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Great (and long) meditation article I found

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Great (and long) meditation article I found
PostPosted: Mon 11 Feb, 2008  Reply with quote

An article that seems to explain meditation in great detail. Haven't read it all yet though tounge2 Seems to clear up quite a few things I've been wondering about so far though :D
http://www.vedanta.org/reading/monthly/articles/1999/ 12.Conc&Med_part1.html

It's 5 pages and and you have to scroll down to the bottom to get to the next page.

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PostPosted: Sat 15 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

but long

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PostPosted: Mon 17 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

(unrelated to subject topic about avatar):Donnie Darko seems to represent the force of Shiva

meditation is good ! smile


this is the best and most inspiring book i've ever read.

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PostPosted: Tue 18 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

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