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About Emergency Rooms...

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sat 01 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

When the people with severe illnesses and injuries are waiting in line behind the cold and flu patients, that only points to a flaw in how that emergency room does triage. Triage is the prioritizing of what patients need to be looked at immediately, and any emergency room that is not doing it properly is hurting their patients. Also, people should not be berated for going to the emergency room for what turns out to be a simple ailment, especially if they have no medical background. How many heart attack patients have stayed at home and died because they thought the pain in their left arm was something that could be treated with Advil?

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Dream Deity
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Slinking_Ferret wrote:
It's a yer later now and I'm starting to agree with you Snape, now that my brother is training to be a nurse the stories he's telling me seems to say the hospitals he has worked at are rather underfunded.

I'm glad that you have not strayed to the darkside, Padewan
And for the rest, mothers instincts - she just wants you to be fit and health ^^

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