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Secret text?

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The One And Only
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Secret text?
PostPosted: Fri 28 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

I noticed that there is like A secret space on the side when you are posting a new topic. When you have the first line full and have that blinky bar on the second line and you put the courser slightly to the left of the dark-blue trim that says Post a new topic but on the right there is a spot where the courser changes to that I (letter I) thing. (It is level with the bottom of the 3rd line and the top of the 4th). ANd you can highlight it.

SO... I wanted to test if others have this. shy2

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Mond Tanz
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PostPosted: Fri 28 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

You must have been really bored to find that.

It is a secret PM system that works in real time like IRC for mods to use.

You can also copy and paste it btw. It counts as a space.

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a smiling haze
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PostPosted: Fri 28 Mar, 2008  Reply with quote

It's just a nonblankable space, like the one between the brackets here: ] [. Unicode character point 0x00A0, if you were wondering. It's just a filler space to inflate the table cell. Or, perhaps, it's a not very well-hidden trace of a secret panel visible only to the mods which me and Chris are not supposed to talk about.

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