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Flying, how difficult is it for you?

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PostPosted: Sun 13 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

Before I started LD'ing I had problem staying on the ground in the dreams. Now the problem is to come up in the air. Ironic biggrin But flying is the nicest experience I ever had. Only in the air I am free tounge2

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I died.
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PostPosted: Wed 16 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

No flying here at all. I've been a LD'er for nearly the entirety of my life now, with two shared dreams, but I am strictly grounded. Even the airplanes I board don't get off the ground. angry

One type I managed to turn into a dragon and skimmed above the ground by half a foot. Well, a half dragon. Or just a really pathetic one.

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PostPosted: Wed 16 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

When I was much younger and did competitive swimming in real life, the only way I could fly in my LDs was by swimming through the air, but I couldn't get too much height or speed from this method. Flying became a breeze when I saw how they did it in Dragonball Z the first time I saw it. I learned how to emit energy that kind of pushes you through the air. Nowdays, it is not a problem at all as flying works whenever I require it to by just leaping off the ground and going. If I want to increase speed or travel longer distances over a shorter period of time, I fly up much higher vertically off the ground before going horizontally.

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PostPosted: Thu 17 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

At first, flying was a little difficult, because I was flapping my arms like crazy to try to fly, and all I would do was just kinda of glide. Then I thought about how a bird would do it, and flapped my arms every once in awhile, and it works really well.

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PostPosted: Wed 23 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

What I'm going to do is just gt off of the ground and KNOW that I will fly. It sounds pretty easy... but then again...

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Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 23 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

5 Days ago I had my first LD,
It was a dream where I stood in front of my door and saw something wich makes me know that I was dreaming.
I didn't do anything else than turn back and I tried 3 different fly techniques,
where the last one worked best(Like swimming)

So yes it's very easy for me :D
It was like normal life

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