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I died.
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PostPosted: Thu 24 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

Hey guys,

In my lucid dreams, I often try to turn into a dragon. To see how it would be like to fly as one and all that. (Mainly because I think they're awesome, though)

But each time I try, nothing happens. I'm still me. I believe, but still nothing happens. The closest I ever got was when, in a LD, I wished my friend was there, and he appeared, asking me to turn into a dragon. (It progressed into a shared dream, I was telling him about it and he ended up either starting or finishing the sentences for me, tho our dreams were a little different.) The initial transformation felt amazing, but it stopped halfway through so I was half-human, half dragon.(lolDraguman) I had really small wings, and semi-long horns and scales, but everything else was human.

I have not been able to even transform since. I can change size, but I can't morph into any animal. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Try taking a pill, or eat a magical brownie that transforms you into a dragon. :D

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