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im going on vacation! only i dont know where...

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im going on vacation! only i dont know where...
PostPosted: Thu 13 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

Hi! Not once in my life have i ever taken a vacation, the opportunity has presented itself for me to take some time off and go essentially anywhere in the world come may... i am starting my trip from washington dc, i feel it would be fun to see my nations monuments and all the historical bologna there is to see there as well (ooh! the smithsonian too... i love museums)
but from there, i really do not know where i want to go!
i had been toying with the idea of visiting australia for some reason or another, but i really do not know for sure where i should go,

so does anybody have any great vacation ideas?


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PostPosted: Thu 13 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

I don't know where to start! If you live in the US, I wouldn't start with Australia, because our culture is quite similar in many ways. How about Asia, or South America? Or perhaps someplace like Scotland or Norway? Japan is brilliant from experience, but I'd go anywhere on holiday if I could afford it, seriously. Australia's good too, I suppose, but since I live here it doesn't seem all that exciting, somehow...

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PostPosted: Thu 13 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

Norway !!!

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PostPosted: Fri 14 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

Take a cruise on a ship for about 2 weeks. That should be fun.

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PostPosted: Fri 14 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

Just try starting by visiting a totally different place with different cultures,places, people etc. It all depends on what you want to do; extreme expeditions i would recomend south america;Some magnificent beauty of evergreen grass hills breath, that'd be Ireland. If you want religious places you could try all the asia including China,Japan,indonesia, polynesia etc.
But don't forget Puerto Rico! the happiest place on the planet according to a world wide survey.(im serious about it)

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