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Funny quotes, situations and powers in dreams

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PostPosted: Fri 23 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

Last night I had a dream I was at work scanning my dentists order at my Safeway checkstand, when all of a sudden the computer was scanning the items wrong. I remember I scanned a toothbrush he wanted to buy and it came up saying it was Diablo II... yeah... lol

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PostPosted: Sat 24 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

Sleepyhead wrote:
Extract from a dream recorded 13-6-06:

Three schoolgirls sit together waiting for a train. I stand nearby waiting for my train. As I stand there, wondering what to say to them, one of the girls speaks up. She points at my bandaged feet and says....
"That would not look good on a lemon."
After a moment of wondering what to say I reply:
"Just as well I'm not a lemon." grin


chambered_nautilus wrote:
My favorite-ever lucid cue from a DC: I was wandering through an old house when I came upon an old lady in the attic. I started to walk up to her, and suddenly she started singing... the Tigger Song? Well, not quite.

"Oh, the wonderful thing about dreaming
is that dreaming's a wonderful thing..."

I had to try very hard not to fall down laughing, that probably would have ruined my lucidity. wink

that would scare the hell out of me. eek2

chambered_nautilus wrote:
I'm not sure if I've posted this in this topic or just my dream journal, but I once had a dream where a civilization of giant frogs had formed on the roof of my school. Thir leader was this huge, fat, half-dog half-frog thing named Vombog, who I eventually defeated by shoving him off the roof. He exploded. Somebody yelled, "Sayonara, evil Vombog!" and then I woke up. It certainly got my day off to an interesting start.

Vombog sounds like FrogDog.

Anaju wrote:
wolfy :heart:

Sometimes things that happen in movies i've seen or things i've said have arisin in my dreams.. such as this scene:

Me-Hey guys, I need a ride ho---*looks at packed car*--Oh. Well can I borrow someone's cell phone?
All: Don't have one.
Me- Well I can just go back in and check if anyone has...*lights all around turn off*...well if I can find a security guard...*sees a bunch of cop cars leaving*...well, eventually my parents will come and get me...*it starts to rain*

Man I had to read this a few times, it was really funny. lach1 lach1

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PostPosted: Mon 26 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

All of the dreams in this thread are soooo funny!! 8D

Here's a particularly funny (probably more weird) one from my DJ:

A Different Kind of Airport
Normal Dream

I found myself in a very large airport, surrounded by places like Burger King and McDonalds. There was a long seating area filled with what sounded like a bunch of drunken girls (eek2) and there were a lot of escalators spread over the concourse. I went up an escalator and found a rather strange type of elevator, where you stood on a very thin beam with your body against the wall while it ascended. There was a grown man next to me on it too. He asked me "How old are you?" So I replied "15". Then he said "cool, I'm 13". (He looked like he was in his late thirties! lachgroen) At the top, there was a restaurant similar to ones you would find in Debenhams.

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Dream Deity
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Fri 30 Jun, 2006  Reply with quote

Sorry Argitoth, I woke up with those words ringing in my ears!

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PostPosted: Thu 13 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Ya, that's what the paper said...and I had to read it out loud! eek2
"You don't want to blow Phibillbibillbody to kingdom-come!"
Heh...I was teaching a kid about magic...

All in The Archive! (Link in sig)

Current LD goal(s): Fire fight!
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PostPosted: Fri 21 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

I was listening to some music on my ipod with a friend. The title of the song :

"Your a loser"
eek2 lach1

Ironically, it was one of my favourite songs at the time 8D

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Re: Funny quotes, situations and powers in dreams
PostPosted: Tue 25 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

My brother was about to shoot this crazy kid with a T - shaped gun that shot tent stakes, when...

He pulled the trigger, and dimes and pennies flew out.

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PostPosted: Wed 26 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

There was a weird machine in a dream of mine...

Rodrigo's DJ wrote:
It took me a while to find out the details, but I'm gonna explain it now: The machine consisted of a ledge leading to a big conveyor belt. We'd run over it and sweat, then we'd be dropped on a smaller ledge, where a machine would grab us by our shirts and other was going to check the smell of our armpits, for God knows what.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 30 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

A recent one comes to mind that really made me crack up (later)...
I woke up one morning and I was leaning up in bed still very groggy and not quite with it yet. My wife looks at me and asks me what's wrong, she could tell I was trying to tell her something. I said "Meernt-meernt's going to be on television..."
Meernt-meernt is my mom's cat... something about the already silly name and then the fact of dreaming that my mom's cat was going to be on TV cracked me up (after my wife told me about it later, I needed her to me remind me that it happened). And also the fact that I was struggling to tell her this crucial bit of news.

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PostPosted: Sun 30 Jul, 2006  Reply with quote

Dream was strange - I was beet.

DeadDuck wrote:
I wanted to be eated, so i put my leafs on road near me. Later, one woman was caming trough that road. But she taked another beet, and shepped on my leafs.

I shouted "Ahh!", because that really hurted. She looked at me, taked me from the ground and said "You are first talking potato i met". I replied "I am beet, ignorant!"

I know that sometime happens that people are dreaming about being opposite sex, but being a vegetable.....

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PostPosted: Wed 02 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

I had a really fun LD recently where I decided to experiment with the DC's. I was in a really good mood and decided to break into a song. Then all the nearby DC's started joining in from their cars, buildings, etc. just like a Disney movie!

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PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

Rodrigo's DJ wrote:
At some point, I notice that everyone's wearing weird costumes. I remember 3-4 people with cool dragon costumes. They looked awesome, and for some reason their faces were in the neck of the dragon, so we could see a dragon face and the person's real face sticking out of the costume below it.

There were some other costumes such as dog, cat, and some others I don't remember. I spot a girl sitting on a table (on a plate?) wearing a weird costume made of a strange brown foam-like material. I ask her what it was, and find out it's a "carne seca" (Beef jerky) costume o_o

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

In a dream of mine, Kristin Kreuk, from "Smallville" series, were the moster thing from "Lost" series O.o. She levitated around and desintegrated people. =P

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PostPosted: Fri 25 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

I already posted this in another thread but I think its more fitting here:
One time in a dream one of my friends convinced me that this old man who he had been following was a giant lobster in disguise and we were going to capture and eat him in a festive banquet. After devising several extremely stupid plans (all failed) to catch this "lobster in disguise" We gave up only to find out he in fact not a lobster. the end. lol pretty stupid I guess

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PostPosted: Fri 15 Sep, 2006  Reply with quote

In a recent dream of mine I had to refuse a marriage to a crazy little girl who talked a lot of nonsense and was covered in dried mud, leaves and feathers. She also worshipped a demon.

So I decided to be nice (Read: Fear of horrible death), and told her I couldn't marry her just because my dad "thought she was weird".

Me: But I really think you are beautiful!

Mr. Smooth. That's me.
*slaps dream-self in the back of the head*

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