and ld experience things change.

1.See my dead g/f agian(kinda strange I guess,but I missed her a lot)
2.Sex Sex Sex and did I mention sex? ^^
3.explore different worlds
4.fight evil monsters(Gremlins lmao lots of gremlin slashing,dragons,skeletons,etc)
6.exploring space and planets control
8.spirit guides
9.speaking with myself(as a child) very cool actually,I suggest everyone give that a try at least once
10.exploring space and planets
11.time extension
12.stablizing the senses

and a few others i'm probably forgetting.

I don't really know what I want to do next(other than keep working on 11 and 12) I guess i'll just have to have an LD that gives me inspiration to do something more meaningful(to myself).

#2:  Author: r3m0t PostPosted: Mon 18 Oct, 2004
How about staring at the sun? Bet nobody's thought of that. It was mentioned in a fantasy book I read last night. Makes me want to get back properly into LDing... in fact, I think I will! grin

#3:  Author: jimjim142 PostPosted: Wed 20 Oct, 2004
I dunno if anyone still posts in this topic but I wanna suggest some things.

I haven't had a lucid dream yet but here are some things I would like to do.

1. Eat random things like part of a wall or a tree.
2. Be really good at a sport or something else, like being good at skateboarding or soccer.
3. Walking around town butt naked and see what people say
4. Punch every single person I see in the face.
5. Play the guitar really good.
6. Try and shoot a bullet through my finger. ^^

#4:  Author: WhiteWolf PostPosted: Wed 20 Oct, 2004
I would like to:

1. fly more often
2. visit dead realitives
3. study for tests in LD's (since I can really dig into my subconscious and remember better... supposedly)
4. explore the dream world
5. enter and take part in movies I have seen.
6. maybe a little bit of sweet lovin shy2

What I seem todo:
1.teleport myself,objects, and other people.
2.Eat alot (it does taste remarkable)
3. transform things (like cop cars into chickens for anyone keeping up with my LD:DJ... LOL) and my enviroment.

#5:  Author: whispa PostPosted: Thu 21 Oct, 2004
My dreams are very empty of people so I would like to create some original DC's. I'd also like to be more aware of smell, taste, feel etc.

#6:  Author: JaRoD PostPosted: Fri 22 Oct, 2004
I don't have that many people in my LDs either, but that's a good thing. Because then they can't convice me that it's not a dream

What I would like to do in LDs is to remember to do the things that I'm supposed to do, not just walk around and not being able to remember what I was supposed to do. Then waking up without getting anything fun done neutral

#7:  Author: HMP Warrior PostPosted: Tue 26 Oct, 2004
i've 2 lds and only had one ld where i did something fun, and that was become Captain America and fly and chop a giant wooden airplane in half with my shield!

#8:  Author: shadowe PostPosted: Sat 30 Oct, 2004
As soon as I have my first smile

1) Flying of course
2) Morphing... tis kewl you know...
3) Having supa powaz :D
4) Meeting myself as a kid
5) Have extreme fighting skills (Im sorry... Im just like that smile)
6) Creating a whole city
7) Exploring space and new worlds
siiw Have telekinesis through sleep (But thats impossible smile)

I will come up with more stuff smile

#9: ;D Author: Prinsii PostPosted: Sun 07 Nov, 2004
1. Be the playboy king.
2. Long and full control LD.
3. DBZ powers.
Hail LD. wiske

#10:  Author: Xenteko PostPosted: Wed 10 Nov, 2004
I've done the third one, took me a few years of practice though.

Ohh, things I'd like to do in a LD.

1) Make myself travel to different places, like beaches, jungles, etc.

2) Enter a friend of mines dreams, then ask him what he dreampt about the following day.

I'm sure there are lots of other things, but I'd really have to practice LD excercises more.

#11:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Fri 12 Nov, 2004
Well, I haven't had a LD yet, but when I do...

Swimming around and breathing!
360 Vision!
Create some music!

I dunno, I'm sure I'll come up with some better things later that haven't been thought of before.

#12:  Author: stranger PostPosted: Fri 12 Nov, 2004
my fav things to do are:

1) create energy through my hands... and even shoot energy balls and blow things up
2) drive a car as fast as I can
3) meet spiritual entities
4) fly to the moon, and try push it.. (maybe push the moon into the earht and watch it all blow up)


#13:  Author: whispa PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2004
stranger wrote:
(maybe push the moon into the earht and watch it all blow up)

tumbsuplinkswitteduim that's a good one

I'd also like to...
shine a torch at the sky
dig a hole in the garden
put a glass to the wall and listen to my neighbours

#14:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2004
I'd create my own mansion where I would always start my lucid dreams and every room could have a different purpose. I could change it all and make it really cool looking and design it all. It'd rock.

Or do something fun that you did recently that you can't do anymore:

Recently we did ping pong in gym and now we aren't doing it anymore. I could play ping pong, and it'd rock!

Or dig a hole to china!

Or turn into a monster and scare people on Halloween.

Or practise something in a dream. Like pen spinning, magic tricks or some other thing that takes practise. oh oho ho I want a lucid dream!!!

#15:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2004
Ok wait, I had a really weird thought...

If anything is possible in a LD, couldn't you just lay back and do everything you wanted to at once, or just feel everything good all at once and feel awesome if you have complete control?

Why bother doing something to get the positive consequences? It's not like we need to, we're dreaming, nothing is real!

Why bother becoming invisible and scaring people? It's a dream, we don't have to do it to feel the fun, do we?

#16:  Author: Xenteko PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2004
I'm not really sure what you mean, how could you do it if you are not doing it... I think you are getting a little too philosophical about the whole thing smile

#17:  Author: shadowe PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2004
@ dig a hole to china... LOL... them cartoons smile

#18:  Author: Siiw PostPosted: Mon 15 Nov, 2004
if you dig from israel, you won't end up in china siiw

I want to make some music in my next LD, and remember it when I wake up

#19:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Tue 16 Nov, 2004
Yeah I should do that, I make some music on mah computron, but I don't have the skills in Fruity Loops to do it very well. If I made a song in a dream and remembered it I wouldn't be able to recreate in FL.... I could try, but I think I would just get frustrated.

#20:  Author: Floater PostPosted: Wed 24 Nov, 2004
good stuff.
had afew where instead of flying, i was floating, like sitting in a hammock, floating like a feather on a breeze. like being held by a giant, cupped hand.
floating takes bit of concentration, whereas flying is quick and constant, usually, floating seems to take concentration, to rise or fall.
besides floating/ flying, id like to...
1. be chased by a dog
2. be chased by a dog and a turkey
3. be chased by a dog, on a turkey.
4.go into an office and place a brick on top of a napkin in an office.
5.find the start of wind
6. realize that snake anthony is not a small chinese woman.
7. listen to sound in a vacuum.
8. float frogs with 360 degrees of high powered magnets.

#21:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Fri 26 Nov, 2004
Floater wrote:

5.find the start of wind

That's an awesome idea!!

#22:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Fri 26 Nov, 2004
Oo, how about talking to your favorite characters from movies or TV shows! That'd be a fun time.

#23:  Author: dfslkfsd PostPosted: Sat 27 Nov, 2004
TheBranMuffin wrote:
Oo, how about talking to your favorite characters from movies or TV shows! That'd be a fun time.

Hmmmm... I should try that in my next LD. I bet meeting the simpsons in a LD would be a fun time

#24:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Sun 28 Nov, 2004
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. I have another idea:

Making your hand disattach and float around like the hand from the Addams Family. (That's not where I got the idea. I just looked at my hand, and thought of it.)

#25:  Author: sublime_spot3 PostPosted: Wed 01 Dec, 2004
1. i would realy like to freeze time. ive always wanted to do that. i would do some prety funny stuff as well. like find a porn shoot and replace the guy with a horse so when i unstop time. AHHH. yeah im awsome.
2. have a huge adventure like LOTR over multiple ld's so i can save it and come back to it the next time
3. fly
4. eat something. i wonder what it would taste like.
5. go crazy. just i would realy like to control wind. a bunch of swat people drive their cars toward me. one movment of my hand and woosh. 30 meters up
6. have dbz powers and invade america. yeah id so win.

#26:  Author: Xetrov PostPosted: Wed 01 Dec, 2004
sublime_spot3 wrote:
... i would do some prety funny stuff as well. like find a porn shoot and replace the guy with a horse so when i unstop time. AHHH. yeah im awsome.


#27:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Thu 02 Dec, 2004
sublime_spot3 wrote:
1. i would realy like to freeze time. ive always wanted to do that. i would do some prety funny stuff as well. like find a porn shoot and replace the guy with a horse so when i unstop time. AHHH. yeah im awsome.
Where the hell did you get that idea?!??! eek2

#28:  Author: kfaar_giladi PostPosted: Sun 05 Dec, 2004
I can only remember having one ld, I was in my biology class and I was using telekinisis, so much fun!
When I learn to ld properly I shall attempt to, in no particular order:
1. Pilot an Evangelion, man that would be incredible.
2. Check out Hawkwind live with their 60's line up.
3. Meet my girlfreind (she's in Shanghai at the moment).
4.Grow huge demon wings and fly around smashing things to bits. destructive I know, but it's my dream!
5. Master the elements.
6. Weild a lightsaber []::::[])))))))))))))))))), use the force.

