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symbol literacy

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symbol literacy
PostPosted: Thu 07 May, 2009  Reply with quote

got to realizing some things about dream symbol interpretation ,

hindsight being 20/20

the best example i want to share ,
i dreamed i got a package from my grandmother, when i opened it all these terrible needles went into me

i have then gone into a dream to look at her, only to see a terrible hideous thing, so full of fear, trying to put it into me, making me terrified, yet this being was only in need of total unwavering love ,

and looking greatly into this fear, i discerned what would be eventually a cancer, a dis-ease caused by this fear, although other causes were not shown to me


have you ever had a phobia put into you ?
for instance a mother sees something neutral, and so you see it, nothing happens
a mother sees something that terrifies her, and bless her, she screams
and so instead of it being neutral, immediately a phobia is inserted deep within you ,

this grandmother dream showed me, the package was fear, i thought it was a present, because it was presented all nice on the outside, as she was, but deep within was only total fear and nothing good, at all,

i was thirteen or so when i had this dream,
while i always knew my grandmother worried excessively to the point of causing me pain, let alone herself, even as a young child
i did not totally understand this until now, many years later

i say this because we might often ignore totally obvious clues that our mind is giving us about our lives!

the stuff dreams are made of ?
projections of ourself, and truthful depictions of our life,

/ \
i will share more if you wish , about the type of dreams that are projections , and do not depict objectively another person's reality,
usually they are mixed together!

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