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Some redecoration - the fate of SC and Pathways

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Some redecoration - the fate of SC and Pathways
PostPosted: Tue 14 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

I have done some moving around of the subforums. Also, 2 forums have been merged into existing forums.

pathways to lucidity has been merged together with Quest for Lucidity forum. Now there is one place dedicated to discussing everything that has to do with how to become lucid

Spiritual Corner has been deleted. All topics in there have been moved to either Lounge or Beyond dreaming. this forum never took off in the way I wanted it too, and was not very popular. The topics discussed there could eQually been discussed in Lounge, Gathering or Beyond Dreaming. So therefore, it is no more.

I have also changed the order of the forums, in a more logical order.

The abundance of sticky topics, now in Quest for Lucidity and Lounge, will be taken care of, either made unsticky (the not so popular ones), or a topic with links to the most popular topics.

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PostPosted: Tue 14 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

Oh god, you made me reality check at least 3 times...

RIP Spiritual Corner, I'll miss you. blauw

Now I'll need getting used to of this new layout. shy2

Oh yeah, if you don't mind, I think it would be better for dream journal to be above lucid adventures, since most people are used to that. smile

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