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Sleep Eating

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Sleep Eating
PostPosted: Sat 25 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

So the other day I was reading a woman's mag and was surprised to read about a woman who, apparently, for 6 years didnt know she got up in the middle of the night and whilst still asleep ate whatever she could get her hands on in her kitchen. She only discovered she did it when she woke up with biscuit crumbs all in her bed one morning and that it was the reason that she was putting on so much weight! Can you imagine how annoying that would be! And you would never feel fully rested because you would spend your night sleep eating! I was just wondering what people's thoughts on this sleep disorder and if anyone suffers from it?

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Well, I know this one man... the husband of my mother's friend, he sleep walks almost every night, and also raids the fridge. He's eaten whole pies, and cakes meant for other people. Eventually she had to buy a fridge for the basement and put most food in there, and keep it locked.

It's brought some hilarious moments, but I imagine it could be very frustrating.

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