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Where do you find yourself when you dream?

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Illuminati Buster
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Where do you find yourself when you dream?
PostPosted: Mon 21 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

What sorts of places do you go? In the last few dreams I've had, the settings have always been very large, indoor, multipurpose complexes. One of them was a hospital, dormitory, collection agency, real estate agency, disco, and many bathrooms all in one building.

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Mon 21 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

If I am not in wide open spaces, wandering, exploring, or following a path, I tend to be in schools, or school settings. Sometimes houses that I have lived in during my past.

Cars, or other forms of transit between two places, are often settings for some of my dreams.

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PostPosted: Mon 21 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

I have a list of dreamscapes that I always seem to visit every time I have NDs. I'm trying to map them out the best I can and it's going surprisingly well. I'll list a few of the ones I see a lot below.

There's an island up on a bunch of high cliffs. It's really fun to jump on the rocks here and bounce to the top. The beach here seems to have a ton of people, but the occasional sea monster tends to wash up on shore and terrorize them.... eek2

There's this waterpark out in the middle of nowhere that I always visit during summer or on vacation. My mind heavily connects it with taking a break. There's nothing around it for miles and it's really small, but the rollercoaster is rediculously large (goes around the whole park) and is reall, really fun to ride. grin

And there's a prison that I have never failed to visit once a year, right before school starts. I always manage to escape from it the last chance I get, but it gets harder every year. Wonder if they'll execute me when I graduate or something. overspannen

I have a lot more, but there's no way I can post them all. As dor my LD, they almost always start or somehow end up teleporting me to my house, so they all take place at home.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Tue 22 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

All my dreamscapes are just stupidly random. Most dreams I remember having have been set outdoors, in educational related places most of the time. In the odd special dreams though I've been in a cinema, a marcial arts training hall, and even a random house on a sunny day! smile

(The last one I mentioned was the setting for one of my not-so-often lucid dreams)

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Tue 22 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

sometimes my house

sometimes work

someties at a club lol

and sometimes at places i cant even describe

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Sentient cup of tea
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PostPosted: Wed 23 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

I havn't actually thought about this, but many of my dream have taken place in a forest and next to a lake/ocean.

I'd say about 50% are forest dreams, 10% city dreams and 20% water dreams and 20% other random places.

There have also been times when I've gone from forest setting to water setting. Like getting on a boat or swimming. Once into the water, land usualy dissapears and leaves me in the middle of the big blue.

I should write this down as a dreamsign.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 23 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

In the only LD's I had I went to my house(s)

My dad has a house in Italy,

But the weirdest thing, last LD I went to the city and when I walked home, it was our italian house xD

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PostPosted: Fri 25 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

For me all of them so far have been in twisted and often radically altered versions of places i have been to or settings im familiar with in some way or another, lets think...

Dystopian wastelands (love em and always read books on that and such)

Normal places like rivers or sports fields that have been warped in some way like terraces that descend down a cliff nearby or the river breaking its banks and still flowing with the force of a raging torrent over thin grass with only a millimetre of water

And houses of course.

Cant wait to start building my own dreamscapes..

...also wouldnt this belong in Lucid Adventures?

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PostPosted: Mon 28 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

I see me often in a stone building and in my hometown.

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cookie lover
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Thu 31 Jul, 2008  Reply with quote

I quite often find myself in places I always call "buildings". For instance, like warehouses, or "bases", like in videogames. Places where nobody lives, and many people visit. Like workplaces. Funny, because I don't work, never have. And it's not so often in school, although sometimes it is.
I have many corridors in my dreams, I guess because I am usually moving around alot.

Ofcourse, I often find myself nearby my home or in it. My favourite dreams are when I'm someplace new and stange.

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Mrs T
The Widow
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PostPosted: Sat 02 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

I've never been at home but quite a few times I've been at school.
Otherwise it's usually some random outdoor location...

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PostPosted: Sat 02 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

I'm usually just set in random locations.

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Do a Rawr-C!
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PostPosted: Sat 02 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

I'm usually at my grandparents' house. It's become a dreamsign for me. I like dreams where I'm in a place I've never been before. Not only do they make me lucid, I like exploring.

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Infinite Impatience
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PostPosted: Sat 02 Aug, 2008  Reply with quote

The by far most occurring place in my dreams is my parents' house and the area around it. I moved completely away from it 6 years ago, and see it around twice a month, but it still takes up most of my dreams. The next places on the list are the mall where i work, my grandmother's apartment, my sister's area and then my own apartment!

Sometimes, those places are distorted in ways that are the same in several dreams. There is for example:

-a river and a bridge close to my old school
-a hotel by the sea next to my parents' house (usually to my great frustration)
-rock slides and floods between the small town and the house
-several layers of railway lines to cross before the war memorial

I still haven't noticed these distortions in any other area than around my parents' house!

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