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How do you "spawn" things into existance/make thin

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DreamWalker_5 wrote:
Has anyone ever tried to swap the scenery, and like jump into a void? There it might be easier to create things, and then from the void just create the scenery turn3 You will get an awesome feeling, at least I did ^^

Oh yeah! Definitely a resolutive way to go ^^ You can just start from the little things, like feeling the ground below your feet, and the rest comes almost spontaneously ^^ and you can choose what it's about to boot, when you are imagining it with eyes closed (or even open ).

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Spawning something
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In order to spawn an object into existence I look at my hand and issue a voice command, the name of whatever I want to appear. For example, I look at my hand and say 'Thorium', the name of a radioactive element atomic number 90 and a small lump of metal will appear in my hand. This is how I create things like magic powder that accomplish something in the dream world.

It can be real or fictional. The only thing is, you need to know how it looks before you create it or it might not turn out right. I recommend trying this in conjunction with normal reality checks. Like any other reality check, you must believe that it will happen when you do it.

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