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LD4all addict
LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Tue 31 Mar, 2009  Reply with quote

Chronokinesis is the ability to control your perception of time by speeding it up, or slowing down. I would love to try this, but has anyone ever done it, and does it really work? If so how do you do it? Its obvious that time perception can change so Im sure it can be done. So how much practice does it take, and how long does the effect last, and to what degree can it be speed up, or slowed down? The main reason I want to learn is, is if I can practice Chronokinesis in IRL, then it should be no problem to do it in a LD, and i can finaly slow down dream time. From what Ive read you just listen to a ticking of a clock, and focus on the space between the ticks, and try to make each space longer. So Im thinking this may be a good technique to use in a LD... Just find a ticking clock, and it should be easy to slow down time.

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Tue 31 Mar, 2009  Reply with quote

Wow, that's interesting. Time is one of the craziest perceptions. It can definitely be altered. 5 minutes on a roller coaster, passes by much quicker than 5 minutes of drowning. I would love to bend time. I would also like to extend dream-time. Maybe conjure up a whole week worth of Lucid Dreaming activities. How could would that be? Does anybody else on here feel like we have the secret to life. I mean... like the real one. Not a movie type or played out cliché.

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PostPosted: Thu 02 Apr, 2009  Reply with quote

"Where's the device that controls the passage of time?"

- Futurama

so you stop time and you are Neo, and you are in a dream, and you teleport, becuase otherwise time and space are stuck between the movement of your feet, going no where, yet they are walking,

the tower of babel in a sense, if you take the free fall tower and shoot yourself to the top, you fall right back down

so how ? how to earn this ability ?
tai chi

or master the heart chakra.
perhaps om mani padme hum, i heard of a saint that walked on water, a monk told him he was pronouncing it wrong, so he walked across the lake to ask for the right pronunciation

all of these require a great yearning to devote at least 25% of your waking hours to perfecting an art-form mantra or martial art,

but tai chi and/or the heart chakra are the only way i can see it working.

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