#29: Hey! Author: Kimmy PostPosted: Mon 06 Dec, 2004
Hey kfaar_giladi!

Your dream in you biology class sound really cool!! I remember when you told be about that dream!

I was very happy to find out that I am on your ld "To do list"!

"3. Meet my girlfreind (she's in Shanghai at the moment)."

(Although growing demon wings does sound like alot of fun!!
^^ Smashing things! Trust you to want to do something like that! smile Hee hee)

Cant wait untill Feb/March when I see you again

Kimmy xxx

#30:  Author: kfaar_giladi PostPosted: Mon 06 Dec, 2004
Hey, aren't u going to put a list of things to do in ur ld?? After all, that is the topic!! ^^

#31: LD Ideas. Author: Kimmy PostPosted: Mon 06 Dec, 2004
kfaar_giladi wrote:
Hey, aren't u going to put a list of things to do in ur ld?? After all, that is the topic!! ^^

Ok, ok, soooooooo sorry for drifting off the topic!

Well, if I had ld dreams I would:

1. Go back to all my scary dreams I had when my cats died (primary school) and kick some aminal asses!

2. Fly around town randomly dropping water ballons.

3. Go back in time to this girl who used to bully me when I was little and stand up for myself. Grrrrrrrr. That would feel great!!

4. Ride a bike around a huge park. (I cant ride a bike, tho Ive always wanted to)

5. Go back about a year and tell you (kfaar_giladi) that I like you! Something I wish I did. Maybe we could 'watch' a video! Or just being with you would make me happy.

7. I think it would be cool to be able to talk to animals!!

8. Go on some sort of crazy adventure, eg. 10th Kingdom Style

Will let you know if I can think of any others!!!

Kimmy xxx

#32:  Author: Qki PostPosted: Mon 06 Dec, 2004
In one of my first LDs i grew myself biiig wings and flew over the city. Then i started destroying things using telekinesis. It was REALY big fun. I kinda like to destroy things smile . When having my next LD i'm going to get as high as possible and start falling down and turn just before hitting the ground. And mayby i'll try driving some car like the new VIPER (this car is MAAAAD) or the porche 911. I think i'll try using telekinesis to throw big things too.

#33:  Author: mis_dolfijn PostPosted: Fri 31 Dec, 2004
All sounds fun except the sex ( jeah I'm only 14 )I had only one lucid dream yet didn't take long ( to excited ^^ I teleported to my town and I got whole excited to excited sadblauw but when I have a proper one I like to do

1) My big big dream learn to surf
2) transform in a dolphin and explore the deepts of the ocean
3)become a character of dbz ( jep a girl likes dbz ) I'm thinking of making myself the first female ssj lol
4)Talk to the boy I like and ask what he thinks of me
5) flying ofcourse dbz style
6) Meet my spirit guide
7) Discover my poweranimal
8)shared dreaming looks fun
9)Become a student of hogwarts and a friend of <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href=" harry%20potter" onmouseover="window.status='harry potter'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">harry potter</a> ( I know I'm crazy )
10) Go to Yu-Gi-oh world and chalenge yugi hihihihi
11) Go to china and visit my stephmothers original home and then if its same as in dream life I can prove to my parents I'm not crazy
12) Ask my teachers what they will ask for exam ( I know it's not real life but you can try)
13) learn breakdance yeah freestyle
14) learn skate ( I know : I'm pathatic )
15)Try to do telekenises and telepathie
16) Try to see the future
17) overcome my arachnafoby I don't want to be afraid of spiders

This are the things I like to do it's a bit strange but not impossible I hope everyone who stil trying to be lucid finally gets it I did 2 years for it so don't think you can't everybody can even after 5 years but I think that's a bit overacting GOOD LUCK

#34:  Author: TheBranMuffin PostPosted: Sat 01 Jan, 2005
You should try to do all of those things in the same dream! tounge2

#35:  Author: R3TRO PostPosted: Sat 01 Jan, 2005
Playing guitar with Jimi Hendirx is fun i like to do that.

Did you know that Stevie ray Vaughan used to have dreams that Jimi Taught him some new licks on the guitar but he could never remember them when he woke up. I had a dream the othe night where he taught me something, and i remembered it, so technically I learned to play guitar for Jimi Hendrix smile

#36:  Author: Sureal PostPosted: Mon 03 Jan, 2005
mis_dolfijn: r3tro or freecube could probably do that in two or three days wink5.

#37: god Author: nicolarose PostPosted: Sun 09 Jan, 2005
Someone on here had written that you should try to find god and ask him questions and stuff, well last night I asked a DC where I could find God. He said, "Oh, do you mean the lord of the mountain?" and I said "sure I suppose so"
Then he pointed out to me the direction and said, go that way, and from looking at the setting sun I worked out that I had to go in what I would call South West direction.
I said to him, "How will I know when I'm there?" and he replied,
"You will find him in a garden shed, an English-type garden shed."
I sort of accepted this and with some other people, friends of mie, I was starting on a journey but some of them said they didn't know how to fly, and i wasn't really lucid enough to just leaVE them, so I was going to teach them. Then one of my friends said that she had lots of stuff to do so her Mum would probably wake her up soon, and I was thinking, ok at least we don't have to worry if she randomly disappears. Then I suddenly realised that I was about to wake up so I memorised the scene and SW so that I can return to it next time I LD.

Will post any further info!

sorry for the really long post

#38:  Author: Rairai PostPosted: Mon 10 Jan, 2005
Hehe i guess i would

#1: Fly.

#2: Go on an adventure.

#3: Do some Magics. Like blowing up a big city with Kuja(FFIX) powers. ^^

#4: Make myself a familar, like a cute fuzzy rabbit or fairy or something to keep me company when i'm dreamin.

#5: Going wild with swords. I already got the skills, now i need someone to practice on.

#6: See pretty things.

#7: Get myself an Airship FF style. :D

#8: Go to heaven and hell and do some Kuja rampage there too. hehe. grin

#9: Oh yeah and go to tha moon.

#39:  Author: BooDha PostPosted: Mon 17 Jan, 2005
Hey everone, im new to the site, im jus gonna ramble on, and create the list as i go, anyways heres is.....

1. Fly as fast and far as possible
2. Tap into the inter-connected consiousness/sub-consiousness of all thing
3. Explore the dreams of my freinds, try to make them aware that they are dreaming, shared dreaming etc...
4. Have absolutley *** great sex orgys
5. Encounter the true lord, Buddha himself.
6. Encounter my true inner-self
7.Meet 'god', whoever or whatever he/she/it, may be.
8. "See" music, sound
9. Experiece the birth of the universe, before it, and beyond.
10.Experience past and future lives
11. Meet Bill Hicks.
12. Travel around the world
13. Walk into a mirror, or simply other realms of existence
14. Discover all the hidden secrets of the world....*** politicians, *** bush, *** free-mason-new world order- illuminati *** ***......
15.Finding absolute truth
16.Entering the computer/digital/cyberspace realm
17. Perceiveing in 4th,5th,6th, dimensions, 360 or 720degrees.
18. Play all different instuments with hundrends of arms and create beatuful blissful music.
19. Visit Nivana(the place, not the band)
20.Visit the after-life
21. Enter my sub-consious, genetic make-up, and modify it.
22.Find a way to 'save' progress, and enter lucidity with the touch of a button.
23. Experience, witness, the birth of existence and its purpose.
24. Morph
25. See the birth of our planet, its evolution, future,...same with mankind itself.
26. Take a huge steamy dump on the pope, bush, justin timberlake, britney,christina, free mason, corporate ***, blair, all other shitty *** musicians dominating the mainstream,...
27. Meet and praise, tool, aperfect circle, rageagiants the machine, table beat science, louis armstorng, miles davis, atribecalledquest,absolute beginner, amon tobin, aphex twin, arab strap, asiandubfoundation, atthedrivein, avalanches, companyflow,interpol,beastieboys,beck,blumentopf,kuch i kastli, bob marley, chemical bros,curse,cypresshill,dizzee rascal*, djkrush,djyoda,djq-bert,mixmastermike,dr.octagon*,fai thless,fourtet, frankzappa,gza,rza,wu-tang,hendrix,IAM,icecube,jedimi ndtricks,jurassic5,krs-one*,kruder+dorfmeister,
ledzepplin,marsVolta,muse,nas,NIN,ntm,osiris,pinkfloy d,portishead,
prodigy,publicenemy,queensstoneage,radiohead,ragasoni c,rahzel,
rundmc,saiansupacrew,sigur ros*,smashingpumpkins,soundgarden,thestreets,sublime, swollenmembers,
systemofadown,vines,doze green*,alex grey*,salvador dali, escher, chet zar, george carlin, bill hicks*,timothy leary, eddie murphy(in his early years).....and all the other great artists that have enhanced my life throughout the years.....check 'em out.....
28. See the future, the 'end.
29. Be GOD
30. See my legacy.
31. Explore space...aliens..
32. Speak with random characters.
33. PLay with space and time
34. creats additional 'senses'
35.Learn,practive,develop,further myself.
36. Attain pure bliss,clearity,ENLIGHTENMENT
38. Attain absolute lucidy,
39. I guess do some dragonball matrix shite......dats bout it for now.....

