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Uncomfortable arms during WILD

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Uncomfortable arms during WILD
PostPosted: Tue 15 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

Hello all!,
So ive been practicing WILD for some time now, and ive found that its easiest for me to accomplish a successful WILD while lying on my left side. The only problem ive had with this, is that i can never find a comfortable position for my arms when laying on either of my sides cry . After i get into SP my arms usually get so uncomfortable to the point where it starts to ache and i have to move whatsthat . Ive also tried to fall asleep on my back, and that usually just leads to me falling asleep very quickly and getting mad in the morning, unless i MILD. So is there anyone else out there who has this problem or has a suggestion for me?

thanks, and happy dreaming!

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PostPosted: Tue 15 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

Sleep on your back , and set your alarm. therefore you at least get a second chance wink5

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PostPosted: Tue 15 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

I used to sleep on my back when I was younger, but I had to change my sleeping position. I went to sleeping on my side and it was initially a little uncomfortable. After a while of sleeping on it, things improved: my arms seemed to get used to it. Perhaps until then you can try leaning against a wall, if you have that option, I found that improved things a little. Also putting a second quilt underneath me made things more comfortable. It occasionally seemed to cause a problem with blood flow though, more so than without a quilt being there. Meaning waking up with pins and needles, which isn't fun. tounge2

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PostPosted: Tue 15 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

I am very comfortable on my sides. If i'm on my left side I position my left arm my hand is always above my waist, because you want to be resting on your shoulder blade, it's more flat and comfortable as opposed to sleeping on your arm. In other words if my head is in the 12 oclock position my left upper arm (bicep+tricep) is never past the 4 oclock position, 6 oclock would be completely vertical from my head. So your left hand should be resting about a foot from your head or so. As for the right arm, I often rest it on a pillow so that it's even with the bed to minimize an uncomfortable position, my right hand always ends up pretty close to my left hand, just below it.

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