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Tai Chi

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Tai Chi
PostPosted: Sun 07 Jun, 2009  Reply with quote

has anyone tried to do tai chi form in lucid dreams?
it seems very hard to do sometimes, my body is all kinked out of symmetry and the movements make me realize "oh my goodness my form is terrible" but my form is much better in waking reality than in dreams ?

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PostPosted: Sun 07 Jun, 2009  Reply with quote

Yes, and i have enjoyed it! siiw It can be difficult to remember which movements come next, but the short form usually works well, so does chi gong exercises. I feel a stronger connection to the ground and air around me when i do it in a lucid dream.

It was also in a lucid dream i discovered what it should really feel like when i transfer my weight from one leg to the other, and that feeling was also possible to achieve the next time i practised irl! 8D

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PostPosted: Sun 07 Jun, 2009  Reply with quote

That sounds like a great idea !

Thank you smile

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