#40:  Author: Conkmasta-Flex PostPosted: Mon 17 Jan, 2005
hows it going guys!? I'm new here if you hadn't noticed wink

I actually haven't had a LD yet, but man am I working on it(only my 3rd night trying but my DD is going alright.)

anway, what I want to accomplish:

1)Fly!(is there anyone that doesn't want to?)

2)Star Wars related stuff, like have a lightsaber, use the force etc.

3)look at the sky, I heard it could be beautiful.. and I'd like to paint the sky too smile

4)Sex!(see fly)

5)drugs - I'm curious to see what happens if you take drugs in a dream.. like acid or ecstasy.

#41:  Author: veryan PostPosted: Sun 23 Jan, 2005
Hey everybody, I'm also new here...
I've had two lucid dreams in my lifetime.
As for my list:

1) Relive my early years

I don't know - a lot of stuff is forgotten, and I'd kind of like to remember.

#42:  Author: acidy PostPosted: Wed 26 Jan, 2005
- I wanna meet my friends in LD! It would be so cool to ask them things i usually don't ask. Or just try to bring them Lucid... i actually believe in things like this.
Yeah, i know it's just a dream, but it's still cool. ^^

- I also wanna go to concerts of my fav. bands...

- Fly! I love flying! I have had superpowers like flying or magic in dreams before, but i've never had a real LD.

- Eat really weird stuff...

- Go into my childhood. (I've been there in my dreams before, but not in LD)

- Uh.... meet my grandpa and uncle. They're dead.

- Talk to my cat. I can't talk to him in RLT so it would be cool to speak to him in my dream. He usually sleeps in my bed near my pillow.

But my first and the most important wish is
to have an LD smile

#43:  Author: Hysteria PostPosted: Sun 30 Jan, 2005
I had one LD so far. Well, at least I hope it was a LD. I couldn't do much in it though because it lasted like 10 seconds and I was constantly staring at my hand. Anyway here goes my list:

1) Fly.. This wouldn't really be on my list but everyone seems to want to do it and those who have done it say it's very cool.
2) Turn myself into a shark and eat people. devil
3) Be Gandalf in LOTR or Darth Vader in Star Wars.
4) Explore space, depths of the ocean.
5) Try some extreme sports. Like skydiving or bungee jumping.
6) Meet Liv Tyler wink
7) Get Pearl Jam to perform for me.
8 ) See different countries and cities. I wonder what my brain will do when I try to go to a city I've never seen before.
9) Be a vampire, elf, hobbit, jedi.
10) Go to Ancient Egypt... as a god.
11) Renact some of my favourite movies.
12) Be a passanger on Titanic.
13) Meet aliens.
14) Be a super hero.
15) Make the sky fall.
16) Make it literally rain cats and dogs.
17) Perfom some miracles and convince people that I'm a god.
18 ) Be a wizard.
19) Be a rock star.
20) Tell my subconscious to make a better list.
21) And yeah.. Get another LD

#44:  Author: Doba PostPosted: Thu 03 Feb, 2005

I'd like to be a cloud. And amaze people on earht looking at the sky by shaping into animals etc.

#45:  Author: nemesis PostPosted: Sun 06 Feb, 2005
I'm goanna make a long list later, but first I'm just goanna say some random stuff.

1: Get an Uzi, AK-47, Berneli Shotgun, I don't know. Couple of grenades to. Go around and just kick *** and blow crap up. Go crazy. Great stress relief ^^

2: Fly (Duh)

3: Look at the sky

4: Fight monsters and conquer nightmares (Make sure you get the gift afterward!)

5: Astral Project

6: Go into a zombie world (this could be accompanied with #1)

#46:  Author: Sureal PostPosted: Sun 06 Feb, 2005
Okay (in no particular order) thing I wanna do, that I haven't done so far...

- fly
- walk through walls
- run real fast
- skateboard/bike/snowboard/whatever you could do insane stuff really well
- drive a car/motorbike/truck/minivan like a madman
- fly a plane/helicopter
- go into the sea and explor
- fly in space
- explore other planets in our solar system
- explore other planets outside our solar system
- meet alien life
- go into a black hole
- go into the centre of the earth
- have a fight with clones of myself
- go into a graveyard and fight with zomibes
- a one on one fight
- experiment with shared dreaming - is it possible?
- go through a mirror
- shape shift into a girl
- shape shift into various different land animals
- shape shift into a bird
- shape dift ito mythical animals (eg. dragon)
- shape shift inadimate object (eg. a river)
- talk with animals
- talk with inadiamte objects (eg. a cup)
- explore the dream version of my school (it's always really different in my ND's)
- see dinosaurs
- explore the dream version of my hometown (in ND's, it's very different)
- have a shootout
- turn invisible
- jump out a plane
- free run across city buildings
- experince a cartoon world
- walk into a TV
- run around butt nekkid (yes)
- turn into a monster and terrorrize all the DC's
- go into my computer and the internet

... I could go on even more ya know...

#47:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Mon 07 Feb, 2005
What a list wink

I've had many goals before, but few have succeeded. So know I only emphasize on a few:

- practicing dream tai chi and taoist chi kung
- visiting the Lucid Crossroads once more
- investigating the consciousness of DCs
- investigate some curiosities from previous NDs

#48:  Author: SeparateEntity PostPosted: Mon 07 Feb, 2005
I would love to:

Have sex in mid air or in zero gravity
Play the Playstation 3 / Xbox 2 / Nintendo Revolution
Drive the fastest car ever
Fly to a different planet like Earth, but which also has a civilisation
Create a planet with a civilisation and become it's god

#49:  Author: mis_dolfijn PostPosted: Tue 08 Feb, 2005
I'd like to shared dreaming by myself I once did but I didn't know friend came in my dream trying to make me lucid but I didn't believed it. And now I want to do with my teachers some say I can do nothing good and because I'm so busy with my witchcraft I can't think clear so I go make things clear to them and especially with my teacher chemistry because I have a crush on him

#50:  Author: CosmonautFantome PostPosted: Tue 08 Feb, 2005
A few of the things I enjoy, in no particular order.

1. Talking to Dream Characters, ask them to critisize you, (and they are brutally honest), or learning something about them and why they're in your dream.
2. Reading lyrics or listening to music that doesn't exist in real life.
3. Visiting an art museum for inspiration.
4. Trying forms of hard drugs that you would never do in real life. Acid is particularly interesting, and I've been told so is injecting adrenaline.
5. Driving, (I'm 16, and don't have much experience)
6. Play nonexistent videogames.
7. Eat large meals.
8. Summon a DC be your personal assistant. Tell them to teleport you places and/or bring something to you. This saves quite a bit of precious LD time that you usually spend looking for X to do Y. If they don't do it or say they can't, ask them to give you directions to do it yourself.
9. (starting in siiw Tell them to bring you to a room full of fantasy weapons. Pick a weapon. I have a recurring weapon DC's refer to as the "Beesting Katana", which is a sparkling black steel blade, and red/white striped handle. My favorite however, is a Polearm I was told is called the "Kiss-Me Trident", and it generally is a silver-sky blue battle fork. (Terribly lame, I know wink5 Anyways, tell your DC to take you to a beautiful dreamscape that is inhabited by hideous monsters and enjoy the catharsis.

#51:  Author: naut PostPosted: Thu 10 Feb, 2005
These are things I would like to do in dreams while lucid

stop identifying with your ego
painting, making music, roleplaying
talk to sages
breathing excercises
becoming and identifying with another being/innate object

EDIT: oh, and SEX :D

#52:  Author: Doba PostPosted: Fri 11 Feb, 2005
I'm going to sleep soon, so what better way to prepare my self then to write this list:

- Fly (in soace as well)
- Have sex
- Walk through a mirror tounge1
- Listen to music
- make fun of DCs (A DC mocked me a couple of nights ago, when I told her she was in a dream)
- Meet dead family and friends
- See what Heaven and Hell is like
- Transform into different kinds of animals
- Walk on the moon
- Make a song
- Clone my self
- Drive a really, really fast car/mc
- Evaporate
- Go to places lost in time
- Witness historical events
- Go to places I used to visit as a child etc
- Swim in water
- eat
- Summon so many girls it would be hard to move anywhere in the world... tounge1

Just editing this post to extend my list (and hopefull increase my chance of a LD or two tonight):

- Be in a computer game (RPG in particular... like FF, Morrowind or WoW)
- Snowboard
- Be in a movie (Star wars, lone wolf and cub, Napoleon dynamite +++)
- Get drunk
- Do Acid
- Be light (as in "bright")
- Have a half-meter long penis :D
- Play the piano
- Ask random DCs to do stupid, senseless things
... that's it for now

Getting too tied

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#53:  Author: lucidboy PostPosted: Fri 11 Feb, 2005
My fav things to do in a LD will be:

8D swim and breath under a very deep sea.
8D Travel at very high velocity.
8D Go to the edge of the universe.
8D Have Sex with someone im attractive to.
8D Enter in a Cranberries music video and be part of it.
8D Create a Dreamcity and be the king of it.
8D fly in a vanilla sky.
8D rest on the grass in a beautiful garden or forest.

