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getting woken up in a false awakening

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getting woken up in a false awakening
PostPosted: Mon 20 Sep, 2010  Reply with quote

about a year ago, i had a pretty cool sleep paralysis experience combined with a false awakening...
i wasn't sure what i was dreaming before the false awakening, but this is what happened.
i got woken up to a false awakening, by... this really really annoying sound! as i became more and more aware, i started to realize what the sound was, it sounded like some damn dog was under my bed, growling its head off!
lol... i was kinda a little scared but also intrigued, i was lefting my leg up and dropping it on the bed as hard as i could, just to see what the thing would do; it just growled louder and louder each time i dropped my leg down harder...
i eventually took a mighty jump off my bed and walked into my loungeroom
and talked to the dream version of my gf, who i could tell was a dc
so anyway, i wanted to face my fear of this thing, and somehow got it out from under my bed, i think i stuck my foot under the bed to allow it to bite it, maybe even hook it lol...
i got it out, and it looked nothing like a damn dog! it was some sorta black blobby thing... a shadow creature of sorts... i had it in a shirt and it was peaceful now... but i sent light into it.. and i felt i had some serious harm to it, and honestly i felt *** low as shit! so i sent it a combined form of dark and light enegry hopefully to heal it and change it... i just hope i didnt do any lasting harm

any comments? ill like to know what people think of that thing under my bed... i eventually put the thing back under the bed, wat are these things? should they just be left alone? or did i somehow do the right thing in my curiosity?

thank you for reading

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PostPosted: Tue 21 Sep, 2010  Reply with quote

In my opinion, dreams can be very symbolic and thus the thing under your bed may represent something in your subconscious. It's interesting that you decided to confront it, though. I personally may have just tried to escape. But, I think it's good that you did. For me, dreams are about self-discovery and exploring potentially frightful/uncomfortable situations is a part of that.

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PostPosted: Wed 22 Sep, 2010  Reply with quote

I'm quite sure there's not a category for "these things": afterall, dream symbols can be quite personal, so there's no real reason to generalize. I can see, besides, that you did quite well, facing the creature and learning from the experience; since it was quite pacific, I see no reason why you shouldn't interact with it again, should the occasion present itself again smile Plus I'm sure you learned how to treat it enough already, you may learn more about what it is precisely the next time you meet it ^^

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