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Writing or Typing dreams?!

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PostPosted: Sat 04 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

writing by hand here. it seems more special to have a book dedicated to dreams, instead of just having a folder full of .txt documents with datestamps for names.

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PostPosted: Sat 11 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

I prefer writing, I have my DJ beside my bed, since then I can always write down my dream directly even if I just wakes up in the night.
If I when I'm writing remembers something that happened earlier in the dream, or some extra scene, I just use an * and put it where that part was.
I writes my dreams in swedish,(even though I have written them in english by mistake sometime)
After I've written down my dreams, I later type them and post them on my online DJs.

I think writing is better than typing, since I believe it makes you remember the dream more due to that you have to shape each letter while when you type you just press buttons.

And in my case, when you then types down the dreams, you're repeating it and has to think about it again, and since I translate from swedish to english I have to think about the dream extra much and I thinks that helps to remember it.

(titles are also good for remembering dreams wink )

*and writes the scene on the next page for example

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PostPosted: Sat 11 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote


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PostPosted: Sat 11 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

I write as soon as I go over the dream, then I type it. If I remember more, then I do, and better for me!

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PostPosted: Sat 11 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

I've been keeping a written DJ but like others mentioned, I've been having problems with detail and willpower, (if I truly sit down and write it down, I end up spanning multiple pages) and I was actually considering using a voice recorder and speaking my dream into it in the morning and then later on in the day when my handwriting looks nicer and my mind is clearer, writing them out.

Has anyone else tried this?

As for typing dreams, I once tried keeping an electronic journal, but I much prefer the written records as they just seem more personal because of reading my handwriting as opposed to just text. Plus, a small composition notebook can travel almost anywhere, whereas, a laptop can't, (I guess it could... but really!!).

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