#54:  Author: Toster PostPosted: Mon 14 Feb, 2005
Well, here's my schedule:

- fly,
- meet DG,
- meet people that I miss very much,
- discover something (about myself as well),
- create ideal music,
- have shared dreams with my girlfriend,
- have sex,
- have shared dreams with other people,
- destroy my enemies,
- create my own buildings, in my own style, whole cities, great monuments of architecture etc...
- learn (in extreme situations),

and much much more...

Wish me luck wink

#55:  Author: Inch PostPosted: Mon 14 Feb, 2005
Has anyone mentioned this before? It is definitely at the top of my list.

Go to a world that is all white(white floor, white sky). And try to find a way out without cheating. I've wanted to do this for a while(with something like virtual reality) but thought it would be imposible to create such a world. With lucid dreaming purhaps it is possible. It's a bit like the construct in the Matrix without anything in it.

Imagine if one could slow time down so he/she could trap ones self in this world for 1 billion years or so and wake up an hour later, What sort of effects would it have on one's brain.

Is time dilation possible in lucid dreams?

#56:  Author: The Dude PostPosted: Tue 15 Feb, 2005
I have many things i have to do because its been forever since my last real lucid dream, i was like a kid last time I had one:

1.) Kill Jesus, I gotta see what happens...

2.) Extreme sports related things (Gotta try a backflip on a dirtbike)

3.) Kill my english and spanish teachers

4.) Fly

5.) Throw a car at someone

6.) Dance naked in church

7.) Find a few girls i'm into

8.) Try to jump into a friend's dream and do funny stuff to freak him and see if it works

9.) Try to transform into random animals

10.) Find myself and kick my own ***

11.) See if playing hockeys the same in a dream

12.) Hit dream character's with random objects

#57:  Author: Joshua PostPosted: Wed 16 Feb, 2005
Hey there... I'm still a beginner/novice LDer and I've only had had about 3 LDs but here goes.

1) Explore Space, I've been into space before (the other night actually) but I'd like to go onto different planets and see what its like, then bring friends and have a bush/alternate planet party.

2) Wild Sex, I'm not going to lie to you, thats definitely high on the list.

3)Talk to my friends, tell them they're in my dream and then just hang out for awhile.

4) Jam with John Mayer, that would be intense

5) Meet fictional/dead people, just to see what they're like.

6) Walk in someone elses shoes, literally and figuratively, unless they have really small feet.

7) Learn something I don't know, like practice soccer with David Beckham, or play some catch with Roger Clemens. I could say I learned from the best.

I have alot of trouble with losing lucidity after about ten or fifteen minutes. If you have any advice, pm me.

#58:  Author: HedBanger24/7 PostPosted: Thu 17 Feb, 2005
I actually have thousands of things i want to do but ill list the things i want to do the most.

1: Play as the guitarist for some of my favorite bands in pact arenas.

2: Get a lesson from some of my favorite guitarists.

3: Sex

4: Be one of the marines in the Alien movies (I am a huge fan)

5: Go on a rampage in town like GTA but in real life.

6: Fly

7: Meet my spirit guide

8: Ask questions about life

9: I realy want to be one of the cops in Resident Evil and fight off zombies with my fellow policemen

There is plenty more where that came from. I just need to have a LD to be able to do them. cry

#59:  Author: acidy PostPosted: Thu 17 Feb, 2005
Oh, well...
i wanna live with Jack Sparrow. PIRATE LIFE! Being bad is awesome.

And being GOD would be cool!
I'll borrow some ideas from 'Bruce Almighty'...

I'll tell you if i get some new ideas

#60:  Author: dd dd PostPosted: Thu 24 Feb, 2005
It's awesome to go up to somebody and just punch him in the face.

#61: Sexual healing? Author: Spiritsnare PostPosted: Fri 25 Feb, 2005
Up until now, there's been twenty-six requests for sex (quotes included, one instance per thread counted). I found it amusing how BuLLeT_PrOOf was talking about it was on everybody's list, and I think because of that, there aren't much instances on the second thread.

I only have one request for my first LD and that is to experience the power of flight (grow wings a la the Rito from Zelda: Wind Waker and use those)...and once I can get better at getting lucid dreams, I'll start visiting video game and anime worlds. Cough, FF, cough, Azumanga Daioh, cough, Zelda, cough, Naruto. Cough.

I think I'm a bit too innocent enough to figure out exactly how powerful the need for sex is. What I'm thinking of doing is waiting until I have the actual experience and then apply that to an LD. ^_^

#62: Re: Sexual healing? Author: obsfucating PostPosted: Sat 26 Feb, 2005
Spiritsnare wrote:
Up until now, there's been twenty-six requests for sex (quotes included, one instance per thread counted). I found it amusing how BuLLeT_PrOOf was talking about it was on everybody's list, and I think because of that, there aren't much instances on the second thread.

I only have one request for my first LD and that is to experience the power of flight (grow wings a la the Rito from Zelda: Wind Waker and use those)...and once I can get better at getting lucid dreams, I'll start visiting video game and anime worlds. Cough, FF, cough, Azumanga Daioh, cough, Zelda, cough, Naruto. Cough.

I think I'm a bit too innocent enough to figure out exactly how powerful the need for sex is. What I'm thinking of doing is waiting until I have the actual experience and then apply that to an LD. ^_^

Ahyah! You and me both. Why have sex when you can eat people. shutup (anime -- *coughHagarencoughSELcoughBebop*)

I'd also like to just.. exploreobserveEXPLORE instead. It's really wonderful. (What my second LD was based from.) And fly. Eventually. wink5

#63: Re: Sexual healing? Author: Spiritsnare PostPosted: Sat 26 Feb, 2005
mic882 wrote:


I got so close to getting a LD (see here, second post by me, first dream) last night, too...

What I'd also like to do, once I do get more control over my dreams, is make dream character clones of various anime/video game characters...Wai, Misuzu. <3

#64:  Author: mis_dolfijn PostPosted: Tue 01 Mar, 2005
cranberrydude wrote:
My fav things to do in a LD will be:
8D fly in a vanilla sky.

:D Did you see the movie ^^ [/quote]

#65:  Author: sme_bro PostPosted: Wed 02 Mar, 2005
Exploring has always been my favorite. My Lds are usualy in familiar places but these places have extentions and changes to what they actually do in real life so i enjoy walking around and seeing what stuff does ,where corridors go, what people say and what are inside houses in which ive never been.
Something i usualy find myself doing is putting my hands through walls and sometimes going all the way through. Once i put my upper body into a poster and saw a strange place, like masses of colours with small splotches of reality with people in it. The people were talking to each other but i wasnt too interested in what they where doing.
Once i tried fly-kicking a senior member of staff at my school byt he was solid as a rock and my kick didnt even budge him.

As for sex, whenever i get sucked into a sex LD i usualy ebd up waking myself up or tragicaly falling back into the dream. This is why i remind myself that no matter how i feel in the dream i need to ignore sex and focus on the really fun things like flying and exploring.

#66:  Author: mis_dolfijn PostPosted: Wed 02 Mar, 2005
Jep it's me again I have to do something with my time

This time my list is a bit more spiritual and way to long 8D

1) Meet my spirit guide
2) Meet my poweranimal
3) Talk to the dalai lama ( That would be cool smile )
4) Shared dreaming: go to my friends and teachers (lol) dreams and tell them that they are dreaming and that they have to become lucid
5) Find out the meaning of life
6) Learn surfing, skating, breakdance, martial arts,....
7) Have telekinetic powers or DBZ powers
siiw swimming with dolphins
9) Try LSD and mushrooms (drugs) because I want to know how it feels and in a dream it's no danger at all
10) Maybe I don't know have sex whatsthat I'm not sure about that I think I better don't because I'm only 14
11) Do all my chemistry lessons again
12) fly ofcourse ( who wouldn't ???)
13) Try to understand mathematics ( ) ecspecially algebra
14) try learn lessons in my dream so I have good marks
15) Talk to DC's and make them crazy
16) Talk to my favourite actors
17) Find techniques for making LD easier
1siiw Stop the time
19) Talk to animals
20) Try to make everybody lucid ( That would be cool )
21) Talk to the boy I like and ask him what he thinks about me
22) Last but not least : have another LD

I think there is even more but I think I stop for here grin [/list]

#67:  Author: gremlin PostPosted: Fri 04 Mar, 2005
Ii haven't had a good LD yet (might've had an OBE, but I'm not sure), but if I did, I would:
1) FLY!!!
2) Try to visit/communicate to God
3) Visit my friends in their dreams
4) Talk to my pets
5) Transform into cool animals(ex. hawk, dragon, otter, wolf)
6) Explore
7) Have an adventure like LOTR
siiw Be an all-powerful mage who rules over dream world with an iron, but kind and fair hand!(i wanna be loved, not feared!)
9) Study for school
10) Somehow teleport into one of my favorite books and intervene!
11) Make dream character friends

That's all I can think of now.

