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What to do about Noise & Distractions

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What to do about Noise & Distractions
PostPosted: Mon 18 Dec, 2006  Reply with quote

Hiya everyone. I'm new here!

Anywho, I'm just starting to use different techniques and trying dream recall, and I was wondering...

There's a considerable amount of noise in my house late at night- when my father snores, the house practically shakes, and I have a brother living right under my room (locked in a cage in the basement) and he makes a lot of noise watching TV and whatnot. Are there any techniques I shouldn't bother with because of the noise? Are there any that are more effective in conjunction with distractions such as these?


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PostPosted: Mon 18 Dec, 2006  Reply with quote

Hi. smile

You might want to invest in a pair of (good) earplugs... Even if they're uncomfortable at first, you'll soon get used to them. Otherwise, I find WILD to be more difficult when there's a lot of noise. MILD + WBTB + RC + DJ is what I'd recommend for someone just starting.

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PostPosted: Mon 18 Dec, 2006  Reply with quote

I would also suggest earplugs if you can't concentrate because of the noise. Or you could tell everyone else in your house to shut up at night

I know how noise can disrupt a good night sleep, but for years now I live near a railway so trains go by my house frequently and I've pretty much gotten used to most noises neutral

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