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Im veery angry...

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Im veery angry...
PostPosted: Sat 09 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

I had a lucid dream last night. But I cant remember it! The problem is, that I get LDs in the morning by accidental chaining, but in the end I´ll forgot it, cuz I sleep normally after it!

Any tips for me?

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PostPosted: Sun 10 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

One thing I've read you can do is, while in the LD, tell yourself you will remember everything perfectly when you wake up. I haven't tried it, although I should. wink

Or you could just get up and write it down right after you have it? I don't know, I also have this problem a bit, with chaining...

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PostPosted: Sun 10 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

just write it down as you awake, or lye there and recall it in your mind over and over before you go back to sleep this method ussaly makes you go lucid again. Practice normal dream recall and dont hate it be proud that you had a lucid it will get eaiser.

Well done and dont give up,

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Basilus West
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PostPosted: Sun 10 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

Do you write down all your dreams in your paper journal and do you have a good DR?

Otherwise, I've read once a technique, I never have seen it applied anyhow so I don't know if it's efficient: everytime at the beginning of a LD, do the same action. According to the author of this technique, you're more likely to remember this action hence to remember if you had a LD.

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