#68:  Author: adg12012 PostPosted: Sat 05 Mar, 2005
Muffin Man,
I think that the whole fun of lding is just the thrill of knowing that you are invisible or flying...not necessary how you feel afterwards but the thrill of the moment i guess

heres my ideas for things id like to do in future ld's
1. Make Pigs Fly
2. Make leaves grow on a dead tree(like a tree in winter)
3. Make energy come out of my hands and blow stuff up
4. Close my eyes in one place and appear in another
5. Transform into a dog and see if they realy have black and white vision
6. Materialize suff(i once materialized icecream but it was by accident...there was a tv in my dream with a commercial for icecream and i said that it looked really good and the next thing i knew it was in my hand)
7. Call my own house on a phone in my dream and see if i pick up

...I could go on forever but ill just stop now

#69:  Author: Spiritsnare PostPosted: Sat 05 Mar, 2005
mis_dolfijn wrote:

10) Maybe I don't know have sex whatsthat I'm not sure about that I think I better don't because I'm only 14 guys are corrupting the innocent. XD

Here's an outline of what I plan to do in my lucid dreams.

    - Fly
    -- with ethereal energy (eg: Neo, Superman)
    -- with wings (morph or 'transfusion' or otherwise)
    - Explore
    -- my dreamscape
    -- worlds...
    --- books
    --- games
    ---- Zelda series
    ---- Metroid series
    --- anime/manga
    ---- Kanon
    ---- AIR
    --- conception
    - morph
    -- ...into another non-human body
    -- ...into another human body
    --- ...which is female
    - play
    -- DDR
    -- Guilty Gear XX
    -- DrumMania
    -- BeatMania
    --- IIDX
    -- Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack)
    --- ...the makebelieve arcade version.
    -- those in Final Fantasies.

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#70:  Author: Kawaii Chiko PostPosted: Sat 05 Mar, 2005
Flying. I always fly in LD's. Nothing bests flying. I also like to walk trough doors or walls, use fast transport, talk to people about absurd things..

And then there are things that make christians unhappy, like recreating the universe, evolving life, forming clouds, playing with chemicals, etc wink5

But nothing beats flying. Well, maybe one thing..trying to go as high as possible while flying. It gives such a incredible feeling, like reaching the furtest places of your mind.. heh, no discription needed smile

#71:  Author: DollarF PostPosted: Mon 07 Mar, 2005
I wanna fly! With a JETPACK! I once actually had a dream where I had a jetpack and could fly, but it wasn't a lucid dream, now I want to do it again, I can only imagine how much fun it was. *snickers* pun, lol...kinda

Lets see, I would want to do all kinds of kewl sorcery powers... Make that ball of light I've heard about, act like Harry Potter and throw electricity at stuff. I also wanna summon somebody to talk to them, then ask them the next day what they dreamt about, like mentioned earlier.

A friend of mine recently had a dream (non lucid, of course, we're all new to this, but dreaming has been a favorite subject of mine for a long long time) where he had Matrix-style fighting powers.

#72:  Author: LarryDavid PostPosted: Tue 08 Mar, 2005
For some reason, I'm constantly running through walls right when I get lucid.

#73:  Author: char99bok PostPosted: Sat 12 Mar, 2005
Well, I've compiled a list of things I want to do in my DJ. I got one out of them, so that's a start! smile

01. Fly [completed]
02. Go to Greece
03. Go to Egypt
04. Have lunch with Jesus
05. Swim underwater in the deep ocean
06. Jump off a very tall building
07. Sexxx
08. Meet Rebecca Budig
09. Go into 'Survivor' on a TV and compete
10. Visit my great-grandmother, who recently passed away
11. Conquer my fear of horror movies
12. Be part of 'Sleeping Beauty' (one of my fav movies ever)
13. Be President of the USA
14. Stop time
15. Ride an ostrich
16. See dinosaurs
17. Go to school naked
18. Curse of my teachers
19. Win the lottery
20. Grow boobs for a little bit (to see what it feels like.. lmao)

Those are my goals! smile

#74:  Author: Hanzomaru PostPosted: Sat 12 Mar, 2005
20. Grow boobs for a little bit (to see what it feels like.. lmao)


#75:  Author: Spiritsnare PostPosted: Sat 12 Mar, 2005
char99bok wrote:

17. Go to school naked
20. Grow boobs for a little bit

Ever think of combining the two? XD

#76:  Author: HolsteinCow PostPosted: Sun 13 Mar, 2005
I would want to:

1) Work full-time.
2) Hurt myself while trying to masturbate.
3) Get married to a 15-year old Counter-Strike fanboy with lots of acne and no life.
4) Vote for a candidate that will only screw over the country.
5) Die at the old age of 34.

#77:  Author: Jonasman PostPosted: Mon 21 Mar, 2005
Hehe, I've only had very few lucid dreams yet, but I've actually completed quite a few of the things often mentioned here...

1. Flying. Duh.
2. Matrix. Did the lobby shootout, only both Morpheus and Trinity were on my team, and, well, both of them died neutral
3. Sex. Doubleduh.
4. Jump of tall buidlings, which was SO EXTREMELY COOL!!!!

And my list of things to do...
1. Do Capoeira (a martial art) tricks I don't have the guts to do in reality (yet)
2. Create a man that knows everything, and ask him what the first thing that happens the next day will be (if THAT works...)
3. Explore. I've never really done that.
4. Live a western movie (just saw "Once upon a time in the west", lol)
5. Fly as high as possible. That would also be very cool.

And to you guys who wants to wait until you're older to have sex in a LD... it is, of course 100% your choice, but why? How come everyone somewhere deep inside think of sex as a sin?

#78:  Author: Lanina PostPosted: Tue 22 Mar, 2005
char99bok wrote:
04. Have lunch with Jesus

I'm not a christian, but I also want to talk with Jesus That would be fun to brag about later. Mostly in my dreams I just fly around, but my "to do" list it this:

Talk to Jesus
Talk to DCs, tell them it's a dream.
Transform into a wolf or a bird.
Use the phone (maybe I should call Jesus, then I would complete both quests?) [I have now used the phone, but I didn't get to talk with Jesus]
Ride a dragon.
Be in a video game.
Be the Phantom of the Opera ( music2 )
Own a pokémon. (I am such a nerd...)
Shared dreaming.

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#79:  Author: IvanTheCat PostPosted: Sun 27 Mar, 2005
I would like to:

- Fly
- Create about 2000 clones of myself and overpower a city
- Meet a few DC then piss them off ^^
- Make myself a palace in the middle of a city
- Turn invisible and spy on a few DC in there houses
- Ride or turn into a dragon
- Drink and drive ^^
- Become Jango Fett or some other feared person siiw
- Become Godzilla 8D

#80:  Author: rocketfuel PostPosted: Mon 28 Mar, 2005
Let me think now, i first of all never had a ld yet.

i would like to talk with my higherself, my future me.
No idea if thats possible in a ld.
And very boring maybe to most but i would like to fly.

#81:  Author: Stormthunder PostPosted: Wed 30 Mar, 2005
This is actually pretty hard to me to answer, because I do cool stuff in my normal dreams all the time! I'm really not sure what I'd do differently in a lucid dream - I'm happy with things the way they are already. ^^

The only thing I can think of is to revisit some of my past dreams, because I really miss them and they never come back a second time. sadblauw

#82:  Author: BenboV PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2005
Things I want to do in a LD... Hmmm...

1. Walk into the ocean and be able to control the water. As in make streams of water fly around.
2. Do same with fire.
3. Jump into a mirror.
4. Look at the sky. Make sky wierd
5. Solve all the worlds issues. Get big parade.
6. Break into a graveyard armed with a lot of grenades. Kill zombies.
7. Nuke something. For no particular reason.
8. Create a stargate, and go through.
9. Morph. Morph a lot.
10. Sex.
11. Jump off really freaking tall building (heard it was a bit of a buzz).
12. Fly.
13. Own a pokemon. (Props to Ivanthecat for a cool idea)
14. Get into a fight with a 40 foot tall jelly Joe Frasier. Bite his ear off.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Somehow I think that accomplishing 5 is gonna need me to also do 7 and 14 too.

#83:  Author: Doba PostPosted: Fri 01 Apr, 2005
Lately I've been hooked on the thought of beein in ancient Rome, or some other place/time in history...

My recall and LDs have gone down the last couple of weeks though... so we'll see.

#84:  Author: traumabunny123 PostPosted: Tue 05 Apr, 2005
it's all about the rush.
jumping off of tall buildings , running across walls.
my ld symbol is when bam margera shows up in my dreams .
so alot of my ld's are extreme cky with the west chester crew.
(feels good to be back)

#85: list or something Author: Paganith PostPosted: Thu 07 Apr, 2005
when I start LDing i would like to..

