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the BIG how-to-make-your own dream goggles

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PostPosted: Fri 30 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

DreamSailor wrote:
...although is it possible to instead of having lights flashing have a beeping noise in headphones...

...also it would be nice to be able to use it without hooking it up to a computer (or laptop in my case), could this work independently from a laptop or computer?

Why do you need it to work independently from a laptop or computer? It could be done, but using a laptop/computer/phone/gaming device/whatever seems a whole lot easier than designing something to essentially act as a fancy alarm. Just wondering.

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Found this if it helps!
PostPosted: Fri 04 May, 2012  Reply with quote

I've had a few LD'S in my time but wanted to make it easier and refuse to pay the hideously expensive prices of novadreamer. I'm pretty new at electronics but recently bought an Arduino Uno and am going to try to make my own version. If people want to look at the EXACT design of the LaBerge novadreamer though, the patent is Here.

It's what I'm going to base my design on siiw

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Building problem
PostPosted: Sat 09 Jun, 2012  Reply with quote

Hello dreamers, I build the kvasar project but it didn't work, I used the IS489 photosensor and 2 different NPN ( bc547b and 2n3704 both are general purpose transistors). When I switch the mask on, no sound comes from the headphone, the control led doesn't light, and the photosensor heat up very fast (impossible to touch). I am pretty sure that there is no mistake in the building, but I am not sure for the programming of the pic. I got a 16f84 pic and a very cheap eeprom-pic programmer from eb.y, when I try to write the hex file with ponyprog I get and error message (write failed), I tried with Icprog but it was crashing all the time. But when I read the pic, it's the same as the hex file (with Winpic800, there was no error message). I really don't know what is the problem, can somebody help me?

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