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But they are JUST the regular version. Look under RCing on the main site an it will say to pick a comon occurence to RC on, and RC on on the strange occurences...

I see very distinct differences
1. this technique involves selecting an occurrence that happens MUCH more frequently than those previously outlined in other techniques. Face it - no matter how vigilant you are, you are not going to check your watch 50 times per day for days on end - but you most definitely WILL see the colour green 50 times or more per day. For people having difficulty attaining the LD state, this method of triggering a reminder to perform the RC is very effective, if you ask me.
Furthermore, most RC's involve "purposely" and with intent, looking at or for something ... then performing an RC (i.e., checking your watch throughout the day). This technique almost performs itself - all you have to do is the RC itself each and every time the trigger presents itself, which will happen very frequently throughout each and every day.
2. I'm not sure whether or not the author of this technique came up with holding nose and attempting to breathe through it, but it's flawless, and it fits perfectly - it's a simple action, and the results are 100% effective, as we all know that it is simply not possible to breathe through a completely obstructed nose.
3. The combination of the high frequency of the trigger and this specific RC seems incredibly effective.
Bravo to the member who initiated it! :D

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