- eat cookies and sweets and stuff..
- look at myself in different hairstyles (tounge2)
- pick up my friends
- transform to a fish and swim into a coral reef
- meet a spirital guide
- make my voice beautiful and sing

#86:  Author: renko PostPosted: Sat 09 Apr, 2005
Here is my checklist of things I need to try and do in lucid dreams.

1. flying - attempted and done. Even with my own style, truely awsome.
2. Create a dreamgirl - attempted and failed.
3. Run impossibly fast- not attempted yet
4. Ask DCs about myself, to see what my subconcious thinks of me - not attempted yet
5. controll terrain, be able to make the ground im standing on raise me into the air, or create golems or somethin - not attempted
6. Go into my TV - attempted and succeded, however it cuased me to lose lucidity.
7. conjure up various objects - not attempted yet, I keep forgetting to do it in my dreams
8. Be a rock star in concert, who wouldnt wanna do this - not attempted yet
9. Relive stress, throw people I dont like through walls and stuff- not attempted yet
10. ask my subconcions questions that I cannot decide the answer to. Ex. Im trying to decide if I should change schools next year. Im seriously considering it but i just dunno If i rally wanna leave my friends behind. I would be able to get my subconcious opinon of the situation - not attempted but will be as soon as I get "create dreamgirl" working.

#87:  Author: Midnight PostPosted: Sat 16 Apr, 2005
I have a big list 8D
for example:
1) jump off a skyscraper (I'll do it tonight)
2)go to an amusement park and take the wildest ride there is
3)see my worst fear
4)meet my spirit guide, see my past life
5)freeze time and live in my dream castle
6)create some DC's.
7)sex ^^

those are the things I'm planning to do in the next LD's

#88:  Author: VeeDreams PostPosted: Tue 19 Apr, 2005
This is stuff I did already...

1. Opening a locked door.
2. Changing the color of the walls from white to purple.
3. Moved objects out of the way by waving my hand at it (this was a LD in my apartment and I thought I was awake until the stuff really moved lol).

Stuff I want to do...

1. Fly.
2. Speak with my spirit guide.
3. Visit with friends and family who have crossed over.
4. Travel through space.
5. Visit the cities in the Hollow Earth.
6. Play the piano.
7. Visit the Otherside/Heaven.
8. Visit with my soulmate on the Otherside.
9. Meet up with some friends and have a party and just do some really wild stuff together.
10. Have dream sex (who wouldn't right? lol).
11. Fly a spaceship.

There is more but this is a good enough list for now.

#89:  Author: Julian Iron PostPosted: Tue 19 Apr, 2005
So what i wanna do :

1) fly into space, maybe to another planet
2) meet the "part-of-myself-that-knows-evreything-about everything" and ask him plenty of questions
3) I tried sex once, but it didn't work out... sadblauw , so try again and succeed..
4) teleportation
5) sing perfectly "mary Jane" in front of 2millions

#90:  Author: squakMix PostPosted: Tue 19 Apr, 2005
I want to interview some DCs and work on pausing time (stopping the stuff that's going on around me).

#91:  Author: SignalRed PostPosted: Tue 19 Apr, 2005
I would like to visit my spirit guide in a relaxed environment. My mind will decide the place. There will be chairs for us to sit and lounge upon. Then as we smoke and make impressive visions with the smoke, we will talk about all the things in the world and enjoy that moment.

#92:  Author: #Six PostPosted: Fri 22 Apr, 2005
I like to be rich in my LD's. like go into a huge mansion, have it be mine, dress eleganly, have a fine party with a piano player... then that gets lame and I fly out the window and into the sea, swim down into the abyss to see what is there, something like that, or better; explore space..launch off in a rocket and be an astronaut.
But sometimes I can have a thrill of a time just staring at a leaf in a forest. Just Knowing that I am lucid in a dream is one of my favorite things. ^^

#93:  Author: Brambleburr PostPosted: Wed 27 Apr, 2005
The first thing i'll try doing when i get my first ld that lasts longer than.... my past ld's (2secs meh)will probably be flying or running at the speed of sound smile
It would also be cool to be in some of my favourite movies, but one fo the coolest things would be to have superpowers like in DBZ >cheesy
Ah, and i would make a copy of myself and have conversations with myself, asking crazy stuff like why i dont get ld's very often tounge2
...but that will be once i get a "real LD"...

#94:  Author: Akir PostPosted: Mon 09 May, 2005
I havn't really vividly remembered my lucid dreams much yet, but the most fun thing to do is become Jonathan (without the initial depression...), and go to Mythica, the Great Continent of the Sky!

Becoming a writer (even if you completely rely on spell-check) can definately have an upside!

#95:  Author: Alvin PostPosted: Fri 03 Jun, 2005
From the few LD's I hace, I aleady know what I like to do best: Telekinesis.

It's so fun to move things with your mind, especially when you get into a fight in your dreams. You could just push any attacker away telekinetically. Its also fun to do it with everyday stuff like just opening doors and the like.

#96:  Author: Mace PostPosted: Sun 05 Jun, 2005
I hope to (haven't yet had a LD... I get to about 20 or so using the WILD counting method before I drift off):

1. Take form of Clark Kent (superman) and reveal to chloe and lana the real CK (if you watch smallville, you know what I'm talking about.. and kick some badguy arse at the same time).
2. Fly.
3. Sex.
4. Go Dragon Ball Z style and shoot a few kameha-me-ha beams and stuff.
5. Run around the world in under a minute (and across the oceans).
6. "I know jujitsu" - go all crazy on a group of 50 agent smith programs.
7. Pyrokenesis (and other things you can do in Psi Ops).
8. Find my inner self to really figure out what I like (no matter what I do, I can't seem to get to the center of what I desire most).
9. Explore stuff.
10. Do random stuff in a crowd of people and show off and such..

Oh, one last thing. Split water, Moses style.

#97:  Author: nightshade PostPosted: Sun 05 Jun, 2005
What I did:

1. Dream sex.
2. Fly.
3. X-ray glasses.
4. Telekinesis.
5. Change my sex to female.

What I want to do:

1. Create a nice place where i can go whenever i get lucid.
2. Talk to DCs and ask them questions.
3. Make rain (i already did that in a ND).
4. Do some Matrix stuff.

#98:  Author: whispa PostPosted: Sun 05 Jun, 2005
Don't know if this has been mentioned before: let yourself be lifted into the air by a tornado

#99:  Author: Jonasman PostPosted: Sun 12 Jun, 2005
They mentioned meditating in another topic, and it sounds really incredible. It's definetively on my to-do-list, once I gain some lucidity again...

#100:  Author: The Nameless One PostPosted: Mon 13 Jun, 2005
I haven't had a LD yet, so this is a list of stuff I'd like to do when I'll manage to LD successfully:

- Magic: I will destroy everything
- Sex: c'mon, in LDs you can do everything, why not giving it a shot? Let's rock baby! tounge2
- Transform: into something big and bad to:
- Fight: thousands of enemies for my D-D-D pleasure. It will also be a good anger-releasing exercise. 8D
- Explore: space and other worlds
- Fly: I'm afraid of heights so I'll try to get rid of it this way
- Act in movies: yes, from the Lord Of The Rings to Star Wars and any other fighting-related movie
- Simulate RPG-style battles: turns only, no ATB wink5
- Explore the dark recesses of my mind
- Confront my fears: dreaming of stuff I'm afraid of and owning it
- Annihilating the people I hate: do I need to explain? :D

#101:  Author: sir sleeps alot PostPosted: Tue 14 Jun, 2005
maby your just not the lucid dreaming type (not to be mean) p.s i love LD!!

#102:  Author: _Zac_ PostPosted: Tue 14 Jun, 2005
When I have a LD I want to play "The World" like they do in .hack//sign.

#103:  Author: sir sleeps alot PostPosted: Tue 14 Jun, 2005
whats .hack//sign.??

#104:  Author: The Nameless One PostPosted: Tue 14 Jun, 2005
sir sleeps alot wrote:
whats .hack//sign.??

A videogame.

#105:  Author: _Zac_ PostPosted: Tue 14 Jun, 2005
.hack//sign is a anime about people playing a video game called "The World". Same thing as the game you play in .hack//infection.

#106: What's your goals? Author: Cid Silverwing PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
What the title said... What's your goals in your LD-s?

No need for embarrasment, i have a bit perverted goals myself

My goals are as follows:

1. Grow muscles

2. Have sex with males (Not the type 'o sex you all know, let's say i invented this type of sex together with a close friend of mine, who is also male.)

3. Have a RPG battle, SLD or S2LD (Single dream). (Multi-player or single player, if you will.)

#107:  Author: Pancra85 PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
"2. Have sex with males"...ejem...errrr...

Anyway, my first goal is to fly
then I want to talk to god and ask him about heaven.
thirth I want to couse an avoc in a city...maybe with a jet fighter, or a X-Wing.
and of course I want to have sex, but thats the last.

