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new here and would do anything for a lucid dream tonight?

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Segador azul
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new here and would do anything for a lucid dream tonight?
PostPosted: Thu 16 May, 2013  Reply with quote

How to lucid dream, I'm surprised people have not yet figured out how to lucid dream, they fire without aiming and its not the newcomer's fault.

Lucidity means clarity. When you have mental clarity you have lucidity, simple logic.

Go to bed tonight, allow random thoughts as they will drift you into sleep and set your alarm at any hour you want to do a WBTB(it sucks but if you want to LD,prove it.) After waking up don't drink or eat as this will stabilize your physical vessel and make transcition to sleep or a dream a pain.

Now is where your LD training begins, recollect yourself and get rid of dream-thoughts as lucidity is clarity awareness plays a key roll you must become the opposite of sleepy while your body relaxes in other words, when you have thoughts you lose consciousnes and go into a shallow sleep. you want to push your thoughts away, without pushing them.This is done by incrementing awareness and decreasing thoughts. Open your mouth and breath like a pot(or something) and collect as much mental clarity and awareness as possible, hold it in and sleep. A dild is assured, but its better to use MILD.

As for a WILD do the meditation of clarity while laying down try to ignore the tickling and relax.

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