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Starting WILD

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Starting WILD
PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

I have tried WILD for about a week now. Most websites agree that you should try to concentrate on something other than what your eyes are showing so you don't fall asleep. If I do this, I cannot get to sleep, but if i don't, i go into unconscious sleep, even if I wake up especially at 4 in the morning!

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PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

well you just need something to keep you awake
like counting and such.
then the eyes thing wouldn't really matter
because you are doing something else to keep
you awake

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Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

I first tried WILD last night, I counted from 0 to 100 thinking "im dreaming" between each number but I fell asleep before HI so I'm gonna try it with WBTB tonight

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PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

No, counting and things just make you sleepy i find. the best thing to do is visualise doing something in your minds eye. I always find walking through your house, from lying down in your bed, through all the rooms in your house, visualising it in high detail, touching walls, looking through drawers opening cupboards etc, spending 30 seconds or so in each room and moving on until you get to your front/back door and go outside, helps you conecentrate perfectly, and you cannot accidentally fall asleep, as you would have to stop putting effort into visualising your house, and then you wouldnt see the visualisations, so basically the only way to fall asleep during this method is if you stop yourself out of boredom or impatience. but if you try this in the middle of the night, if done right id say its got an 80 to 90% success rate.

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PostPosted: Mon 01 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

I'm so trying the house thing. (Maybe right now grin )

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