#108:  Author: Strafez PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
1# gain full lucid dream instead of half lucids (check my journal to see what i mean)

2# fly...

#109:  Author: Xetrov PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
1# have NO sex in a LD.
2# meditate
3# create my own LD place (gonne see about that little tropical island)...

#110:  Author: Basilus West PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
Xetrov wrote:
1# have NO sex in a LD.

LOL ! The same for me.

1# have NO sex in a LD
2# find a DC who will give great LD'ing tips to me 8D
3# find the difference between LD's and OBE's (if it exists )

#111:  Author: DreamWish14 PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
Cast spells just like in Harry POtter


Talk to animals and see what they have to say

Go skydiving that lasts like 40 minutes

#112:  Author: Sureal PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
1) Fly, damn you, fly!
2) Find those dinosaurs. Why are they always hiding from me?
3) Backflip. I couldn't do it last time. So I shall do it next LD.

#113:  Author: The Nameless One PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
This is what I posted in the BIG fav thing to do in a LD topic:
I wrote:
I haven't had a LD yet, so this is a list of stuff I'd like to do when I'll manage to LD successfully:

- Magic: I will destroy everything
- Sex: c'mon, in LDs you can do everything, why not giving it a shot? Let's rock baby! tounge2
- Transform: into something big and bad to:
- Fight: thousands of enemies for my D-D-D pleasure. It will also be a good anger-releasing exercise. 8D
- Explore: space and other worlds
- Fly: I'm afraid of heights so I'll try to get rid of it this way
- Act in movies: yes, from the Lord Of The Rings to Star Wars and any other fighting-related movie
- Simulate RPG-style battles: turns only, no ATB wink5
- Explore the dark recesses of my mind
- Confront my fears: dreaming of stuff I'm afraid of and owning it
- Annihilating the people I hate: do I need to explain? :D

Last edited by The Nameless One on Wed 22 Jun, 2005; edited 1 time in total

#114:  Author: Kava PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
Longer LDs

Slow down dream time

talk to my DC (My favorite thing to do in a LD)

Have sex with females

Smoke weed

Astral project

Do something really boring, like go to work, to see if it effects dream time.

#115: What's your goals? Author: dreamer_chick PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
I'm new here, and I've only had 2 lucid dreams in my life..... but when I get more experienced, my goals are as follows:

1)Fly! That would be awesome
2) Go through a mirror. Big goal, right? lol
3) Meet a dream character, maybe even discover a whole village of them.
4) some other things that I would rather not mention...... lach1

#116:  Author: darkmatter PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
1) My own created dream place, instead of just whatever my mind comes together with (I already fly in most of my ND's haha)
2) Redoing my high school years, which just ended, but with awesome powers.
3) Some fine action with the ladies

#117:  Author: Shaper PostPosted: Tue 21 Jun, 2005
I think I wrote my goals out before on this site....can't remember where....

Well, here they are;

1) Get good at maintaining lucidity and increasing my awareness
2) Go on a 'dreamsign hunt'
3) Practise flying
4) Sample some dream food
5) Have a light saber fight
6) Meet some new dream people
7) Jump through a mirror or go through a window or a door, and see where I end up

#118:  Author: Wolf PostPosted: Wed 22 Jun, 2005
1. Fly. flying
2. Hover. meditate
3. Have a shared dream.
4. Eat dream food.
5. Wander around.
6. Morph into animals.
7. Create a Harvest Moon atmosphere.
8. Chat with DC's.
9. Meet my SG.
10. Go to the Lucid Crossroads.
11. Grow taller.
12. Bring back the diseased.
13. Change the weather.
14. Talk to the animals.
15. Moon jumping.
16. Find my dream date. grin
17. Raise a dream garden with mystery plants.
18. Grow wings.
19. Telekinesis.
20. Ask a DC to help with get lucid in future dreams.
21. Create some DC friends. (wow, that must sound sad... tounge2 )
22. Make a clone of myself.
23. Go back to my Whose Line dream and be famous.
24. Some *ahem* private things... nodnodwinkwink
25. Run around naked in a field with high grass or a forest just for the fun of it.*
26. Go talk to some aliens and ask them what exactly they do to abductees.
27. Transform into the dragon that was in one of my recent dreams.
28. Make my own paradise. (most likely a tropical beach with a few friends)
29. Ride a sky dragon.
30. Ride a water dragon.
31. Make everyone shrink so they're at least an inch shorter than me.
32. Have a teenage son. (old enough to take care of himself & be into guy things siiw )
33. Run a farm.
34. Breathe underwater and be able to see perfectly.
35. Rake in cash from LD Airlines. grin

*Last updated 8/13/05 ~ 25 - 35

Last edited by Wolf on Sun 14 Aug, 2005; edited 2 times in total

#119:  Author: Hyprx PostPosted: Wed 22 Jun, 2005
1. FLY!
2. meet my spirit guides(if they exist)
3. using magic like on FF, no one will survive my ultima,hehehe
i would put the skydiving for ages thing but i already did that

#120:  Author: alex PostPosted: Wed 22 Jun, 2005
1. have a very long LD like 2hrs.
2. have multiple LD's simultaneously. (yes at the same time with different stories in each of them)
3. have 360 degree view of dreamscape
4. read people's minds, not just knowing what they think, but actually reading their minds.
5. create cool looking special effects with colours and explosions.
6. same as 5 but with sounds. It has happened in a ND, but i want it to happen in a LD so i can control it more.

I know some of these are ambitious, but if they can be achieved then i will be happy.

#121:  Author: Alvin PostPosted: Wed 22 Jun, 2005
Goals!? I'd be happy just having an LD. But if you must know...

1. To make impossible challenges for myself, then accomplish them without any powers or advantages.

2. To face myself and try to defeat myself in a competition.

3. To make dream scenarios of the story ideas I have in my head.

#122:  Author: Dili Dali PostPosted: Wed 22 Jun, 2005
Here are a few of my un-ambitious goals:
-Telecanesis (Being able to move stuff with my mind)
-Talk to DC and get LDing tips
-Have sex with a hottie, of course (LOL)
-Go crazy on skateboard/bike/rollerblades
-PLay strikingly fast on bass guiatr and/or other instruments
-Tell of people I hate

Here are some of my fairly ambitious goals:
-Be able to freeze LD time
-Spook around in outerspace, and go to different planets and moons
-Hypnotize people
-Change my environment (change objects, temperature, color of sky, etc.)

#123:  Author: Latinoralph PostPosted: Wed 22 Jun, 2005
I've had lucid dreams about 5 times in my life and 4 I just ran to the first hot girl I saw and had sex with her, so now I'm just gonna try different things.

-Look at the sky
-Find a mirror and see what I get
-I've dreamed that I ran against this guy who's the fastest in my class and somehow I started running like I was going at least at 50mph so it was pretty cool, yeah running at a very fast speeds is one of my goals.
-Telling people that they are in my dream and I can do whatever I want with them.
-Do some dragon ball moves.
-Defeat unbelievable guys. (I just did that last night in a ND and it was awesome, he not only could stretch like Mr Fantastic but he had a machine gun) But of course I defeated him with a help of a friend.
-Beat the crap out of anyone I hate.
-Have some more sex wink

#124:  Author: The_Dreamer PostPosted: Fri 24 Jun, 2005
Here is my list.

1# Fly.

2# Create a (female tounge2) DC friend that can help me in my lucid dreams.

2# Breath under water.

3# Make myself into a giant and destroy a town.

4# Do some fancy magic.

5# Walk trough a mirrow mirror

6# Do some Matrix stuff.

7# Rob a bank. Hmm, why not? tounge2

8# Talk to myself.

9# Fly myself to the LOST island and live with the LOSTaways.

10# Morphe into some kind of animal.

11# Fly in to space smile

12# freeze time.

#125:  Author: Shaper PostPosted: Fri 24 Jun, 2005
I like to fly, and explore. Thats about all really.

#126:  Author: Hallstrom PostPosted: Fri 24 Jun, 2005
I rarely do anything special in my LDs, I don't know why. geenidee
I usually end up doing something I could just as well do IRL, like looking at trees rolleyes

#127:  Author: Ruach PostPosted: Fri 24 Jun, 2005
So far I just like flying . I havn't done much since Im a total newb. Im going to work on the basics when I start LDing more often. Like walking through walls, climbing walls and stuff like that ^^ .

#128:  Author: Piruleta del Pudín PostPosted: Mon 27 Jun, 2005
I've only had one LD so far (about a week ago), and it only lasted about half a minute and I didn't really get the chance to do anything. However, I've been continuing the same techniques that helped me get that first one, and I hope to have another one soon. I do have several things planned, of increasing complexity, so I hope to do the easier stuff first and work my way up.

I'd like to walk through the streets, as if everything were normal, and start creating mischief and messing with DCs in subtle ways, with telekinesis, transforming stuff, etc.

