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Passive Dream Control

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Passive Dream Control
PostPosted: Sun 11 Jan, 2009  Reply with quote

If you are having trouble controlling your dreams, or you find that controlling your dreams forcefully makes them less vivid or makes you less lucid, then I suggest using passive dream control to achieve your desires.

Basically, you will the dream to do something, but by using the messed up logic that normally occurs in dreams. This way you are still ingrained into the dream, but you are able to do what you want.

When I say use the weird logic of dreams, I mean that you should create fictional conditions that allow you to do something you want. For instance, if I wanted to fly, I could tell myself that last night I coated my clothes in fairy dust, and that the fairy said I could just jump and I would go soaring. You don't have to completely convince yourself that it happened, you can just state it and make sure not to dismiss it as ridiculous, and the effects will the shown.

For way more information on the topic, see BillyBob's post on the DreamViews forum by clicking this link.


I wanted to alert you that have not tried this method of dream control, as I recently started practicing it, and it has worked wonders on my control. Before I would, as most people, have trouble forcefully controlling the dream, and it would fade if I tried too much.

Last night, I was able to teleport by just assuming that the window next to a door in the fictional recreation of my school was really paper pasted on, and I was able to rip off the image of the destination assumed and see the destination I wanted to reach, and was able to open the door and walk out to where I wanted to be with no problems.

That's much easier than trying to force the dream to give into your wills, isn't it.

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PostPosted: Tue 27 Jan, 2009  Reply with quote

Thanks I'll have to try this.

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