I'd also like to explore my dream world, preferably by driving around it really fast. Forget about fancy race cars, though; I think it'd be more fun to drive my car from RL (a generic used Buick) at insane speeds. siiw

Taking over the world also sounds pretty cool; I'll use my supreme dream powers to conquer the Earth and of course my government will be dedicated solely to the purpose of serving me. Or if I don't feel like taking over the world, I'll at least stage a coup of the USA which will consist of me putting on big boots, walking into the White House, telling our President how awful of a job he's done, and administer a kick in the behind which will cause him to go flying out the window, thus declaring myself King of the United States.

Also, just like any other adolescent male, I'd certainly love to have lots and lots of sex, but considering I've only had a single LD so far that only lasted half a minute, I think I have a lot of practice to do first to avoid losing lucidity or waking up. Just in case, maybe I'll wait until I think the dream is about to end, and I'll quickly summon the ladies.

I'd also like to try entering DCs' bodies and messing around. Maybe once I'm experienced enough with dream sex, I'll enter a female body for some of that hot lesbian sex action.

#129:  Author: IvoryWolf PostPosted: Fri 01 Jul, 2005
1) Turn into a wolf (Actually I probably shouldn't, I'd never want to go back again.)
2) Fly. Duh.
3) Establish a dream world I can visit every time I have a LD.
4) Kill some people I don't like.
5) find out more about my self.

#130:  Author: Randomman(newb) PostPosted: Fri 01 Jul, 2005
i can usually fly but i want to do it proper also since as im 13 i cant drive a car or nout so driving a car at 1,000 mph will do me fine and maybe fly reel good. as for sex ,well you cant do the last 2 in reel life and ill just wait for sex so there you go

#131:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Fri 01 Jul, 2005
i have merged "what's your goals?" into this topic since it covers the same grounds.

#132:  Author: Fadem PostPosted: Fri 01 Jul, 2005
Create a scenery with a dream-villa + hot maids in kinky outfits, who aid me in preparing mirrors, doors to dreamlocations and other stuff. =D. (That scenery would be in a forrest). I would like to start EVERY dream in this scenery so I'd be lucid rite away siiw

#133:  Author: Kashmir PostPosted: Mon 04 Jul, 2005
I haven't yet had a truly lucid dream, but a few things I'd really like to try would be:

Flying, of course;
Summoning characters from the book I'm writing and learning about them (I've got a bad case of writer's block) and asking them what I should write next;
Placing two mirrors across from each other, like in a dressing room: I'd be interested to see how the brain would create that infinite image;
(Maybe) playing a video game I started creating in 7th grade but never finished;
Being able to breathe under water- I've heard it's an experience to rival flying;
And lastly: Ride a llama, or at least own one. I've had a strange fascination with llamas for a few years now. Thankfully, it's died down recently, but it would still be a pretty cool experience.

One thing I WOULD not do, at least until I become an experienced LD'er, would be to meet God or Jesus, as a few others have suggested. I think I might freak out and wake myself up.

Man, I can't wait 'til I get an LD!

#134:  Author: Iluminada PostPosted: Wed 06 Jul, 2005
I'm sure I've probably said this before but Flying is what I love and gliding over the ground without ever touching it.

I yearn to transform into an animal. That IMO would be the best.

#135:  Author: Wolf PostPosted: Wed 06 Jul, 2005
Yeah, that'd be pretty sweet! siiw

#136: The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III Author: dreamer_chick PostPosted: Thu 07 Jul, 2005
I would just want to HAVE an But some of my goals are:

1) to see my mother....(she passed away 2 years ago.)

2)go through a mirror and go to a dreamworld

3)Meet DC's who can give me advice on ld'ing and real life problems


5) look at the sky

#137:  Author: Altered Perception PostPosted: Thu 07 Jul, 2005
If I ever get a super-lucid dream, I'm gonna try to do these things:

1.) Burn the constitution in front of the President's face.
2.) Walk into a children's store completely naked.
3.) Skate the moon.
4.) Pee on the american flag in the middle of NY city.
5.) Put diarrhea in a big squirt gun, and run around in New York squirting people with it.
6.) Eat the sun.
7.) Throw up on London.
8.) Commit a bloody, violent suicide right in the middle of the most crowded city in the world.
9.) Add myself as one of the guitarist's of Slayer.
10.) Forcibly reassemble Black Sabbath forever.
11.) Eat my arm in a crowded Toys 'R Us.
12.) Fly around and drop "bombs" on Alabama.
13.) Grow 3 million zits on my face, and then ask Jessica Simpson for directions to the oil farm.
14.) Burn down Harvard while laughing a horrible laugh.
15.) Party with everyone who's glad I burned down Harvard.
16.) Replace Nickelodeon with Nick@Nite.
17.) Cancel the Disney Channel.
18.) Force Disney to stop ruining the movies.
19.) Destroy every copy of Battlefield Earth.
20.) Insult every single thing in the universe.
21.) Deeply offend and disturb America 8 times.
22.) Spend half of the time left at Skatopia.
23.) Smile at an animal until it gets close, and then break it's neck.
24.) Relieve myself on Japan.
25.) And finally, do everything I just did backwards.

#138:  Author: chambered_nautilus PostPosted: Fri 08 Jul, 2005
I'll have to think about this.. I haven't had many LDs yet, and the ones I have had.. well, they weren't very productive.

But here's what I'd like to do.

1. fly (of course, of course)
2. explore my whole dream world, so I can make a map, name everything, and be able to go wherever I want to.
3. meet God (I actually did this in a ND once, but as I wasn't lucid, I never really did anything.)
4. walk through a crowded city street singing at the top of my lungs
5. Jump really far (done this, but I wouldn't mind doing it again!)
6. listen to music that doesn't exist IRL (and maybe bring some back with me?)
7. talk to characters I've created and get to know them perfectly
8. talk to animals, plants, or inanimate objects
9. walk on water
10. try to share dreams with people see if it works
11. talk to myself as a child
12. try to find out about my past lives
13. go swimming in the ocean
14. slow down time and see how long I can make the dream last
15. eat things, just random things I find lying around
16. be invisible
17. be something else (a bird, a star, a tree, etc.)
18. give myself wings
19. just generally freak out the population (run around naked, kiss random people, get wings and walk around the city, etc, etc.)

Annnnd I'm sure there are more.

#139: big FAV thing to do in a LD topic 3 Author: dreamer_chick PostPosted: Fri 08 Jul, 2005
"1.) Burn the constitution in front of the President's face.
4.) Pee on the american flag in the middle of NY city.
12.) Fly around and drop "bombs" on Alabama.
21.) Deeply offend and disturb America 8 times. "

sadblauw Are you anarchy? Or are you not from America?

#140:  Author: Shaper PostPosted: Fri 08 Jul, 2005
Indeed, I hate to be so critical but there better things to do in a lucid dream wink

#141:  Author: Altered Perception PostPosted: Fri 08 Jul, 2005
Are you anarchy? Or are you not from America?

No, I'm from america. I just constantly wonder how people would react to these kind of things. And its also funny. I mean, come on, what would you do if a news reporter was like, "Its raining **** here in Alabama, and we think the cause is a flying human being who just ate 28 burritos."

#142:  Author: Dream Oracle PostPosted: Mon 11 Jul, 2005
I would love to:

#143:  Author: Fadem PostPosted: Mon 11 Jul, 2005
Dream Oracle wrote:
I would love to:

Great goals, I Agree with them... *cough.. shutup*

#144:  Author: Dream Oracle PostPosted: Mon 11 Jul, 2005
sorry, i did write all the stuff i wanted to do ......and it took a good while to write it. but anyway, i would pretty much want to do what everyone else wants to do. most of all i want to ld first. what is it like??

#145:  Author: qomp PostPosted: Thu 14 Jul, 2005
Dream Oracle wrote:
what is it like??
It's great - once you can manage to keep the dream together long enough to actually do anything. wink5

I would like to:
1. Boost my self-confidence by confronting people in a LD and speaking my mind.
2. Play a kind of FPS in a dream. The setting would be a city, and there would be mostly innocent civilians, but also some armed militia. I would have many weapons, but would mostly use a rocket launcher. :D
3. Manipulate people. This could come handy in real life. ^^
Those are my most important things to do at the moment. Of course, I also want to fly and have sex, like everyone else.

#146:  Author: Jonasman PostPosted: Sat 16 Jul, 2005
Jeeez, just tell yourself "I like myself" ten times with feeling every morning, and all your problems will slowly start solving themselves. Really.

Anyway, I had an incredibly vivid ND a few nights ago, and it included (among plenty of other things) some illustrated peotry (kind of like a narrative Powerpoint presentation right before my eyes) which was INCREDIBLY beautiful, so insightful and packed with wisdom I started crying. I don't know if the words would make much sense if I remembered them, and if the drawings would be as esthetically perfect, but in the dream it all made... MORE than 100% sense, all the pieces of the puzzle, the entire mystery of human life was revealed to me in the most wonderful way possible... phew!

So add poetry to your list, I think meditating would also give kind of the same experience from what I've heard...

BTW: Burning the constitution in front of Bush's eyes would indeed be funny in a dream, but in RL he would just stare and say "What the heck was that piece of paper?"

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